2020-06-11: Being apart from each other for so long must be hard. We should be able to enjoy ourselves outside, working, doing anything we want. But it seems that we should remain separated for a while. And it can be hard to do sometimes when everyone wants to be around one another. Since my fall semester will be done remotely, I'm happy to be catching up on my writing.

College sure eats up a lot of time! Not to worry, I'll be working on this fan story for a while on top of the original stories I'm working on. I made some changes to the story, however. Namely, changing the dialogue from Dub to Sub, and following the Manga as closely as possible, while adding my spin to the original story. This story was not abandoned but put on the back burner while I was attending my first year of college. I wanted to get back to it but never did until after my second semester was done. And, I wanted to give all my characters, especially Susumu, the attention they deserved. I spent quite a while thinking and planning which new direction to take this story, so I hope you all are as ready as I am to dive back into Shattering Glass because it's going to be good, I promise!

2020-07-20: A/N: So my good friend made a drawing of Susumu and Kyoya for the story's cover. Check out her tumblr, theforgxttenshade. She's very talented!

Hearing the school bell ring, Susumu got up from his desk and pushed in his chair. He passed by his classmates on his way to the door, trying not to make eye-contact with them. A brown-haired boy talking to his friends noticed him and gave him a look that couldn't quite hide his dislike for him.

Susumu stopped and inhaled deeply through his nose, clutching his sketchbook tightly against his chest. Used to a situation like this, in which insults were being thrown at him, he didn't dare to argue back. With that, he tried to stay silent and pretend as if nothing was wrong.

Being a middle-class student in a school full of students from rich families, he wasn't in a good position to complain here about unfairness against those who weren't as well-off, especially to his teachers.

But that only served to remind him of the fact that he didn't belong in this prestigious school. It was only through getting an honors scholarship that he could attend this prestigious school. It's been more than a year since he started attending Ouran Academy, and the school had awarded more than one honors scholarship: to his little sister, of course.

And when he'd found out that his sister would be attending Ouran Academy with him, Fujioka Susumu knew there was hope for him: he wouldn't feel as alone as he did back then. However, that didn't stop moments like these from hurting any less.

Then he heard a camera flash going off, right behind him. Susumu turned around and saw a girl with long, straight brown hair and a slender, brilliant smile - Furusawa Nozomi, an odd girl who often took photos of Suoh Tamaki, the President of the Host Club, when he was with his friend, a tall boy named Kyoya Ootori, and Vice-President of the Host Club. Her friend stood next to her, staring at her with an incredulous expression - Sugiyama Aki, who was quite a pretty girl, with beautiful, curly brown hair that fell past her shoulders, deep grey eyes, and a youthful-looking figure. Yet she is quiet and intelligent, with a reserved air about her.

Susumu got caught in the picture, and Nozomi frowned, displeased that her photo was ruined.

She glared at him, and he stood there for a moment, unable to say anything. However, he could see Tamaki, too, looking at him, slightly flabbergasted.

Susumu, his usual shy self, was now giving off a timid, embarrassed look, and turned away, falling silent. He was utterly embarrassed.

He ran straight toward the door but bumped into it instead. Some of his male classmates laughed at him, teasing him. He looked over his shoulder, noticing Kyoya looking at him, stone-faced, and Susumu, blushing red, ran into the hallway.

In the boys' bathroom, a few teardrops fell onto the bathroom sink, and Susumu wiped them away. ' I stood there like a moron and embarrassed myself in front of him. I'm so pathetic.' He splashed some water in his face, hoping it would extinguish this feeling, but it didn't.

As he watched the cool water pour out of the tap, he broke down. Another day, another victory for his bullies, and another humiliation. He felt lost, scared, and isolated, unable to find his way out of a labyrinth that no one could ever make sense of, with walls he knew were designed to keep him trapped.

Susumu clutched the edges of the bathroom sink, gripping it as he cried.

He looked at his face in the bathroom mirror, but it was all a blur; the only thing he saw in his reflection was a boy with a childish face, these brown, tear-stained eyes staring back at him with a pained look on his face.

He closed his eyes, sighing, and pushed away from the tears from his eyes. He picked up his belongings, and headed out of the school bathroom, shoving his sketchbook in his bag as he walked to the library to meet up with his sister.

Susumu sulked on the library table with his face and hands on his books, surrounded by students chattering away with intimidatingly extroverted energy. His highly intelligent little sister, Haruhi, a first-year student, stopped studying and looked at her older brother, asking, "What happened?"

