After 4 years, I found a copy of the last chapter of this fanfic (which was never uploaded then because ff . net had glitched and wouldn't let me upload anything.) Content below was the draft chapter. Sincerely, Kino Amiko-Gabriel

Chapter 5

Last Straw


Kino Amiko

Author's Notes 1 Sorry for the long wait!

Don't throw shoes…ok go ahead, I deserve it. But eh, may I request 'no heels?' sweatdrops

Flames of Mars - Last Straw

Rei was tired. She towel dried her hair and regarded the brush on the sink. Deciding to forego the brushing for a while, she headed to her room. She sat down on her modest bed and looked over to her pasocom. Raising an eyebrow she made up her mind and headed wearily to her screen. Moving her mouse, she awakened the screen and sat down to surf with a traditional pat pat…"konnichi wa Washuu navi."

A few galleries and websites later, she came across a preferred fanfiction site.

"Ah, sailor moon fics…" she scrolled through a few, then frowned as she realized that they were all PG rated. She selected the "all ratings" choice from the menu and let the page load. The first page held nothing that interested her; mostly nick nacks about Sailor Neptune and Uranus 'those two leave enough of an impression when I see them in real life…' The second page held more interesting material…or so she hoped. She clicked on a moon/mask fic and propped her feet up on the side of her desk.

Reads a few lines…cocks an eyebrow….reads a few more lines…frowns….. clicks out and goes to the next fic without finishing it.

Three fics later and she was pulling her hair out. And so, she began to write to each of the authors of these atrocious fics.

She began to type out the first one…

Dear Author, your fic is tasteless and almost an exact replica of the last four fics I have choked down. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask hate each other; but ah, they like each other secretly; now they both undergo dramatic and unbelievably sudden character changes and everything is peachy. Please choose a new profession. You suck. –fire goddess

The second one came easier than the first.

Dear author, your fic was slimy, with an overused plot. They hate each other, they get locked in a room together 'somehow' for an insane amount of time, they kiss, they have hot sweaty lusty sex and everything is peachy….but eh, for one, when did they ever get a chance to go to the restroom? Four days and my teeth would be floating! Did they pee on the floor? What, did a restroom pop out of her broach? And for two, you are like what- 13 years old and you're writing lemons/ If you're not 13, you sound like it… better luck next time on your fic…try an action fic, romance insn't your thing. Trust me…please. –virgin miko with Better lemon writing skills than you'll ever possess…

By this time, she was ready to let the next writer have it. While she was at it, she decided to give him the rest of her bad day as well.

Dear Author, you suck, yadda yadda yadda, bad plot….yadda yadda am now hanging myself… yadda yadda try reading your own work and get a clue…yadda

- bored out of my mind

PS … this letter displays as much talent as you have shown me…

Writing flames felt pretty good, but she was still dissatisfied at having found not a single fic to her liking. So, with a defeated roll of her eyes she typed in the next address and checked her email.

As usual, her box was nearly empty, with the exception of two emails, one from Usagi and one from Minako.

'It figures that Usagi would send me the latest news of the drama in her manga and Minako would fwd me the same email that she'd also received from Usagi… I feel loved…' (Rei's not feeling very enthusiastic by this time of the day) still, regardless of the fact that she could really care less about Usagi's manga, she was happy to know that her princess was thinking about her (she looked at her watch) and during her lab time too. "Silly girl-hopeless, but l can't help but love the little bunny bean head."

Her computer beeped and her eyes lit up at the arrival of another email. "Makoto? Hrm, she never emails me…" she spoke absently to herself.

Rei chan, check this out, it's fanfiction. Hehehe. –mako www . shoujoai . com

Rei regarded the link, half tempted to click on it. "Oh, what the hell, I'm bored. It can't possibly be worse than the crap I was reading earlier." She rationalized. She clicked on the link, then chose the 'fanfiction' section. She shifted her feet on her desk and scrolled down the titles. She froze. 'moon/mars' she looked from side to side. She shrugged her shoulders and cracked her knuckles.

30 minutes later she blinked several times, a koi look on her face. She swallowed hard. "That, was just disturbing. People shouldn't be allowed to post this sorta stuff…"

Looking back at her open email box, a mischievous smile lit across her face.

Dear Usagi chan,

Thanks for the email. I am home today and thought I would do some reading. I just thought ya might like to read something I found online…have fun –Rei


Usagi read through the email Rei sent to her, with some caution. "'Dear' Usagi 'chan'? She's up to something…" But, curiosity got the better of the little princess and she clicked on the attached file. A story popped up. "Flames of Desire"

As she started to read, slowly her eyes began to get wider and wider. knock knock "Usagi, Mamoru is here to pick you up for your-(ikuko notices the strange look on her daughter's face) "what are you up to?" "NOTHING!" Usagi squeeked, quickly shutting off her screen. Her mother looked at her suspiciously but decided to let it go uninvestigated…for now.


Usagi shifted nervously in her seat, barely able to keep eye contact with mamoru as they ate dinner together.

'oh, great! On a date with my mamo chan and all I can think of is that fic!' shudder 'do girls really do those things to each other? Do Michi and Ruka…?' shudders and turns green "Usako, are you ok?" Mamoru asks, concern evident in his voice. "Uh, sorry I just got a disturbing letter from Rei today." "Want to talk about it?" He offeres. "Nope." She begins to shove food into her mouth.


Ikuko snuck into Usagi's room and turns on her screen. She goes to the top of the attachment and begins to read….. 10 minutes into the fic…. OO' (thinking) 'My baby's in the closet…' "Darling!" She calls down the stairs. "I think It's time we have a chat with our daughter about a few things when she gets home."


Rei snuggled into her pillow. Perhaps some extra sleep would help her day go better tomorrow. 'I wonder if Usagi has gotten the email yet…' just then, her phone began to ring. She reluctantly picked it up. "mosi mosi?" "Rei, my mom thinks I'm gay now!" More followed, however Rei wasn't listening. Without hearing another word she hung up her phone then picked it up and left it off the hook. She wore a triumphant grin. "ah, at least today ended well…" she said to herself and blew out the candle beside her.

-Amiko kun