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If you love Kid Icarus, new and old, then you're gonna enjoy this fic. And even if you're a bit confused, just look up the characters. That should you help understand any references. Also keep Greek mythology in mind.

I love 'Kid Icarus: Uprising'. And this fanfic takes place after that game. And who knows, maybe I'll include other famous Nintendo characters. Now enough rambling, let's jump into this.

Side note: Since the gods aren't always physically there, when they are talking to Pit and the other angels, the gods' dialogue will be in italics with quotes.


Angels were scarce. Pit, captain of Lady Palutena's army, was the last one...wasn't he…?

Several months after the defeat of Hades, this proved to be wrong. Despite being a kind goddess, Palutena appeared to have some secrets.

Another god was stirring up trouble with the people living on Earth. Palutena demanded to speak with them, although the goddess seemed more frustrated than usual.

"Lady Palutena, I'm sure they can be reasoned with." Pit laughed nervously.

Palutena shook her head, "No Pit. This god is different. He is the god of war and bloodlust. He's almost as bad as Hades. The only difference between them is that he has a reasoning for his troublemaking. Although he gets joy out of seeing people fight each other."

"That's kinda ironic, don't you think?" Pit blinked.

"You'll understand when you meet him." Palutena rubbed her temples.

"I need to meet with him. His actions are hurting the Earth! I won't stand for it." Viridi scoffed, "You think since he's a god that lives among the people, he'd respect the land and its creatures."

"You goddesses saying mean things behind my back. You wound me." said a male voice. A tall young man appeared from the clouds. He had long red hair thrown up in a ponytail with bright green eyes. His attire was something similar to a Greek soldier from more ancient times. He carried a large axe on his back.

Palutena glared at him, "Mars. The god of war and bloodlust. How nice of you to grace us with your presence."

Mars smirked and brushed some bangs out of his face, "Palutena. Is that any way to greet your dear brother?" He gasped dramatically.

"BROTHER?!" Viridi and Pit shouted in unison.

Pittoo walked up to stand by Viridi, "That explains why Palutena was especially annoyed from the thought of meeting him. Not only is he her opposite but he's also her brother." He snorted.

"That is correct, Blappy! Good job." Mars clapped his hands. "Don't call me that." Pittoo snapped.

Palutena stepped forward, "Enough talk. Explain why you're causing battles between the humans. We've been at peace for many months. This is a bit out of the blue, brother." She huffed.

"I'd love to answer that. But I'm not the one in the battlefield. Please allow the captain of my army to explain." Mars chuckled and whistled with two fingers. Moments later, an orange blur burst through the fluffy clouds. It circled a few times before making its way to the temple.

An angel landed next to Mars.

Everyone except Palutena was shocked to see another angel. Viridi went quiet. Pit's eyes went wide.

"Introduce yourself, dearie." Mars patted the angel's shoulder.

The angel clicked their blades back into a bow. "I am Doxa. I am Captain of Lord Mars' army." They nodded curtly.

"I don't believe it. Not only is it another angel but it's a female angel." Viridi gasped.

Doxa had long auburn hair thrown up in a high ponytail and had icy blue eyes. She wore an outfit similar to Pit. Although she had a blue pendant with a red scarf around her neck; different from Pit's red pendant and white scarf.

"Oh my gosh! Another angel. I'm no longer the only one, woohoo!" Pit cheered. Doxa looked up at Mars, "You're kidding. That is the captain of Palutena's guard? He's supposed to be my equal?" She questioned.

Pit puffed out his cheeks, "Hey! I'm stronger than I look. I possess the strength of a mighty warrior in a small package." He pouted. "And you show some respect towards Lady Palutena. You're an angel which means that you were once a part of her army."

"I once was. Not anymore. Don't lump me in with you. I can at least fly on my own." Doxa scoffed as she spread her wings out for the others to see.

"For half an hour. Keeping you in the air is a strain on my powers." Mars sighed, "Especially since you tend to do a good chunk of fighting in the air."

Doxa's face turned red, "Why couldn't you have just left that alone? I was trying to look superior." She muttered.

"Because I didn't raise you to be a liar." Mars rolled his eyes and put a hand on her head, "Pit is stronger than he looks. You can spar with him later. Tell them what's going on on the ground."

Doxa crossed her arms and pushed his hand away, straightening her posture. "Hades' army has started to emerge from the Underworld again. People are trying to fight back. Lord Mars' army is simply trying to lead a hand to get rid of them." She stated.

"Wow, that guy recovered quickly." Pittoo hummed. "In all fairness, it has been seven months since his defeat and gods can't die. It was only a matter of time before he came back." Viridi shrugged.

