The two of them went at each other again for what was the hundredth time, at least. Shouting at the top of their lungs and fists ready to punch, they met in the thick, heavy air and attacked. Goku's punch missed, leaving him exposed for one to hit him in the gut hard enough to knock the wind out of his sails. He forced back a grunt of pain and grabbed his opponent's hand, trying to build up enough momentum to toss the guy far enough away. He could use a little while to charge up a Kamehameha.

Problem was, the guy wouldn't budge. With a power-up, he stayed in-place while Goku grit his teeth, uselessly trying to pull his throw anyway. Even a headbutt didn't do much but break something on Goku's face instead of his. Another hit socked him to the side of the face so hard Goku didn't see anything but pure white in his eyes. Somehow, his body managed to move well enough on his own to dodge the next few punches and kicks. Goku felt pretty good about that for a second before the tail snapped the air in-half and blew him away with a hit to the chest.

"A few lucky dodges aren't Ultra Instinct!"

"Ugh... I know!" Goku shouted back and with a kiai, powered up enough to stop flailing through the air. His sparring partner was on him right away, Goku barely managed to block the first few strikes before powering himself up even higher past the limits of Super Saiyan Blue. The fresh burst of power made him forget about how badly his head hurt, the throbbing across his chest, and the ache of his muscles and let Goku land a solid uppercut.

But just as Goku prepared to attack again, a spasm went through his whole right arm, from knuckles to shoulder. It froze, stuck in-place no matter how much he tried to make it move. That's when he got a kick to the stomach, an elbow to the nose, and a whole barrage of quick strikes that looked more like a million blurs flashing in front of his eyes. Goku would've been able to power on through, keep it together but his body was pushed too far. The spasms spread across his whole body when his concentration broke and pretty soon, he was nothing but a floating punching bag.

A sweeping kick to the left side of his face knocked him down, sending him crashing helplessly against the planet Whis made for them to rest on. Goku's landing sent another wave of pain through his whole body, the crater he left on impact must've been huge. Super Saiyan Blue dropped, it was too much for him to keep up. He couldn't do much more than just lie there, breathing in and out and wincing every time he did it.

But he had to force himself back up, absolutely had to. It didn't matter he felt like a wreck, ready to fall to pieces any second now. It didn't matter most of his ki was gone and he was running on the last fumes he still had. It didn't matter they'd been fighting for what must've been hours, maybe even a whole day, all out from the start and not letting up for a second.

Which was exactly the plan, a plan they couldn't pull off if he stayed lying down. So, Goku grit his teeth and through sheer willpower shouted at the top of his lungs and forced his tired, beaten, and spazzing out body to get the hell up. He pulled it off, sort of. His legs wouldn't budge an inch from where he jumped back up, his arms limply swayed right and left, dangling off his shoulders, and his back was bent.

At least it was better than being a sitting duck on the ground. That was what Goku thought, anyway and soon enough saw how right he was. Because just a few moments later, from the other side of the mist, a wave of some of the biggest ki he'd ever felt exploded and blasted the air thick with God ki away. From the center of the power, glowing all in purple, Beerus grinned and shouted again, thrusting his arms and letting rip first a few, then a dozen and finally thousands of ki blasts right at Goku.

"... Good... He's not lettin' up..." Goku laughed, appreciating Beerus a whole lot even when basic fighting sense would've told him to run away. But he wouldn't, instead, he reached into whatever scraps of power left inside and stood his ground. This was it, do, or die. The moment they'd been trying to reach since the start. Goku on his last legs and Beerus coming at him with the intent to kill.

That was the point, that was the only way he'd be able to get Ultra Instinct back. Not just because Goku wanted it, that was just a lot of the reason why. There was no other way he could win the real fight waiting for him out there without it. It was the only way for them all to not get killed by Moro.

A few days ago, Earth, Satan City...

Goku yawned for the fifth time from the driver's seat. Jaw pressed against his palm, elbow resting on an open window and the sounds of honking cars, motorcycles, and other trucks behind, and in front of him; he was pretty bored of being stuck in a traffic jam. After getting all the fruit he'd made in the plot of land they'd gotten years ago, Goku was gonna drive it off to sell at one of the markets outside the big cities. He'd been going there for a while, selling and buy stuff from lots of people. But Chi-Chi told him to try Satan City, that they could sell their stuff better in a place with more people around.

