Author's Note:

This chapter has NEVER been published as it was still in the editing stage. However, I thought I might as well post this chapter.

When I re-read this story, I was cringing because it wasn't written well. Unfortunately, I have no idea where I was going with this story. I vaguely remember the plot, but maybe someday I will re-write the whole damn story and finish it. It will probably be pared down compared to my original plan.

Thank you for reading/re-reading this story, and I'm sorry to have this story incomplete...for now?

Written on: November 28, 2016

Chapter 17: Ignorance

Every morning, Uncle Nobu knocked on my door. I would attempt to wear my robe with the Yuki crest on my back. The obi was always poorly timed, so Uncle Nobu would have to retie my obi into a neat knot much to my embarrassment.

We would eat breakfast together, talk about mundane topics. He would help me slip on my shoes while disregarding my protests. He would say something like, once I become an adult, I would miss these days. I would reply with a huff and say something like no chance in hell. He would say as he softly karate chopped my forehead for cursing.

We would walk out the compound, and leisurely make our way to the academy.

Uncle Nobu would part ways from me at the front entrance of the school. However, today is my first day in Class S, so he entered the school building with me. We stood in front of the school map for the third time.

"Class S-1…Class S… Class S…" Uncle Nobu muttered to himself.

I stood awkwardly next to Uncle Nobu, watching vaguely familiar faces passing me.

"Ah-ha! There it is!" Uncle Nobu exclaimed.

Class S-1 was located on the first floor, way at the back of the building.

As my uncle and I walked hand in hand, the hallway grew quieter. The barred up windows cast long strips of black shadows down my path, adding to the solitary mood. We arrived at Classroom S-1; it was just down a straight path from the school's entrance.

Various colourful hairstyles greeted me. There was an array of green, to pink, to blue hair colour! I twirled my dull black hair with an absent mind.

"Ah, so this must be the infamous Harumi Yuki." I heard a very familiar gruff voice behind me. When I turned around, I almost choked on my saliva. I met this man before with the serrated scar over his left eye, and a permanent frown tattooed on his face. His name started with an A…?

"Nice to meet you, Asano-sensei, was it?" Uncle Nobu started the conversation with a smooth smile. I felt my body slightly shift behind Uncle Nobu, trying to stay invisible from Asano-sensei's line of sight.

"Likewise," Asano-sensei replied curtly.

"Come on, Harumi-chan. It's rude not to introduce yourself." Uncle Nobu nudged me forward.

I was suddenly facing the intimidating-looking man once again. "N-nice to me-meet you, Asano-sensei." I stuttered. His lips grimaced in disgust. "My soldiers don't stutter," he snarled, showing rows of his yellowing teeth.

I felt my back stiffen, "Y-yes sir," I whimpered out quietly.

"She's not a soldier…yet. She's your student." Uncle Nobu remarked lightly. He patted my head gently; it was reassuring to be with Uncle Nobu. Uncle Nobu walked past Asano-sensei and placed his hand on Asano-sensei's shoulder.

"You'll take care of Harumi-chan, won't you? Asano-sensei?" Uncle Nobu's tone was so saccharine and soft, yet my muscles wounded up tightly in response. Something sounded off. I could feel a shudder rising from my body.

Asano-sensei didn't say anything more and shrugged off Uncle Nobu's hand off his shoulder. "Let's go, Yuki. Class is starting."


Asano-sensei gave me one last hard glare before turning his back to me and walking into the classroom.

"Harumi-chan. You'll be fine," Uncle Nobu's voice returned to normal. What I just felt was probably my imagination.

"Thank you, Uncle," I muttered quietly. I gave him a small wave before turning my back towards him and marching stiffly into the new classroom.

The moment I entered, the air felt heavy and thick. My eyes jumped from face to face; I couldn't find a familiar face in the crowd. Hushed whispers flitted through the classroom, weighing my head lower to the ground.

"Yuki. Sit down," Asano-sensei barked.

I jolted in shock, reminding myself that I probably was garnering more attention from dumbly staying in one place. I craned my neck up to face the judging eyes once more.

My eyes lit up when I saw Raiga, who was fitting in nicely with the other classmates. It would be nice to sit next to him, but then again, he was less than civil with me the last time I had to interact with him. Sitting next to him was out of the option, so I continued to search for another empty seat.