I kind of want to tell her, but I kind of don't want to. But I'm not going to tell her. "It's noisy here."

Haruhi looked around the library, then picked up her things. "You're right, let's go somewhere else."

Susumu started following his sister, but he noticed she left her textbook on the table, so he picked it up and put it in his backpack. They looked in the other three libraries in the school, all occupied by students and noisy, so they climbed up a grand staircase and turned down a long, empty corridor, passing by a large window with a view of Ouran Academy. Haruhi stopped walking, and turned to face the window as a flock of white birds came into view, then flew away.

Susumu stared at his sister looking at the sky through the glass.

At the end of the hallway was a double door, and Haruhi read the sign above it. "An unused music room." I guess this is about the only place where I can study in peace and quiet. Susumu quickly stopped her from turning the handle, grabbing her wrist as she tried to do so.

"That music room is where a club meets, not a place for us to be," her brother told her nervously. "We don't want to disturb anyone."

She looked at him, searching for an explanation. "I don't think they'd mind, we wouldn't be bothering them," she replied.

Susumu tried urging her not to go in, but she pushed past him and started entering the room. A shower of roses blinded their vision for a moment, followed by a greeting that they knew for a fact was not meant for them. Once they saw the five boys standing around a chair with one boy sitting on it, they shrank back.

The Ouran Host Club!

Susumu suddenly understood what this meant. He couldn't avoid his two classmates Tamaki and Kyoya, who both witnessed his pathetic display in the classroom earlier.

Haruhi was also shocked by the whole scene. "H-Host Club?!" She was trying to get out of the room she was in by any means possible, and her brother couldn't do anything but look at the six boys nervously.

"Oh, they're boys."

"Hikaru and Kaoru, this visitor is in the same class as you, right?" Kyoya asked the twins, referring to Haruhi, and both looked at him.

"Yes, he is, but he isn't very sociable, so we don't know him too well."

Kyoya smirked. "It's impolite to say it like that. Welcome to Ouran Host Club, Honor Student-san, and Fujioka-san."

"What?" Tamaki gasped. "Then, this exceptionally rare honor student we've heard about, Haruhi Fujioka, is you ? Susumu's younger brother?"

Haruhi was trying to get the door open, and after Tamaki said her name, she froze. "How do you know my name?"

"It's just that our school tradition makes it difficult for commoners to get in," Kyoya said, making Susumu look up sharply. "It's been said that unless you possess a rather audacious nerve, you cannot become an honor student here."

"Why… thank you…"

"Yes! " Tamaki putting his arm around Haruhi's shoulder came as a surprise, and Haruhi stiffened. "He's saying that you are a hero, Fujioka-kun! Even though you might be at the head of the class, and your brother in the top five of his class, you are the poorest people in the whole school!"

Haruhi crab-walked away, but Tamaki followed her theatrically, continuing with his speech.

"Maybe you lowly people are looked down upon."

"No, I wouldn't necessarily go that far," said Haruhi, but still he grabbed her shoulder and made a dramatic gesture. She stared at him incredulously as he welcomed her into the world of the wealthy, wondering if this was how all of the school's rich students thought of commoners.

Haruhi walked to her brother calmly. "Excuse us."

"Hey! Haru-chan! Haru-chan!" A boy with blonde hair grabbed Haruhi's arm, preventing her from leaving. "Haru-chan, you're a hero? Amazing!"

"I'm not a hero, I'm just an honor student!" Haruhi corrected before she realized what she'd just been called, "and who are you calling "Haru-chan"?!"

Her brother jumped in immediately if only to calm his sister.

"Still, to think that such fabled, erudite students would be gay…"

Susumu froze as if he was caught under a spotlight. 'Do they know? They don't know. They couldn't… I didn't –'

"What's your preference?"

Tamaki started gesturing to each boy, telling him what 'type' they were. Susumu just wanted to run out of the school, and somewhere where no one would find him – a whole year of keeping it secret and somehow they know he's gay .

"Or the cool type?" Their eyes met momentarily, then Susumu looked away.

"I-It's not like that!"

"Or maybe…" Tamaki tilted his chin up, lifting his gaze from the floor to meet his blue eyes. He felt nauseous as Tamaki leaned in uncomfortably close. "…you'd like to try me? How about it?"

