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It is often said that we fear that which is different; that we hate what we do not understand; that one selfish act can divide us all…

The world was once at peace, filled with wonder and new lands to explore. However, when men met dragons everything began to change. It was only the timely efforts of one young boy named Hiccup, whose burning passion and understanding presence overturned the mounting fear and revealed the kind nature of dragons. He showed them how man and dragon could live together as one and, though some chose to stay behind, he pushed to blend the two worlds together by leading his people out to sea and into the wider world of dragons that inhabited the Archipelago.

In turn, the free spirited warriors and adventurers of the Viking tribes looked to the young lad for guidance in dealing with their new allies as they ventured out further from the mainland, into the realm of the flame dragons. It was by watching these very same dragons that the vikings would one day learn the way to their own inner flame. Eventually, he would be chosen as the High Jarl of the Gathering of Chieftains that would make up the Confederacy of the Barbaric Archipelago.

At the same time, the commerce and crafter tribes that had remained behind had begun to settle around the coasts of the mainland and the nearby islands inhabited by the ice dragons, but had many differences of opinions. In this time of tension, a young woman named Aurora came forward with the solution, a solution she had learned from watching the dragons. With a cool, calming elegance and a regal poise she brought understanding and unity as she spoke of harmony despite differences.

Inspired, many swore their allegiance to the young maiden and she would eventually become the first queen of the royal city that would bare her family name. As this first city began to take shape many would begin to look to the neighboring ice dragons for inspiration, eventually leading them down the way of the frozen path. And as the city's prosperity grew many others soon joined, creating the High Imperium Empire under the first Snow Queen of Arendelle. Unfortunately, where one set of problems were solved, more soon arose.

As the differences between the Confederacy and the Imperium grew more pronounced, tensions quickly evolved into skirmishes. War seemed all but inevitable, but against all odds High Jarl Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the First and Queen Anna Aurora Arendelle were able to achieve peace between their two nations. Though the road ahead would be long, the pair believed that peace was not only possible, but inevitable.

Thus, in their wisdom, an appropriate symbol was crafted, two gems of power, one infused with Hiccup's flame and the other Aurora's ice. The flame gem was called the Dragon Eye and it represented the Viking Confederacy, while the ice gem was named the Frozen Heart and represented the Imperium. Both were placed in a special pedestal, designed to mimic the alpha dragons of both fire and ice, as a testament to their unity. Many speculated about the true nature of the gems power and purpose, but the exact details were lost to time.

No one truly remembers how the war first began or who struck first, but the bloodbath that came about in the aftermath of the 100 year peace Jubilee, would never be forgotten. With the peace broken and the pedestal destroyed, the gems were split and the power within them, silenced. For nearly 300 years a vicious war has raged between the allied Viking tribes of the Confederacy of the Barbaric Archipelago and the Imperial forces of the High Imperium Empire, but now with the agreement of a ceasefire for negotiations, the peace High Jarl Hiccup and Queen Aurora foretold may just be possible. However, what's a peace treaty, without an appropriate symbol to represent it…

What do you mean I'm getting Married?!

It was as if the very world was determined to mock him. The picturesque scene before him couldn't be more at odds with the turbulent storm of emotions he felt raging inside. Soft hues painted the twilight sky a beautiful orange and red, as the dying rays of the sun warmed his back and majestically reflected off the ocean surface rushing by beneath him. There was a slight chill already in the Northern air whipping past him, and despite his inner turmoil it was intoxicating against the fire burning in his veins as it began to slowly seep into his black dragon scale armor, almost as if attempting to calm his frayed nerves.

As the final vestige of the sun's rays dipped below the horizon, the deep blues and purples of the sky continued to try and soothe his senses. Even the inky black of the night sky seemed designed to enrapture the imagination as the stars glistened and sparkled with wonder, all but dancing across the heavens as the nearly full moon illuminated the gentle waves below. Flying on the back of a dragon was freedom, like nothing could weigh you down. In this moment, it was as if the world was trying to fill him with peace…


Hiccup all but collapsed backwards on Toothless' saddle after his outburst of frustration, his energy spent and his throat raw as he lay back panting heavily. The Night Fury gave a soft concerned warble a he tilted his head to the side so he could look at Hiccup directly, as if to ask his rider if he was ok and to reaffirm his support and care. Hiccup could only give a hollow chuckle and the barest of smiles in return, though it didn't quite reach his eyes, along with a soothing pat to Toothless' side, but the dragon could only whine in dismay, not fooled in the slightest.

The bond between Hiccup and Toothless was nothing short of amazing and, though it had gotten stronger with time, it had been present from the very beginning of their friendship. Both dragon and rider understood each other on a level that didn't require any words and often left others gaping in awe at how in sync the pair were. Even now it still amazed Hiccup how his best friend in the whole world, despite being unable to speak, could understand and comfort him better than his own species could at times.

"I'm ok bud," Hiccup muttered with a deep sigh as he placed a hand behind his head as he stared into the night sky, his prosthetic leg instinctively clicking Toothless' tail fin into place as he slowed to a more silent glide. "It's just my father being, well…my father. I mean, peace is all I've ever really tried to push for. I guess that I should be grateful that he heard at least that much over the years, but this was not what I was expecting…or wanted. Heh, I'm beginning to suspect my father isn't the best listener…I guess I'm just too different for him to understand me."

Despite the flippancy of his words, Hiccup knew that it was nothing more than a half hearted attempt to calm himself, but the reality of his situation was very different. Nothing about this situation was ok, and even as the pair continued soaring through the air, Hiccup felt as if he was chained to the ground, being forced to march towards his own execution. Not even the usual reassuring warmth radiating from his best buds smooth scales mixed with the bite of the night air could soothe him this time.

As he continued to lay back in Toothless' saddle, Hiccup found his eyes searching the stars, his mind deep in thought, before summoning a small flame in the palm of his left hand. Staring into the tiny flame, as if it held the answers to all of his questions, Hiccup couldn't help but wonder why did the universe insist on knocking him down every time he started to find a measure of happiness. However, Hiccup couldn't find it in himself to be surprised by it, after all while growing up life had always been inexplicably harsh to him, in ways both large and small. Sometimes, it almost felt like the very reason for his birth was so that Hiccup could be the universe's personal running joke.

