nightwing wasn't sure what he'd see when he went to the manor. but he went in. to see damien fat and lazy. cover with stains. nightwing waved at damien, who let out a fart.


"gross, kid what happened to you" asked nightwing.

"I learned a lesson" replied damien slapping his now doughy belly.

"where's bruce" said nightwing trying to ignore the strange new damien Wayne in front of him.

"the kitchen".

nightwing walk to the kitchen to see bruce fat like damien but also drunk.

"dick" he slurred.

"yeah bruce"

"over here closer, closer" he slurred and nightwing did.

it was silent then bruce let out a fart.


"bruce what happened to you" nightwing said taking off his mask.

" I... hic...urrrrrp...retired " he stammered.

then Bruce's eyes glowed.

as he knocked out nightwing.

nightwing woke tied a chair.

"what is all this" he screamed.

"a lesson" bruce said.

he feed nightwing cake after cake.

nightwing felt is stomach growing and for some reason he liked the feeling.

bruce kept feeding him.

after a while nightwing felt his costume ride up is belly and his pecs starting to droop.

he was fed his fifty-th cake.

he let out a huge belch.


bruce just smiled at nightwing and kissed him on the belly.