Honoka slowly rose from her bed, the light of the rising sun made it hard for her to fall back in the warmth of her bed. She groaned as she rubbed her sore arms. Staying up late to practice her magic was a bad idea after all.

"Onee-chan!" The wooden door bursted open and Honoka swore the hinges might come off the next time her door was opened like that. A brow-knitted Yukiho entered the room as she showed her sister an envelope that doesn't seem to fit the interior of the house. It was fancy-looking and the paper used was more expensive than any of the items inside their humble abode.

"What is that Yukiho? Another one of your suitors?" Honoka slurred, her eyes squinting as she tried to read the name of the sender. Yukiho sighed as she shoved the letter onto Honoka's face. Sometimes the former wondered who is the little sister between the two of them.

"Onee-chan, aren't you forgetting something today?" Honoka blinked, ramming her brain for answers. She was about to say no when a bulb lit over her head, making her stumble to her closet to find her robe that she wore on special occasions.

Today was a special occassion after all. Honoka remebered receiving the letter a few days back. She was surprised to know that it camr from the Royal Palace but what really surprised her was the fact that she was invited for a gathering. A commoner like her who had no special talents invited to the palace? It's the dream of a lifetime.

"Crap! I'm late!" Honoka exclaimed, mostly to herself, as she rushed to the bathroom. Yukiho can only sigh at her older sister's clumsiness as she began to fix the mess her sister left in their shared room.

Not a minute after, Honoka dashed out of the bathroom. She was wearing a white robe with gold linings, an orange belt was wrapped around her stomach, and a pattern of a diamond-shaped star was ebbed on her right chest.

"I'm off!" Honoka called out to no one in particular. The ginger slid into her sandals as she head outside. Honoka sped off to their meeting spot, hoping that maybe-just maybe- her best friend won't scold her for once.

Honoka's hopes were crushed. Upon meeting up with her childhood friends at the intersection, Umi scolded Honoka for being late before Kotori decided to butt in and tell them that they really needed to go. Kotori gave Honoka a wink while Umi was busy mumbling to herself and the ginger gave her a thankful smile.

Aside from social status, the Kingdom of Uranohoshi's middle class were separated into three social groups; the warriors, the commoners, and the merchants.

"You have the letter with you, haven't you Honoka?" Umi asked, her eyes squinting as she inspected Honoka's expression. Umi was wearing a dark blue cardigan with golden patterns, an iron shoulder cap nesting on her right shoulder, and a water droplet was strewn on her right chest. She was also wearing the officially issued knight pants and boots.

Umi belonged to the warrior group, her ancestry tracing back to one of the earliest knights that served the kingdom.

Honoka gulped as she felt Umi's glare before digging into her robe and taking out the small envelope Yukiho handed to her earlier. "I have it so you don't have to worry, Umi-chan!" Honoka grinned at Umi, who in return, just sighed at her energy.

"I told you, you shouldn't worry too much about Honoka-chan." Kotori exclaimed, a small whirlwind forming on her open palms before crushing it with her fists. Kotori was wearing a silver chestplate over her gray shirt, she was wearing a skirt that was too shameless for Umi's liking, and a leather belt loosely wrapped itself around her waist. A wing symbol can be seen on the right chest of her chestplate.

Kotori was part of the merchant circle, her father was a well-known merchant all over the region among the middle class while her mother was a scholar who published a lot of books for children.

"Yeah, yeah. Listen to Kotori-chan, Umi-chan!" Honoka and Kotori gave each other a thumbs-up as they saw Umi succumb to their pleas.

Honoka belonged to the commoner group, considered as the lowest of the middle class. Honoka belonged to a family of bakers, who once served the royal family before being kicked out at the royal palace. It was already forgotten history though, only a few nobles and the family knew their background. Honoka doesn't know about that though and they planned to keep it that way.

When they first met each other, her parents were shocked that their daughter managed to be friends with a merchant's daughter and a knight-in-training but they never questioned the friendship. Honoka was happy with them and that's what matters. Besides, Umi and Kotori proved that Honoka was a real friend to them time and time again, so the doubt slowly disappeared.

The walk was antagonizingly slow for Honoka, whose energy was flying all over the place. Deciding she had nothing better to do, Honoka challenged her friends to a race to which they reluctantly agreed on. The trio arrived at the castle, catching their breaths.

"Let's… not do… that again…" Honoka panted, slumping on the ground. Umi stood straight, her training for the past five years showing as she barely looked drained unlike the other two.

"And whose suggestion was it that we should run to the castle?" Honoka only grunted as an answer as she stood up, brushing the dirt off her robe.

"Let's go! The castle awaits!" Honoka exclaimed as she marched towards the gates with a sighing Umi and a giggling Kotori at tow.

The trio were the last ones to arrive, luckily the queen was still nowhere in sight. None of the girls saw the newly-proclaimed queen yet and they were quite eager to meet her after all the good rumors they heard about her. Once they entered the enormous throne room, they saw six pairs of eyes staring at them.

Honoka made eye contact with a pair, who seemed to know each other as she cheerily waved at them. The one with red-orange hair waved back at her while the one with brown hair timidly waved, hiding behind her friend.

Umi made eye contact with a purple-haired girl and a blonde. The former waved at her while the latter simply glanced at her as she bowed at them for greeting.

Kotori muttered a 'good morning' at another pair, who seemed to be flustered by her simple greeting. Kotori giggled as she watched the duo try to sputter out a response.

The buzzing room fell silent when the huge doors slammed open. They all stared in awe as a blonde woman entered, followed by the royal advisor and the knight-in-command. The queen gracefully sat on the throne, her gold eyes making eye contact with each person in the room.