For his first birthday after being born far too early and small, as well as just barely surviving his first winter, his mother suddenly disappears off the face of the earth, never to be heard from again. Next, at the age of four Hiccup had finally found his inner flame…and to this day the Lava-Lout Tribe still hasn't quite forgiven him for the ensuing disastrous aftermath of the whole ordeal. For his eight birthday, Hiccup thought that things were finally looking up as he was chosen by one of the rarest dragons in existence and the unofficial symbol of the flame dragons, a young rambunctious Night Fury, but a 'minor' calibration issue with his latest invention, combined with a stray plasma blast, earned him the moniker 'Hiccup the Useless'…for the next six years.

For the next few years it was an uphill battle, with Hiccup constantly trying to prove his worth, but never having the chance because he was too small, too weak, or just too different. Thankfully, Hiccup wasn't completely alone during this time, as he had his longtime childhood friend Camicazi, the heir to the Bog-Burglar tribe, and later on he was able to make more friends on Berk and form the Dragon Riders. Things slowly started to get better as time went on, and at seventeen Hiccup finally earned his tribes acceptance with his skills and abilities as both a Dragon Rider as well as for his skills with a sword. It seemed almost too good to be true, as now even his skills as an inventor seemed to be appreciated, but like all things it was destroyed, as his birthright and his inner flame had cost him not only his left leg, but also Astr-…a lot more.

Finally we come to the present, where just a few months before his twenty-first birthday Hiccup had been told that not only was the Confederacy and the Imperium entering into peace talks, but now he would officially be the next guardian of the Dragon Eye. So with the threat of a looming war finally lifted, over the next few months Hiccup had actually been in the early stages of taking another chance at love with Camicazi. The pair seemed to get along well, despite their differences, and both seemed eager to see where the budding relationship would go. So of course, not even two months after turning twenty-one, Stoick blindsides him with the announcement of his betrothal to the eldest daughter of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna of the High Imperium, the guardian of the Frozen Heart gem herself, Princess Elsa Aurora Arendelle.

To be honest, Hiccup didn't know what was worse, that his dad had basically sold him off like a spare yak, or that he hadn't even had the decency to let Hiccup know of his fate until an hour ago when he announced it to all of Berk! Hiccup didn't delude himself into thinking it would've changed anything, but at least he would've known and been a little more prepared. No doubt Hiccup's bride-to-be had at least been consulted on the decision beforehand; his father in comparison hadn't even waited for Hiccup to be present for the general announcement to Berk. A confused and shocked Hiccup had heard the news from the surprised villagers as they had swarmed him with questions as he had landed form his daily patrol. Hiccup couldn't help but replay the moment in his mind…it was one he didn't ever think he would forget.


"It's time Gobber," Stoick the Vast muttered with a tired sigh, like all the fight had been drained out of him before he had even started, but as he stood from his seat within the empty great hall his strength seemed to return, though Gobber knew that it was merely a front. "Gather the villagers near the arena for the official announcement. It's high time I get it over with."

"Are ye cert'in Stoick?" Gobber returned uncertainly in one final attempt to dissuade his old friend, knowing as he did that Stoick was doing it this way simply to make it easier for himself…and truthfully it was extremely unfair to Hiccup. "The lad ou'ht to be ba'k any time now. S'ould no he 'ear it from ye first, 'efore the rest o' the tribe? I just think…"

"Gobber," Stoick murmured with finality, not looking at Gobber, but conveying both his authority…and his cowardice in his voice. "Assemble the villagers."

"Aye Stoick," Gobber grumbled with just a hint of disgust as he hobbled off to do just that, but Stoick made no comment nor any attempt to reprimand his old friend…Stoick was honestly digested with himself too for his lack of courage.

Within a mere fifteen minutes the entirety of the village had been gathered around the arena, including a single visitor that could frequently be found on Berk, especially as of late. As Stoick caught a glimpse of the Bog-Burglar heir as he made his way to the raised dais for the announcement, no doubt waiting for the return of Hiccup if her eager smile was any indication, he couldn't help but cringe internally at what his words would do to the poor girl. Camicazi's mother Bertha, chief of the Bog-Burglar tribe, already knew of course, but had made it clear that this was something her daughter should hear from Hiccup directly.

Unfortunately, it appeared that the girl would just be another victim of Stoick's cowardice, but there was nothing to be done for it now. Many were murmuring in confusion as Stoick stepped out in front of the crowd, though some seemed to have an idea of what was going on. There had been no end to the rumors circling the sudden absence of the High Jarl over the past few months during the supposed peace talks with the Imperium, and the sudden calling for the whole village seemed to indicate that a decision had finally been made.

"Well, I can finally show my face in public again," Stoick called out in jest, trying to lighten the mood and set the stage for the upcoming announcement, earning a scattered chuckle from those gathered as he tried to remember that at the end of the day it was in fact good news…even if it had come with a high personal price for him. "As many of you know, after three hundred years of war, myself and a number of chieftains from the different tribes of the Confederacy of the Barbaric Archipelago have been in peace talks with the King and Queen of the High Imperium Empire, along with a few of their most notable nobles. I am hear to announce today that the first major draft of the Flame and Ice Peace Accord has officially been accepted by both sides and that the temporary ceasefire, has officially become an agreement of peace!"

Stoick fell silent as a loud cheer went up and more than a few mothers turned towards their little ones and wept tears of joy, knowing they wouldn't need to watch any more of their children be conscripted to join the war effort. Despite his best efforts to avoid gazing at her, Stoick found his eyes unavoidably returning to Camicazi, and though she wasn't looking at him, Stoick could see the realization dawning on her face and the joy shining in her eyes at the implications of what this would mean for her and Hiccup. Forcing himself to look away, not wanting to see the effects of the crushing weight his next words would bring, Stoick forced a smile and a laugh as he raised a hand to quite the gathered villagers so that he may finish his announcement.

"If someone had told me a year ago that we would be making peace with the Imperium of all people," Stoick continued loudly and jovially in an effort to force the moment to its conclusion before his emotions broke through the lighthearted facade he wore. "Then I would've tied him to a mast and shipped him off, for fear he'd gone mad! And you know it! However, here we are, and no one is more surprised…or more proud than I am. It took a lot for us to get to this point and there were concession that had to be made to maintain this peace, but the biggest one was the one my son will be making on our behalf. One of the biggest fears of this peace is how to make it last, and without an appropriate symbol how will people rally to its cause? To that end, a symbol was agreed upon…one that could represent the peace and that all could relate too. A symbol…by means of a marriage…"

An absolute hush fell over the gathered crowd as Stoick had continued, each realizing exactly where this was going as a feeling of both confusion and awe filled the villagers as they acknowledged the sacrifice that Hiccup was about to make for them, but Stoick ignored all of this as he continued on with his emotional speech.

