Reading tip cause this chapter heavily features music:

1. Jasper and Alice dancing at prom - Flo Rida's Low

2. Edward and Jessica dancing - Maroon 5's She Will Be Loved

3. Jessica and friends dancing - Taylor Swift's Our Song

4. The After Party - Lorde's Ribs

Finals came and went much to the Senior class' combined relief. They no longer needed to do any work and Jessica needed to step over all the paper that was thrown into the hall way as she made her way out of the school. Mike, Eric, and Tyler were singing and dancing loudly and off-key to Queen's We Are the Champions. Jessica slumped against Angela when she found her, relieved to no longer have to worry about exams and how it could affect her college dreams.

She had fretted over exams and had studied religiously in the months prior, practically never living her bedroom as tried to cram as much information in her head as she could. She had been getting headaches from the constant memorization that Edward had said her thoughts were giving him a migraine. Now, it was all over and she tried not to fret about the exam results. She still had prom and graduation to take care of. She still had the last month of school before the summer.

Being chosen for valedictorian had been a wonderful surprise. Edward had said she was going to get it in passing but she hadn't put much thought into it. She had asked Alice not to tell her too much about the future as she didn't want to jinx anything. When she was told she was chosen and had to give the speech at graduation, she had been thrilled and additionally stressed at having to write a good speech.

She wasn't a writer. She didn't even keep a diary. Angela had always been better at words than her. She had asked her best friend for help and had been told to speak from the heart.

This wasn't good advice. What was she supposed to say? Get out there and don't mess up the world more than it already is? She had pages and pages of drafts for her speech and it was not coming along well. She shelved it for now as she had prom to take care of first.

Alice had finished all their dresses within a week. She had been buzzing with excitement and would give them detailed updates about how each one was going. Jessica's dress was taking the longest for the gold embroidery and the tulle was rather delicate to work with. Eventually, Alice finished it and asked them all to come over to her house again for a fitting and so she could do some alterations.

The tulle skirt was off-white, almost a champagne color and the golden embroidery at the torso travelled down the full skirt that almost fanned out around her. It was nowhere near as big as the ball gown Rosalie wore the previous year but it was fuller than either Angela's or Lauren's gowns. Jessica was scared to even touch the golden embroidery as she stared at herself in the mirror. It looked like it was something a princess should be wearing.

"It's so pretty, Jess," Angela cooed as she touched the tulle. "I'd be scared to wear this. What if I drop food on it?"

"I will not hesitate to kill any of you if you ruin your dress," Alice said, cheerily then laughed. "I'm joking but seriously don't stain the dresses."

Angela looked a little freaked out. Lauren poked at her bare back. While the front of it was a modest halter top, the back of the gown was bare and showed of all of Angela's skin.

"Do you think Pastor Weber would be okay with this gown?" Lauren asked. "He might to stop you from going to prom in fear that you'll come home pregnant."

Angela went as red as her gown. "That's…um…that's not happening. Jacob and I aren't…"

Lauren quirked an eyebrow. "You still haven't after all these months?"

"That is not something we're discussing," the brunette replied, wrapping her arms over her chest defensively. "Jacob and I are taking things slow and we're both happy that way."

The blonde turned away and examined the silver ribbon at the empire waist of her violet gown. "Whatever you say, Stanley."

"Wait," Angela took her by the shoulders to face her. "Did you two…?"

Lauren shook her head. "No. We kissed. That's as far as it got."

Jasper passed by in the hallway. He stopped at the doorway shook his head at Alice before walking off.

Alice whispered to Jessica, "That's a lie."

"I know," Lauren was very chatty when she was drunk and had told Jessica over a bottle of vodka all the things she had done with Jacob. "But let's keep that to ourselves."

Alice smiled conspiringly and asked her to stay still as she pinned the dress where she needed to alter it. "You look stunning. And Edward will think so too."

"I'm sure he already got spoilers from you."

"Nope. I have been singing Avril Lavigne in my head a lot," the other girl replied. "Particularly that Girlfriend song. It makes him leave the room."

"Nice to know."

Rickrolling Edward was fun it but was getting a little old.

Prom came and Jessica and her friends went to get their hair and make-up done at the same salon. She went home to change into her dress and her mom wouldn't stop gushing over. She whipped out a camera and started taking as many pictures as she could. Emily loved her dress and kept touching the skirt reverently.

Edward came to pick her up and her mom let him into the house. He stopped at the sight of her and it made her feel self-conscious. She tried not to touch her hair less she ruin the curls the hair stylist had worked so hard on. She run her fingers through the skirt of her gown and gave him a look.


"You look…" He smiled. It was soft and bright. "You look beautiful."

"I know," she tried to be cool about it but the pleased blush on her cheeks wasn't just make-up. "And thanks."

He was holding a corsage with a white rose. He had only ever given her red roses before. Angela had given her a book of classical poetry a few birthdays ago and she had pressed the roses into the pages. Her room smelled like potpourri.

