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"You killed me Alex! I'm dead because of you."

"Jack? N0 I'm sorry. It wasn't me I couldn't help." Alex cried. Oh god it was a horrible sight. Flames as bright as her hair were engulfing her body. Her eyes were pure white whilst reflecting the heat around her.

"You're selfish Alex" Jack screeched, her body moving closer to Alex with every word "You didn't stop me from coming with you to Cairo. I would be alive if it wasn't for you. You killed me!"

"No Jack. I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry. Please I didn't mean too."

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Suddenly a bloodcurdling scream was echoed through the house. "Jay are you awake, did you hear that?" Terry said suddenly waking up from his sleep.

"What the hell was that?" Jay whispered eyes still trying to adjust to the darkness.

"Someone screaming, I'm not sure. Shall we go see if Ryan's awake?" Terry said whilst pulling a jumper, that was situated on the floor, over his head.

"Yeah, shouldn't we see Dad and see if he heard it?" Jay suggested

"No don't wake Dad, he's just come back from another mission remember. Just let him sleep"

Quietly opening there door they silently made their way to Ryan's room two doors down. "Ryan, you awake" Jay said gently knocking on Ryan's door.

Slowly the door opened to reveal a tired looking Ryan with his red fiery hair sticking up all over the place. " 'Ow could I not be awake after that." His voice slurred "Do you know where it came from?"

Terry and Jay chuckled at how Ryan looked. "No clue mate, do you think Skylar is awake?"

"I'm going to be awake with how loud you lot are being" a voice said behind the Twins.

"Bloody hell Sky I told you not to do that you're going to give me a heart attack one day" Terry said quickly spinning around to come face to face with emerald green eyes.

"Oh shut up Terry, stop over exaggerating"

"Guys both of you shut up "Ryan said "Can you hear that?" Down the corridor whimpering and shuffling could be heard. "I think it's coming from Alex's room"

Slowly the four of them made their way down the hall to Alex's room. As they got closer the whimpering became louder.

"Do you think we should knock?" jay said standing in front of everyone

Ryan slowly made his way in front of jay and knocked "Alex?" there was no answer. Ryan started to worry it sounded like Alex was quite distressed. He turned to the others. "I think we should just go in" he said with a worried expression on his face. He turned to the door and slowly turned the handle. When the door was open wide enough he peaked his head around to see Alex entangled in his quilt cover and a layer of sweat covering his face.

Ryan slowly mode his way over to Alex while the others waited at the door. "Alex mate wake up" Ryan said softly. Alex didn't hear him and he stated to thrash about even more pain written across his face.

The twins at the door just stared in shock they had never seen Alex like this before. Skylar had seen Alex have a panic attack but this still shocked her.

"Alex please wakes up" Ryan said this while placing a hand on Alex shoulder. Bad move.

Alex shot out of bed lightning fast. Quickly grabbing the arm that was placed on his shoulder and twisted it around his 'attackers' back and pinning them to the floor.

"ALEX!" Sky screamed. "Alex let go it's us your on top of Ryan let go" Sky could see that he wasn't listening to her she quickly spun around to face the twins. "Terry quickly go fetch Ben" But Terry was already running down the corridor knowing what Skylar was going to say.

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Terry couldn't believe how fast he was running he was soon stood at Ben's side shaking him awake. "Dad wake up please."

Ben slowly opened his eyes to stare at Terry. "What are you doing up this early Ter. What's up?" He said quickly seeing Terry's panicked state.

"Me, jay, sky and Ryan heard this scream and we went to Alex's room and saw he was having a nightmare." As he was explaining Ben quickly got up and pulled on his blue dressing gown. "Ryan went to wake Alex up and he tried to shake his shoulder and he moved so fast that Ryan couldn't move out the way and now Riders got Ryan pinned to the floor and sky tried to tell him to get off but he won't listen." When He had finished explaining both of them were running out of Bens bedroom and down the landing.

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When Ben reached Alex's room he saw Jay trying to approach Alex. "Jay don't come here" Jay saw his dad coming to him and quickly got out the way and stood with terry and sky.

Ben slowly started to approach Alex. "Alex buddy listen to me look at me. Its Dad, it's Ben."

'It's not Ben' Alex thought 'don't listen to it Alex it's not ben'. He placed more pressure on Ryan's arm which earned a gasp from him.

Ben soon reached Alex side "Alex please kiddo look at me your on top of Ryan you don't want to hurt him. Come on he's not a threat." Alex grip loosened a bit but not enough for Ryan to get from underneath him. Ben could see that he was getting through to Alex so he started to talk again this time while lifting Alex chin so Alex could focus on him.

"That's it look it's me Alex you're not in danger your safe no one's here threaten you." As soon as he said this he saw recognition in Alex eyes.


"Yeah it's me kiddo"

Alex looked down to see that in fact he was on top of Ryan. 'Oh god what did I do' Alex thought. He quickly moved of Ryan and slid down the wall behind him. Pulling his knees to his chest and resting his head on top of them.

When Alex moved Ben quickly went to help Ryan up. "Are you ok?" he said to the seventeen year old. Ryan started to move his arm is a circular motion.

"Yeah dad I'm fine well go to my room and wait there" he said then turned to look at Alex curled up against the wall. "Just worry about Alex at the moment." He turned to the others "come on guys"

When everyone left the room ben turned and crouched in front of Alex. "I'm s-so sorry Ben" Alex said looking up at Ben with tears falling down his cheeks. "I-I didn't realise what I was doing."

"Hey, hey Alex its ok Ryan's fine he's not hurt." Ben said wiping the tears of Alex cheek with his thumb. It was hurting him to see Alex so stressed.

"I could have h-hurt him though Ben I could h-have done a lot worse." Alex said wiping the sweat of his forehead with the back of his hand. "I can't control myself"

Ben quickly pulled Alex into his chest. He quickly rubbed his own tears away from his face so Alex would see them. This wasn't his fault it was bloody MI6 they made him like this.

"Do you want to tell me about your nightmare kiddo?" Ben said still keeping Alex tight to his chest

"N-no" Alex thought about it in a couple of second then spoke. "I-It was about…. J-Jack. She was stood right in front of m-me and she was on fire. Like she was in the c-car wreckage and s-she was saying that i-it was all my fault." He took a shaky breath "it was m-my fault Ben if I had just made her stay at home she would be alive. It's all my f-fault."

Ben started to rub circles on his back. "It's not your fault Alex. I'm sorry for what happened but no one could have stopped it. I know it's hard but now you need to look forward. Jack wouldn't want to be like this. I bet she would give up her life for you Alex again and again. Remember as well no one's ever truly gone Alex as long as you keep her in memory and heart she will still live on.

'Maybe Bens right' Alex thought. 'Unfortunately I can't change the past, but that shouldn't stop me focusing on the future that lies ahead'

"Is Ryan ok?" his mind suddenly switching back from his thoughts.

"He's fine Alex don't worry, his arms probably just going to ache in the morning" Ben said moving Alex of his embrace.

"Oh" said Alex looking away sheepishly.

"Don't worry anyway" Ben said a smile creeping upon his face "we can always ask him why a fifteen year old could pin him down so easily"

Alex started to laugh maybe things are ok after all.

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