That's how he ended up there, stuck in-between rows of other just as stuck people too. A lot of them were bored too from what he could tell but lots more were really, really angry. Shouting for anyone up ahead to move their sorry butts already and a whole bunch of nastier stuff he'd get in trouble at home for repeating. Goku thought about just grabbing the truck and flying it over the jam to where the market was but decided not to. Last time he flew with his tractor over a town, a million people freaked out and even called the cops on him.

So there he sat, wondering when things were going to get moving again when the explosion happened. He'd heard enough of those to recognize another. Everyone else shut up for a second before they started yelling in a panic, lots of the people on the street even ran away when the smoke went up. Goku? His eyes finally stopped feeling heavy, especially when he sensed some weird ki from where the boom went off.

"Hehehe, let's see what's goin' on there!" In a second, Goku was out of the driver's set and right at the stairway to the bank. He was was one of the three only people there. Besides him, there was a weird porcupine looking guy with an ugly mug and fanged teeth in an orange jumpsuit, the ki Goku locked on was from him and coming off his glowing right hand. The guy he was aiming the attack on was what took Goku by surprise.

"J-Jaco?" Goku said, only now noticing the little space cop. "Is that you, what're you doin' here?"

"Goku?! Great! Just the guy I was hoping to see!" Quick," Jaco switched from his fighting pose and rushed to Goku's side, pointing a finger at the porcupine. "Beat him up for me!"

"Huh?! What for?!"

"Shimorekka's an escaped convict, obviously! Can't you tell from his jumpsuit?!"

"How am I supposed t'know what space crooks wear?"

"This is the guy you were hoping to see?" Porcupine or Shimorekka said, laughing in an annoying, nasally voice. "Looks like some lousy farmer to me! You woulda been better off callin' for Jiya!"

The ki blast he'd been holding flew from his hand and right into Goku's face. Goku himself felt nothing at all, except maybe a light breeze from it going off. Shimorekka, who probably couldn't sense ki like a lot of folks from space, just laughed even harder, thinking he'd won. By the time the tiny smoke cloud vanished, he wasn't laughing anymore.

"O-Oh... A-A tough guy I see... W-Well, no matter! I'll still kick yer-" Goku's forehead finger poke knocked him right out.

"Awesome!" Jaco shouted, fist-bumping the air over and over. "I knew I could count on you, Goku!"

"Uh, sure," Goku said, scratching the back of his head and watching Jaco put some space handcuffs on the porcupine-looking crook. "So, mind tellin' me why this guy was on Earth?"

"It's official Galactic Patrol business but, uff," Jaco huffed, putting Shimorekka over his shoulder. "You did help me out so I'll tell you."

The bank on fire suddenly exploded again, sending a million pieces of glass all over the place and looking like it might collapse any minute. Far away, Goku could hear firefighter and police sirens all over the place and getting closer.

"... Maybe we should talk about this somewhere else?"

"Yeah... That seems like a good idea..."

A few minutes later, Goku and Jaco met up in the forest outside of Satan City. Goku zipped back over to his truck and brought it over to the spot where Jaco parked his spaceship at. In what, to Goku anyway, looked like the trunk of the ship but Jaco said it wasn't, he threw the space crook inside after gagging him too and sealed it up.

"There, that'll keep him," Jaco said, wiping his hands. "So, you were wondering why a nefarious fiend like Shimorekka was on Earth?"

"Yeah, I mean, aliens come here all the time but they usually wanna fight me. Sometimes Satan. But not t'rob banks as far as I can remember."

"The situation out in the galaxy is very dangerous these days. A while ago, some unidentified pair of purple and green objects came outta nowhere and blew a whole bunch of planets up. None of them were inhabited so if that was all that got destroyed we probably wouldn't care."

Goku could guess what they were but decided Jaco didn't need to know about Broly and Beerus' space fight.

"Unfortunately, one of the things that got smashed was a super-secret prison facility housing the most dangerous criminals in all of the universes! Thieves, cutthroats, dine dashers with debts reaching into the seven-digit range! The worst scum the universe has to offer!"

"Wow, really?" Goku asked before an idea came to him. "Hey, are any of these guys strong?"

"Strong? Oh yeah," Jaco bobbed his head up and down, crossing his arms. "The Galactic Patrol's had no shortage of problems with them, even super elites like me can't take them down easy."

"Oh... So they aren't that strong..."

"N-Now wait just a minute! What the hell is that supposed to mean?!"