To the top left corner, I saw Mei sitting with a group of people huddled around her. Instantly, my heart elated with joy. Her eyes and mine matched before I could take a step forward; she quickly looked away from me. I blinked in confusion, was she avoiding me? The way she shrank her body screamed: don't notice me. Don't look at me. Don't come near me.

You didn't need words to understand the actions of others. I was…hurt, but I couldn't let myself dawdle now, I could feel Asano-sensei giving me the stink eye. I took the first step forward. I saw the Yuki twins, and they were sitting with the other Yuki kids that were exiled. I couldn't forget their grimacing faces when they were forced to leave. I doubt they would give me a warm welcome if I sat with them.

"Yuki. What's taking so long? Sit."

"Ah… Yes!" I said once more. I didn't know where to sit. Everywhere I looked, their eyes were telling me that I didn't belong here. My heart steadily raised, but I took a deep calming breath. I am being ridiculous; I have every right to be here! Mustering the small ounce of my courage, I took a step forward until I heard a short scoff.

"I hope the Yuki kid doesn't sit next to me."

My body stilled. Instantly revelling in memories of Jade being an outcast from her classmates:

"Ugh, I heard that girl went to the loony bins."

"I hope she doesn't sit next to me!"

"Look away, look away, she's staring at you!" A light giggle.

I shook my head from my pathetic memories; I wasn't Jade anymore, nor was I a "kid." Who cares where I have to sit!

I took another step forward. I was about to sit in the second row at the edge of the table before something fell on the empty seat. It was a ton-coloured knapsack.

I looked up from the bag and saw a red-haired girl smiling at me with sharp jagged teeth.

My cheeks started to heat up; this was so freaking childish of her! "Grow up," I managed to growl out.

"Find another seat, Yuki trash," she spat back out.

I wanted to take her bag and throw it at her face, but I needed to be the bigger person here. I will not stoop down to her level.

I turned around to look for another empty seat and realized everyone was slowly shuffling around, trying to cover all the empty seats. How childish are they? Why isn't Asano-sensei saying anything about this? I clenched my teeth from bursting out a frustrated yowl.

I looked back at my so-called "teacher" to see if he was going to say "anything" about this stupid behaviour.

Asano-sensei sighed tiredly and finally pointed towards the right side of the classroom. "Sit next to Kisame. Yuki."

My eyes were guided by Asano-sensei's finger and saw Kisame sitting by the window, who was currently scowling at Asano-sensei.

"Uh…" I hesitated once more. I didn't exactly have a friendly encounter with Kisame the last time I saw him.

"Now, Yuki," Asano-sensei bit out. Giving no room to explain myself, I dragged my feet towards Kisame, and more hushed whispers started to spread rapidly.

"No way, she's sitting next to-"

"Ao Oni? Wooow –"

I gritted my teeth.

"Hehe, two trash lumped togeth-"

My head trailed back to my feet; I couldn't shut out their voices.

"5 ryo that Ao Oni will beat her up-"

"Ugh, why is she even-"

I finally arrived at my seat.

I pulled out the chair next to Kisame; he didn't acknowledge me. I sat down and immediately focused all of my attention on my fidgeting hands.

"Alright! Quiet down," Asano-sensei growled out.

The class was eerily quiet once again; if not for the sound of shifting bodies, you would think that the classroom was empty.

Our first lesson started with reciting the shinobi rules.

Halfway through the lessons, when Asano-sensei's back turned, I felt something hit my head. A crumpled up ball of paper landed neatly in front of me.

I turned around to see who threw it, but everyone had an impassive look on their faces. Wow, they all have pretty good poker faces considering how young they were. I also expected a snicker here and there, but everyone kept a neutral face. I turned back towards the crumpled up ball of paper.

"Don't open it," Kisame ordered with a hushed whisper.

My hands stilled, this was the first time he spoke to me that wasn't confusing and confrontational. The bar is set pretty low for what I considered a pleasant conversation with him.

I looked down the crumpled up paper ball. My hand itched to open it. "But I'm curious," I whispered back.

"Ugh, it's just like you to-" He glared back at me, but something stopped his words.