"So…in a little over a weeks time, on the next full moon, my son Prince Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, heir of the High Jarl of the Confederacy of the Barbaric Archipelago, will marry Princess Elsa Aurora Arendelle, the eldest daughter and heir of the King and Queen of the High Imperium Empire! It is a great sacrifice to be sure, but for the sake of the peace that my son has always pushed for…it is one that he will make. We will be leaving tomorrow at first light for the neutral Kingdom of Corona for the official signing of the peace treaty and the coming wedding, but I feel confident in saying that by means of his sacrifice, today my son has officially become a viking. Today he's become one of us!"

Despite the hollow feeling in his chest, Stoick couldn't help but radiate with pure pride as he claimed his son to be a true viking and as expected, the crowd, though still a bit confused by the sudden announcement, let out a thunderous shout of approval. Suddenly, almost as if the moment had been planned, the familiar screeching sound of the air being torn in two sounded out over the din of the gathered cheers as Hiccup and Toothless began their descent towards the gathered crowd around the arena. Having completed his normal habit of patrolling the island perimeter, along with the mandatory goofing off by means of dangerous stunts he usually performed, Hiccup had just been on his way back when he heard the shouts coming from Berk.

Hiccup quickly dismounted Toothless' back and rapidly looked around, as if he had been expecting trouble, but was confused to see that all eyes were on him. For a moment all was silent as a confused Hiccup looked around at the gathered villagers, before his eyes feel on his father and he saw the familiar look on the Chief of Berk's face and, even without knowing what it was about, Hiccup instinctively knew that his father had just promised something on his behalf. A heart beat later the answer came as the gathered crowd quickly mobbed Hiccup and started talking all at once, but even amidst the chaos Hiccup could pick out a few key phrases.

"…can't thank you enough…"

"…you're sacrifice shall be remembered lad…"

"…lucky son of a dragon, marrying a princess…"

"…marriage will symbolize this peace, don't mess it up…"

"…what does Princess Elsa have that I don't…"

"…you show that Imperium princess and her people the might of us vikings…"

"…can't believe you leave in the morning. Won't you miss it here…"

"…I've never been to Kingdom of Corona before. Is it pretty…"

"…don't let that Imperium princess walk all over you lad…"

"…careful though, you don't want to ruin the peace or upset her bodyguards…"

"…will you and Princess Elsa be having children?…"

Hiccup's head was spinning with all the conflicting voices ringing in his ear, but his sharp mind was still able to form a general picture and the words; 'peace', 'marriage', and 'Imperium Princess Elsa' made up the majority of the image. With a sinking feeling in his gut, a wide eyed Hiccup turned towards his father for help, but the hard look in Stoick's eyes was all the confirmation that Hiccup needed to confirm the worst case scenario. Suddenly, Hiccup felt lightheaded and all he could hear was the hammering of his heart ringing in his ears, though he could still see everyone's mouths running a mile a minute, overwhelming the poor boy.

As his breathing became erratic and the edges of his vision went dark, a specific pair of blue eyes caught Hiccup's attention from out of the gathered crowd as the whole world around him ground to a halt. Never in his whole life had Hiccup ever even considered it possible, and would've almost died laughing at the mere notion, but there before him was his childhood friend…and now apparently ex-girlfriend, Camicazi of the Bog-Burglar tribe…with tears in her hurt that radiated from her face, as well as the embarrassment, was just too much for Hiccup, and when she actually turned her back on him, Hiccup's entire field of vision went dark and he could feel his body starting to shut down due to the overwhelming pressure he felt on him.

Sensing his rider's distress, Toothless gave out a mighty roar and, cutting through the gathered crowd, interposed his body around Hiccup's while glaring at everyone. Still unable to process anything, but desperate to escape, Hiccup used the very last of his strength to dive onto Toohless' back and clip his prosthetic into place, before collapsing. Trusting in Toothless to get him out of there, Hiccup just lay there, numb to the world around him, as Toothless ripped through the air in a bid to escape the place that had tormented his rider again and again over the years. For the next long while Hiccup could do nothing as Toothless flew ever onward, only one thought running through his mind.

I'm getting married?!

With a deep sigh, Hiccup could only grit his teeth in rage and dig the palms of his hands into his eyes to try and stave off the tears that threatened to spill, refusing to let the world have the satisfaction of breaking him like that. Hiccup knew that they were due to leave at first light for the neutral Kingdom of Corona for the treaty signing and the wedding ceremony, as well as the start of his 'new life', but at the moment he couldn't care less. All Hiccup could think of in that moment was everyones surprised eyes on him, and worst of all was Cami's hurt gaze, but there was absolutely nothing that he could do to stop this.

Hiccup had enough presence of mind to realize that in the end, his sacrifice would mean the happiness of hundreds of thousands of people and perhaps many hundred of thousands more in the future, but for the moment he could only feel the indescribable pain. Deciding that the world at least owed him enough to allow him a moment to indulge himself in one last act of selfishness, Hiccup continued his escape to the one remaining safe haven he had in an attempt to try and sort the mess his life had become without his knowledge. It was a little known island that Hiccup and the rest of the Dragon Riders had found many years ago and they had used it as a base of operations from which explore the larger world of the Confederacy, as well as to strike at a notorious group of dragon hunters that had been plaguing the area at the time.

It had been a simpler time and, though it had also been dangerous, Hiccup couldn't help but think back to those times of daring adventures and selfless acts of heroism with both fondness, and the smallest tinge of regret. Those days had helped to shape Hiccup into the man he was today, but those days also represented a happier time in his life that had been cruelly snatched away all too soon. Life since then just hadn't been the same for Hiccup and now it appeared as if, once again, Hiccup would be forced to endure another life altering course and it didn't look as if things would be any better after this one either.

Hiccup genuinely wished he could say he was surprised by the sudden turn of events, or even just with his father's choice to be both the chief of Berk and the High Jarl of the Confederacy before being Hiccup's own father, but the truth was that he had no trouble believing it whatsoever. The truth of the matter was that Hiccup could count on one hand the number of times that Stoick had been there for him as a father, rather than as a chief, a statement that would still hold true even if Hiccup were to suffer a disfiguring injury that cost him three of his fingers. To be honest, Hiccup was actually more surprised by the fact that his father hadn't tried something like this much sooner, which probably meant it was Stoick that had suggested the whole scenario in the first place.