Mars looked to Lady Palutena, "Sister. I believe it's time we reached out to other gods for help. Not even my army matches Hades' army."

Palutena sighed but nodded in agreement, "If your strongest warrior is struggling, Pit and Pittoo would struggle as well."

Viridi looked the taller goddess up and down before narrowing her eyes, "If Doxa is paired up with Mars, this means you're hiding at least one other angel with another god." She groaned.

"Seriously? Is that true?" Doxa blinked a couple times.

"Lady Palutena, there are other angels like me and Doxa?" Pit asked softly.

Palutena took a deep breath and sighed, conjuring up a floating map of the land. She pointed to a temple hidden deep within the forest and then to the ocean.

"In an effort to protect the angels from Medusa and Hades, I selected the four strongest soldiers to be the four pillars to protect this land. One angel stayed with me. Another protected the sea. Another protected the forests. Another protected the people." Palutena explained, "Pit. Protector of the heavens and skies. Doxa. Protector of the people. Ariel. Protector of the sea. And lastly, Clovis. Protector of the forests."

"So Pit is with you. This Doxa chick is with Mars. And Ariel is more than likely with Poseidon, somehow. Who is Clovis with?" Pittoo quirked an eyebrow.

"You should've given Clovis to me! Since they are the protector of the forests." Viridi scoffed.

"He is with Venus. Or more commonly, Aphrodite. Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality." Palutena stated.

Mars snickered softly, "Clovis is a bit of a special case. That takes me back." He sighed happily.

Palutena pinched the bridge of her nose, "Oh yes. How could I forget? He is the child of you and Aphrodite. From the god of war and the goddess of beauty, you get the god of love and sex."

"No way! He's Cupid?! The Cupid?" Pit grinned, "Oh that's so cool!"

Viridi stuck her tongue out, "Nevermind. I don't want him." She gagged.

"Don't let his power fool you. Clovis is actually rather shy half the time. There's a reason why he's the only angel to have an infinite power of flight. He spreads love from the shadows. He needs to be able to get away quickly." Mars clarified.

"I find it hard to believe that he's shy. He came from you and Aphrodite." Pittoo rolled his eyes.

Pit thought for a moment. Then he gazed up at his goddess. "I'm going to have to go look for them, aren't I?" He sighed.

Palutena chuckled, "Oh don't be silly Pit. Doxa and Pittoo will accompany you." She winked.

"Hey! You can't order me around. Only Lord Mars can do that." Doxa argued. Mars pushed her forwards, "Go with the little angels. We don't have the time to argue. Getting the four of you together is crucial." He insisted.

Doxa groaned and head butted Mars in the chest, "I hate you. You know I don't work well with others." She mumbled.

"Well you're going to have to learn, dearie. You'll have to be able to work with Pit, Ariel and Clovis to have the strength to fight Hades' army." Mars snickered softly.

"This will be a long journey." Pit rubbed his arm.

"You're telling me." Pittoo rested his forearm on the brunet's shoulder.


As soon as the three were equipped with the weapons of their choice, the angels were sent to the ground. Since the power of flight for Pit and Pittoo only lasted ten minutes, they were to go to the sea by foot and only fly in a dire emergency.

"Ugh. This is so annoying. I could get to the ocean in no time with my power of flight. I hate being grounded." Doxa huffed.

"Hey, you know why we have to travel by foot. Besides, the ocean isn't that far. We'll be there in an hour." Pit puffed out his cheeks.

"Although they could've saved us some trouble and put us closer to the water." Pittoo muttered.

"You three need to develop a bond. An hour long walk should be plenty of time to at least become friendly colleagues." Palutena countered.

"Unlikely, miss Palutena. I may work better with boys but one of these two aren't very mature." Doxa scoffed and crossed her arms.

Pit glared at Doxa, "Would you please stop looking down on me? I am a very strong fighter. I went to Smash and fought against some of the strongest warriors from other kingdoms." He snapped. "Is the name Link ringing any bells?"

Doxa stared at him in confusion, "Be it coins or actual bells, I have no idea who you're talking about." She sighed.

"How sheltered are you?" Pittoo quirked an eyebrow. "So sheltered that I've never explored beyond these lands." Doxa crossed her arms.

Pit was in shock. Here she was, acting all high and mighty, yet she is rather naive about lands beyond their lands. He pitied her. She really seemed like the type to venture off on her own.

"When Hades gives us a break, why don't I show you those far away lands? Maybe I can even take you to Smash." Pit smiled. Doxa blushed and looked away, "Maybe. Ask me again in a few weeks." She murmured.

