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"There's nothing I can do, Genos." Silverfang spoke softly as the meteor came hurtling down. The fiery glow of the rock loomed ever closer as Genos struggled. His power systems were all down, all but the secondary internals.

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"Hey old man, take care of Genos and Diana for me."

The familiar voice of his Sensei came from behind, as Genos turned to face him. With Diana holding her son as she watched the meteor in awe, and Saitama stepping past Genos with a serious expression.

"Wh- who are you?" Silverfang asked in surprise, as Saitama's cape flowed gently in the wind.

"Just a guy who's a hero for fun." His master replied as Diana came to a stop next to Genos and the old man.

With a sonic boom, Diana watched as Saitama leapt into the air, her jaw opening slowly in awe at the sight of Saitama's otherworldly strength. Each and every time, she would be amazed by Saitama.

"Saitama's gonna destroy that meteor!" Diana exclaimed in delight, the old man looking at her in surprise.

"Saitama? Is that his name? Young lady, you need to evacuate!" The old man spoke, worry evident in his voice.

"We won't have to evacuate, sir," Diana added as an afterthought. "Tell him Genos, I believe in Saitama's strength."

Genos supported her statement regarding Saitama at once. "It is true Silverfang, Master Saitama's strength is undenia- Look!"

The last part was met with exclamation that startled all of them, as the meteor above their heads exploded into pieces, the flames that wreathed the meteor doubling in intensity as a colossal boom followed shortly afterwards that pressed the group down against the top of the building.

"Look! Saitama did it!" Diana shouted in joy.

Her joy quickly turned to shock and fear as she realized the debris that resulted from Saitama's punch still fell from the sky. However, the old man stepped forward as the chunks of rock got closer.

"Let me protect the two of you- Fist of Flowing Water, Crushed Rock!"

The arms moved in a blur as the falling rocks simply broke apart in dust. "Come! Lets get to safety." The old man grabbed Diana and Genos in each arm with incredible strength as he leapt away from the building.

"Woah, you're pretty strong gramps!" She exclaimed as the wind rushed past her ears where the old man had jumped across rooftops, the distant sound of explosions indicating the remaining chunks had made an impact.

"I'm an S-Class hero young lady, my name is Silverfang, but you can call be Bang." The man replied without missing a beat, nor without a hint of exertion in his voice. Rather he sounded a bit amused.

"That man, Saitama, he's the strongest person I've seen." Bang spoke with respect in his voice, and soon the group came to a stop at a different roof.

The last of the meteorite pieces had hit the various parts of the city, the smoke rising from those spots.

"I suppose the damage could be a lot worse, Z-City would not be standing had your master Saitama wasn't here." Bang said, as Genos pressed a few buttons on his arm.

"Master Saitama is the strongest. I have been working tirelessly under him as his disciple and I have yet to come to a conclusion on how he has achieved his strength. Not even Master Saitama could explain his power." Genos answered.

"I will need to recharge my core, as I have spent all of my primary energy charges. I will be unable to fight nor do many tasks. I shall be returning to Dr. Kuseno once I take Diana home."

Bang turned to study Diana more closely, his eyes falling on her son. "Is that a… monster?"

Her son gurgled in response, moving towards Bang with his slime forming into arms as Bang kneeled down to observe it.

"He's not a monster" Diana replied, a slight hint of protectiveness. "He's my son!"

Bang merely held up his hands in a peaceful gesture. "Alright Miss, just wondering." He reached forward, where her son grasped one of Bang's fingers and held it. In his gurgles and jabbers, Diana noticed as Silverfang relaxed at the contact.

"Aren't you an odd one" Bang muttered softly as her son giggled.

Bang soon stood again. "I must head back to my dojo. Genos, I would like to speak with your Master one day."

Genos nodded wordlessly in response, his expression akin to respect towards the elderly hero. With his hands behind his back, Bang walked towards the edge of the building and jumped off into the distance.

And soon Diana was back in the apartment, waiting for Saitama to return.


[Some weeks later]

[Neo Heroes Headquarters]

"Tell me Megane, why don't you move up to A-Class then?" Fubuki pointed out to the new Rank 1 B-Class hero.

"I very well could" Megane spoke slowly, his eyes holding boredom as a coin twirled in his hands, before he spun it on the coffee table.

"But, why should I move up immediately?" He inquired, knowing full well why Fubuki was questioning his decision. He leaned forward slightly, his face turning into a slight leer and a loud slam as his other hand came down on the coin.

She bristled, she would've flung him against the wall with ESP, or have Mountain Ape or Eyelashes handle him, had he been any other B-Class. Megane was different, gone was the boy she knew in middle and high school, and from the early days of the Blizzard Group.