Way to go dad, Hiccup thought to himself solemnly with more than a touch of bitterness as he let the flame in his hand slowly die, though the angry flame burning in his heart and in his eyes never wavered. You somehow managed to sell me and save both Berk and the Confederacy, all at the same time. They'll probably through a party to celebrate, not to mention give you a medal for this for sure…oh, and I suppose that they'll be happy for the peace too, assuming that they can find the time to remember that fact amidst all their excitement and joy. Ugh, you know what, it doesn't really matter, after all it's not like I was truly happy on Berk or actually had a place where I belonged there. At least now I know for sure that I won't be alone anymore, and who knows…maybe we can even learn to love each other.

With every fiber of his being, Hiccup strove to believe that it was possible, that there was still a chance that things could turn out for the best and that happiness was still an option, but even to his own heart they were just empty words. The truth was that Hiccup was being sold for the sake of peace and his future was now in the hands of some vain, stuck up, spoiled princess that had probably never had to work a day in her life. The best case scenario was that Hiccup and Princess Elsa would be nothing more than glorified roommates, apathetic to each others presence and maybe acknowledging each other every once in a while. Hiccup would honestly consider himself fortunate if he was allowed the privilege of going anywhere without an armed escort, like some kind of prisoner, or even allowed to continue his normal hobbies of flying, inventing, and drawing.

The reality was that things could get a lot worse for Hiccup though, as it could turn out to be that he would be barely better off than a slave to the many whims of a tyrannical ice princess. Hiccup had seen quite a number of dark and twisted horrors in his relatively short lifetime, but he knew that all the horrors the Princess Elsa could force him to endure during their marriage, could make any of those things seem like paradise in comparison. The worse part was knowing that as bad as things could and would be, if Hiccup didn't comply with Princess Elsa's demands, then things could always get that much worse, as she would literally be holding all the cards in her hand. One wrong step and Princess Elsa could threaten to end the peace in any number of ways, but Hiccup knew he would endure, for the sake of peace and the sake of all dragons.

No one else would suffer because of him and no matter what came Hiccup's way or how alone he was for the rest of his life, Hiccup would endure it all with a smile. This was his moment, and Hiccup was fully prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for his people, for the dragons, and for this peace. In the morning Hiccup would stand tall and return to Berk with his head held high, ready to endure and give his all for the sake of peace and his people, regardless of what they all thought of him personally!

It would be early the next morning when Hiccup and Toothless would land back on Berk, arriving just after the sun rose, but otherwise right on time to leave. Of course, Stoick would reprimand Hiccup in his gruff overbearing way for running, all while reminding him of his duty as the heir of Berk and the Confederacy. In truth Stoick would be sadden by the whole arrangement, though Hiccup would be unaware of this fact, and despite loving his son Stoick in turn wouldn't be able to understand Hiccup's newfound submission and would mistake his resignation as understanding and his silence as acceptance. Throughout it all, in the back of his mind Hiccup would be unable to help but wonder, with his usual dry wit, if it was humanly possible for his new 'wife' to understand him any less than his own father obviously did.

However, such concerns were for tomorrow, for tonight Hiccup only wanted to pretend that his life was truly his own, if for only a few moments more. And as Hiccup's personal Island base of Dragon's Edge finally came into view, Hiccup, just for a few moments, was taken back to a simpler time where a small group of teenagers risked life and limb on crazy adventures. With a soft thud, Toothless landed in an all to familiar spot just in front of the dragons' pens and Hiccup could swear that he could hear the whispered remnants of many boisterous conversations that had taken place on that very spot.

Breathing in the crisp night air, Hiccup urged Toothless up once more as the pair quickly flew through the air, taking in more of the pair's old home away from home. Memory after memory seemed to invade Hiccup's mind as the pair flew onward, and often Hiccup could almost envision the images of a young bunch of teenaged vikings bustling about in their activities and many shenanigans. Hiccup could see the many S's that Snotlout had marked around the base, he could see Fishlegs' rock garden, Ruffnut and Tuffnut's famous boar pit, Heather's favorite spot to watch the sunrise, and of course the impenetrable fortress that his first love had called a bedroom.

Further down Hiccup could make out the spot that Dagur had first tried to invade the base from, as well as the spot that he had later appeared at begging for help as he began his transition from hated enemy to trusted ally. Looking around more Hiccup could see the remaining blast marks from battles fought and the continued patchwork that the group had done in repairs afterward. Hiccup could only smile as he saw the fortified wall Gobber had built and named after his first love Greta, 'Strong, solid, beefy' as he would say, as well as the spot that Cami had chosen as her personal little fortress to stash stolen loot and engage in the many prank wars she had initiated with the other riders.

The nostalgia of the whole place filled Hiccup with equal parts joy and pain, but he welcomed the onslaught of memories, basking in what could be his last moments of freedom. Just as quickly as the memories had come, they all vanished and Hiccup only had one thing to say as Toothless touched down in front of the main clubhouse, dubbed the Roost. Releasing every ounce of pent of frustration, Hiccup roared as he dropped to his knees, his entire body radiating pure heat as he sent a blast of continuous flame straight up to pierce the heavens, a shinning solid beacon visible for miles as his cries echoed into the night,


A little over an hours flight outside of Arendelle, the crown jewel and capital city of the High Imperium Empire, stood a forest filled with beauty and wonder beyond anyone's wildest imagination. While some felt that it was simply an enchanting place to visit, none would argue the fact that there was an almost palpable energy found there, with all those that visit leaving changed or touched on a deep fundamental level…a rebirth of sorts. In the early days of spring, as the trees would begin to blossom rich purples and whites, many would make the trip to witness the beauty of the flowering trees and bask in the blazing sun and cool wind of the open fields, letting the forest strip them of the worries of the outside world.

However, just before dawn on this particular day, the stillness of the forest was broken by the sounds of heavy breathing as a different kind of rebirth was taking place. The enchanted forest was often referred to as a place of new beginning's and, as the lone figure twisting and tumbling throughout the trees was discovering first hand, beginnings are quite often painful. In her short twenty-one years of life, the young princess had faced many different kinds of struggles, both internal and external, but no matter how the winds of time have howled she has always pushed through with the strength and beauty of a mountain, unshakable…until now.

An unnatural frost covered the whole clearing, even now beginning to glow and gleam as the sky slowly transitioned from an inky black to a deep blue. Different targets hung at random intervals from the surrounding trees, each one impaled dead center with multiple icicles thrown with surgical precision, and in the midst of it all was one lone young woman. Clad in an elegant yet simple white bodysuit that clung to her lovely figure like a second skin, her long blonde hair expertly done in a classic French braid, the young princess stood perfectly poised and in control, but her mind was far more chaotic.