He quickly turned his head away from me. "Whatever. Do what you want."

I arched my brow, what was that about? Besides, why did he even care? Did he forget what he said a couple of months back? I felt bitter and a bit frustrated at Kisame being an asshole that day. I shook my head to empty my thoughts. People come and go in my life all the time. I don't care. I convinced myself sourly. Taking one deep breath, I focused my attention back to the crumpled ball of paper and slowly unravelled it.


It said in clear, bolded letters.

I heard a snap next to me. Kisame's hand clutched the now broken pencil tightly as his eyes narrowed down to the word on the scrap of paper.

I wonder if this message was for Kisame? I guess whoever threw it missed? Or was it for me? But then again, I doubt Kisame would care if someone tells me to die. This note must be for Kisame, and they just missed their target? But judging by the cold welcome I received from my classmates just now, I would not be surprised if the poorly spelled threat was towards me.

I crumpled the note back into a ball. I should just ignore this message and ignore Kisame. I should; I really should, but instead…

"They spelt the word wrong, idiots," I gave him a small crooked smile, hoping to make light of the situation. I couldn't ignore the message or Kisame after all.

His hand relaxed and gave me a glance before focusing his attention back to the teacher. Dare I say it? I thought I saw the corner of his lip quirk up just a bit from my statement.

My heart thrummed a happy tune when Kisame gave me a ghost of a smile. Wow, I was pretty pathetic.

Ah… I wanted to know why he wanted me to stay away from him. I wanted to know why Mei was acting distant.

I wanted to know, but right now, I had to recite Shinobi Rule # 89 with the class. God, it got boring after memorizing the whole book during my time in Class C. Why bother reciting this every morning in every class? Seemed like a waste of time.

"Don't get attached to anything and anyone. Completion of the mission is your only priority," I said with a yawn.


After the first period, the second period was arithmetic. Like all my classes before, it was basic algebra. One of the kids complained that math had nothing to do with being a shinobi.

"Being a shinobi is not all about brute strength, idiot," Asano-sensei replied shortly. He didn't give any other reason than that, and the kid was dissatisfied with Asano-sensei's answer or perhaps that he was just called an idiot, judging from his incoherent grumble.

I looked at my completed worksheet. It took me 15 minutes to finish it. I stole a small sideway glance down at Kisame's worksheet.

He got all the answers incorrect.

I wanted to tell him so badly!

I forced my head to look down at my sheet and clamped down my right wrist. Don't say anything, don't say anything, don't say anythin-

"Kisame-kun, would you like some help with the questions?" I whispered out. I wanted to facepalm myself. Why do I keep interfering with him?

When Kisame looked up from his crumpled up worksheet, his mustard-coloured eyes met with my eyes. Even after several years has passed, I could still see the Kisame back then who was rough around the edges with people, yet he always tried his best to help me even at his own expense.


"Don't come near me." Kisame bit out acidly.

His words still lingered in my mind.

"No," he said flatly before grinding his teeth, trying to figure out question number 7.

What a stubborn boy.


After the second period, the dull ringing of bells resounded through the class. It was lunchtime, the dying bell said.

Asano-sensei walked out of the classroom without saying anything, and students began to dig through their bags.

"I would leave the classroom if I were you," Kisame suddenly said.

"Huh?" I looked up at Kisame, who started to gather his stuff and shove it all in his bag in one fell swoop.

He gave me a heavy sigh, closed his eyes, before opening his eyes to meet mine. "I won't protect you."

I blinked twice in confusion. "P-protect me?" What was he going on about? Before I could ask for more clarification, Kisame slid his chair back in his desk and left the classroom.

As if on cue, I felt several presences behind me.

"Well, well, well," One of the voices sang.

God, is this going to be another cliché bullying tactic? I am too old for this shit. I turned my body around, and a group of kids stood before me. In the group, Mei was in the very back, looking away from me. A tinge of pain shot through my chest.

"What do you want?" I bit out angrily; half of my anger was from Mei's confusing action, and the other half was that no matter where I went, bullies prowled at my very existence. Both in Jade's life… and Harumi's life…

I heard a small low whistle in response. A boy with a mole smiled menacingly at me. He looked familiar.