Something about him had changed, his claims that Demonic Fan had survived Tatsumaki's initial attack, destroyed by an unknown hero. His claim would've been BS, but the Association clean up crew had confirmed from the monster's remains that it was a fist mark. A fist mark that dented its metallic body. Not ESP.

Credit went towards her older sister, as it was more plausible that a S-Class hero took out a Demon-level threat. But after that, him quitting the Blizzard Group, rising through the ranks rapidly, and now he was rank 1 in B-Class. And also involved with several A-Class heroes and the enigmatic S-Class hero Zombieman, the founder of the Neo Heroes Faction.

"Zombieman has advised that I should remain at my current rank, so that we let the recent shifts within the Hero Association simmer down. If I move up to A-Class, Wild Horn, Gun Gun, Shooter will all take Rank 1 and move up to A-Class as well." Megane spoke calmly, leaning back in his seat.

"That Rank 1 position belongs to Miss Blizzard!" Mountain Ape shouted, taking a step forward.

Megane stood up abruptly, the coin clattering on the floor. A manic light flashing in his eyes as he shoved Mountain Ape back with surprising force.

"Ranking does not matter!" The dark venom in his voice was enough to make Mountain Ape stop in his tracks. "You know how many heroes become corrupted in the ideals of justice?! Because they care about rankings?!" Megane snarled as he stepped forward towards Fubuki.

Eyelashes stepped forward, one hand opened up in warning. "Don't push it buddy…"

Her own psychic power hummed underneath, her fist clenching. "You're gonna throw me around with ESP on me Fubuki? Just like the old days" Megane snarked, taking a combat stance. Eyelashes and Mountain Ape followed, raising their arms in a similar stance.

"You think you can take on all three of us?" Mountain Ape asked as Fubuki remained silent, merely watching Megane.

"Who says he's alone?" A new voice called out from behind, and Fubuki turned to see Stinger stepping inside the building. His cone weapon slung over him in a carefree weapon. A thwack was heard, and Fubuki spun around to see Megane fighting both Mountain Ape and Eyelashes. A punch from Megane sent Eyelashes back, the B-Class hero crumpling like a matchstick.

Mountain Ape and Megane exchanged blows, Megane moving fast enough to avoid Mountain Ape, and the other hero strong enough to tank the hits.

"Stop fighting!" Fubuki shouted at the two. "We didn't have to fight like this!"

Megane ducked under a fist, and delivered a good roundhouse kick to Mountain Ape's jaw. "That's rich coming from you Fubuki! Didn't ya beat up B-Class heroes who don't play ball?" Megane said with glee as Mountain Ape was sent flying, a few of his teeth falling out.

"Take your guys and get out Fubuki. Things are gonna change around here, and we'll finally be true heroes under Zombieman!" Megane declared proudly.

Without a warning, Fubuki willed her power forward and it slammed Megane into the metal wall. A whoosh of wind, "Forget about m-" and not even looking back, Fubuki also flung Stinger against-through a different wall which was probably made with weaker material.

Letting out a cough, Megane started laughing as Fubuki walked to him. "My, my Fubuki, that certainly had more bite than last time when you threw me out of Kurybashi's classroom. Say, remember what we did the last year of high school? When you had me pinned against the wal- oof!" Megane exclaimed as Fubuki directed him onto the ground, a sickening splat as she raised him up and pressed him against the wall again.

Blood trickled from his nose, his lip busted and glasses cracked. And yet, he still laughed. As if he was amused by the entire situation.

"DON'T!" Fubuki snapped, as Megane began to cough and splutter as more force was applied with ESP. She heard a groan, which meant Stinger was up again. "My Bamboo Shoot, sing!" He shouted as he sprinted forward with impressive speed. A single flick sent the A-Class hero through the window of the entrance.

"Did you forget Constantine?" Fubuki spoke, saying Megane's real name. "If it weren't for Amai Mask, I would be Number 1 of the A-Class!"

Coughing up blood, Constantine glared back at her. "There it is Fubuki, you're only holding yourself back with that mindset!" He managed to say triumphantly.

"I was like that until the hero saved me from Demonic Fan! He reached that strength through training and willpower! Your Blizzard Group is only holding you-"

She brought him forward and slammed him violently against the wall again. "You sound just like my sister" She snarled at him.

"I'm speaking the truth, Fubuki." Constantine rasped out, blood flowed from his nose, from his mouth. "I believed I was weak, ever since high school, my eyes were open and I found revelation that I was seeking from Zombieman. If you focus on yourself, you can achieve greatness."