With piercing blue eyes, Elsa surveyed the surrounding area with a sharp critical gaze, resolutely ignoring the still ice cold winds of the early morning nipping at her exposed shoulders and the delicate skin of her neck, her slightly flushed cheeks more from the exertion of her training regimen than the cold. Spring had only just arrived and winter had yet to fully release its grip on the world, but never one to be bothered by the cold, Elsa found it soothing in a way. Suddenly, and unbidden, the thoughts of what day it was came pouring back into her mind despite her best efforts to banish them, causing Elsa's breathing and heart rate to spike, even as the frost around her intensified in its thickness without a single command from her.

Control…I must always be in control! Breath in…Breath out. Elsa mentally scolded herself with gritted teeth as she tried to slow her breathing back to normal levels and recalled the excess frost, before she resumed attacking her makeshift course.

With all the skill of a gymnast and the grace of an expert dancer, Elsa flipped again and again through the air, all around the clearing, twisting and tumbling in intricate patterns as she sent blasts of ice at each target, never missing the bullseye. Running hard up the side of a tree, Elsa performed a powerful yet graceful backflip and, without even looking, shot a large ice spike dead center through a nearby target before twisting in midair and forming a long ice ramp to slide down upon. Using the momentum of her slide, Elsa performed a precise twirl like an expert skater and sent out three additional blasts at other targets, once again always hitting each one precisely in the center.

Any onlooker would've been left in awe at the elegance of the beautiful and deadly dance before them, but all that Elsa could feel in that moment was overwhelming frustration. Truth be told, the exercise itself was a simple one that Elsa had mastered years ago as a young teen, but despite this here she was panting like it was the very first time all over again. Elsa knew that she could not only do the whole course blindfolded, but she could do it without any wasted energy in the process.

It had been years since Elsa's heart had last raced like this from a simple training session and if Elsa was honest with herself she would have to admit that even now her heart wasn't racing from exertion, but rather from fear. It was this fact that truly irritated Elsa, not her performance just now, it was all just a front to the real issue burning at the back of her skull, demanding her attention as her heart warred with her mind. Ever since her parents had informed last month of her upcoming betrothal, the storm that Elsa had spent years learning to properly contain had been raging inside, pulsing and humming just under her skin, demanding to be set free. Elsa could almost hear the seductive whispers in the back of her skull, begging for her to just give in and let the storm rage.

Stay in control…conceal, don't feel. Don't let them know. Elsa repeated the well recited mantra in her head over and over with her eyes clenched shut in frustration, but while the storm inside quieted slightly, it was far from contained.

As the most powerful ice wielder in Arendelle and the High Imperium in general, though she hated to be addressed as such, Elsa's power had a lot potential for beauty, but also for great destruction, as she had learned all too well. At the tender age of three, when Elsa's powers had first manifested themselves, the young princess had been ecstatic at the possibilities of fun they could bring and even more excited to live up to her ancestor's legacy, especially as the only member of her immediate family to have inherited the gift. However, upon witnessing the sheer intensity and potential of Elsa's powers, her parents and her teachers had both warned her about the consequences of letting the storm inside her rage, of what it could do to her and to others. Despite how young she had been at the time, Elsa would never forget that fateful day as, though she wouldn't realize it yet, that would be the day that everything would begin to change.


It had been a cold winter to be certain, but while adults worried about food, clothing, and proper housing, among many other practical matters, for children winter simply meant two things: fun in the snow and hot chocolate! Such was the case for the energetic little three year old blonde haired blue eyed princess of the High Imperium known as Elsa. Though Elsa was a bit sad that her new baby brother or sister wasn't here yet to play in the snow with her, Elsa had come up with a creative little alternative that would still let her enjoy the winter activities with her new sibling.

"…And this is how we make a snowman," Elsa proudly finished her explanation as she gestured excitedly at the slightly lopsided little mound of snow in the vague shape of a snowman. "And there's lots more fun things to do like sledding and having snowball fights and making snow angels and…ooohhhhh, I wish you were here so we could play!"

"And I'm sure they can't wait to play with you either Elsa," Iduna offered with a fond smile, eyes slightly misty from both hormones and her eldest child's sweet gesture, her hand running small soothing circles over the small slightly noticeable bump of her stomach through the material of her winter coat. "You're going to be such a wonderful big sister to this little one."

As Queen Iduna beckoned her daughter over to sit on the bench with her, she couldn't help but chuckle at Elsa's eagerness to have a sibling. When she had first realized she was pregnant, Iduna had been a little nervous that Elsa wouldn't like the idea of not being the only child anymore, only to later find the little two year old already trying to move her furniture around in her room to make space for the baby's bed. So, when Elsa had rushed into her room this morning begging her to come outside so that Elsa could start teaching her new sibling all about the fun they would have in the snow, Iduna couldn't have refused her daughter's request even if she had wanted to.

"Mama, how much longer until my new baby brother or sister gets here?" Elsa asked once again with a slight pout after she had successfully climbed her way up onto the bench and cuddled into her mother's side, hoping that this time the answer would be sooner.

"Not for another few months I'm afraid my love," Iduna did her best to placate her daughter, as she took Elsa's smaller hand in her own and placed it just inside of her coat on her stomach with a loving smile. "This little one is still far too small to be out in the big wide world just yet, dear. They need to get bigger first, besides I get the feeling this little one is going to like the summer better, so they'll probably come around then. Winter is a little too cold for babies, so they might not like it until they get a little older, but they'll have their wonderful big sister to teach them all the amazing things about winter, right?"

"Yes, mama," Elsa returned happily with a wide smile, but her eyes suddenly went wide in surprise as she felt a small kick right underneath her hand. "Mama! The baby kicked…I felt it!"

"Yes," Iduna said as she nuzzled her daughter lovingly causing Elsa to giggle happily once again, before placing a hand over Elsa's as a second kick was felt. "That's there way of saying hello to you and that they can't wait to meet you either."

Elsa could only stare in awe at her mother's stomach as Iduna stared at her first little miracle and imagined the kind of big sister Elsa would be to her second little miracle. For once, thoughts of war and duties were the furtherest thing from Iduna's mind as she just basked in the tender little moment with both of her children, knowing there was only one thing missing. As if her very thoughts had summoned him, a sudden shadow fell over Iduna and Elsa.

"And how are my two favorite people in the whole world this morning?" King Agnarr suddenly questioned as he picked up a surprised, but giggling Elsa and swung her around before pulling her in for a hug and placing a gentle kiss on both his daughter's and wife's heads.

"Three daddy!" Elsa corrected with a giggle as she snuggled into her father's warm embrace.