Pit chuckled and hugged her arm, "I'll take that as a soft yes!" He cooed.

"Huh I never knew you had a little girlfriend, angel face." said a gruff male voice.

Doxa reacted immediately and shoved Pit away, pulling out a crystal bow. She pointed it in the direction of the voice. "I just met this angel. Don't get any ideas!" She snapped.

Pit quickly lowered her bow, "Take it easy, Glory. He's not an enemy. Magnus is a friend of mine." He explained.

"Friend is stretching the truth a little bit but whatever floats your boat." Magnus grunted.

Doxa pointed the bow at Pit, "Only one can call me that and it's not you!" She hissed.

"Doxa, dearie. Control your temper. Take a deep breath and relax before you hurt someone." Mars spoke calmly. Doxa seemed to relax, taking a step back to collect herself.

"Angel face, who is that angel girl?" Magnus asked curiously, "She looks vaguely familiar."

"That is Doxa. She serves Lord Mars and is the captain of his army." Pit replied. "A tiny angel serving the god of war. Kinda ironic." Magnus nodded slowly, "I've seen her in action here recently. She's just as fast and powerful as you, angel face. I never thought anyone but your counterpart could match your abilities. But she packs a punch. A fiery girl."

"While you're here, do you know the fastest way to the sea?" Pittoo questioned. Magnus pointed to the horizon. "Just head straight towards the sun, you can't miss it."

Pit grinned, "Thanks Magnus! I hope to see you again sometime." He took Doxa's hand and nudged Pittoo forwards, waving goodbye to Magnus.

Magnus waved in return. Pit was never really a nuisance to him. Friends fit their relationship pretty well. But he picked up on something the moment Pit took Doxa's hand. He had a pretty good feeling that something was going to happen between the two angels.


About an hour later, the three made it to the beach. They were pretty clueless now. They made it to the sea. Now what?

"Hello little angels. I assume you're here to meet the lovely captain of my troops?" Posiedon spoke.

"Yeah. Where is she? We have some important matters to discuss." Pit replied.

"Wait a moment. I'll send her your way." Posiedon chuckled.

A couple minutes later, something jumped out of the water. It did it several times before soaring straight into the sky. It appeared to be a mermaid. Although something magical happened. The tail turned into legs and two wings sprouted from their back. They flapped the wings twice before diving towards the beach.

What landed was a beautiful angel girl. Her hair was a light blue and was done up in a long braid that fell just above her knees. Her eyes were a pretty green color. As an angel, her attire was similar to the other three. It was a pale blue with a green pendant and purple scarf.

"That is Ariel; my strongest warrior and the captain of the underwater armed forces." The Sea God introduced the angel.

"I remember her now. I nearly forgot her appearance is the most unnatural but the best for a protector of the ocean." Palutena laughed nervously.

"Yes indeed. She doubles as a siren in case fishermen threaten sea life that causes an imbalance." Posiedon added.

Ariel batted her eyelashes, "No man can resist a pretty mermaid." She cooed.

"Honestly, I expected her to have red hair for some reason." Pittoo sighed.

Ariel crossed her arms as she scoffed, "I am blue to blend in with the ocean. Red hair would stand out too much. You look like Hades' attempt at an angel."

Pittoo balled up his hands and tried to make a run towards her but Pit yanked him back.

Doxa pointed an arrow at Ariel, "You watch your tone. You know he is the result of the Mirror of Truth. Hades couldn't create something similar to an angel even if he tried."

"Oh, and if it isn't the adorable little warrior who leads Lord Mars' army? You're a fiery one. Make sense. Although I thought a ginger couldn't be an angel since they have no souls." Ariel giggled.

Doxa's eyes narrowed and tackled Ariel to the ground, holding the blade of her bow against the bluenette's neck. "It's not ginger, it's auburn. There's a big difference." She hissed.

"Doxa, stand down! She is meant to be an ally. Don't hurt her before the battle." Mars ordered.

Doxa froze and obediently got off of the girl, helping Ariel back to her feet.

Ariel smirked as she gently caressed Doxa's cheek and pushed her away, "That's it. Heel like a good girl." She winked. The bluenette gasped suddenly when a wave of water engulfed her entire body. Pit and Doxa burst out laughing, doubling over in the sand. Ariel was now dripping wet in seawater, seaweed sticking to different parts of her body.

"That should teach you a lesson. Tone down your teasing. The three of them could seriously hurt you. You are more accustomed to water than they are but fighting on land and in the air is not your strong suit." Posiedon huffed.