His eyes grew softer, turning his head slightly to face her directly. "Fubuki, please" He said softer, pleading. It made her drop the ESP slightly, which Constantine took immediate advantage of. He reached forward with effort, extending his hand.

"Join the Neo Heroes Faction, you'll be able to move up the rankings without a problem in addition to being stronger. Zombieman wants me, Death Gatling and the others to surpass him in the S-Class. Fubuki, you can surpass Tatsumaki" Constantine spoke with a fervent energy, the manic light returning to his eyes. The reverence and admiration in his tone as he mentioned Zombieman.

Suppressed emotions and distant memories began to bubble back up into the surface, but she still slammed Constantine into a different wall, knocking the hero unconscious. The sound of footsteps above froze her, and Fubuki looked up to the railing, where Zombieman himself stood.

The signature trench coat replaced by a darker colour of clothing, more regal, more luxurious. Just like he had appeared multiple times on the news, interviews and papers, the white comedy mask that the S-Class hero recently wore was present. Black lines were seemingly drawn from the eyes and leading down to the tip of the mask. His head turning slightly, as if to observe the damage before he looked right down at Fubuki.

Zombieman tilted his head slightly as he looked down at her, his gloved hand touching the tip of his mask in a position of curiosity. And suddenly, she felt her own psychic power flicker within, similar to how other ESP users could detect each other. Did… does Zombieman know Psychokinesis? Fubuki wondered as she stared back at him, forgetting momentarily of what had just transpired.

And when she looked into the slits of the eyes, a sudden feeling of fear came over her, as if being doused by cold water. An icy hand clutched her heart, just as Zombieman leapt over the railing and landed on the ground in front of her. Her throat felt dry, as her hands began to shake. Her own psychic power fluctuating, flickering, similar to when Tatsumaki would overpower her as she had done so in the past.

In the eye slits of Zombieman's mask, they were twin black holes. So dark, that not even her own eyes could focus on them directly, like vantablack. And yet, there was something that simmered in that void, a glimpse of something. Something so fleeting that Fubuki registered it subconsciously, and by the time she realized something was there, it was already gone. Distant and consumed by the darkness.

He rose gracefully, and stepped towards her. Sparing a single glance at Constantine, before he resumed his stride until he stood right before her.

"Hello, Miss Blizzard" Zombieman extended his gloved hand "A pleasure to meet you." His voice was cultured, full of warmth that it jerked her in surprise. The icy clutch seemingly dissipating with that single phrase. She shook it hesitantly.

"I… do apologize on Megane's behalf for starting the fight. I understand in-fighting happens among the ranks, but history has taught us all that fighting amongst ourselves leads to failure."

Fubuki tried to reply, but found herself unable to talk as Zombieman chuckled to himself, as if the phrase amused him in some way. There was pressure all around her, tension in the air that twisted around all of them.

"You~~" A murderous growl came from the entrance, and Fubuki found the strength to turn and face Stinger coming back in. The A-Class hero pointed his bamboo cone at her. "You're gonna get it now Fubuki!" Stinger snarled, and he lunged forward faster than before.

Before she could react, Zombieman had moved so quickly that he was standing in front of her. Completely stopping Stinger's attack with three fingers holding the bamboo cone. Fubuki had seen news stations, reporting on how Stinger would run through monsters with that cone. Zombieman had stopped the attack with ease, without a single scratch.

"Zom- Zombieman! I'm so sorry!" Stinger cried out, the furious expression replaced by one of pure terror and fear.

"It is all right Stinger…" Zombieman chuckled good naturedly, waving one hand in a dismissive manner. "No one was really hurt, this teaches us that we need to keep a cool head and be aware of our surroundings."

Fubuki watched silently, observing Stinger interacting with Zombieman. A leader who could inspire such fear and awe in their subordinates… It was something she wanted. Did she not? In the B-Class to secure her position, fear and awe. Those two words had eluded her grasp, she did not have every B-Class hero in the Blizzard Group, though most recruitment was barred due to technicalities. Given their respective costumes, such as Wild Horn who wouldn't be a hero without his armor.

Zombieman turned once again to Fubuki.

"Fubuki" He spoke gently, softly. "I shall have words with Megane once he is conscious about picking fights." Zombieman strode over to Megane's body, checking the pulse and then stood over it.

"Megane extended the invitation for you and your group to join the Neo Heroes. And I would also like to support that invitation as well. And if you accept, you won't just be a subordinate Fubuki…"

"Then what would I be?" Fubuki croaked out, finding her voice once again.