He carefully attached the corsage to her wrist. Her mom took a dozen pictures of them. They left the house and got into his car. He drove slower this time, sensing her nerves and not wanting to add to them.

"Is my dress okay?" she asked. "I know it's not quite the 20s style – and you would know – but it's not so bad, right?"

"Your dress is lovely. And I'm not just saying that because Alice made that dress and she will set me on fire if I disparage any of her work," He smiled. "You look beautiful in it and that's all that matters."

"Do I look hot though?"

He cleared his throat. "Yes. You look very…hot."

"Like irresistibly hot?"

She moved closer to him and he gave her a look. He took her hand and gave it a squeeze. She fluttered her eyelashes at him. He refused to look at her.

"I thought you wanted to go to prom," he said. "Keep that up and I will take you against a tree."

She mock gasped. "And ruin my dress?"

"Alice will get over it," He paused. "No, she won't. Let's go to the dance and show off that dress. We can do….that later if you want."

"I want," He looked delicious in that form fitting charcoal suit and that golden tie that perfectly matched her dress. "Maybe not against a tree though."

He raised their joined hands to his lips and kissed her knuckles. "Whatever you want, Jess."

They arrived at the school where they were having prom in the gym. She found her friends waiting in line to be let in. Angela and Jacob were the tallest couple there and the latter was wearing the red tie Alice had made to match Angela's dress. Lauren was taking both Tyler and Eric as her dates and held unto both of their arms as they escorted her inside.

Mike's date was a pretty Junior and Jessica exchanged looks with Angela who just shrugged. She held unto Edward's arm as they entered the gym. She didn't even remember how many times they watched the 1974 Gatsby film for inspiration. They had mostly ended up with an old Hollywood look. The student council had wanted a fountain like in the middle of the room but that was annexed for practicality and budget concerns.

Jessica smiled as she saw the result of all of their hard work. Alice and Jasper were already dancing on the floor, looking like they were F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife. Alice's black flapper dress looked authentic and it probably was. They were twirling around strangely enough to a Flo Rida song and it brought her out of the aesthetic.

Mike came over sans his date. "You look stunning, Jess."

"Thanks, Mike," She was able to be really friends with him now that she wasn't so obsessed with him and it was nice. "Maybe we'll meet up in college and hang out since we're both gonna be in California."

"Actually I'm going to school in London," He explained. "I applied on a whim and I got in."

"London?" she echoed. "What happened to UCLA?"

"Changed my mind. I wanted to see more of the world, you know?" He shrugged. "Eric's going to Cal Tech. You guys can meet up. And I'm available for the occasional Skype call. Don't be a stranger, Stanley."

He walked off and she turned to Edward. "Did you know about him and London?"

"Maybe I heard it in passing," Edward answered. "I try not to read the minds of adolescent boys too much."

London was across the world. She knew Mike felt chaffed about being in a small town like Forks but abandoning the country all together seemed a bit much. She thought she could see both Eric and him once in a while but that wasn't happening. With Angela, Lauren, and Tyler all going to Seattle for college, she would be effectively alone.

"You're not going to be alone," Edward took both of her hands. "I'm going to be there with you every step of the way. You're going to be so annoyed with me and you'll wish I went to Boston for college instead."

"I know. It's just…"

Not the same. She loved Edward and she enjoyed his company. But she had known her friends since as far back as kindergarten. They felt like a part of her, her limbs and her bones. Without them, she would be untethered and she didn't know how to process that.

She had been avoiding thinking about college and the eventual parting from her friends but now that it was so close, it was hard not to think about it and worry. Would she be able to make friends at Stanford? She remembered kindergarten and how the other kids thought she was annoying. It was only Angela who was a saint that wanted to be her friend all because both their favorite color was pink.

She wouldn't have Angela's sweet steadiness. She wouldn't have Lauren's blunt advice. She wouldn't have Tyler sharing snacks with her. She wouldn't have Eric's stupid jokes. And she wouldn't have Mike's references to every sport movie known to man. She was losing everyone.

"Hey now," Edward tipped her chin up so he could stare into her eyes. "Let's just enjoy the night. You spent so much time making sure this would all happen and you deserve to enjoy it. Let's dance and just live in the moment."

She closed her eyes and tried to bury the overwhelming emotion bubbling inside of her. It felt like a soda can that had been shaken and was about to burst. Edward's cool lips at her temple reminded her to breathe. She held unto his hand until she felt better, the loud music around them making it hard to think.

The music changed. It was the sappy Maroon 5 song Lauren secretly loved.

"Dance with me?" Edward offered.

She nodded and he led them to the dance floor. The heels she wore gave her more inches so the height difference between them was less but Edward still hovered over her. He pulled her close and she rested her head on his shoulder, accepting his comfort. They swayed to the music and Jessica wanted to live in the moment as much as she could.

"Look for the girl with the broken smile, ask her if she wants to stay awhile," the speakers crooned. "And she will be loved. She will be loved…"

She closed her eyes. This song was so cheesy.