Susumu screamed, and jumped back into a pedestal, knocking it over. He tried reaching for the vase, but it shattered.

"The Renaissance vase that was to be featured in the school auction!"

"Now you've done it. We were going to start the bidding at 8 million yen for that!"

'8 million yen?!'

"Um, can we pay you back?" Haruhi interrupted, turning to the boys.

"Could you even? You both can't even afford the designated uniform."

"What are those grubby outfits, anyway?"

Kyoya bent down and snatched a shard off the floor, rising back up. "What will it be, Tamaki?"

Tamaki sat down in a chair, crossing one leg over the other. "Have you heard this saying? When in Rome, you should do as the Romans do! If you have no money, then pay with your body. Starting today, you are the Host Club's dogs!" He pointed at them.

Haruhi looked at her brother who was starting to panic, and he seemed like he was thinking about what to do. Haruhi grabbed her brother's hand, squeezing it. He took deep breaths, calming down eventually.

"Tamaki-kun, what's your favorite music?"

"That one tune, that reminds me of you, of course."

"I baked you a cake today. Would you have some for me?"

"If you will feed it to me."

"Oh, Tamaki-kun!"

"Tamaki-sama, I heard," started Tamaki's regular guest, Ayanokoji, "you're helping an unpedigreed little kitten, and a docile mouse?"

"I wouldn't say a kitten, or a mouse, more like…" Haruhi and Susumu walked into the room with a bag of groceries. "Oh, speak of the devil." Tamaki waved at them as they passed under the archway. "Thanks for shopping for us, little piglets. Did you get everything bought all right?"

"P-Pig?" Haruhi repeated.

Haruhi looked at the instant coffee that Haruhi bought. "So, what's this then?"

Haruhi bit her tongue, fighting back the urge to snap at him. "Just what it looks like, it's coffee."

He read the label on the front side. "Is this the kind that's already ground?"

"No, it's instant."

"Instant?" two guests repeated, tilting their heads.

"Oh, commoners' coffee, where you only have to add hot water, right?"

By now, more guests started to gather.

"Oh, I've heard of this."

"So it's true about poor people not having any free time, so they can't even grind their own beans, huh?" a dark-haired girl stated, and the guests nodded their heads in agreement.

"Commoners have their wisdom," Kyoya commented.

"It says that 100 grams cost 300 yen," Hikaru read.

"That's an incredible price drop," Koaru said.

"We'll go buy something else! Excuse us for not getting expensive beans!" Haruhi finally snapped.

"No, wait! I'll drink this." Tamaki protested, raising his arm, causing the guests to gasp. He stood up, raising the container. "I'll drink this, all right!"

Everyone except Haruhi and Susumu and Ayanokoji was impressed and clapped for Tamaki.

"All right, Haruhi, come over here and make this commoners' coffee," he ordered.

"Damn these rich people.." Haruhi sighed.

"Oh, Tamaki-sama, you carry the joke too far." Ayanokoji set the teacup back on the saucer. "There's no way that such a lowly person's drink will be to your taste." Susumu looked at the girl with the red hair.

She turned to them, smiling slightly. "Forgive me, I was talking to myself."


"We're coming."

Haruhi and Susumu prepared the coffee for Tamaki and the patrons. She served it on a tray.

"Here you go." The guests took the cups of coffee from the serving tray she was holding.

"Let the tasting begin." Tamaki declared with his signature smile.

"I'm a little scared to drink this."

"If I drink this, my father will yell at me."

"What if you drank it from my mouth?"

"I-I'd drink it."

The girls erupted into squeals.

"Good grief..." Haruhi muttered.

"Right," her brother agreed.

"So then, he had this terrible dream, and when he bolted up from it…" Hikaru told their patrons.

"Hikaru! Not that story! You're awful, telling that story in front of others." then tears dropped from Koaru's eyes. Hikaru and Kaoru's patrons looked on nervously. Hikaru cupped Kaoru's face.

"I'm sorry, Kaoru. You were just so cute when it happened, I couldn't help myself."


"Waah! What beautiful brotherly love!"

Susumu walked past the table, holding a tray of tea. He felt sickened to his stomach listening to the twins' brotherly love act.

Mori walked out carrying Honey, who was waking up from his nap.

"I'm sorry, I'm late."

"Honey-kun! Mori-kun!"

"We've been waiting this whole time for you!"

"I'm sorry. I was waiting for Takashi to get out of his swordsmanship club, but I drifted off to sleep. And I still seem to be sleepy."