"Oh, you are so right my darling," Agnarr spoke in faux surprise with exaggerated expressions and actions before turning towards his wife as she gently caressed her stomach. "I'm sorry my little one, of course daddy loves you very much too! And how is the most beautiful woman in the world this morning?"

"For being about four months pregnant…I couldn't be better darling," Iduna replied with a radiant smile as she shared a short but passionate kiss with her husband, causing Elsa to giggle, before turning towards her stomach as she continued. "This little one is a bit energetic this morning. You know, my instincts say that she's a girl, but the healers and this little ones energetic responses seemed to point towards a boy."

"Well, either way I'm sure they'll be perfect…just like their mother," Agnarr responded with all the love his heart could offer, before moving to tickle the little girl in his arms casing a large giggling fit from Elsa. "And of course this little one is just too perfect for any of us. By the way dear, have you thought anymore on names for the new little one?"

"I have actually," Iduna returned with a smile as she reached out her arms to take her eldest back from her husband, with Elsa immediately moving to snuggle back into her mother's side happily. "If we have a girl, I was thinking Anna Kristensen Arendelle. Kristensen from my mother's family and Anna after the first queen of Arendelle, like how we did with Elsa's middle name. Then if we have a boy Runeard Andersen Arendelle III after your father."

"Sounds perfect my love," Agnarr returned with a content smile, grateful for a moment of peace from the war effort and meetings to spend a moment with his growing family, before his smile widened and his voice took a more sing-song quality to it. "And you know what else sounds perfect after being out here in the cold all morning?"

"Ah…hot chocolate!" Elsa gasped joyfully as Iduna stood, still gripping the excited little princess in her arms, before the happy family made their way inside for a sweet treat.

Less than twenty minutes later Agnarr was sitting at a table in their study, sipping at some tea as Captain Mattias went over a report, while Elsa hummed a little tune as she sat on her mother's lap, waiting for her mother to finish stirring her drink for her. As Iduna helped Elsa take a firm hold of the smaller cup of hot chocolate she reminded her daughter, "Remember dear, it's still a little hot so don't forget to blow on it first."

Elsa nodded happily at her mother, as Iduna turned her attention back to the conversation before her, but what happened next would change everything. Grasping the cup carefully in her little hands, Elsa carefully blew on her drink, with the intention of cooling it down…but only succeeded at freezing it solid. Startled, Elsa quickly dropped the cup, with a distracted Iduna unable to react fast enough to save it, but when it hit the ground with a thud…nothing came out, surprising the confused queen. Keeping one arm securely around her daughter's waist, Iduna awkwardly leaned over to retrieve the cup and in doing so, finally realize what had startled her daughter so.

"Agnarr…" Iduna called out quietly, but insistently, interrupting the two men, though her wide eyes were still glued to the frozen liquid within the cup, before she finally moved to show her husband. "I…I think you should see this."

"I-I didn't…hic…m-mean t-too," Elsa stuttered out misty eyed with small hiccups, her lips quivering in fear as she rubbed her tiny fists into her bright blue eyes to try and fight off the tears, believing she had done something wrong based on her mother's reaction. "H-Honest, it…hic…it j-just h-happened…hic...I-I'm s-sorry if I w-was b-bad…"

"Oh my love, no," Iduna craddled her crying daughter to her chest, lightly rubbing Elsa's back and making soothing sounds as Elsa buried her face in her mother's neck and wrapped her arms around her. "You didn't do anything wrong at all. I was just surprised that's all. Everything is just fine sweetheart, in fact it's a gift. This is…"

"Amazing," Agnarr finished for his wife as he stood from his desk, motioning for Captain Mattias to do the same, as he moved to kneel by Iduna and Elsa, rubbing a gentle hand over his quivering daughter's tear stained cheek as she turned to regard him. "Elsa…you have the gift of ice! There's a number of ice wielders in the High Imperium, but you're the first member of the royal family to inherit this gift in almost a hundred years…and the first young lady to inherit it since the original Snow Queen herself, Anna Aurora Arendelle! This is a wonderful day! You'll be just like your ancestor."

"Really?" Elsa whispered in awe as she sniffled, but otherwise looked much less scared, in fact Iduna could see the first signs of excitement appearing. "Does that mean I'm going to be a Snow Queen like she was?"

"Maybe one day my dear," Iduna supplied with a kind smile, for some reason feeling as if she should try to calm down the excitement a bit before it went too far. "There is much beauty and fun in ice, but you must learn to control it properly first. So, I want you to promise me, that unless your father and I say it's ok, to not use your powers until you've learned how to control them better. Understand?"

"Yes mama," Elsa nodded in understanding, not entirely sure why her mother was telling her this, but trusting Iduna to know better as she was her mother and her mother knew everything.

"Of course you're right dear and we'll make arrangements for lessons at once," Agnarr supplied with a placating smile, still quite excited about the sudden turn of events, before turning towards Captain Mattias and saying. "Still, this is a monumental day and I sure we can spare a few moments to let Elsa explore her new powers just a little bit. Captain Mattias, I know you usually help train some of the more advanced recruits, but do you think you could show our daughter one or two of the simplest uses of her powers, just so she can get a feel for them?"

"If my lord and lady wish it, it would be my honor," Mattias responded with a crisp bow and a small smile towards the eager young princess, but his focus was mainly on the worried expression on Iduna's face. "Is my lady alright with this?"

"I…" Iduna began, honestly a little troubled, but unable to give a voice as to why, other than the fact that her daughter was still so young. Iduna felt like it might be too much too soon…but she also knew that now that Elsa's powers had awakened, there was no turning them off and the sooner she learned control the safer she would be.

So, swallowing her fear for her daughter's safety, Iduna simply gave a firm nod of agreement. Ten minutes later found the small family and Captain Mattias in the large ballroom, Elsa and Mattias in the middle, with a beaming Agnarr and an uneasy Iduna near the doorway, as Mattias went over some of the most basic aspects of ice wielding. Elsa for her part was so excited over all the things she was being told and all the fun things she could do in the future and that excitement helped to ease Iduna's fears ever so slightly.

"Now, my princess, remember what I've said," Mattias finished as he walked around Elsa in a large circle, sending a controlled ice blast at the ground to mark off a large area so as not to risk an accident. "Your ice comes from within and is powered by your heart and emotions. So, you will need to reach deep inside and picture the ice, feel it in the beat of your heart, in the air you breath, and use that to give it form. Like this."

Rubbing his hands together in a gentle circle, Captain Mattias closed his eyes and steadied his breathing, gathering a small orb in his hands before throwing it up at the ceiling, where it gently went off with an audible pop and started snowing down around the pair. Elsa danced happily under the snowfall for a moment, before going still and steadying her breathing like she had been told. For a moment she didn't move, then with precise movements Elsa sent a small blast of ice upwards, causing another snow flurry equal to Captain Mattias'.

