Chapter 1: The Departure

A/N: Hello everybody, welcome to a new story of mine, that combines two of my favorite things. Pokemon, and Webtoon. First credit goes to Pokemon, I do not own that, yada yada yada, And the second is unOrdinary, a webtoon created by uru-chan. Okay, with that said, enjoy the story!


Ash POV:

I start to walk up the white quartz stairs to the white god looking at me. "So, you have overstayed your welcome." Arceus said to me. "Yes, I completed my dream, to become a Pokemon Master, but I can't continue having fun in Galar?" I reply, to the white llama looking down on me. "No, you have overstayed your welcome, chosen one. Now, I must send you to a dimension, as a punishment." Arceus said. "You will go to this dimension, and enroll in Wellston High School, where Pokemon do not exist." "What?!" I shout, trying not to make a disturbance. "Instead of Pokemon, these people have powers. You may use your Pokemon, but please only use them in emergencies. Pikachu will either have to be left behind or put in a Pokeball." Arceus continued. "Pika?!" Pikachu said. "It's your choice, Pikachu." Arceus and I said in unison. At that, Pikachu surprisingly tapped on the red ball, and was sucked inside. "You may bring three Pokemon with you. Also, you may use your aura, to defend yourself, or to contact me for a Pokemon switch. Other than Pikachu, choose three others." Arceus said. "I'll choose my Dragonite and Gengar from Galar." "As you wish." Arceus finally said. "Also, before you leave, look for John and Seraphina. They are nice people." The next thing I remember was blacking out.

John POV:

I slam my knee into Gavin one more time, telling him not to mess with Seraphina or I. "Hey, cripple, watch it when you talk to a higher rank, you idiot!" Learn your place or be forced into it!" Gavin shouted at me, while coming at me with his stone fist. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see a kid with black hair that's all messy and shaggy run at us and put himself between us. "Oh, the new kid?" Gavin said. "Learn your place in the hierarchy. Or show us your ability." "Ability?" The teenager said. "Huh? You challenging me?" Gavin said. Then, the teen pulled a red and black ball out of his pocket. "Oh no, are you going to hit me with a ball?" Gavin mockingly said. Instead, he threw it behind him, and a blinding white light came out of the ball, and next, a much larger purple creature came out of the ball. "What the f*ck?!" Everyone said. "What?" he said, then looked like he remembered something, and then, he grabbed the ball, and clicked on the circle in the middle, a red light sucking the purple creature up. Lin started walking towards the teen, as the needles started to grow on his hands.

Ash POV:

"What are those!?" I shout. "Needles. It's my ability." a guy with purple-ish hair said. I back up, hoping to not get pricked by thousands of miniscule needles. "Heh, no backing away now, you cripple." He said. "I walk perfectly fine though?" I say, hoping that he doesn't do anything too bad. Then, I hear something being fired from behind me. I look behind me, to see Paul, firing missiles at the guy. "Paul?" I ask. "Ash?" he replies to me.

A few hours later, after getting to know people, like Arlo, Remi, and Zeke, Paul takes me to the dorms. This is my dorm, I share it with my friend, Hower. "Hey, what's up, new kid." He said. "A cripple? You're wasting your time on a cripple?" "I don't get what this place is, calling me a cripple. I walk just fine." I whispered under his breath. "Watch it cripple, or Imma show you your place in life." He said, before his hand turned bright orange. Instead of doing anything, he just steered me out of the room. "There's someone else you might want to know.

We started walking across the courtyard, when six people jump us. Four male, two female. One of the males, the kid John was fighting, turned gray, while another male, had his fists enlarged and turned to stone. The other four all just turned and left, recording it on their phones. Gavin threw a punch at me, so I dodged, grabbed his hand, and threw him to the ground, right before walking across his face. The stone fist guy was handling Paul, before one of the fists hit Paul square in the chest. "Paul!" I shout. In that time, Gavin grabbed onto my leg, and swept me off the ground. I fell right on my face, and blood starts coming out of my nose. So I do bleed in this world. I looked at him, right before I could see much better, and I could see blue aura in a circle around me. I put my hands up in a good position, then slam them down, as the blue aura shot out, hitting Gavin and the other guy. "A shockwave?" Gavin said. "Aura?" The other kid said. "Dark blue eyes?!" The both screamed in unison. "Oh no, people with dark blue eyes normally have night vision or hunt with them." Gavin said. "Run!" They both screamed, respectively. "Paul, are you okay?" I asked my rival, who was coughing blood from out of his mouth, and I got him up, and helped him as we limped to the infirmary.

When we got there, John and Sepharina were surprisingly there. The doctor came, and he took Paul. He got a glass full of green stuff and handed it to Paul, who drank it. Then, I hear the slamming of the door, and a shout from a girls voice. I turn around. "Casey?!"


Thank you, for the first chapter of Pokemon:UnOrdinary! For those of you who don't know what it is, I will explain it to you, so you can understand this chapter. Okay, so this is a world where almost everyone has an ability. For Gavin, it's Stone Skin, for Lin, it's Needles, for Paul, it's Missiles. But some people like John, or Ash in the first half of the chapter, have no powers, and are considered cripples. They all go to a high school, where there is a hierarchy based on your power level, a stat to tell you how powerful a person is, and there are Royals of schools. The strongest person is the Ace. The strongest male is the King, and the strongest female is the queen, respectively. The second strongest person, male or female, is the Jack. However, power levels mean nothing in the Royals. To become a royal, you must beat the royal in a battle you are looking to replace, or, you can be the next fit for the position when the student graduates. Oh, I'm probably confusing you all right now, but in this series, just like UnOrdinary, there will be a bonus of characters and their abilities for people to remember.




Unknown Abilities

Power Level: N/A


Extreme Aura Manipulation- just like the title says, Night Vision- this one is also obvious

Power Level: N/A


Missiles- he can fire explosive projectiles from his hand

Power Level(PL): 2.6


Stone Skin- skin turns to stone, boosting defense, and damage, while slightly mlowers speed.

PL: 2.9


Needles- Needles can appear from out of his hand, and he can fire them as well.

PL: 1.6

Thanks for reading Chapter 1 of Pokemon:UnOrdinary! See you soon!