"How cute!"

Haruhi stood off to the side, watching the table. Her brother approached her. "Is that boy really a third-year?"

"Honey-senpai is a prodigy, despite his appearance," Kyoya answered her question. "And Mori-senpai's draw is his silent disposition. "

Honey jumped up and grabbed onto Haruhi's arm, spinning her around. "Haru-chan! Susu-chan! Haru-chan, Susu-chan, would you have some cake with me?"

"No, I don't really like sweets…"

"Well, I'll let you borrow my bunny, Usa-chan!" Honey said, showing said pink bunny to them that was previously hidden behind his back.

"No, I'm not up for Usa-chan, either."

"You don't like my Usa-chan?"

Haruhi stared at Honey's bunny for a while. "He is kinda cute, huh."

Honey left his bunny with Haruhi and ran back to the table. "Take good care of it, okay?"

"Our club's policy is to utilize everyone's individual characteristics, to respond to the needs of our guests," Kyoya explained. "By the way, around here, Tamaki is number one, the king. His request rate is 70%."

"What is the world coming to?"

"By the way, with your eight-million yen debt, you are both this club's dogs until you both graduate - oh, pardon me, errand boys. You're free to run away, but my family employs an able, private police force of roughly 100." Kyoya pushed up his glasses with two fingers. "Do you have passports?"

"Yeah, be sure to work hard, Fujioka-kun." Tamaki blew on Haruhi's neck, causing her to jump.

"Please don't do that."

"You're not going to get any girls, as disheveled as you look."

"I'm not interested in getting any in the first place..."

"What are you talking about? This is important. Becoming a fine man, and pleasing the ladies, is everything."

"It doesn't matter either way, does it? Men, women, appearances, and such? What's important as a person is what's on the inside, right? I can't understand why this kind of club even exists."

"It's such a cruel thing, isn't it?" said Tamaki. "Once in a while, God creates the perfect person, both inside and out."


"I understand how you must feel, wanting to console yourself like that. Otherwise, you couldn't go on living, huh?" Tamaki started rambling, "But think hard about it. Why do they put museum pieces in museums? Yes, it is the duty of those who were born beautiful to show off beautiful things."

'What was it that you call people like this again?'

"Which is the reason why I started this club - for the sake of those who are starved for beauty - and work unsparingly, day and night, in the pursuit of beauty."

'Hmm… What was it again?'

"With your looks, they may be needless skills, but as long as I have the opportunity, I shall share a portion of my magnificent expertise with you. When placing your glass down, be sure to extend your pinky finger first as a cushion. That makes it more difficult to raise a clatter, and easier to clasp it where you have to set it. It looks more refined that way, doesn't it? Fine men do not make any uncouth sounds. I also like to look at my reflection in the glass."

'"A pain in the neck"? No, there's a more precise expression…'

"Also, the most important thing to remember…" Tamaki walked up to Haruhi, who was deep in thought. " … is how effective looking up at an angle is."

"Oh, I got it!"

"Did I strike a chord?"


Tamaki went into a depressive state.

"Uhh… Tamaki-senpai?"

The twins laughed.

"You're a hero, all right!"

Haruhi's eyebrow twitched. ' He is a pain in the neck, though.'

"I'm sorry. It really did strike a small chord with me."

Tamaki awoke from his depressive state.

"I see, I see! Then allow me to share yet another skill with you!"

"He gets over things quickly."


"Call me "King"!"

"Even if you taught him the basics of being a host…"

"In his case, he doesn't even pass the most basic visual criteria, right? Well, for his type, even if you take off the glasses, his eyes will appear even smaller." Hikaru walked in front of Haruhi and removed her glasses.

"Ah, wait!" she exclaimed. "I lost my contacts on the first day of school!"

Hikaru and Kaoru stared at Haruhi in shock. Tamaki ran up to Haruhi and pushed Hikaru and Kaoru out of the way. Upon seeing Haruhi's face, Tamaki snapped his fingers. "Hikaru! Koaru!"

"Yes, Sir!"

Hikaru and Kaoru grabbed Haruhi's wrists and dragged her to the changing room.

"Kyoya, you call the hair designer!" Tamaki ordered.

Kyoya pulled out his phone and began dialing the hair designer's contact number.

"Mori-senpai, get us some contacts from the nurse!" He ordered, and Mori ran off.

"Tama-chan, what about me?" asked Honey.