"You'll be more than just a lieutenant in the Neo Heroes, you'll be something greater than ever with us." He pointed to her head. "Your brains, your cunning decisiveness, and your ESP… such brimming with potential! I've been paying some visits to an old doctor friend of mine, he has agreed to make the heroes in my faction stronger." Zombieman leaned forward, the black orbs staring straight into her soul.

"Just as he made me, into what I am now."

[Unknown Space]

[Dark Matter Thieves Flagship- Infinitum]

"What just happened with the hyperspace jump?" Boros demanded as he stood on his feet again, just as other members of the command staff of the Infinitum righted themselves.

"Lord Boros" came the telepathic call of Geryuganshoop, his tentacles flying over the ship controls in a blur. "There was a miscalculation in the hyperspace lane. In the past since the Terrax Empire, the scouts who laid the hyperspace lanes weren't necessarily all that competent to begin with. And this sector of space was uninhabited to begin with due to the neutron star clusters-"

Boros silenced his general by a subtle flex of his energy, which caused the command staff officers to keep their heads low. He walked over to the holographic terminal, where countless data streams flickered by, the steady flow of data from every bits of the ship.

"Can we get back on track?" Boros inquired, frustration causing his power to stir up and the metallic groan of his armor echoed in the command chamber.

"Yes Lord Boros" One of the officers below called up, the black visor of the officer's helm illuminated by the hologram in front of him. "It won't take long at all, for Engineering to calibrate the course and make the jump."

Boros merely nodded in response, his lone eye focused on the larger holographic terminal before him. "Which part of the universe are we in right now? I'd like to get to know our bearings."

There was a moment of silence, as Geryuganshoop busied himself with other matters throughout the ship. One of the other command officers raised its clawed hand.

"Birgill!" Boros called to the navigation officer, whose many eyes looked up at the Dominator of the Universe with restrained awe.

"My Lord…" Birgill stammered, tapping on a few notification pop ups on his terminal before answering. "We are in an unknown region of space. Our transmitters have not been able to identify anything in our ship database."

Boros simply waved his hand, dismissing the navigation officer. However, instead of sitting, Birgill spoke again tentatively.

"Also my Lord, there is an enemy fleet approaching."

"Hah! Beat me to it Birgill" Geryuganshoop replied telepathically. The main terminal flashed as the outer cameras opened up. In the distance, several grey diamond shaped ships were approaching. Most of them were capital starships, about 18 of them, but it was two of the bigger ones that dwarfed the other lesser ships. They were obviously Goliath-class battleships just like his own ship.

"Incoming transmission Lord Boros." Geryuganshoop spoke, pressing one of the larger buttons.

"Don't bother sending it through." Boros replied as he observed the enemy fleet amassed before him.

"Any matches in our database on those ships?" One of the officers called out from below.

"Negative, they're not showing up on anything. We really are in some distant part of space, somewhere uncharted." Another officer replied.

Tiny green pinpricks began to glow from the first row of the lesser diamond shaped ships. Soon enough, energy blasts sailed through the void of space. "Bring up our shields, nothing will get through them." Geryuganshoop ordered, one of his tentacles signalling the gunnery squads to return fire.

A rumble in the distance meant that the enemy attack had met the shields. The smaller holoprojector of his ship highlighted the areas where the energy blasts had hit.

"Gunnery squads, return fire!" Geryuganshoop ordered through the comlinks.

"Copy that General, Forward cannons are ready." a voice came back from the comlink.

Underneath the metallic hulls of the ship, it began to hum. Steadily increasing in pitch as power from the energy sphere trickled through. Distant booming sounds heralded the fire of their own forward superlasers.

The purplish energy beams, drawn from his own power sphere, sliced through the first row of the diamond ships. "Bring us forward, we'll eliminate them and prepare for the hyperspace jump again." Boros spoke, uncrossing his arms as he observed the enemy warships opening fire again.

"They won't even scratch the shields we have!" one of the other officers boasted.

The ship sailed through the void of space undaunted. The countless green energy beams splashing on the shields. Soon, purplish energy beams countered the green ones, slicing through the other diamond shaped ships.

"We've cracked their comms!" Geryuganshoop announced.

"-Moff Halix is dead, open fire with the turbol-"

"Scramble the TIE- we just lost the Augury!"

"We haven't done any damage to that ship!"

"-Moff Blanc! Please fire with the-"

The mixed chatter of the enemy ship members did not concern him at all in the slightest. One by one the enemy ships were turned into rubble, and the two larger diamond ships, fired at the same time. The two fiery beams met the energy blast from the Infinitum's main cannon. For a single moment, the two forces clashed, building up in the middle into a spherical orb that grew in size.

However, the Infinitum won out in the brief test of strength. The purplish ray shoved the green ones back, to its ships where both larger diamond ships exploded.

