5 Times Jessica Day Peed on a Stick

Authors Note: I've been having MAJOR baby fever lately so I thought I would take that out in my writing, specifically in the form of fanfiction because I really like my writing to be read and I know if I were to write something fictional that is non fanfiction it would probably never be read. Also I've been on a huge Nick and Jess kick lately, henceforth this. Takes place after season six, once they finally figure it out. Completely ignore season 7, and also I have definitely fudged their ages a little bit (Jess is three years younger than canon) so just bare with me y'all.

Chapter 1

"Oh God," Jess mumbled, slowly taking in her surroundings as she began to open her eyes. She was definitely very uncomfortable, coming to the realization that she was on the kitchen floor, wearing only underwear and one of Nick's tee-shirts. Her mouth felt full, and her head throbbed worse than ever before. She craned her neck a little bit and saw Nick laying on his side, his mouth was hanging open slightly and he was snoring softly. She felt a heavy weight across her waist, realizing it was Nick's arm draped across her.

She sat up slowly, realizing that Nick was fully naked on the floor of their kitchen. She looked around the loft and took in the mess around her; the couch cushions thrown all over the floor, the beer cans scattered all over the place, and right next to Nick's head was an empty bottle of Jack Daniels. Did we really drink a whole bottle of Jack? Jess asked herself, wincing at the memory of when she suggested they play True American. The game has never played with just two people before, and clearly it was a horrible choice on both their parts.

"Nick," she hummed softly, attempting to wake him up so they can at least move to their bedroom. She tapped his shoulder hard, attempting to make sure he in fact, is not dead from alcohol poisoning.

"Jess." He finally managed to moan out, "What did we do?"

She takes a second to answer, shuddering at the memory of Nick doing body shots off of her while she shotgunned a beer. "I'm going to die," she said softly, quickly standing up and running over to the sink to vomit.

Nick found his boxers and pulled them on, walking over to Jess to hold her hair back as she emptied the contents of her stomach. "No more high Jess," Nick said, rubbing his hand across her back. Jess's eyes widened as the memories began to flood back.

*** The Previous Night ***

"Well guys. This is it." Winston sighed, enveloping both Nick and Jess in a deep hug. Today was the day. Winston and Aly were finally moving out of the loft, their wedding a week from now, and they really did not want to be a married couple living with roommates.

"We'll see ya man." Nick said, firmly slapping his friend on the back. "We love you Winnie," Jess followed, picking up Ferguson's cat carrier and handing it to him.

The door finally shut, and Jess threw her hands up exclaiming, "We're alone!"

"No more cats!" Nick yelled, wrapping his arms around Jess and pressing a rough kiss to her lips.

"So, Miss. Day, what's your plan for tonight girl?" Nick said smiling, against her lips. Jess had promised him she was to make this night special, to christen the first night of them actually living alone.

"Well… since we no longer live with two cops," and with that she took off to their room, Nick waiting patiently in the hallway. He laughed out loud when she began to play 'The return of High Jess,' through the speakers Nick installed a few months ago.

"Jessica Day. I thought 'high Jess,' comes out only once every ten years." He walked into their room, only to see her pull a bowl and a bag of weed out of the top drawer in her dresser.

"It's a special occasion. Besides we have never gotten high together before Nick." She said in her most obnoxious know-it-all voice, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world to do.

"Well you know I will never turn down a bag of weed." He made a poor attempt at wiggling his eyebrows, grabbing the bowl from Jess and cracking open the window in their room.

***Saturday Morning***

Jess threw up for what was probably the third time that morning, although she felt like it was just one never ending stream. Nick handed her a bottle of water, and mumbled something about it being almost two in the afternoon.

"How did we even make the game work with just the two of us?" Jess said, her stomach finally getting a break.

"Clearly not well, I've never seen you so hungover." Nick said, taking a seat at the kitchen counter and pouring bowls of cereal for both him and Jess. "Who's idea was it to have sex on the kitchen floor?"

"I don't know," She sighed out, "I don't remember anything after I said we were going to have a shot contest."