Ariel sniffled as she removed the seaweed. Pit recovered from his laughing fit to help her. "You seem like a nice person Ariel. But do give us a reason to like you. Teasing hurts. I'm sure you understand the feeling of being picked on. You don't have the most natural appearance." He smiled.

Ariel blushed as she took out the braid and squeezed the water out of her hair. "Yes, I do. Some of my earliest memories are of other angels teasing me about my hair." She nodded. Doxa was slightly bothered by how close Pit and Ariel were standing together. She walked up to shove them apart.

"Some of Viridi's troops are going to take us to the forests and we need to meet up with them." Doxa muttered. She equipped a burning palm to her hand and used the heat to dry Ariel's hair. Then she braided it into two braids on the top of Ariel's head before they conjoined near the end.

Ariel gasped as she twirled around, "Oh my gosh! This is so pretty."

"You need to keep your hair out of the way, for battle and flying." Doxa murmured, "You seem to like your hair extra long. I wasn't gonna make you cut it off."

Ariel hugged Doxa, "Thank you! You're too kind." She cooed.

"Enough chit chat! My troops aren't going to wait forever. Get a move on!" Viridi snapped.

"Yes ma'am!" The four angels shouted in unison.


Viridi's troops escorted the angels to the forest. Ariel gazed up at the trees. She was in awe.

"The trees are so tall! And so green." Ariel grinned.

"Thank goodness someone appreciates nature." Viridi snickered.

"She also rarely leaves the ocean so this is probably the first time in forever that she has seen plants not in the ocean." Palutena sighed.

"So Lady Palutena, how do we navigate through these trees?" Pit gulped.

"Follow the red roses. They should lead you straight to the temple." Palutena explained.

"Also, since the forest is so thick, Palutena and I won't be able to communicate with you until you reach the temple. If you get lost, ask Viridi for help." Mars sighed.

"Oh lovely. This will be an adventure in itself." Doxa grumbled. "D-don't worry guys. We'll be fine. It shouldn't be that far into the forest." Pit stammered.

"From what I saw on the map, it's gonna be a long walk." Pittoo rolled his eyes.

"But miss Palutena said to follow the red roses. We'll be fine." Ariel assured. "Maybe." Doxa rubbed her temple.

"Quickly! The underworld army is approaching." Palutena ordered.

Mars appeared in his physical form, pulling the axe off his back. "Go, now! I'll fight off the troops." He urged. Ariel squeaked and grabbed Pittoo's hand, darting into the trees.

"Lord Mars!" Doxa panicked and hugged his arm. "Doxa, go!" Mars snapped. Pit pulled Doxa away and managed to throw her over his shoulder. Doxa cried out for Mars as Pit took her into the forest.


Viridi helped direct them through the trees. Pit kept a hold of Doxa until they made it to the temple. It was lined with various red and pink flowers; it also had a moat with sparkling water surrounding it. A bridge over it would put them at the entrance.

Palutena, Mars and Viridi appeared in their physical forms at the entrance of the temple. Mars looked a little banged up. Doxa pushed Pit away and ran up to her god, hugging him tightly.

"I'm so glad you're okay! Don't ever be stupid like that again. You're a god. You're not supposed to be stupid." Doxa whined as she began to cry. Mars gently petted her hair, "I had to protect you. I can't have you getting hurt just yet." He whispered.

"Aww. They're like a father and a daughter. That's adorable!" Ariel cooed.

"As destructive as my brother can be, he can be a real softie. It's why I trusted him with one of my angels. Angels are similar to normal people. Despite their strength, they still need a sense of security." Palutena smiled.

"Hate to break up this fluff piece but we came here for a reason." Viridi sighed. Mars straightened up and nodded, wiping away Doxa's tears and carefully pulling away from her.

"Who goes there?" An angel landed just a few feet away from the gods. He had curly red hair with magenta colored eyes. He had freckles all over his nose and shoulders. His tunic was a light pink with a red pendant and a white scarf. He held a silver bow in his hand.

Mars felt a smile crept onto his face, "Clovis. That's no way to greet gods. Especially since one of them is your father." He smirked.

Clovis perked up, putting the bow on his back and rushing up to Mars. He jumped onto his father. Mars laughed and spun around with him. Pit was standing nearby with Pittoo and Ariel.

Pit was in shock and awe. Clovis was only one of the most famous angels aside from himself. He helped spread love to all.

"Father, it's so good to see you! Mother misses you. You should visit more often!" Clovis nuzzled Mars' cheek, "I also want Doxa to teach me how to fight better. I'm glad you brought her with you this time."

"Let me train you with something other than a bow then." Doxa teased. Clovis pouted as he released his father. Pit finally worked up his courage and walked up to Clovis.

