On The Ship, Jumbaa was tracking down the source of the power, in Australia, "This is the same place where you had your Vampire Rock Festival" recalled Jumbaa, "When we get down, we'll be meeting some angelic superheroes. Danger D'Amo informed me before we left."

"Angelic heroes" asked Layla, "I wonder who they could be?"

By the time they landed in the desert, they were greeted by a brunette-haired girl in purple, a red-head in pink, a blonde in green, an African American girl in light blue, a Native American girl in blue, and a Vietnamese girl in red. "Excuse me" asked the brunette girl, "Are you The Celestian Alliance?"

"We are" answered Lilo, "Who are you girls?"

"We're The Guardian Angels" answered the brunette girl, "I'm Avery, this is my little sister, "Lily" and our friends Grace, Lizzie, Natalie, and Chloe. We were informed by the NSA about your arrival."

Just then, a fennec fox-like alien appeared and hugged Stitch, much to his dismay, "And that's Sunkiss" explained Lizzie, "She loves new friends."

"Guardians" asked Ethan, "You mean the gymnast aqua show girls from the Baltimore Aquarium."

"That's right" Chloe admitted, "My dad owns the place. Three years ago, we were strangers auditioning for the Gymnast Aqua Show when the mysterious new show instructor, "Esmeralda" came up and instantly gave us the parts in the show. However, we didn't realize that she is the Queen of the planet Songteo and has chosen us to wield The Rings of Songteo."

"First we thought it was a story for the show" Lizzie continued, "After the villainess known as Weather Wave came up and almost destroyed Orlando with a tornado, we knew it was real."

"We were also the first humans of the Angelic Alien Anonymous to be in the organization"

"This is like The Green Lantern" recalled Ethan, "Only the first human Green Lantern was Jong Li from China."

"Plus we brought a box of old junk in case of an emergency" Avery finished as she showed a box.

"Where did you get this stuff?" asked Lily.

"The attic" Avery answered, "Mom reminded me that you still have arachnaphobia."

"No I don't" lied Lily

Just then, Lizzie placed a rubber spider on her head and scared Lily, "Very funny, Liz" growled Lily.

"Quiet" shouted Pleakley, "I'm trying to test my weather balloons.

"Pleakley" criticized Magenta, "Those are normal belongs."

"Wrong" Pinkie shouted in a microphone, "Zachy and I made some special balloons for Pleakley to test weather. The only problem, it won't balance straight"

Thinking fast, Lizzie removed her butterfly hairpin and placed it onto the string of the balloon, "Your using your lucky butterfly hairpin" asked Grace.

"This is to make up for scaring you" Lizzie explained.

Lily was relieved, because Lizzie is fixing her prank. "Oh my, Lily" Fluttershy gasped softly, "You may be scared of arachnids, but you really love butterflies."

"The only bugs she's not scared of are fireflies, butterflies, ladybugs, and bees" Grace explained.

"But don't bees hurt" asked Twilight, "I remember when Snip and Snails tried to steal some from a honey farmer."

Rainbow, Applejack and Warren giggled, "And where the two colts got stung so bad," laughed Rainbow "It took them two weeks to recover"

"When our uncle and cousins moved into Baltimore" Avery replied "Lily got a little scared of our youngest cousin's bug collection."

"You would not believe how crazy being scared of spiders is." Lily ground.

"But you aren't scared of reptiles" Natalie recalled as a salamander crawled up on her shouderl

"You had to bring Kamden with you" asked Chloe.

"I couldn't just let him eat cookies before dinner, again" Natalie answered sternly.

"We were just flying from Sydney where Clover Moore informed us that we should wear warm clothes" Avery continued, "But we all look horrible in Christmas sweaters."

"I know how you feel" Will replied, "And the only one who likes socks with sandals together is Zach."

After Pleakley shushed them, he noticed that the Pinkie Pie Weather Balloon was pointing north, meaning that the source of the weather troubles is from from that direction. After Lizzie placed her hairpin back on they headed off to the source of the problem.

Meanwhile, Dimentio and his crew were in abandoned muffin factory for a secret meeting. "Okay Mortal Freaks" shouted Dimentio, "We're going to have the best Harbingers of Doom concert ever. It will by like dingos playing tag with the kangaroos with their teeth."

"And what else are we going to do boss" asked Peepers, "You said you were going to introduce us to a new recruit"

With one snap, Dimentio began a drum roll, "I like you to meet the perpetraitor of the Weather Wacky Waves" shouted Dimentio, "Chamnora"

A dark/glamorous Britis rock star came up and struck some poses, "Summer has come and it's my least favorite season of the year" explained Chamnora, "So I decided to give a little winter feeling with my weather powers. Along with that, we'll kidnap every NSA agent in the Ausralian region so we can reveal their secret around the world. I did that once to that Songteo alien Esmeralda. Unfortunately, I was beaten by her old friends in the 1980s."

"Wait" asked Peepers, "I remember you from Extreme Song, the music show of the late 80s. Mildred, "Chamnorra" Simstan, the first winner."

"That's right" answered Chamnora, "Though I did it fair and square to avoid getting in trouble with the producers. When Dimentio told me of your need of a roadie with weather powers, I knew I had my gig."

With evil looks on their faces, they knew that Cirque De Dimentio is ready to go.

Back in the outback, Pleakley was following the weather system to an abandoned tour bus. "I am looking foward to next summer" shouted Applejack, "I got a lot of apple trees to tend to."

"Me too" Buford replied, "Except for the apples, their gross."

"I'm afraid there won't be a next summer" Pleakley answered sadly, "Because not only we found a red herring, but a red effects machine."

I like to thank Atarya QueenofEgypt for collaborating with me.