This is a really short ficlet written for lollixlolli's experiment.

The prompt is this: Character B finds themselves mysteriously shrunken down to 1inch tall, and meets an unfortunate end underneath Character A's giant bare feet.

Mine takes place when Tom Riddle tries to frame Hagrid.

"Hagrid, stand aside. Stand aside now!" yelled a sixteen year old Tom Riddle.

"No,… not Aragog, he din' do anything!" screamed a panicked second year named Rubeus Hagrid.

Tom Riddle lunged at Hagrid. Tom wasn't expecting any harm to come to himself. After all, everyone knew that Hagrid was a monster obsessed near squib.

"GAH AHHH!" screamed Hagrid.

Hagrid grabbed Tom Riddle and felt the power of raw magic ride through his very veins. Suddenly Hagrid yelled. "REDUCIO!"

"AHHHHHHH!" squealed Tom Riddle

Tom Riddle was now 1 inch tall. How did the giant do this? he thought. Suddenly, he saw Hagrid slowly taking of his shoe. Oh no. Please no.

"Well, well Riddle, who's the underdog here?" the half giant growled.

"No!" Tom Riddle squealed, "No! Please don't hurt me! I have to much to live for!"

"Say bye bye Tommy." Hagrid smiled viciously.

"Nooo!" Tom Riddle's last thought before Hagrid's foot hit him was that maybe, just maybe, he should have recruited the half giant instead of Walden McNair.

Rubeus Hagrid grew up to become a magizoologist, Harry Potter had a little sister named Alexa Potter, a twenty eight year old Fred Weasley had a child named George Weasley, and all was well.