"Yuki trash. It seems no one told you how things work around here," my attention was pulled back to the pudgy boy with a cropped black hair standing in front of his group with his arms crossed.

"Do enlighten me," I said in a deadpanned voice. I wasn't in the mood to get pushed around; I had enough dealings with bullies back then with the three stooges.

"Heh." The chubby boy smirked. "Oy!" He suddenly yelled. My body tensed uncontrollably. I try to reason with myself that they couldn't hurt me as long as I was in class, right? "All you other Yuki trash. Aren't you going to defend this piece of shit?" He pointed at my face.

"You can do whatever you want to Harumi-hime," The exiled Yuki boy sneered out. What was his name again? His mother begged my grandfather to stay in the compound, but only her son was allowed to stay. Not wanting to split up from her son, she left with him. I didn't expect to see him so soon. My chest started to weigh heavily; it wasn't my fault; his father chose that route all on his own, I know that! So why is it that I still felt guilty?

"But you shouldn't hurt Harumi-hime," the exiled Yuki boy said in a sneer, "in front of Aiko and Kikyo. They are obligated to protect the useless Hime."

Okay. I was starting to feel less guilty now. His hatred was so misplaced! Before I got a chance to retaliate, I heard a bunch of objects falling to the floor. The boy with the mole took my bag and dumped all of the contents on the floor!

"What the hel-" Before I was about to reach for my now empty bag, I felt a rough shove to my right shoulder. I lost my balance and fell over my chair, "ow."

"Looks like the Trash twins aren't here," the chubby boy guffawed.

"Ugh," I managed to groan out, I slammed my lower back to the chair pretty hard. That was going to bruise.

"What did I ever do to you?" I managed to bite out.

"Kenji," the chubby boy called. I looked back to the boy with a mole, and he was glaring down at me with so much malice.

"I'm going to teach this bitch a lesson." This Kenji kid tugged the front of my collar this time. I could see his brown eyes. I could see eyebrows furrowed. I could see a type of smile that should never adorn a kid's face.

My hands immediately flew to my gut; I remembered him now. My hands started to grow clammy. But he couldn't remember that because the only memories he had were Mei beating him up. Speaking of which, why the hell was Mei with the group of bullies? Nothing was making any sense!

I heard my bento being opened. I looked up to see my Uncle Nobu's signature grilled fish on the side of my rice.

The chubby boy walked towards me, and I was caught like a deer in headlights. I felt wet chunks of debris fall on me.

"You're just trash. You will never belong here," the chubby boy growled. "All you kekkei genkai users deserve to die."

Huh? I raised my hand to my head; my hair soaked with an oily substance. Why? Why did everyone want to hurt me? What did I ever do to them? I didn't understand. I never hurt anyone. Why was I, why was Jade, why were we always getting hurt?

The stench of miso and fish filled my nose.

That sonuvabitch.

As soon as the pudgy boy turned his back towards me, and he began to walk away laughing, I jumped him.

Just kidding.

My body was rigid, and I mechanically stood up and looked at my stuff and my now spoiled lunch on the floor. The group of bullies cackled before turning away. I peeked at their back, and Mei's eyes matched mine briefly. She parted her lips, but no sound came out. Crinkling her face, she turned her back to me.

My chest tightened, I shouldn't feel hurt, but it hurt nonetheless. Everyone changes over time; I tried to convince myself. But, Mei wasn't supposed to be the type of person to abandon her friends, right?

Mei's face scrunching up in distaste was recalled.

I guess I was never her friend. It made sense. No one can expect to be friends after meeting only once.

But the pain in my chest didn't stop aching.

The classroom was filled with jovial voices. I didn't exist in this classroom.

My lips quirked upwards; this was so pathetic.

Bending down, I began to pick up the contents from my bag one by one. A droplet of miso sauce slid down my face. I should really wash this off…

My face started to heat up and leaving my belongings behind; I ran outside the classroom.

More and more droplets of liquid slid down my face.

"Don't you dare cry, Harumi!" I growled.

I didn't do anything to defend myself. Even as Jade, I always let myself be bullied. I never stood up against them.

My head bowed down while I ran aimlessly. When I finally looked around my surrounding, I had no idea where I was. Great. Just my luck.