She coughed, preparing herself for her speech as the others waited for anticipation. "Ehem.. eh… Good morning, my lovely subjects~ I am Mari! Your beautiful and smart queen! Let's get along, okay?"

The group stared in confusion and bewilderment at the new queen; confused at the unfamiliar language she was using and bewildered at how un-royal-like she's acting.

The advisor turned to the queen, an annoyed smile plastered on her face. "Ma-Your Majesty, did you read the speech I prepared for you yesterday?"

Mari only playfully stuck her tongue as she averted the advisor's gaze. Honoka was about to burst out laughing when she felt Umi's deathly glare piercing on her shoulder, making her clamp her hands over her mouth. The advisor was ready to lunge on the queen any moment when she realized there were still people in the throne room.

Fixing her posture, she faced the girls with a neutral look on her face. "Good morning to you all. I apologize for our… queen's behavior. She is still quite adjusting to her role, after all. Let me introduce ourselves properly. I am the queen's advisor, Dia Kurosawa. That, over there…" Dia gestured her hand towards the knight who had a simple smile on her face, "... is Kanan Matsuura, the newly-appointed knight-in-command. Lastly, this over here, is our new queen Mari Ohara. Now, please introduce yourselves."

The girl with short, wavy, brown hair stepped up as she fidgeted with the hem of her sleeve. "I..M-my name is… Hanayo Koizumi and I-I am a geomancer." And to show her magic, Hanayo took a pack of dirt from her pouch and formed a small figure of the queen to which Mari and the others clapped at.

Hanayo blushed at the praise as she stepped back, allowing her friend to take over. "My name is Rin Hoshizora, nya! And I'm a zoomancer, nya!" Rin whistled and a hummingbird entered through the open castle window, happily nesting on Rin's head. Rin giggled as she scratched the bird.

"I guess I'm next then." The red-haired girl stepped up as she closed her eyes before her hair burst into flames. "I'm Maki Nikishino and I'm a pyromancer."

The girl next to Maki huffed as she pushed her way through. Maki rolled her eyes at the girl's actions as she went back to her spot, putting the flames off. "Feast your eyes on the power of the world's number one necromancer, the great Nico Nii~" Nico stretched her hands in front of her. A magic circle formed in front of her and a zombie slowly began to descend from the circle. Nico immediately closed the cicle before the zombie managed to escape, giving everyone a smile before giving Maki a smug grin to which the latter replied with an eyeroll.

"Umi Sonoda. I am a knight-in-training but I also specialize in aqua magic." Umi dropped her hands to the side and a sword formed between her grasp. Umi bowed before giving the spot to Kotori.

"Hello, my name is Kotori Minami! And I am an aeromancer. Nice to meet you all." Kotori gave everyone a smile as she turned to Honoka.

"Good morning everyone! I am Honoka Kousaka and I am a photomancer." Honoka breathed in and Umi stared in horror as she knew what was going to happen next. "I like bread, Umi-chan and Kotori-chan are my best friends, my sister Yukiho makes the best tea, our bakery is-"

"Honoka! You're rambling!" Honoka immediately covered her mouth as she gave Umi an apologetic grin. The latter can only rub her forehead at Honoka's antics.

"I'm Nozomi Toujou, a chronomancer. Pleased to meet y'all." Nozomi did a little bow before glancing at the last person next to her.

The blonde coughed as she stepped forward, her posture straight and composed. "Eli Ayase. I can do ice magic. It's a pleasure to meet you all."

Dia nodded her head in acknowledgement. "Now, for the reason that you all are gathered here-"

"Dia, you're taking forever." Mari pouted, her cheek resting on her hand. Dia can feel her veins on her forehead popped, she swore one more comment from Mari and she's ready to sacrifice her family name to land a hit on that blonde girl's head.

Kanan noticed the menacing aura coming out of Dia and with a sigh, she decided to step in before things got out of control. "Dia- I mean, Advisor Kurosawa please calm yourself and take deep breaths. Your Majesty, please behave yourself. You are not a child anymore. You of all people should know that we don't have any time left to fool around."

The nine girls can only watch such a scene in front of them. Who knew the new queen was this hard to handle? They seem to be friends too, the girls noticed.

Mari pouted before straightening her posture, her playful expression gone from her face and was replaced by a serious one. "Advisor Kurosawa would take a long time to explain why you are all called here so I will just tell the gyst of it; the Kingdom of Uranohoshi has picked you nine girls to save the entire world and defeat the Demon Lord."

The girls let out a loud "Eh?", after the information has sunk in. Save the world? Demon King? What is going on?

Dia stepped forward, shushing the girls. "We all know that this is sudden but we have no choice. Personally, we would like to train and hone your skills first but as Commander Matsuura said, we don't have any time left to fool around. Now, please follow me. We have to show you some things. I'll also explain things along the way."

Dia, Mari, and Kanan led the way as the girls reluctantly followed the trio. Honoka stayed at the back as she whispered to Kotori. "Hey Kotori-chan, have you heard anything from your father about this Demon Lord stuff?"

Kotori only shook her head as she gave Honoka a smile. "I'm sorry Honoka-chan. Dad doesn't like talking about rumors at home."

Honoka gave up on further questioning her best friend as she tried to tune in on what Dia was saying. "... and that's about it. Now, prepare yourselves to see a miracle of a lifetime."

Dia did a lot of stuff on a wall and a secret door opened. She pushed the door open as she gave the girls a smile. "Welcome to the Infantry of the Heroes."

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