From the Festihall Arcade, Phineas and The Ferb Tones were performing their Simulated Simulcast like they did years ago through their Ferbographic technology. They perform hits like Gitchi Gitchi Goo, Summer Belongs To You, and Summer All Over The World. Amongst the guest at the VIP PFT Room, were Lilo, Stitch, Will, Warren, Layla, Ethan, Zach, Magenta, The Mane Six, Spike, Angel, Sparky, Felix, Sample, Tweety, Zazu, Iago, Stella and her friends, Kevin, Stuart, Bob, Donkey, Puss, CLST, Pleakley, and Jumbaa.

"It was nice of Phineas and Ferb Tones to invite us here" Jumbaa, "And with my modifications to the show, this will be the best simulcast ever."

"What modifications" asked Stitch.

"Those are for emergencies only" answered Jumbaa, "So don't get any ideas, 626."

"Okey Taga" groaned Stitch.

During their performance of Prime Calypso, something cold came about. They knew that it wasn't the air conditioner nor anyone with ice powers, but something else.

Before they could leave, they needed a performance to hold them until they get back, "We could get Irving" Zach suggested.

"No way" Buford growled, "The last time Irving performed, almost everyone barfed."

"Yeah" agreed Zach, "Irving is not a good performer. Plus he's got Celebrity Worship Syndrome."

"Who else could we get at this late hour?" asked Pinkie, "Those people need entertainment!"

"We'll do it," suggested Cho; "We've been wanting to do a real simulcast since we watched that simulcast of Kimberly Kelly since last week."

"Then it's done" Will smiled, "CLST will keep the audience occupied til we get back."

While they were getting ready to help save summer, Jumbaa and Phineas gave them instructions, "And in case your voices get strained" advised Phineas, "Use the Celebrity Summoner 5000 to contact famous people. That's how we got Clay Aiken and Chaka Khan to perform."

"The one where you two decided to surprise each other with stunt singers?" asked Lec, "I remember that episode.

To start of their substitute simulcast, they performed their first hit, "This Will Be The Day". Cho plucked her bass, Lec shred his guitar, Sunny sang from her heart, and Teal banged his drums.

"Come on guys" Lilo replied, "Let's save summer."