"Make ready for hyperspace jump! We'll be back on track!" Birgill shouted as the crew cheered at the destruction of the enemy fleet. The remaining ships disappeared in flashes, into their own hyperspace.

"Head to Jakku! We'll rally there to crush the Rebellion!" was the last intercepted communications from one of the ships before it disappeared. The Infinitum moved through the wreckage, the debris being shoved aside by its shields.

"Hyperspace jump in…"




The Infinitum lurched forward, the holographic projectors being filled with blue.


"That's the last of them." The A-Class hero known as Feather announced. The various Tiger level monsters strewn around them. His eyes focused on the other heroes. A-Class Rank 4 Iaian sheathed his katana. The disciple of Atomic Samurai gave Feather a curt nod before resuming brief instructions to a B-Class hero known as Darkness Blade.

"Keep moving whenever possible, armor gives us a bit of breathing room, but we should not fully rely on it."

He detected movement off to the side, and Feather turned to see a humanoid figure approaching him. The figure stepped into the street light, where Feather was able to make out two sharp pointed silver hair.

"Hey, do you live around here? If so, I apologize, but you should head over to the safe zone until we clear the surrounding area!" Feather called out, as Iaian and Darkness Blade stopped to listen. The man-no teen, continued to walk towards the trio, ignoring the statement completely.

He came to a stop a short distance away from the heroes. The eyes of the teen filled with eager anticipation. A fan? Feather thought.

"So, what are your names… heroes?" The teen asked.

"I am Feather, A-Class Rank 34, that is Iaian, A-Class Rank 4 and Darkness Blade, B-Class Rank 50."

The teen's eerie grin grew larger, spreading his arms wide. Before Feather could even react, a fist filled his vision and it sent the hero flying into a nearby building. "Hey!" A shout came from Darkness Blade, as Iaian ran to help Feather up.

Pointing at the teen, Darkness drew his sword, taking a stance.

"Who the hell are you?!" The B-Class hero demanded.

"I am Garou…" the teen said his name with a hungry curl. "I am the Hero Hunter! And you are all my prey! Two A-Class heroes and a B-Class." Garou spat on the ground as he entered a fighting stance.

"Tch- I'll kick your ass!" Darkness Blade snarked, "Dark Blade Triple Slash!" He swung his sword in a multitude of slashes at Garou.

For Garou, he merely twisted his body ever so slightly to avoid the sword. "Such a predictable attack pattern." Garou mocked, before launching a series of consecutive blows that cracked, and eventually shattered parts of the spiky armor.

The B-Class hero fell to the ground in a heap, his sword clattering on the pavement, as numerous bruises began to appear throughout his body.

"Whew! That didn't even count as a warm up. You're really weak aren't ya? B-Class must be a pushover then if you're rank 50." Garou spoke in a derisive fashion, stepping over the defeated hero as Iaian and Feather stood up again.

"Yeah? Well we're A-Class heroes!" Feather snarled as he revealed his claw blades, rushing at Garou at an impressive speed.

"You will atone for your actions." Iaian said as he drew his katana.

Garou's eyes widened as he moved to the side to avoid being diced into mincemeat from Feather, and leaping to the side as Iaian cut from the side. "We'll go easy on you since you're human." Iaian spoke, his eyes narrowed underneath the knight helm.

Those eyes widened as Garou responded with his own attack. "Fist of Flowing Water, Crushed Rock!" The martial arts attack caused the A-Class hero to buckle under the onslaught as Garou laughed.

"Fist of Flowing Water? That's Silverfang's attack!" Feather shouted as Iaian jumped back. Garou remained in his fighting stance, those sharp eyes focused on the two A-Class heroes. "I was his top pupil." Those eyes flashed dangerously as lightning struck somewhere overhead. "I'll use the two of you as stepping stones on my path to become a monster." The last part was said with something akin to fanaticism.

"He's pretty strong, very strong Feather." Iaian said as he removed his dented helmet. "Very well, I won't go easy on you. I won't cut too deep to kill, but you'll be in the hospital for a while before they throw you in jail."

"Iai of Certain Kill!" Iaian whispered as he moved faster than Feather could track. The katana moved in a blindingly white slash as Garou stepped back, and yet… There was a metallic crunching sound as Feather realized that Garou had broken through Iaian's chestplate and held the hero up with one arm, before violently slamming him into the ground repeatedly as Iaian coughed up blood.

"Oh no you don't!" Feather roared as he performed his signature attack move that reduced monsters into little cubes. Garou merely ducked and punched him hard in the stomach that took the wind out of him, before Garou used Iaian as a weapon. Swinging his body and slamming it against Feather, the armor being used as an impromptu club.

