Summery: Have you ever wondered how nobody died?

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Jumba walked into the living room with a cage and put it on the table.

In the living room was Stitch, Lilo Pelekai, Nani Pelekai and Pleakley.

He took off the cloth and said. "Ta-da! Presenting Experiment 053!"

The thing was girl, purple, she hovered above the ground but she had a dead look to her.

Everybody stared.

"Didn't I tell you, no experiments?" Said Nino.

"Yes, but we actually need this experiment," said Jumba. "It's has come to my attention that if Little girl wants to find my experiments and turn them all good. The chances of fatalities are pretty high. If people start dying especially the Tourists, the government will come, the whole island will be evacuated and I will be arrested"

Well, yeah.

It would hit worldwide news if such a sunny place was killing people.

"So we need Experiment 053," he said. "I created her because I realised that making powerful monstrosity was dangerous even for me. What if one of the experiments got out and attacked me? So I created her. Every time, I died, she would do her thing and I'll come back to life. It was like I had woken up from a bad dream"

Everybody stared.

"I just tweak her just now, so her range should cover the whole island and I have given her a much longer lifespan than even 626," he said. "So my beautiful experiments can rampage all they like and humans won't get killed. We have a safety net"

"...excuse me what?" Said Pleakly unable to believe this was happening.

"Don't worry about the side-effects. I just realised that every time I came back, I was a bit more... gullible" said Jumba. "That's why I spent so long trying to make sure my experiments can't escape. I didn't want to come back. With so many experiments, I would have handled everything I owned to the first person who asked. However, I don't know if the same effect will apply to Humans, we'll just wait and see"

"Take that thing back, right now. This is wrong" said Nani. "We shouldn't be playing God."

"Pish, posh. Scientists play God all the time" said Jumba before he said. "And besides the alternative is that you go to jail by simply having me in your house and Lilo being ripped away. My experiments are designed to destroy whole worlds. Do you think people won't die on this island?"

That hit home for all of them.

The alternative really was worse, none of them would knew where all the experiments were until they were activated.

This island was big, there were people everywhere thanks to tourists.

If people start dying and it gets traced back to her, prison was the least of her worries.

"It won't be that bad, I promise," said Jumba. "As long as 626, keeps his cousins from doing any human damage, this island will function normally"

"Right. We'll be extra careful," said Lilo.

But in the coming days, that was proven to be a lie as people were crushed, thrown, melted, ice cubed, forced to their deaths.

By then, they were in too deep.

They could only go about their day like nothing was happening and cover-up desperately.

They all realised that they could make the people think that all the weird creature's they saw were actually dogs, thus stopping people from calling the police and telling anybody outside the island about them.

This went on for years, they were all trying to desperately cover up people dying and everybody carried the secret to their graves.

Experiment 053 continued to keep people alive in the following generations of experiments, long after her creator passed away.

She revived them all until her last breath and then all hell broke loose.

So many people died.

Humanity went to war with these creatures.

But those responsible, we're all dead by the time Experiment 053 kicked the bucket so they could not face Earth Law.

But that didn't mean their afterlife was luxurious.