"Honey-senpai, you…"

"Yeah, yeah!"

"Eat the cakes, please."

"You know… he said everyone else is busy doing something." Honey, sitting at a table with his stuffed rabbit, muttered depressingly.

"C-Can I sit here, senpai?" Susumu looked down at Honey, holding his sketchbook. "I was looking for a place to draw."

"Sure, Susu-chan, sit here!" Honey urged eagerly, pulling out a chair.

"Not so fast!" Tamaki pulled him back by his shirt collar, causing Susumu to gasp for breath.

Tamaki told him to get up and get to the changing room, too, with a smile.

Later in the evening, the Host Club was waiting to see Haruhi in new clothes.

"Uhh, senpai…"

"Oh, you're done putting it on?" Tamaki asked.

Haruhi drew back the curtain. "Is it okay for me to take this uniform?"

"You look so cute! You're like a girl!"

"Haru-chan, you're so cute!"

"If you were so good looking…"

"Then say so earlier, eh?"

"He might get customers like this," Kyoya said.

"Yes, just as I predicted," agreed Tamaki. "You've graduated from trivial chores! Starting today, you're an official member of the Host Club! I'll personally train you into a first-class host."

"A host?!"

The hosts still waited for Susumu to come out of the changing room, but the absent boy seemed to not have any interest in coming out.

They could not have known he was hiding away from them, as he was pacing in the changing room in his boys' uniform, repeating comforting words to himself that was helping to calm his stressed mind.

He just overheard what Tamaki said to his sister. He himself didn't seem like host material. In fact, he was probably better suited as an errand boy, dusting, scrubbing floors, and running to and fro to fetch whatever they needed from the supermarket. Though he knew better than to let his little sister pay back his debt.

His anxiety had been more than off the charts since he was asked his preference in guys. He breathed deeply. "All right, all right. I can walk out there. It won't be easy, but I can do it. I just need to be careful around them, though. I don't want them to know but it's necessary that I go out there and try my best for Haruhi's sake."

Susumu drew back the curtain.

"Wow, Susu-chan, you look so cute!" Honey said.

"So this is how you really look, senpai?"

"You should have told us sooner!"

Susumu felt embarrassed, not knowing what to say to the hosts.

"You might have the makings of a host, after all, Susumu. Of course, you will need to be educated to a fair level to properly handle the responsibilities of a host, so your training plan is to be supervised by Kyoya. If you and your brother gather a hundred customers that designate you, your eight-million yen debt will be gone."

Susumu felt his hands trembling, but still, he nodded.

This was the second time today Susumu met eyes with Kyoya, and like the first time, he found him mesmerizing.

'He is so handsome…'

Both of his grey eyes are filled with mysterious charm that made him appear more handsome than anyone else. Black hair that looked carefully styled; projecting an air of intelligence, he gave the impression of someone who put considerable effort into their work and was capable of achieving much more than the average person.

'Compared to him, I'm far more mediocre. Who am I to think I can stand at his side?'

"Haruhi-kun. What are your hobbies, Haruhi-kun?"

"Do you take care of your skin in some special way?"

"It's so beautiful."

'I-It's over… I have no clue what to do…' Haruhi was ready to give up only on her first day.

"Why did you join this club, Haruhi-kun?"

'That's right. If I gather a hundred customers that designate me, then our eight-million yen debt is gone. That was the deal.'

"Oh my… Your mother passed away ten years ago from sickness… So what about house chores?"

Haruhi looked at the brown-haired girl. "Ah, I do those with my brother. My mother was very skilled at cooking. She left us a lot of recipes when she stayed at the hospital. It was very fun to learn them one by one with my brother, and my father would get very happy on the days that we cook them properly. I really love those times."


"Could we..."

"Designate you tomorrow, as well?"

"Ah, that'd help me out a lot."

Tamaki, Hikaru, Kaoru, and Kyoya were watching Haruhi from afar.

"He's being accepted…"

"A complete natural," noticed Kyoya.

"He doesn't need any techniques," the twins said.


"Ah! Forgive me, my princess," Tamaki apologized to Ayanokoji. "I was just concerned about our kid here."

"You seem to have an eye on that person a lot…"

"Of course. I am raising him like my child…"

Ayanokoji took a sip of tea and added, "What about the other one?"

"I have Kyoya training him to be a gentleman."

Tamaki snapped his fingers. "Haruhi. Come here for a second."