The three adults were quite surprised to see Elsa get it on her first try, but soon enough Captain Mattias was moving Elsa through some other simple moves to test out the strength of her powers. While's Elsa's movements were nowhere near perfect, the amount of power she was able to generate was already on par with the lower end of what Mattias was doing for demonstration purposes. Agnarr was absolutely ecstatic as he cheered for Elsa, but Iduna was starting to think that they should slow down now, that uneasy feeling returning once again.

"Alright dear," Iduna called out as she took a few steps closer, though still well outside the marked off area, so as to be heard over the sound of Captain Mattias demonstrating how to create a ring of ice by stomping. "I think that's enough for one day. They'll be plenty more time to practice…"

Too caught up in the excitement of the moment to hear here mother, Elsa quickly slammed her foot against the floor, turning it to ice. However, unlike her previous attempts, and unlike the smaller and more controlled ring Captain Mattias had made, Elsa held nothing back as she focused on making the floor turn into ice…inadvertently turning nearly the entire ballroom floor to ice. Even with all her previous displays, no one had expected Elsa to have anything close to this level of power just yet, and so Iduna was not prepared.

For an instant the world slowed to a crawl as everyone watched wide eyed as Iduna lost her footing and began to fall backwards, arms instinctively moving to encircle her stomach and protect her unborn child. In an instant, years of carefully honed instinct took over and Captain Mattias slammed his hands together with an audible clap and sent a large blast of snow towards the falling queen at rapid speeds, successfully managing to cushion Iduna's descent. Without knowing if her mother and new baby sibling were alright, Elsa could only stare in horror of what she had done and screamed out a single word.


Of course, everything had been absolutely fine in the end thanks to Captain Mattias' quick response, but though there was no physical damage at all, the mental damage had already been done. Though Iduna had tried to comfort her daughter, the fear that had been instilled in Elsa that day was not so easily swayed, and the fact that fear had been reflected in Agnarr's subdued enthusiasm for Elsa's power's didn't help matters. Soon enough, with Anna's arrival that summer, Elsa was happy and excited once more, but there was always a small shadow that seemed to hang over her that only Iduna could ever see. Five years later, after a similar incident involving Anna, that shadow finally engulfed Elsa completely in the form of a raging storm, causing Elsa to blackout from the extreme emotions, but she had in no way been unconscious.

When Elsa had awoken from the dreamlike state in the aftermath of the 'episode', the destruction had been shocking to her. Over the years there had been a few other similar 'episodes' where the storm had inadvertently broken free again for a short time in moments of extreme emotional instability. During each instance Elsa had entered into a dreamlike state, with only a vague recollection of what she had done while in that volatile state. These disconcerting glimpses of the destructive power Elsa possessed when she got overly emotional, particularly when she was scared or angry, had a profound effect of the young Princess. It was almost like her powers had their own personality, one that relished in destruction and chaos, and that knowledge had utterly shaken Elsa to her very core.

So, in response a terrified young princess had decided that the only solution was to shut the world out and her emotions in. To that end, Elsa had desperately thrown herself into her training, learning everything she could to master both her emotions and her abilities…abilities that had only grown stronger with age. Mornings were spent on a rigid training schedule, designed to improve Elsa physically; honing her strength, reflexes, and flexibility, all while improving her endurance and coordination. During her afternoons Elsa would spend time with her instructors to improve her mental faculties, pouring over books on various subjects and learning valuable skills from dancing to navigation to battle tactics and beyond.

As the years had past and her skills had increased, the workload only seemed to grow more and more, leaving Elsa little time for her family and fun in her sole pursuit of control at all cost. Knowing the responsibility she had as both the future Queen of Arendelle and an ice wielder, Elsa had pushed herself to her breaking point, and sometimes past it, to mold herself into a strong self-sufficient young woman, someone fearless, the perfect daughter and a future queen that would bring about peace. And after many long years of training and hard work, Elsa had finally done it and had succeeded in overcoming her fears and gaining control of her amazing gift…only she hadn't really.

Elsa had become strong, skilled, and capable to be sure, but the only thing she had been able to accomplish was to 'cage the beast', so to speak, keeping the raging storm sedated and locked up in her heart, but never truly controlled or banished. So, in order to better contain the storm, Elsa had developed a cold emotionless mask that she often wore to better control herself and reassure her parents, as well as her whole kingdom, but in truth it was just that, a mask. Over time the mask had become so seamless, so expertly crafted, that up until very recently even Elsa herself had begun to believe that she really was this elegant yet cold person, a true Snow Queen.

It appeared that, in exchange for control of her powers and in a bid for acceptance, Elsa had traded that which ultimately made her human, and in doing so had subsequently been further separated from everyone in the empire at large. For a time Elsa truly believed herself to be a monster, always destined to be different and live separate from the rest of the world, included in body, but separate in spirit. Everyone seemed to give her a wide berth now, wary of her cold personality and unsure how to help, everyone that is…except for her younger sister Anna.

Anna, with her exuberant personality and sunny disposition, had never stopped trying to get Elsa to open up, relax, and just have fun every once in a while. However, up until a month ago, it had been like there was a metaphorical closed door between the two sisters, despite being around each other almost constantly. However, once the knowledge of her betrothal to Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III had finally sunk in, the first cracks had formed in her mask and some of the first emotions that Elsa had shown in over three years had finally resurfaced…and the results had almost been disastrous.

Elsa had very nearly broken down, the raging storm inside threatening to break free like a caged beast, but Anna had instantly sensed her sister's distress. Despite every attempt Elsa made to push her sister away for Anna's own safety, Anna had refused to yield this time and, almost as if she had been waiting for this moment for forever, she had quickly become a lifeline of sorts to Elsa. In the aftermath, Elsa had finally found her connection with Anna restored and with it her lost humanity. It had taken some time after that, but over the following month the bond between the two sisters had finally been allowed to fully heal…just in time for Elsa's upcoming wedding.

The wedding itself was still just shy of a week out, coinciding with the upcoming full moon, but today was the day that Elsa would be leaving for the kingdom of Corona and by nightfall she would be meeting her new 'husband' for the first time. Unlike her hopeless romantic of a sister, Elsa had almost no interest in a relationship, especially given her past experiences with her would be suitors back during her eighteenth birthday, and very nearly shuddered at the idea of getting married…and to a Viking of all people. Logically, Elsa knew exactly what this marriage would be for and she was determined to bring about a lasting peace for both her people and their dragons, but the price would still be quite high for her.