"Harumi-chan?" A voice called out to me.

Turning towards the voice, I immediately flushed when I saw who it was.

It was Shigi-sensei.

I was hoping that after yelling at him, I wouldn't see him again.

"W-what happened? You're a mess!"

For once, he wasn't screaming from the top of his lungs.

"It's…" I gulped; I finally resolved to look into his eyes. I gave him my best smile, "I just tripped with my bento box." Sheepish laughter. "It's nothing."

There was no need for Shigi-sensei to know that I'm having a horrid time in Class S.

"I…see…" The way Shigi-sensei drawled out the end, it seemed like he didn't believe a single lie I just told. He didn't pursue any further; instead, he approached me and gave me a grey handkerchief.

"Huh?" Shocked, I looked to the handkerchief and back to Shigi-sensei.

"There's the washroom just right around the corner; you can use this to wipe off some sauce in your hair." It was creepy how gentle his voice could get, especially after six months of him yelling indiscreetly.

"T-thank you?" I hesitantly took the grey handkerchief; it was very soft.

"Harumi-chan, if you need any help, you can always come to me."

"…" My head nodded, but I wasn't registering what he was saying. In my mind, I already decided that I would not come to Shigi-sensei for help. Ironically, he was helping me with this current mess, though – but I never asked for it.

I turned away and walked towards the washroom without looking back once. Shigi-sensei didn't lie. There was a girl's washroom just around the corner. As soon as I entered, I looked at myself in front of the mirror.

My nose scrunched up in distaste. I looked like a mess! My hair was caked with the soy sauce, my eyes were puffy, and my nose runny. No wonder Shigi-sensei took pity on me; I looked pathetic!

It took a long time to try to get as much as the sticky soy sauce off my hair. I didn't keep track of time; after all, these grains of rice wouldn't come off as quickly as I would like.

When I finally got most of the food out of my hair, the grey handkerchief now had dark brown splotches over it. I would have to wash this before giving it back to Shigi-sensei. A sense of dread settled in my stomach; I really didn't want to see him again.

But I knew he meant well, and he is surprisingly a very nice man. It was my grudge that was keeping me away from genuinely forgiving the man. I couldn't bring myself to forgive him, but…I folded the handkerchief into a neat square; I think I hate him less than before at least. So that was a start.

When I finally got into class, Asano-sensei was already teaching a lesson. All eyes were on me. Oh god, the first day in this class and I was already late!

"Ah. It seems that Yuki-hime" Asano-sensei spat out the end, earning a few chuckled from my classmates, "finally decided to join us."

"S-sorry, Asano-sensei," was my automatic response, what else could I have said? It was pretty clear that he hated me, just like everyone here. I was just too tired with prolonging this bullshit. People just hated anyone in clans, and it wasn't like I could change my birth family.

"In my class, we clean up after our mess, Yuki," Asano-sensei sneered.

I wanted to slap myself, I totally forgot about my spilled lunch!

"Ah…" the words were caught in my throat.

"There's a bucket and a mop in the storage room. Go get it," he glared down at me; I was starting to feel quite small once again.

I just wanted to leave this classroom, I hated being in the centre of the attention, and it seems I've been nothing but front stage and centre ever since I enrolled in this class. I nodded as quickly as I could to leave before I realized that I had no idea where the storage room was. I stared down at my feet. "I-I don't know where the storage room is, Asano-sensei…"

The room got ten degrees colder.


After the embarrassing moment of everyone staring at me mopping the floor, we finally entered the next lesson. It was more of a practical lesson. We went outside, and Asano-sensei picked our sparring partner. The rule of this sparring session was taijutsu only, and no knockouts. I gulped at the last part; I wonder if anyone beat someone to the point they knocked them out.

I was against the exiled Yuki boy named Souta. Kisame and some other kid sparred first, and I was up next.

When Kisame came to the center to meet his opponent, I almost didn't recognize him. Compared to when we were younger, his posture changed into a more confident one. He met his opponent eye to eye without shifting to a different place.

"Start!" Asano-sensei announced.

My jaw dropped in awe. Kisame was so fast! He ran up to the boy, and feint a punch. Immediately after, he tripped the boy while he was distracted from the dodge. As soon as he started to topple over before he got the chance to grab ahold of his balance, Kisame roundhouse kicked him out of the boundary.

