Damien was watching tv as Bruce came to sit with him. he noticed that there was fragments of peanut butter on his son's finger.

maybe he just loves the feeling... of being...of being fat... like a pig... he might even learn something... nah just seems fun.

bruce thought all this while sitting with his son.

"hey damien" Bruce spoke finally,"there is something I want to teach you".

"what f-" but Damien was knocked out gently by his father.

Damien woke tied up and could see his father staring at him.

"what is this father" he said wincing alittle in fear.

"don't worry son this apart of your lesson" Bruce said a glimmer in his eyes. he began to feed him a cake. Damien was confused.

what was his father doing... and what lesson... he thought.

bruce feed him more and more.

Damien started feeling his stomach grow and strain as he grew full.

but bruce fed him more.

"oh father...urrrrrp... stop..." damien try to reason with his father in-between belches.

"damien just eat" he said feeding his son more cakes. Damien let out a fart and it made bruce laugh. which made Damien blush. as he farted again.

but he knew why , he looked at his belly it was bloated and fat.

"have you learned your lesson piggy" asked Bruce gleefully poking his sons tummy.

"stop father" Damien whined.

"oh Damien I have to feed you more" bruce tisked.

some time later...

damien was rubbing his belly his pants button was popped and his shirt stained through.

"father...urrrrrp...I think I learned my lesson" he said.

"good" bruce said.

"but can I have more" damien said farting.

bruce laughed so hard he farted too.