Runnin' Round in Circles

Mighty Chief 'Runnin' Round' was quite the troubled warrior indeed.

His thoughts plagued him as he focused on the circular rings pinned against the haystack - troubled by secrets forced to keep. Hidden truths. Heck, not even an invigorating bought of target practice could distract him from the non-recognition still plaguing him well after Face's so-called pep-talks.

You know, if I hit this shot, I'm going to reveal my true identity to Joe Ivy. A secret no more, I'm Howlin' Mad Murdock, muchachos, the A-Team's 'numero quattro!

He narrowed his eyes as he drew back the arrow with ease, aiming carefully, then suddenly hesitated. Why was he so desperate for attention anyway? There was plenty of attention at the V.A. - if he put on a crazy enough act.

Okay, maybe not always an act...

He winced at the thought. Focus. Archery took so much skillful focus. He wished he had a gun instead, so he could mindlessly hit that center-target so many times there wouldn't even be a target left, let alone the haystack.

Okay, here goes... it'll be officially on the record for all to see. I'm ready for the consequences of my cover blown, exposed to the world and embrace the fleeting shadows of fame - yeeeahooo!

As he released, the tension of the full drawn bow wobbled ever-so slightly and the arrow pulled to the left, piercing the outermost ring of the paper target target, rather than the center.

"Gah!" he scoffed in frustration, having lost the bet with himself. It seems fate would have his identity stay classified, for now. One day perhaps...

Okay, if I make this next one, I'll - uh, I'll... hmm...

What could he really bet on? Bet he could learn a new hobby? Or a new psychosis to drive B.A. past his breaking point? Nah, only one thing really mattered in his life, and he had to prove it... to himself.

No matter what happens, I'll always be a member of the A-Team...

He pulled back and aimed again, lips pursed in anticipation and eye on target - which narrowed into sheer determination as he released.


*** FINI ***