"Oh! Another angel? That's amazing." Clovis gasped and held out his hand, "I'm Cupid. But you can just call me Clovis. And you are?"

Pit felt more comfortable and smiled up at him, shaking the red head's hand. "I'm Pit. Servant to the goddess of light."

"Ah yes. I've heard about you. Gosh I wish I had your fighting abilities. I'm a novice compared to you." Clovis grinned, "I'm built for fighting but I have a hard time training. By god standards, my duties come before everything else so finding the time to harness my strength is difficult."

"Oh great. We're going to have to train Ariel and Clovis on how to fight." Pittoo grumbled.

"It'll be a learning experience. Plus that's how we'll be able to learn to work together as a team." Pit assured.

Aphrodite stepped out of the temple, although she looked frazzled. She had long blonde hair and pink eyes. She looked around frantically.

"Mother, what's the matter? I think these gods have something to discuss with you." Clovis blinked.

"You all must leave. It's not safe here. Now shoo! Clovis, stay with your father." Aphrodite urged.

Mars looked at her, "Is there something wrong? We do need to talk." He took a step forward.

"You ignorant fools. You stood around for too long. Now you must pay the price."

Everyone looked around for the source of the voice. All of them recognized it.

Hades appeared behind Aphrodite, grabbing her by the neck and lifting her off her feet. "Surprise." He waved with his other hand. Mars nabbed his battle axe. Every angel pulled out a weapon. Three of them; Pit, Doxa and Clovis, all equipped bows. Pittoo and Ariel pulled out staves. A laser and orb staff respectively.

"Hades, put her down. She has done nothing to irk you." Palutena ordered.

"Oh pretty Palutena, you've all irked me today. And you want to know why? Because you brought together the four pillars. Pitty-Pat and his little gang." Hades smirked.

Clovis flapped his wings and flew over to the dark god, getting right up in his face. "You put my mother down this instant. Or I will use force." He snapped.

"You're still a naive god, Cupid. You should know better than to get in my face. Allow me to make the first move." Hades cackled and grabbed one of Clovis' wings. He cried out in pain. Aphrodite felt tears in her eyes as she watched helplessly as Hades broke the wing and burned it to a crisp.

Hades threw the angel onto the ground. The throw caused Clovis to break his other wing. Almost out of spite, the boy skidded to a stop right in front of Mars.

"My . . . boy . ." Aphrodite whimpered as she reached out towards him.

"Oh, would you look at that? The only angel that could fly without help is now incapable of flying. Isn't that a lovely twist of irony?" Hades chuckled. Mars knelt down to make sure Clovis was still breathing. He grimaced at the sight of his wings. Only the thin bone of the right wing remained and the left wing was bent in an unnatural way.

Clovis breathed slowly. He was barely concise. His status as a god was the only thing keeping him alive.

Mars stood up and glared daggers at Hades, "You'll pay for hurting one of the few people I care about. He didn't deserve that!" He hissed.

"Do you not remember? You were all going to pay for trying to interfere!" Hades huffed.

"Viridi, get the angels out of here. These lands are too dangerous for them in their states." Palutena instructed. Viridi nodded slowly and gently picked up Clovis.

Pit shook his head, "No! We can't just leave you here." He gulped.

"Pit, take Clovis to that special place. He must be healed." Palutena hugged Pit.

"Come on angels. The goddess as spoken." Viridi muttered and snapped her fingers. In an instant, they were teleported to the edge of the lands.

Ariel looked at Viridi, "We can't leave! There are still baddies to stop." She panicked.

"You don't have a choice. Hades is getting power from somewhere and none of you are ready to face it. You must go into hiding and train." Viridi shook her head, "Me and my commanders will do our best to defend these lands. I will keep in contact with you all. I promise. Now you must hurry. Go to that special place Palutena was talking about."

"W-w-wait! How are we gonna be able to fly?" Pit stammered. Viridi rolled her eyes, passing Clovis over to Pittoo and snapping both of her fingers. "There. I gave you all the ability to fly for ten minutes at a time. Once you use up the ability, you must wait two hours before you try to fly again. That should tide you over until you come back." She stated.

Doxa gazed out on the chaos running rampant. This place had been her home. It felt wrong to leave it in such a state. Ariel felt herself begin to cry. Pit balled up his hands in frustration.

"Off you go. We'll be in contact soon." Viridi tried to smile before disappearing.

Pittoo looked to Pit, "So Pit. Where are we going?" He questioned.

Pit took a deep breath and turned his back to the city, "We are headed to the homeland of an old friend of mine. You remember him. Wields a famous sword and wears all green." He hummed. "We are heading to Hyrule."

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