Haruhi walks over to the table where Tamaki and Ayanokoji are sitting.


"Give your salutations," he said. "My customer, Princess Ayanokoji."

'Ah, the person from before.' "Pleased to meet you."

Tamaki pulled Haruhi into a hug and spun her around. "Good! Good! Very good! That shy looking face is good! Good! Very good!"


"I'm not letting go! I'm not letting go!"

"Mori-senpai, please help me!"

"I'm not… I'm not letting -"

Mori lifted Haruhi from under her arms, causing Tamaki to fall back.

"Mori-senpai, you didn't have to go that far. Come on, come back to papa's arms!"

"I don't need two fathers!"

Ayanaokoji narrowed her eyes at Haruhi, envious.

Meanwhile, Kyoya was watching Susumu failing miserably at serving the guests. Clearly, he's got an inability to properly talk to the guests, and a clumsy way of going about his tasks. He bumped into a guest, causing the warm tea to spill over onto the floor, and worst of all, he ended up cutting himself picking up the broken glass and bleeding.

Kyoya's eyebrow twitched slightly, but he made a note of the incident in his notebook, adding the cost of the broken teapot to Susumu's debt.

'Come on. Where is it?' Haruhi thought, searching the house for her English textbook, disturbing her brother as he was working on his homework. Her frustration intensified when she was unable to find it in her room, not even on the desk. She rushed to the bookcase where a search had already begun for the textbook. Checking again couldn't hurt, after all.

Susumu made little progress with his work, despite being able to multitask and finish his homework within a few hours. Not much surprise, considering he was still hung up on the teapot incident earlier today.

Susumu stood up, went to his room, grabbed his sister's textbook, and handed it to her.

"You left it on the table in the library," he said.

"Thanks for holding onto it for me." Haruhi walked back to the table with him, sitting down and opened her textbook.

"So, how did your bag end up in the pond?" he asked his sister.

"Tell me why you keep thinking about what happened today, first," said Haruhi. "It's over, why are you still worrying about it?"

"I made a mess and upset one of the guests. The broken teapot was even added to our debt." Now that he thought about it, he acted pretty stupidly back there. "But hosting comes naturally for you, apparently. I'm afraid I'll mess up again tomorrow."

"That's not true. You're good at a lot of things, like cooking, art, business, and so on. None of that came naturally, you worked hard to get where you are today. Don't stress about it anymore, and don't let anyone tell you you can't do it. You know you can."

His sister's words comforted him, as did her smile.

"Thanks. That means a lot," he told his younger sister.

Haruhi gave him a hug.

"So... what happened to your bag?" he asked her again.

"I accidentally dropped it out the window," she lied.

"My, that was unfortunate. A bag fell into the pond by itself? But, in order to pick up that dirty bag, you bothered Tamaki-sama's precious hands for that," said Ayanokoji, clasping her hands together as she rested her elbows on the table.

'Why did this person designate me?' Haruhi thought, suspicious of Ayanokoji.

"You really do not know your place, do you?" she spat. "Tamaki-sama is concerned with you because your background is unusual. Do not mistake it for him actually adoring you."

"Basically you're being… jealous?"

Ayanokoji grabbed Haruhi's wrist to pull her across the table, knocking over the table and teacups. Ayanokoji screamed as Haruhi fell over.

"Haruhi-kun… Haruhi-kun suddenly got violent! Someone help me quick! Get this commoner off -"

Hikaru and Kaoru dumped water onto Ayanokoji and Haruhi. Haruhi got up.

"Wh-What are you doing?"

Tamaki helped Ayanokouji get up.

"Tamaki-sama… Haruhi-kun wanted to -"

"How graceless… You threw Haruhi's bag into the pond."

"How could you… Do you have any proof?"

"You're quite beautiful, but you are not fit to be our customer," he said, looking into her eyes. "I know, Haruhi is not that kind of guy."

"Tamaki-sama, you fool!" Ayanokoji ran out of the Host Club.

"For you, I shall inform you of the punishment for causing a ruckus. Now you have to get a thousand customers!"

"A… thousand?"

"Here." Haruhi took Tamaki's hand and stood up.

"I'm looking forward to your progress, natural rookie."

"This is our only replacement uniform. It's better than staying wet, right?" Kyouya hands Haruhi a bag with a replacement uniform.

Haruhi looked inside the bag and frowned. "Thank you very much."

