Chapter Twenty-Eight

Wendy: (she lays in bed with an annoyed look on her face, playing with the phone cord) Why don't you call me, Warren? (She sits up in bed and groans, looking like she might throw up at any second) Ohhhh! What is wrong with me? Why do I feel so awful? (Suddenly she gets an Ah-ha look on her face. She grabs the phone and dials quickly)

Warren: (picks up the phone) Warren Carter.

Wendy: Warren, hi. It's me - Wendy.

Warren: Wendy, I thought I told you not to call me here.

Wendy: I know, but this is important. I have to talk to you.

Warren: Honey, don't sound so desperate. Everything's going to be fine.

Wendy: Warren, you don't understand.

Warren: What's the matter? You don't believe me, right?

Wendy: We have to talk. I mean it.

Warren: (sighing) Well, there's just one little problem with that... we have to cool it for awhile. Okay? I can't say it any plainer than that. Alright? It's impossible. It's really out of the question.

Wendy: You don't understand -.

Warren: Wendy, I'm sorry. I am so swamped with work right now. I promise you I will call you in a couple of days, okay? (he hangs up the phone)

Wendy: No, Warren! (She is frustrated when she hears the click on the line and she slams down the receiver. She reaches for a phone book to look up the name of a doctor. She schedules an appointment with Dr. Nichols that afternoon using the name of Carol Light.)

Characters in this segment: Wendy, a nurse, & Dr. Nichols

Not Feeling Well 2

Wendy was feeling extremely nauseated as she waited to see Dr. Nichols. She had filled out all of the necessary paperwork under the fake name of Mrs. Carol Light. The doctor would never know that she had named herself after a lampshade.

*Ooooohhhh, HOW do I get myself into these messes?* Wendy was thinking to herself as her nervousness tied her stomach up into painful knots. It wasn't fair! Warren should have listened, but as always, he was far too busy to give her the time of day.

"Mrs. Light," a voice called out. "You can come in to see the doctor now."

Wendy stood as the strange sea-sickness made her want to clutch onto pieces of furniture on the way toward the exam room. She followed the nurse down a long narrow hallway. She was seated on an uncomfortable metal table as the nurse took a quick peek at Wendy's chart. Wendy almost jumped a foot into the air when the nurse lightly touched her arm and said, "I'll take your blood pressure now."

"Try to be calm, Mrs. Light," the nurse said in a soothing voice when she realized that Wendy's blood pressure was a tad bit too high. "The doctor will be in to see in just a moment."

Minutes passed and finally grey-haired Dr. Nichols showed up, looking much too cheerful as he gave Wendy a bright grin. "What seems to be the trouble, Mrs. Light?" he asked.

"Ohhh ... uhhhhh... there's no trouble. I just think I might be... ummmm pregnant."

Did she really just say that?! Ohhh God, what was Warren going to do if she turned out to be pregnant with his baby?

"Is this your first?"

Wendy nodded, her face devoid of all color. "I feel so sick, Doctor. I've been throwing up constantly and I am doing everything in my power not to pass out."

"Did you skip your period?"

Wendy had spaced off the fact that her period had been extremely late. She was so caught up in her affair with Warren and Suzi having found them in a passionate embrace that she hadn't been keeping track of her cycles. Now when she thought of it, she knew that her period was weeks late. She had never been more than a day or two late before.

"Yeah," she said. "Is that a bad sign?"

"It depends how you look at it," said the doctor. "I am going to have the nurse come in and draw some blood. We should be able to tell fairly soon if you're expecting."

"How soon?"

"I will call you with the result. In the meantime, I'll give you a thorough exam."

*Ohhh great!* Wendy thought. *The only man I want touching me is Warren, but he doesn't have the time. He doesn't even want to be SEEN with me right now. What a mess I'm in!*

"I'll step out while you get undressed," said the doctor as he handed Wendy a gown. Wendy stared down at the light-blue fabric with an expression of great displeasure. She wasn't looking forward to the exam or the tests, but it was the only way to know whether or not she was having a baby.

A BABY! Warren's baby!

Wendy didn't know what to think. She loved Warren. She longed to be a mother - someday! But the timing wasn't right. What would she do IF she was pregnant? Would this be a blessing or a curse?

A single tear slid down her cheek as she stepped behind the curtain to change into the thin gown. A few minutes later, the doctor returned to perform the examination. Afterwards, he said some pleasantries and promised to call her with the test results.

"You mean ... you can't tell by looking?" Wendy asked, because she just had to know.

"Actually the blood test will be most accurate," said Dr. Nichols. "After you leave here, I want you to go home and rest. Drink plenty of fluids and snack on some crackers to settle your stomach. Maybe your husband could pamper you a little while."

Wendy's heart ached. If only her potential baby's daddy WAS her husband. She did long for someone to pamper her. She needed Warren to comfort her and make her feel better.

After the doctor left and Wendy got dressed, the nurse came in to take a sample of Wendy's blood. "You'll put a rush order on that, won't you?" Wendy asked as the nurse applied a small bandage to the tiny wound where her blood had been withdrawn.

"We'll call you just as soon as we know the result," the nurse promised.

Wendy looked crestfallen. She realized then that part of her WAS longing for a positive result. She wanted Warren's baby! Maybe that would give him the push he needed to end his marriage with Suzi and make a life with her. She couldn't help but daydream of a future with her, Warren, and a cuddly baby.

*Warren Carter Junior,* she said to herself as she walked out of the doctor's office.