Humphery Warren never was a normal person if you call it even a person more or less. he goes to jasper high school and is a freshman at the school with his brother and was "missing" for 5 years

to be found coming back from Mongolia and looking and being stronger and is fighting like a so-called alpha

Matthew Warren is a hybrid like Humphrey and is a freshman like Humphrey and is 15 because he got low grades but after school, he did not what to do that a gan so he kept his grades up this year


Kate Williams is a freshman and is Humphreys friend and is a "normal" student and is the captain of the cheerleading team

Lilly is an adopted sister and also Humphreys and Matthew's friend and smells different and acts not "human" some times

Winston Williams is a person at a rich company that works with the Simmons family aka Tony and Garth


Garth Simmons was Humphrey's bully in 8th and the beginning of 9th grade

tony works with Winston with car designing