"Well, spiky was a chump and if he's supposed to be a dangerous crook then the rest of em can't be a big deal."

"S-Shows what you know!" Jaco shouted. "I can think of one guy who'd give even you a run for your money!"

Goku smiled right away. "Really? Who is he, can you take me to em?!"

"That's none of your-" Jaco stopped mid-shout and just stared, Goku was about to ask him what's wrong when suddenly, his whole attitude changed. A smile spread across his face, it was just a little creepy. "Actually... It might be your business. You wanna fight this guy? Well, why don't you agree to be my deputy!"


"Uhuh, see, super elites such as myself have the power to grant anyone, even ordinary citizens a temporary rank within the Galactic Patrol! You'd be my deputy and I'd be your boss."

"Couldn't you just take me to fight this guy without this deputy stuff?"

"Nope, I've already bent the rules enough by telling you a bunch of stuff you're not supposed to know. You wanna find Seventhree? You work for me!"

"Well, I guess that's alright. So long as I don't gotta wear that goofy outfit of yours."

"What?!" Jaco shrieked, reeling back like Goku just slapped him in the face. "What do you mean? My uniform is just fine!"

"I guess the headphones look cool but I dunno, purple's not really my thing."

"That's not my uniform! That's my skin!"

"What?! You mean yer walking' around with your junk out?! What's with all you space people bein' naked?"

"The Galactic King and I are not naked! I've got boots, gloves, and armor and he's got his crown! Now, are you gonna agree to help me or not?"

"Sure thing! I've been itchin' t'fight someone besides Vegeta these days. In-fact," Goku smiled cheekily. "Let's keep this between us, okay?"

"Suits me just fine, guy creeps me out and if people see him walking around with Freeza Force armor they're liable to panic."

"Great, now, just gimme half an hour and we can go!"

"Huh? Why can't we go right now?"

"Gotta sell the fruit in my truck," Goku pointed a thumb at it. "That way, I can leave some money on the table, and Chi-Chi won't get as mad at me when I sneak off-planet with you!"

"Sounds like you got lots of experience with this kind of thing."

"Hehehe, yup!"

Half an hour later, Goku came back, leaving his farming getup and truck behind while getting his dog. He lucked out, Chi-Chi went over to Gohan's to see little Pan and with Goten over at Bulma's, he didn't have to sneak around. It was a good thing too because the last time he did this, Chi-Chi, somehow, almost caught him even though he didn't make a peep. He'd get an earful anyway but that was a small price to pay for a good fight. Before going back to Jaco, though, he paid a visit to Karin and got a couple of senzu beans, just-in-case things got dicey.

Jaco must've been tossing rocks in the meantime, Goku teleported back to him mid-throw while he was aiming at a dented tree nearby.

"Hey! It's me!"

"Ack!" He spazzed out, tossing the rock in such a way it ricocheted off the side of one tree, then another and a last, third one before smacking Jaco in the side of the head. A girlish sounding yelp came out of him and he almost keeled over, holding the bruised spot.

"D-Damnit! Don't sneak up on me like that! Oof, forget it,..." Jaco rubbed his head some more and stood back up. "You got everything you need?"

"Yep! I'm ready t'take this Seventhree guy on!"

"Hold your horses there, first we gotta get a dispatch about his location."

"Huh? Can't I just feel his energy out?"

"I dunno, can you? He's kind of a robot, some biomechanical monster made a few years ago."

"A robot huh," Goku crossed his arms, looking up to the clear sky overhead. Closing his eyes, he tried to search out for any big ki out there in the universe, after all, Jaco said this guy was good enough to fight him. But just like Goku assumed, this Seventhree was like 17 and 18: either he couldn't be detected or was keeping his power hidden for now.

"Dang it, I was really hoping t'fight im on now... And I can't call up Whis fer help, him and Beerus are away in Universe 6..."

"Please don't bring a Hakaishin into this... Look, Seventhree's programmed for two things: seeking out interesting lifeforms and causing havoc. He's already attacked one planet and there's no doubt about it he'll hit another. Why don't we go around, nabbing some of the other escaped convicts in the meantime? Who knows, maybe you'll get a good fight out of them too?"

"... Well, I guess I could try. Oh!" Goku smiled when an idea popped into his head. "Maybe Seventhree'll sense my power and come after us instead?"

"Only a Saiyan could say that with such enthusiasm..."