Prologue: Monster in Human Skin

It took a special type of person when dealing with a man such as Francis Key Scott Fritzgerlad. Perhaps it was a good thing he wasn't human. Well, technically speaking, he could turn into what others may perceive as human and he was anything but. Yet here he sat, on a plush velvet ottoman with a ceramic, dainty teacup that released puffs of steam from the hot amber liquid pooling inside as he stared out the seemingly endless vast of blue and white. Metal creaked and groaned from time to time but otherwise, everything was relatively quiet. The lack of noise made his thoughts wander to the past few weeks that led him to the position he was in now.

He guessed it all started with a man named Francis Fritzgerald.

Francis, when he found him, had seemed quite amused by the state he was in. That had annoyed him to no end. Francis had no qualms about criticizing and putting others down for his own personal amusement. At first, he was tempted to kill this obnoxious man. He laughed too much and too loudly. His mocking grated on the others' nerves. And he didn't seem to understand the words "leave me alone". But Francis always showed up to the place he-at the time-called home.

"Say, why don't you join my organization?" Francis had said one day after a particularly brutal jab at his ragged clothes.

He remembered the burst of laughter that escaped him after a few moments of silence. This man clearly had no idea what he was getting into. He was dangerous. Just by hanging around him, this man was at risk. But those eyes did not back down from his offer, they held firm and gleamed with such a fierce determination that it nearly sent him into another bout of laughter. Humans were never boring, he could tell you that much.

"Sure, why not? I've been wondering what the humans have been up to lately" He replied, a smile-or something resembling it-carving it's way onto his face.

That smile sent a certain coolness throughout Francis's body. It was too wide and showed too many of the boy's unnaturally sharp teeth. While calling this creature a "boy" might have been extremely inaccurate, his physical appearance could pass as an eighteen year old human male. However, it would have been a poorly taken care of eighteen year old boy. When Francis first saw him, he nearly turned back-for surely this was a joke-at the state the other had been in.

Sickly pale skin, sunken in cheeks with dark shadows under his eyes, thin limbs and bones so prominent Francis could count every rib. It didn't help that the boy was tall either, it just made him look even more fragile. His eyes, a dull rusty color, were always kept open as far as they could possibly manage and his brown hair was tied up in a high ponytail before falling down his back in a tangled mess.

Francis knew there was more than what lay on the surface but if he saw a person like this on the street, he would have mistaken them for a corpse. But wasn't that what this creature was? A corpse? Or perhaps it was the shell of someone who had once been normal. Frankly, Francis didn't care one way or another. He just needed the strength that came with such a powerful being because his goal was by no means going to be easy to get.

"So, where are we headed?" The creature asked, his far too wide grin still in place. Yes, this thing was anything but normal. It was a monster and was to be treated as such. To do otherwise would be foolish.

"Yokohama, Japan. There is something that I must pick up. Ah...I haven't told you the name of our organization."

"My! A proper welcoming! Please, do go on."

Francis grinned, a bit of the adrenaline coursing through him bleeding through onto his face.

"Welcome to the Guild, Wendigo."

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