His vision began to blur as Garou used Iaian to slam into Feather, until he threw the armored A-Class hero to the side before he stood over Feather triumphantly. Those two eyes filled with a dark glee as Garou stepped on his chest.

"And that was a successful hunt. I'll crush each and every one of you pathetic heroes and pretenders. And then I'll become a true monster!" With one fist raised, it was the last thing Feather would see for a while.


[Neo Heroes Headquarters]

Death Gatling's mind was in a doozy, as his vision swirled and moved about.

"Lets talk about the militia in the outer continent. The monsters began to appear and drove out the vestiges of humanity out of there, correct?" Zombieman's voice was like a distant echo, but ever-present.

"Yes. The monsters began to appear in the outer settlements." Death Gatling murmured as he leaned back in his seat. Ignoring the restraints on his arms.

"And what did you do when the monsters started to appear?"

"I fought them with the militia, Tongara was with me as well. Most of them… they weren't all that serious. Bullets always did the trick in putting them down."

"I see, and lets talk about Tongara, your comrade in arms. There were others you would call friends in that time period, didn't you?"

"Yes. Tongara, Gomago, Sanshon. We were in the same unit, we fought in the frontlines against the monsters and the bandit attacks."

"So there were bandits and other forces working against your community?" Zombieman asked, concern in his voice as Death Gatling saw him walk by.

"Yes there was. Savages and remnants of some radical political group. However, from what I heard, the monsters got them too."

"On your file, it mentions that you were in the Exodus Event. Could you explain it?"

"It was the evacuation procedure from the Numeric continent to the main supercontinent. Tongara, myself Gomago and Sanshon were part of a screening force in the rear, vetting refugees."

"And then what happened?"

"There was a spike in terrorist attacks in J-City afterwards. We were told to vet the refugees better, and we did." Death Gatling swallowed as he continued to speak, his voice wavering as awful memories returned.

"Some of the terrorists and bandits pretended to be refugees."

"And you were forced to act?"

"Yes, I was. They jumped Tongara, and I turned my gun on them. Mind you, I had both arms back then."

"Yes of course, do continue."

"I killed them, Sanshon and Gomago yelled at the other refugees in line to go against the wall with their hands in the air. Tongara… he was bleeding pretty bad." Death Gatling whispered, as those memories played out again.

"Zombieman… I was… I was angry. I was angry that my friend was hurt. So I…" Death Gatling's mouth felt dry again.

"So what did you do?" Zombieman's voice was soft and sympathetic, as he stepped in front of him. The mask turned into a sorrowful frown.

"I… I gunned down all the refugees in the line." Death Gatling rasped out.

"We were stressed, and it was getting more and more difficult to handle the influx of refugees."

"It was very unfortunate… but things like that happen in an impulse under such conditions."

"And then… the Seafolk attacked."

"Seafolk?" Zombieman said with confusion evident in his voice.

"Yes, the Seafolk, there is a whole book on them, and other civilizations that live throughout the world. At the time, the Seafolk attacked with hundreds that overwhelmed the junction defenses." His voice turned into a desperate warble.

"My unit got away safely, and Sanshon and Gomago didn't talk to me afterwards. Tongara… he never talked about what had happened afterwards…"

"I'm sorry, Death Gatling. I truly am." The sincerity of Zombieman's voice filled Death Gatling with hope and reassurement.

"Do you feel guilty? For everything that had happened? Is that why you keep punishing yourself? To be a hero?"

Death Gatling answered after several long moments later. "Yes…"

Zombieman before him nodded, the sorrowful expression on the mask, the blacklines, it was as if the mask itself was weeping.

"Death Gatling, I want you to imagine… imagine that I am God" The last part was said with a bit of a waver.

"And I… as my act of God" Zombieman placed one hand on Death Gatling's shoulder. "Absolve you of your guilt. I absolve you of your sins."

And then… Death Gatling's mind began to clear up again, as his heart flickered with longing joy. A weight, a great pressure was lifted from his mind. With clarity now, he looked up at Zombieman with tears in his eyes, who merely patted him on the shoulder.

"You are a new man now, Death Gatling. A hero, a shining symbol of light against the darkness." Zombieman spoke with pride in his voice.

"Yes Zombieman…" Death Gatling replied in a shaky tone. "I am a hero."


"Say Saitama" Diana inquired as she placed a manga off to the side, as she remembered whose face was pinned to the tree with knives.

"Why does Sonic hate you?"

Saitama glanced at her, some of the finalizing paperwork for the Hero Association being set aside. The man adopted a thoughtful expression as he jogged his memory for a bit.