Edward chuckled. "Get used to it, Stanley. Cheesy comes with the territory."

"You're a dork."

"You love it."

She would never tell him. But she really did.

Jessica felt better after a few more dances. She danced to more upbeat songs with Lauren and Angela. She danced with Eric and Tyler. She even danced with Mike even as Edward tried to not glare at him from where he was sitting.

Jacob and Edward were sat at the same table and while the two would never like each other, they weren't trying to kill each other. She was counting it as a win. Her biggest surprise of the night was getting to dance with Jasper to a Taylor Swift song. He jokingly taught her and her friends how to square dance and it ended with all of them laughing.

"Are you from the South?" she asked. "It seems like you know what you're doing."

"Texas," he answered. "But that's another story for another day."

Alice wrapped her arm around him. "It's a little dark for the occasion."

They sauntered away and Edward claimed her for another dance. They drank too much of that apple cider in plastic champagne flutes and danced until their feet were aching in the heels. When the announcement for Prom Queen and King came, Jessica just wanted to leave as she didn't care. When it was announced she won, she gaped and stood frozen as everyone clapped around her.

"You need to move," Edward pushed her towards the stage. "Go on, Prom Queen. Get your crown."

She was wide-eyed and confused as she ended up on stage and they placed the crown on her head. Mike won Prom King and they shared a dance and he told her about his plans in London. He promised to take all the tourist-y photos so she could live vicariously through him. She promised to go to the beach and make him jealous for choosing rainy London over the sunny West Coast.

Edward took her back from Mike and danced with her. She stared at him suspiciously at his too innocent expression. She glanced over to where Jasper and Alice were sitting and they waved at her. She turned back to Edward in accusation.

"Did you do this?"

"It only took a little nudging," he replied. "Jasper and I looked for people who were already considering voting for you and helped them make up their minds."

He was shameless.

"That's cheating."

"You should be proud. We were using our powers for good," He smiled at her. "A lot of people wanted to vote for you anyway. All your time spent in clubs and extracurricular activities was just paying off."

"You're saying I would've won without your and Jasper's Jedi mind tricks?"

"Definitely," He pulled her closer so she couldn't see his face. "I just didn't want to take any chances."

Which meant he was probably lying. She decided not to mind it. She looked pretty with a crown. It went perfectly with her dress.

When the dance ended, they drove to Lauren's house for the after party. The original plan was to have it at Mike's house but his parents were both in town and Lauren graciously offered her place instead.

It was mostly her friends and a few of their classmates. Ben and Katie were sitting together on the couch as they talked to Angela and Jacob. Lauren frowned at the cup of beer Jacob was drinking and took it from him. Mike had brought his date home and was playing a drinking game with the boys.

Surprisingly, Jasper and Alice came to the party. Alice told her about the fashion school she was going to attend in New York. Jasper seemed to be in high spirits from all the endorphins around him. They joined the others at the couch, talking to her friends.

It was an unusual sight, her friends and the Cullens mingling so easily. There had been a divide between them for so long and the sight of them co-existing easily made her wonder how things would've been had she and Edward stopped dancing around each other all these years. What would have happened had Edward just been nice to her in Freshman Year? What if he had said yes and they went on a date and he had been her boyfriend for all of high school and not just these past few months?

Edward took her hand and led them outside to the perch. Summer was making itself known and it was getting warmer. She was still cold in her gown and Edward took of his blazer for him to wear. It smelled like him, Christmas cookies and evergreen mint.

She carefully arranged her skirts as they took a seat on the porch swing. They stared out at the night sky, the stars bright and Edward pointed out constellations to her. He told her stories of them and she listened. She didn't think she would eve tire of his voice.

"I think about it too," he confessed. "What it would've been like if I had said yes to you in Freshman Year. I wasted more time with you and I regret it."

"I don't think I would've handled the whole vampire thing at fifteen," she returned. "I might have just run away screaming."

"You still should've run away when you found out about me," he told her. "There are other ways to get an adrenaline rush aside from dating a deadly mythical creature."

"It could've been worse."


"You could've been a hydra."

He stared at her in disbelief. "A hydra?"

"Deadly, mythical, too many heads," She shuddered. "I would take you and your biting tendencies over that."

He leaned down and kissed her cheek. "I'll just be happy that you prefer me over that."

"Even if we lost time by you being an oblivious butthole," she said. "We have now and the future, right? We can make memories now."

"We'll have all of it," he promised. "All the time in the world."

The unspoken words hung heavy in the air - all the time in the world for her because her time was limited and he wasn't. It would end. Like high school, everything always ended. And one day, she would just be memories for him, nothing more.

He titled her chin up and kissed her. In that moment, in her pretty dress, kissing the boy she loved under a starry sky, she let herself be. The future could wait for one night. She was in no rush to meet it.

Three chapters left. I'm sad for it to end, really so I understand Jessica's feelings. Next chapter is graduation.

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