"Oh yeah. You wanted to out drink me." Jess rolled her eyes at Nick's response, laughing at the fact that she allowed herself to get so messy. But really it was just her and Nick now anyways, she could be messy around him if she wanted. She knew that no matter what he would be by her side. Even if they were drinking from wine bottles like it was water. Nick laughed at the memory of Jess's discovery of apple flavored wine.

"It's just like apple juice Nick." She screamed excitedly as she stood on one of the bar stools they had at their kitchen counter, attempting to put her hair up into pigtails while holding the now half empty bottle of wine in between her thighs. "There is no going back now."

"Oh God," She felt like gagging again and announced she was going to go to bed, while Nick offered to make her 'hangover eggs'.

Unfortunately for Jess, her stomach never did manage to settle itself the rest of the day. Thankfully it was a Saturday and she had a full day to recover. Sunday was still pretty rough for Jess, and this is when Nick began to worry.

He came home with bagels and coffee, with Schmidt in tow to clean up the mess that was made two days ago. Schmidt stated that Cece had kicked him out of the house for being 'too overbearing,' because that three month old Ruth was experiencing her first cold and Schmidt actually was losing it.

Nick wasn't surprised really. Ever since Jess moved in almost seven years ago, she brought home all sorts of kid germs from work, and Schmidt actually began to go crazy. Jess jokingly said that after Ruth was born, he was probably going to wrap his daughter in bubble wrap until she went off to college. Thank god Cece can balance him out, Nick thought to himself as he watched Schmidt began to pick up their laundry off the floor using a pair of tongs from the kitchen.

"What the hell Nicholas?" Schmidt said finally, after realizing how much of a mess his friends truly made of their lives. "Weed? Really?"

"Hey it was Jess's idea."

"I'm so sick of this hippie liberal bullshit." Schimdt said rolling his eyes, "I swear it's getting worse as you guys get older."

Jess chose to make her grand appearance at that moment, still looking just as terrible as she had the previous day. "I think I'm going to have to call in tomorrow. This is hands down the worst I've ever felt."

"Hey Jess? You doing okay?" Schmidt said, as Nick helped Jess to sit down and gave her a bagel to munch on.

"I think maybe you should go to the hospital babe," Nick said, helping her get her hair up into a bun.

"I'll be fine really, I just need sleep." She mumbled against her hand trying to suppress a yawn. "Just never again let me try to out drink Nick Miller."

"Yeah, no shit," Schmidt chimed in. "Remember when Cece tried to a few years ago on Valentine's day?"

Jess wrinkled her nose at the memory, and Nick put his hands up in surrender.

"Schmidt you don't have to clean our loft." Jess said sympathetically, she would have done it herself but she felt too terrible.

"It relaxes me, I've been cleaning up after Nick for almost 20 years now. Don't think that just because you two finally grew up and are in an adult relationship, I'm going to stop taking care of him."

"It's just really weird man." Nick said, while he and Jess are both thankful that Schmidt finally stopped Fredo kissing Nick, they definitely can agree that he needs to calm down. Something that Jess tried to tell him repeatedly throughout Cece's pregnancy.

Jess even suggested they go for another Rumspringa a few weeks before Ruth was due to be born, to help Schmidt relax. The three of them ended up stranded with a flat tire in the middle of the desert on the way home from a night in Vegas. Schmidt nearly had a heart attack when he got home after a day of living off of Jess's car cookies and found out that Cece's water had broken and he hadn't been there.

Nick made the executive decision that there were going to be no more Rumspringa's.

"Ya know what? We are who we are." Jess said finally, she's been pushing for her friends to accept themselves as weirdos for years now. "Schmidt is a control freak, and Nick and I can't figure out how to grow up."

"Don't forget Winston, we have to accept his weird cat thing too."

"Winston doesn't count, he takes it way too far with the cat." Nick interrupted, "Remember for that full year when we thought he was dating the cat?"

"Oh yeah, and all the cat interventions we tried to hold? That always ended up with someone in tears?"

"Some of our worst loft fights happened during those interventions." Schmidt said, definitely making it evident that he missed those shenanigans, no matter how many times Jess would threaten to flush his Stefano Ricci tie collection down the toilet.