Susumu mopped the wet floor, watching his sister walking to the changing rooms.

In the changing room, Haruhi was behind the curtain, changing her clothes.

"Haruhi, here. Towel for you."

Tamaki pulled back the curtain, revealing Haruhi in a camisole.



"You're a girl?"

"Biologically, yeah."

Haruhi appeared from behind the curtain with a female uniform on.

"I thought it was fine if you guys took me for a guy. It seems like my consciousness for genders is lower than that of an average person."

"It was a very interesting turn of events."


"Ah, but you were a bit cool back then senpai."

Tamaki becomes severely embarrassed.

"Maybe this is a kind of start towards love?" Kyoya wondered.

"But it's not too bad to be a host and listen to girls chit-chat," said Haruhi. "Oh! Maybe I'll start addressing myself in a more masculine way from now on." She giggled.

Kyoya noticed Haruhi's brother on his own, drawing on a sketchbook while sitting at a table. He removed his attention from the hosts and looked towards him. One arm resting on the table, the artist was simply immersed in his activity.

Kyoya could tell from his posture that his mind was racing and that he was excited about the drawing. He put a finger under his chin in thought, silently observing the boy as he drew. When Susumu finally noticed he was being observed, he looked away shyly and went back to his drawing.

Kyoya, however, was quick to notice the soft blush on his cheeks, and his glasses flashed.



5 Feet 4 Inches


Blood Type A

Favorite Subjects:



Favorite Foods: Sushi, Anything sweet (has a low tolerance for spicy food)

Fujioka Susumu is a 2nd-year student from a middle-class family attending Ouran Academy on a scholarship, and the older brother of Haruhi Fujioka, a 1st-year student at the same school. He is 17 years old, and his star sign is Pisces, the Fish. Highly intelligent like his sister, but much more drawn to art, Susumu is the Artistic Quiet Type; he has an innocent heart as fragile as glass, yet it is filled with pure, sincere love. His caring nature and uncanny artistic talent work to balance his quiet, introverted personality. His mother died when he and his sister were very young, so Susumu took on the responsibilities of taking care of the chores and made sure his sister was taken care of. While he respects his father for what he has done for them and knows his sister would accept him for who he is, his introverted nature and anxiety make it hard for him to communicate his true thoughts and feelings. He is afraid of social ostracism, which is why he tries not to let on that he is gay to anyone, much less tell his family. He is a good cook, and loves to try new recipes.

His rose color is Pale Peach. In Western culture, the pale peach rose is a symbol of modesty and innocence.

He is voiced by JP VA Yūki Kaji.

His face claim is Souta Mochizuki from 'Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita'.


5 Feet 1 Inches


Blood Type O

Favorite Foods: Katsu curry, Ramen, sweet things

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An easygoing girl and a positive thinker, Furusawa Nozomi is a 2nd-year student at Ouran Academy, and is in Class 2-A, the same class as Susumu Fujioka, and Host Club members Suoh Tamaki and Ootori Kyoya. She is 17 years old, and her star sign is Leo, the Lion. Her parents are divorced, but they seem content with the arrangement, so she lives with her father, a professional photographer, in a small apartment, while her mother is away from Japan. Even though she enjoys photography, she isn't super serious about it and enjoys reading manga more. She is a BL fan and enjoys photographing her real-life pairings. She also has a very large appetite for a young girl.

Her rose color is yellow, representing friendship, joy and caring.

She is voiced by JP VA Yuuki Kaneko.

Her face claim is Takamori Aiko from 'THE iDOLM STER: Cinderella Girls'.


5 Feet 2 Inches


Blood Type O

Favorites Foods:


-Anything spicy

Favorite Subjects:



Being raised in a family of glamorous entertainers, Sugiyama Aki was thrown into the entertainment industry at an early age, making her acting debut on her mother's current TV drama at the time cast as the neighbor's youngest daughter. She wasn't even out of middle school when her acting career kicked into high gear, starring in numerous commercials and dramas before she gave up show business, and sought other opportunities outside the entertainment industry. She is 17 years old, and her star sign is Scorpio, the Scorpion. She lives with her older sister, a film producer, and her husband, in a house they share and wants to work in finance. Her belief is that hard work leads to great success in life, so her education is very important to her. She likes to travel and visited America during her childhood acting career.

She is voiced by JP VA Itou Shizuka.

Her face claim is Yagami Makino from 'THE iDOLM STER: Cinderella Girls'.