"I don't know, he just attacked me out of nowhere. He mistook me as a terrorist alongside those Paradisers."

"Seriously?" Diana deadpanned. "That's it? I thought it was something deeper."

"Well, he did say something about seeing through all of his attacks, and that was it really. He called himself my archnemesis."

Diana groaned a little on the inside, as she had imagined some spectacular reason for the rivalry between the two. "Well I gotta thank him for saving me from those monsters in the forest."

Saitama nodded in response as he continued to fill out Hero Association paperwork to finalize his position in the C-Class.

"Sensei, you have two days remaining to fill the weekly quotas." Genos reminded the bald hero from the kitchen.

Saitama let out a resigned sigh. "I got lucky with that bomber guy, and that drunk dude causing a scene plus the meteor."

"Worry not Sensei, you have moved to Rank 2 of C-Class, and the current Rank 1 of C-Class has not moved for a long time. And the B-Class itself is in turmoil as many heroes are switching around ranks."

"Meh" Saitama replied. "As long as I don't have to do the weekly quotas anymore, I'm fine."

He put on his hero costume soon afterwards. "I'll head into the city, see what I can find."

"I'll come with you!" Diana said, as her son slept soundly on a futon nearby.

[Z-City Downtown]

Sonic watched above as two heroes mocked Saitama. A crowd jeered at him as well, their shouts and harsh words seemingly bouncing off of the bald hero after having said his piece in his speech. And in the distance, he could see Diana, the girl he saved rushing to Saitama's side.

"He saved us all! And you guys aren't thankful at that?" Her shrill voice cut through the crowd like a knife. Their tempers put on hold at that statement. "He destroyed an entire meteor! And you guys want to fight against him?"

One of the tanktop heroes stepped forward. "Listen here little girl, people's lives have been entirely ruined by him!"

"But we're all still alive aren't we? We should be grateful that-"

The hero with the tiger stripe tank top stepped forward as well, patting Diana on the head. "Look, you don't have to say those things. We'll save you!"

Her face turned into confusion at that statement, before the other tank top hero bellowed out to the crowd. "He threatened this girl into saying those things!"

Saitama raised one of his hands as to speak, but the tanktop heroes pounced first. "He's gonna go crazy and attack! The Tank Top Brothers will protect you!"

The Tiger Tank Top grabbed Diana, pulling her forcefully away. "Wait stop!"

Sonic closed his eyes for a moment, before watching as the black tank top hero continued to shout and gesture. These were heroes, Sonic sneered internally. When Blast had come by the Ninja Village, the children and younger recruits were also killed. Heroes were hypocrites and cowards. Someone ought to hunt them.

Taking a deep breath, he jumped off the ledge, and fired his shurikens everywhere in a ring. The explosives caused the civilians to flee as they screamed in terror, and he took out the black tank top hero with it as well.

He landed on the ground gracefully as he drew his katana. His greatest foe stared back at him with a neutral expression. A pathetic warble showed that Diana had kicked the Tiger Tanktop in the groin, who quickly turned tail and ran off. "Ah, I knew you'd make it!" He addressed Diana.

Before the girl could reply, he turned to Saitama, pointing his katana at him. "So, Saitama… you're one of these worthless heroes now. They're all just a bunch of bullies and cowards you know?"

Saitama merely shrugged in response, seemingly uninterested in everything around him. "Not all heroes are perfect, but there are a few rotten apples everywhere."

While he talked, he threw a kunai at him, which Saitama easily grabbed just as he finished speaking. "Dude, where do you even get all this stuff?"

"Weapon shops" Sonic replied. "You'd be surprised at what some of them store if you pay a little extra."

"Wait Sonic!" Diana shouted, and he looked towards her again.

"Why do you fight Saitama? He-" she pointed at Saitama "Says that you attacked him out of nowhere."

He fell into a relaxed stance, while keeping an eye on Saitama. "From where I hail, we were trained to be the best." He gripped his katana tightly. "As such, someone seeing through my attacks and movements… I cannot let that abide."

Sonic launched a flurry of slashes, all of which Saitama dodged with ease. He quickly pulled back. "See that Diana?! I must be stronger than him in order to move forward!"

"Fight me Saitama!"

The bald hero scratched his chromedome. "Ehh… I don't really want to at the moment, I have two days to-"

An exploding shuriken sailed to him, which Saitama caught and flung into the sky, exploding in the distance. "I'm not a worthy opponent to you? Is that it Saitama? Well, I'll simply create a situation and force your hand!"

"What situation Sonic? There's no one here in the first place." The remaining civilians had fled long ago, and most of the surrounding area wasn't repaired yet from the meteor.