"Match. Kisame wins."

Immediately, a burst of excited voices mingled and danced together.

"Quiet!" Asano-sensei shut everyone up before the excited chatter escalated any further. The group was deathly silent.

Kisame walked a few a distance away from the group and crossed his arms across his chest. I wanted to congratulate him, but we weren't exactly buddy-buddy right now.

The poor boy was wheezing while clutching his gut and rocking his body back and forth. I gulped nervously in response. I knew how it felt to be winded. My hands started to rub my stomach; it wasn't a pleasant experience.

Another way to win this match is to push your opponent out of the boundary lines. I was hoping maybe I can win that way – I doubt I can beat someone to admit submission. Just thinking about beating these kids started to make my insides squirm uncomfortably.

"Next Match, Harumi and Souta."

My throat was starting to feel itchy.

Souta sauntered to the ring, and my feet dragged to follow suit.


My neck snapped back towards Souta's face. Sensei didn't give us any time to prepare mentally.

"I have been waiting to beat your face in. I can finally get my revenge for destroying my family," Souta murmured darkly.

Before I had a chance to retaliate, he had a running start and his fist almost connected to my face. Without thinking, I dodged his punch.

"Woah… Maybe Yuki trash ain't too bad after all…" I heard someone whisper in the crowd.

I didn't even know how I dodged him. My body reacted to it naturally, and my uncle was faster than him.

"Grr," Souta growled. Next, he tried to kick my side, but my body responded before I could command it. My body crouched down to block his kick with my forearm. It didn't hurt as much as I expected.

This dance of cat and mouse lasted a few minutes before Souta finally yelled, "Enough! Fight me, you coward!"

I was panting pretty heavily, and I could feel my blood pumping in my eardrums. I needed to end this before I ran out of stamina quickly.

I didn't know how I was going to push him out of the line; perhaps I could do something similar to Kisame and kick him outside. I took a small peek near his foot, and the line was just right behind him. It was so close!

I hated sparring more than anything else, but it seems this world was continually forcing me to hurt people. If people will always hurt me, then it only made sense to fight back right finally? My uncle trained me for this. I couldn't let it go to waste!

With a battle cry, I finally took the initiative to kick him off. My lips stretched when my kick connected with his stomach. Just push him! I thought gleefully. I can win this!

A second past. My foot wouldn't budge from his gut. "Hehehehe." Souta started to laugh. "You're a fast one, but I finally caught you."

"Hngh." I tried to move my feet, pulled my feet, push, anything! But it wouldn't budge. I felt my feet lift from the solid ground. Souta picked me up by my ankle and swung me down. "Augh!" My head hit the ground pretty hard; I could see stars falling in front of me.

I could feel the collar of robe raised. "This. Is for my father." I felt a sharp pain across my cheek. "This is for my mother." I felt another sharp pain across my other cheek.

I could feel saliva spilling from my mouth. My head was spinning; everything was spinning. I felt punch after punch. It was getting harder to see. It was painful. Make it stop. My hand tried to grasp his arm to stop, but it only grasped the air.

How long did it go on for? My face started to feel numb. It hurts. It hurts. Please…

Please… just sto—

"STOP!" A shrill girl's voice yelled.

"Sensei! Please stop this!" Her voice was in near sob. Was that Mei's voice?

It was a while since I last heard her voice.

"What are you talking about? The Yuki Trashes are duking it out. Don't stop this!" Another kid retorted.

I wanted to see who was talking, but my face was so swollen, it was hard to have my eyes opened.

"We-well…" A nervous tone, "It's just sad to see a weakling get beaten up like this! It's not as exciting. It's just boring!" Everyone's words were being warped and distorted. They were slowly blending in and out together.

"Well, the rules say that you can't knock out opponents. Since Harumi seems to be almost passed out, Souta, you're disqualified."

"What!" An indigenous cry. "She is still alive. Why do I get disqualified?"

"She is still alive, but she is barely conscious."

More words were exchanged—all sorts of different voices. I couldn't discern who was speaking out anymore. My body was lifted by my one arm, and I was being dragged away somewhere. I was slowly losing my touch with the world.

