Mason Greybeck and Alex Russo are at a hotel for the night. They finally got married. Alex is in nothing but her bra and Mason is completely naked

"You ready to have sex, Alex?" Mason asked.

"As ready as I will ever be, Mason." Alex says.

They begin making out

"Oh this feels so nice." Mason said.

"You're such a good kisser, Mason." Alex says.

"I know I am." Mason said.

They are now having sex

"I love you so much Mason." Alex said.

"I love you too baby." Mason says.

They start fucking each other

"Yeah, yeah. Fuck me in the ass." Alex says.

"You got it." Mason said.

They are now on top of each other as Mason's dick is in Alex's vagina

"This feels so fucking nice." Alex says.

"Yeah it does. I don't care if it's inappropriate. We're married." Mason said.

"Yeah. Now let me suck your pussy." Alex says.

"Suck right away babe." Mason said.

Mason whips out his penis and Alex begins sucking on it

"Oh yeah." Alex says.

"You like?" Mason asked.

"Totally." Alex said.

"I'm glad we got married. Now we never have to break up ever again." Mason said.

"Yeah." Alex said.

"We're perfect for each other." Mason says.

"Exactly." Alex says.

They continue to have sex

"That was nice." Mason said.

"Yeah." Alex says.

"Wanna prank call my ex girlfriend?" Mason asked.

"Yeah I wanna prank call her." Alex says.

Mason dials the number and puts it on speaker

"Hello?" Juliet asked.

"Hi Juliet." Mason says.

"Mason?" Juliet said.

"I wanna get back with you. I'm tired of being with Alex." Mason lied.

"Really?" Juliet asked.

"Yes. But first you have to post an embarrassing video of you onto the internet." Mason said.

"Okay." Juliet said.

5 minutes later, Juliet posts an embarrassing video of her wearing diapers and a pacifier

"Okay I posted an embarrassing video of me on the internet." Juliet said.

"Congrats Juliet. You have been..." Mason says but Alex finishes it for him.

"Pranked." Alex says.

"What?" Juliet asked.

"In your face." Mason said.

"You pranked me?" Juliet says.

"That's right." Alex said.

"We got you sucka. I'd never break up with Alex." Mason said.

"Yeah." Alex said.

"You know what?!" Juliet yelled.

Juliet hangs up

"We got her good." Mason says.

"Yeah we did." Alex said.

They high five each other

"You don't think she'll take down the video of herself will she?" Mason asked.

"Doesn't matter for the people who already saw it." Alex said.

"True." Mason said.

They laugh

"Why did you date her again?" Alex asked.

"Honestly I have no idea." Mason said.

"Well you're with someone better now." Alex said.

"Yeah I am. I love you Alex." Mason says.

"I love you too baby." Alex said.

Alex and Mason lean in and they start having sex again. They are now completely naked

"This is so nice." Mason said.

"Yeah." Alex said.

The End