Elsa would still have to spend the rest of her days in what would amount to a loveless marriage with some violent, flame wielding, hot headed, hulking barbaric brute. Knowing what she did about Stoick the Vast, Elsa was fairly certain that her betrothed, as the heir to the Confederacy, would probably have less intelligence than a Terrible Terror and a worse temperament than a Skrill. Even though Elsa knew that decorated war veteran and fellow ice wielder Captain Mattias, the man that had been her loyal bodyguard and second father for years, would be with her and that the rest of his men would be the ones manning her personal Tidal Class Battleship, where the two newlyweds would be living for the foreseeable future, didn't halt the churning in her stomach. Just the thought of the horrors he might try to subject her to…

I…I can't…I can't do this! I-I CAN'T! Elsa cried out mentally, feeling weak and hating every moment of her mental breakdown, even as she quickly sought to calm herself as her eyes took in the thick layer of frost she had already coated this section of the forest in.

Once again Elsa's heart rate spiked and her breathing became labored as she started to tremble, when a concerned warble stole her attention and brought a much needed sense of calm to her. With a small smile Elsa turned towards her dragon Breen, her ever faithful companion and best non-human friend, as she slowly emerged from the trees. The Light Fury's snow white scales, along with her natural camouflaging abilities, often made her difficult for others to spot, but her beautiful soulful blue eyes, so much like Elsa's own, seemed to glow as she approached her beloved rider, radiating a concern and care that Elsa needed in that moment.

The pair had only been bonded three years ago on Elsa's eighteenth birthday, as was the custom in the High Imperium, but already they could speak volumes to each other with just a glance. Sensing her rider's distress, Breen knew she needed to help calm Elsa down, and to that end Breen went with the one trick that always seemed to brighten Elsa's mood. Rising up on her hind legs, Breen sent a small cryogenic blast into the air above their heads and as it started to snow lightly around the pair, Breen could see the distress begin to melt from her riders face, even if just for a moment.

Like the child she once was, caught up in the fun and beauty of the falling snow, Elsa couldn't help the small giggles that began bubbling up inside her at the spectacle. Allowing herself a moment to just be and not think about the worries of the day, Elsa took a moment to be child once again as she sent up a blast of her own, determined to add to the fun, and twirling under the sudden flurry in a slow dance that Breen tried valiantly, if a bit unsuccessfully, to imitate. For a moment the world seemed to stop turning as years of fear and hardships fell away from Elsa's shoulders, but even as the small reprieve ended, and the weight of her looming marriage settled upon her once again, Elsa found that the weight was not quite as heavy as before.

Overwhelmed with feelings of both gratitude and anguish, Elsa couldn't help but force one last laugh as the last flurry fell to the ground of the forest, before all was silent once more. Looking to Breen, sitting upright on her hind legs and wings open in invitation, Elsa could feel the tears prickling at the back of her eyes, but she knew their would be no judgement here and she really need the release. So, without any hesitation, Elsa rushed to her dragon, throwing her arms around her neck, and Breen immediately encircled her with her wings, forming a protective bubble around her human.

In about an hours time, the first rays of sunlight would finally cut through the morning chill and begin to warm the long abandoned clearing, with not a speck of ice to be seen. King Agnarr and Queen Iduna would be giving final instructions to the castle servants and confirming the route they would be taking with the remaining advisors. Princess Anna, much to shock of the entire staff, would already be up and dressed, nervously pacing the castle grounds trying to act as composed as Elsa looked as she sat straight back in a glistening ice dress on Breen's back riding side saddle, the very picture of sophisticated grace. All her bags would be packed and organized on the carriage that an apprehensive Kristoff would be in the process of attaching to both Sven and his personal small clutch of speed stinger dragons, ready to escort the royals on their journey to the docks and her awaiting ship where Captain Mattias already had preparations well underway.

However, in this moment, none of that mattered yet. In this moment, she wasn't Princess Elsa Aurora Arendelle; she was just a scared and confused young woman, faced with an uncertain future. There were no witnesses as the young woman and her dragon cried silent tears in the early dawn, as the frost around the pair continued to grow and snow flurries began to fall, the very sky appearing to cry with her in her moment of anguish. For in this moment, the approaching dawn was still a lifetime away.

AN: Oh the feels! I hope that I was able to convey the anguish both were feeling well enough. I also hope that I still made it feel realistic concerning reactions and emotions. I felt that Hiccup having basically a mini panic attack was realistic in those circumstances and with Elsa's flashback to when she was three, I know she's a little advance, but given the right conditions I don't believe it's overly so.

The stage is now set and next time we'll be witnessing the first meeting between Hiccup and Elsa as they are forced into the most intimate of bonds for the sake of peace. And that's only the beginning as they are forced to endure a lot, from the threat of a renewed war and conspiring enemies to their own personal inner demons; not to mention their new roles as husband and wife, navigating their first year of marriage…actually those first three don't sound so bad when compared to that. Maybe, over time they'll be able to see how they're more alike than they thought, but for now let the tension begin! I'll be striving to let the story progress at a realistic pace, so this defiantly be a bit of a slow burn type scenario, but that doesn't mean these two won't have their moments.

Now, a few quick side notes about the Confederacy and the Imperium, in case I didn't make it clear enough. The Viking Confederacy is made up of the different Viking tribes of the HTTYD books, movies, and series, unless I specify otherwise. They are more connected with Dragons, which they start doing from a much younger age, and are more warrior like and free spirited in nature. The Gathering of Chiefs is basically the equivalent of the Republic Senate from Star Wars, with the position of High Jarl being like the Supreme Chancellor's position. While the position is hereditary, it's more used for oversight and tie breaking during group decision making. The Imperium, is a true Monarchy and is much more advanced in terms of technology. They live with dragons, but haven't integrated with them as much, with some exceptions. Many Lords have direct control of their own territories, but even they too answer to the Royal family of Arendelle.

So, for the purposes of my story, the Light Fury is in fact an ice dragon now, and I chose the name Breen because it sounded pretty and it's the Norwegian word for glacier. Also before anyone asks, yes Olaf will be showing up in the story within the next few chapters and no, as of right now, I have no set plan to bring Rapunzel into this story beyond a minor mention in the next chapter or two, but that could change depending on the direction I take later on. On a little side note, I went with Kristensen for Anna's middle name for two reason: one is her voice actor is Kristen Bell, and the second is Kristiansen is a typical Norwegian last name and apparently many middle names are actually often based on the none last name parental figure's family name.

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