Harry Potter x Cloud 9

1: Swinging A 360

Coming down the hill, Harry was riding the snow like it was nothing but a huge giant.

Laughing besides him was his friends, Ron and Hermione and his girlfriend to the left, Ginny Weasley.

Behind or ahead of him were his other friends, Sam, Dink, and Kayla, while Will and Nick were falling behind.

With a chuckle, they all make it down the mountain.

"Man. That was a good run." Kayla said.

"No kidding." Will said.

"This was the best time to come and relax. But this feels like it's...more dangerous." Hermione said.

"Live a little." Ron said.

"All Weasley's live like this. If your to become one in the future." Ginny teased.

Ron blushed a deep red before Hermione said. "Is that a spider?"

Adn Ron begins screaming like a girl.

"Hermione." Harry was disappointed in her.

Hermione laughed a little before calming Ron down.

"I still can't see how a spider is that scary." Kayla said.

"You'd be surprised." Nick said.

"Your scared of spiders too?!"

"You've dated for over three months and you never knew?" Will asked.

"We didn't really talk...all that much." She said trying to hide something.

"In any case, let's head inside and get some hot chocolate." Harry said.

"I want to try one more run. Anyone else?" Ginny asked.

"I'm good." Ron said.

"I'll go." Nick said.

"Will?" Kayla asked.

"I'll wait down here for you." He said. Kissing her forehead he let the three of them go.

"You trust her with him?" Sam asked.

"Or both?" Dink added.

"Ginny knows how to take care of herself. And i doubt Kayla is going to make a mistake with Nick again after what happened." Ron said.

"I agree. They'll be just fine." Harry said. "I'll wait with you too. Just in case." Harry added.

"Thanks man." Will said giving Harry a fist bump.

While Ginny, Kayla and Nick headed to the top, Harry and Will waited at the bottom as Ron, Hermione, Sam and Dink all went inside for hot chocolate.

"So, tell me. How are you and Harry doing?" Kayla asked.

"We're good. But I believe your asking...because of Will." Ginny heard that they had many issues with their relationship. Not like Ginny as Harry still is upset anytime Dean visits or calls. But she's always reassuring him she will always love him and no one else.

No one is the same, as that trick doesn't work on Will. He's lost too much as is and he just can't deal with losing very well. Same with Nick, but he's never had his heart in the snowboarding competitions. Just the love and fun of it.

"Ginny. What I'm I to do? I've tried everything and it seems like he's not that serious about us anyway. He's never even told me...I love you, to me." Kayla said.

"Well, Ron hasn't either to Hermione. And is he has, she's not going to admit it. They are more like peas in a pod then anyone thinks. But I know one thing, he does love you. And When he feels ready, he'll tell you." Ginny smiled.

"Are you sure?" Kayla asks.

"Now, if your asking that," Nick interrupted. "Then your not even sure yourself that you love him. You never questioned like this when you were with me." He added.

Kayla looked more panicked.

"Nick. You aren't helping. You don't know us girls and what we go through when dating you guys. Stay out of it." Ginny snapped.

"Really? Then how can you say that when you know nothing about what goes through a guys mind? Are you sure Will won't say it or he might but it's you girls giving him mixed signals." Nick said.

"Enough. Let's get down the mountain." Kayla said.

Nick and Ginny stopped talking and the three went down the mountain.

At the bottom, Harry and Will waited.

"You don't have to be so nervous." Harry said.

"I haven't felt this way in a long time. I was once in school, and this girl, we became friends, and then more after two years. But it didn't even last a long time. She moved, and when I found her, she had moved on." Will said.

"Will. Kayla isn't going anywhere. She's all yours." Harry said.

"Have you told Ginny you love her?" Will asked.

"Sort of." Harry said. The last time he thought of it, was on the stairs of the school before he faced Tom again to finish the fight. She knew what he meant. But does it count?

"What is, of sorts, to you?" Will asked.

"We shared a mind for a moment. She knew what I meant and...well, like any fairytale, lived happily ever after." Harry explained.

The three were finally coming down. Kayla was first and she did her famous Cloud 9 trick like she did before. Will smiled. He was proud he taught her.

Ginny was close behind and did her secret move. The swinging 360. (Just her flipping and spinning but landing straight down. Like a diver.)

She landed and Nick was last behind.

"That was a blast!" Kayla said.

"Totally. I could do one more."

"Let's go and get food and drink first. Then more snowboarding afterward." Harry said hugging her.

"You two did great with those tricks. Ginny, have you ever been in a contest?" Nick asked.

"No. And I'll never be. I prefer to be free and wild to do what I wish." She said.

"That's my girl." Harry said.

"I'm up for hot chocolate and popcorn. You want to pick the movie?" Kayla asked.

Will smiled at her. "Definitely." He said.

They headed inside and found passed out brothers. Hermione was reading in the corner with Mrs. Weasley and Arthur was talking with Kayla's parents.

"This is a fun trip." Ginny said.

"It sure is." Harry agreed.