Except… for an old man who watched from the distance. Saitama must've noticed as well, and he stepped forward towards Sonic warningly. He smirked and launched himself at the old man, just as Saitama kept pace with him and knocked him into the ground.


"Got him gramps. Are you okay?" Saitama asked, as he skidded to a stop just before the older man. "You don't recognize me?!" He asked in shock.

"No? Should I?"

Diana called out to Saitama in the distance. "That's an S-Class hero, Silverfang!"

Saitama groaned at that, as he stood over Sonic's unconscious body. "An S-Class? Really? Now he's gonna take credit for Sonic."

The old man began to shake his head in negative. "No, no, I wouldn't do such a thing. Without a doubt you're the strongest man I've ever met. I saw the commotion earlier and decided to check it out."

"Oh" Saitama said, as the praise came through. It took him a couple moments, before he realized where he had seen the old man before. "You're that old guy on the rooftop."

"Yep, that was me. One of the S-Class heroes sent to stop the meteor. I must say, your strength is incredible. I would like to invite you my dojo, swing by sometime if you have time available."

Saitama looked at the card that Silverfang gave him. All the way up that mountain in the edge of Z-City. Oh well, he could go there later. For now, he had to turn in Sonic.


Metal Bat searched for his sister, Zenko in the metropolis of E-City. He had left her for a moment outside at the bakery and she was gone when he came out with her sweet rolls. Until he heard a commotion outside as well, before he dismissed it initially.

"Zenko!" He called out, ignoring the looks the other passerbys were giving him on the sidewalk. Though quickly walking away once they recognized the S-Class hero.

"Zenko! Where are you?!"

"Metal Bat! There is a group of armed men, they headed that way! They had a woman and a girl with them!" One of the civilians called out to him.

A shrill cry in the distance shook his senses. It was Zenko, and he turned to the direction where the civilian had pointed to, and the cry had come from. "I'M COMING SIS!" He shouted, the trusty bat with him at all times.

Soon enough, he came upon an alleyway, where five heavily armed men had a blonde woman on the ground. The barrel of an SMG pointed at her, while Zenko was also put against the wall with guns trained on her.

"Major, the Staff isn't working properly, is there a reality anchor pinned somewhere?"

"Negative Corporal, the Staff of Hermes cannot be held by reality anchors"

"Sir, we should get that Staff going and call in a amnestic squad."

"Major, what about the little girl? She's not a target."

"We've already secured Target-105, and we've already lost three platoons to the Nine Tailed Fox and the Thought Police."

Metal Bat, or Badd, didn't listen at all. He saw red at the sight of his sister in danger.

Closing the gap in a blink of an eye, he swung his bat horizontally, slamming three of the soldiers? Mercenaries? Into the walls. The other two barely had a time to register what had happened before a baseball bat smashed into their helmets. The visors and four-eyed opticals were crushed as well, as one of the men let out a small cry.

The five men were on the ground, their rifles and guns clattering to the floor. And, a golden metallic staff of some sort. But he focused immediately on his sister.

"Zenko! You're okay. I'm here." He hugged her tightly, as he searched for more threats.

"You- you should check on her, big brother." Zenko murmured as she stepped back, fear subsiding, but still present in her eyes.

"Oh right!" He exclaimed and he quickly turned to check on the blonde woman. She was holding her head, as her blue eyes were unfocused.

"Ma'am, are you alright?" He asked, and Badd noticed an empty syringe and some sort of a medical pack on one of the soldiers.

The woman, she looked to be around his age, muttered a few things before she slumped forward as Badd caught her.

"Big brother, these guys, they injected her with something earlier." Zenko's voice called out from behind.

"Alright then, lets take her to a hospital." He lifted her up gently, and tossed his phone to Zenko.

"Call the Hero Association for me sis, they'll need to take care of these guys."

The golden staff seemingly glowed for a moment before Badd blinked again. "And that staff thing, it looks pretty powerful." Metal Bat could feel the subtle trickle of power coming from the staff, and he didn't want to mess with it.

"Zenko, how did you end up here? I thought I told you to wait at the bakery."

From behind, Zenko looked at her feet but she answered quickly.

"I saw them, they were dragging her away, and no one was stepping into help." She took several breaths before she answered. "I… I wanted to be a hero like you. So I followed after them and told them to stop."

Metal Bat tried not to think what would've happened if he was a bit late.

"So do you know anything else about these guys?" He asked as the Hero Association responded to his request of a subjugation squad.

"No, I don't, but the girl, these guys called her Iris."

Iris... that was probably the woman's name. Oh well, he would take her to the hospital and get some answers then.


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