"Don't fall asleep. Harumi," I heard a voice say.


I tried my best to keep conscious. It wasn't a long-distance of a walk. I managed to drag myself to wherever I needed to go while leaning against a soft, warm, helper. The smell was familiar; it smelled of antiseptic.

"Oh my. What happened here?" I heard a new pleasant voice. I was at the nurse's office.

I was gently being laid onto the bed, and my face was starting to feel a bit relieved. My mind felt more and more alert as the nurse continued to hover her hands over my face.

When I could finally open my eyes properly, I gave a few blinks before turning my head towards the person who carried me here. Surprisingly, it was Mei.


"I'm leaving now," She announced.

I didn't understand her cold exterior. Why was she weird like Kisame?

"Wa-wait!" My body was moving on its own accord. "D-don't go." My words were being said without consideration.

She took a small pause in front of the door.

"Why…?" I managed to utter out. There were so many questions I wanted to ask. I know I should be clear, but it seemed Mei knew precisely what I wanted to know.

"You should blame the fact that you were born as a clan member."


She finally swivelled around to meet my swollen eyes with her teary ones. "Being a part of a clan is disgraceful. People with Kekkei genkai are evil; they are monsters!"

"Wha-" I didn't understand her outburst. She should know me…but she only met me once… I shouldn't expect it, but I still hoped that we could be friends once I came to school.

"I don't want to be hated," she finally said softly. "I don't want to be hated for something I was born with…" Her voice strained. I was losing track of what she was even saying.

"That's why… don't come near me, Harumi. If they found out… if they found out I have cursed blood…"

"Cursed…?" Just what the hell was she talking about?

She finally looked straight into my eyes, "I finally have friends. Lots and lots of them!"


"Don't take them away from me!" Her eyes were filled with tears now. "That's why… just please… stay away from me…" Before I could say anything more, she turned around and left me behind. The door slammed shut.

What just happened? I grimaced and cradled my head with my hand.

"Maybe you should lie down, Harumi?"

"She's crazy," I said.

"Come, lie down…" She spoke softly.

"Haha, as if I ever thought she was my friend," I said bitterly.


"In this world, you really can only rely on yourself. If you want friends, you have to have something that they want, right?" I asked to no one in particular.

Jade was a lonely person. She lost contact with her friends and families, so being alone was something she can get used to. If it happens long enough, it becomes easy to realize that you only need to rely on yourself.

"It becomes easy…" My voice shook. "It should become easy…"

"Oh, dear…" The nurse finally whispered. She gently placed her arm around my shoulder, but I didn't feel her warmth nor her touch.

"I don't need…anybody…" a sobbed escaped my lips, betraying my words.


Plot Points

Arc 2 – (Kirigakure) Happy Academy Days

Enters the Academy days, Harumi is under the level of Mei and Kisame

Kisame tries to avoid her every time and every day

She was known to be a prodigy except she's not very good at fighting

Managed to be advanced to the higher grade with Mei and Kisame

Learned lots of cool Jutsu

Fought with the Mizu Brothers

Troubled trying to get Mei and Kisame to get along

Someone was trying to sabotage Kisame to graduate

Kisame was getting crushed by someone

Saves the weakest Hozuki Clan – becomes an acquaintance

Training together with Mei and Kisame

Father comes back – but was mad when he found out she enrolled in Ninja Academy

Graduating is classmate Killing

Meets Zabuza

Harumi ends up slaughtering 75 kids due to losing control over her power – doesn't reset

Goes crazy, hysteric for being a murder – but eventually accepts it

Arc 3 – (Blooming Genin Days)

3.1 The Shell village

3.3 the Land of lightening Princess

Arc 4 – Meeting of the third Raikage and the 4th Mizukage

Arc 5 –The Great 3rd Shinobi War

Arc 6 – The End of the War

Arc 7 – Goodbye Home

Arc 8 – The Village Hidden in the Leaf

Arc 9 – Academy Days Again

Arc 10 – The Dark Secrets

Arc 11 – Save the Tragic Hero

Arc 12 – The Winning Bet

Arc 13 – Farewell, The Quiet Forest

Arc 14 – Revolution and Resolution