***Wednesday Afternoon***

"Cece!" Jess pounded on the front door for a solid two seconds before barging into the home of her best friend. "Ceec I need to talk to you!"

"Dammit Jessica, you are so lucky Ruth wasn't sleeping. I would have killed you." Schmidt yelled from the kitchen as Jess dropped her coat and purse to the floor and made a near mad dash upstairs to find Cece.

It was now Wednesday, and Jess was still reeling from the events of last weekend. She had been sick every morning, and staying home from work (say what you want about going into education, but being a principal definitely came with benefits.) She and Nick really just thought she had alcohol poisoning, that was at least until this morning.

"I think I'm pregnant." Jess cried out as soon as she saw her best friend, sitting on her bed nursing her infant daughter.

"What?" Cece exclaimed, careful not to disturb her daughter.

Jess sat at the end of the bed and tried to explain the details of this morning, "I don't know. I'm freaking out. I've been so sick the past few days and I just thought it was because of friday night," Cece nodded along in understanding, shuddering at the thought of Jess getting that drunk.

"Don't judge me, anyway, so this morning Nick was getting ready to go meet with his publisher about the next Pepperwood. And he asked me if I wanted him to pick me up any pads or tampons on the way home. And I was all like 'huh,' and Nick was all like 'yeah I know your time of the month is around now.' And sidebar can we talk about how sweet it is that Nick keeps track of that kinda stuff? Who woulda thought?"

"Okay Jess babe get back on track." Cece said, trying to keep her friend's focus on the situation at hand.

"Okay so then I realized that I'm late. Like a week late. Which ya know sometimes that's normal for me. So I haven't thought much about it. But then I've been getting sick so much the past few days and I've had two panic attacks today I don't know what to do."

"Okay. Jess, take a pregnancy test." Cece said calmly, the girl definitely had her own faults but no matter what she always knew how to handle Jess.

"I can't have a baby Cece. I'm nowhere near ready. And Nick? What if this isn't what he wants yet?" Jess's worries began to spill out and she felt herself spiraling. "I am turning thirty four tomorrow and five days ago my boyfriend and I were funneling beer out of a PVC pipe we found in Winston's room. I'm on the brink of strangling the PTA at my school. I can't have a baby if I'm going to murder people."

"Okay that bender you and Nick went on the other night is definitely something we are going to talk about later." Cece said, trying to rationalize Jess's actions, making a mental note that maybe the stress of her job was getting to her. "But Jess you are more ready to be a mom than anybody I have ever met. You'll be fine."

"Nick has been talking about the future a lot recently, I think it's because he thinks it's stuff I want to hear. But honestly? We are just now learning how to live alone. Winston and Aly literally moved out five days ago. I kind of want time for just me and Nick." Jess laughed out, almost as an afterthought, "I really thought we would get a dog before we have a baby." Jess went silent for a moment, and then let out a deep sigh, "But also I want a baby. It's really just that simple. I really want to be a mom and it's not like we are getting any younger."

She laid down on top of a pillow and started to scream into it, "what am I going to do?"

"Talk to Nick babe. I love you. But this is something Nick has to know about."

***Wednesday Night***

"Hey Jess, honey?" Nick knocked on the bathroom door later on that evening. Jess was willing herself to pee on the pregnancy test, but she was too nervous and it wasn't coming. "You feeling better babe? Would it be worth it to make a reservation for dinner tomorrow?"

Jess realized there was no hiding what she was doing in there, as there were eight different pregnancy tests scattered around the floor. Nick knocked once more, before opening the door. "Jess? What's all this?"

He stopped for a second, she sat crossed legged on the floor, her hair in a messy ponytail and she was wearing nothing but a pair of pajama shorts and one of his hoodies. His eyes growing wide realizing what was scattered around her."Jess, are you?"

"I don't know." She said, looking defeated. "I think so, I need to take a test still."

He crouched down to meet her at eye level, he stroked her check with the side of his finger and pressed a gentle kiss against her forehead. "Look at me. Jess." He breathed out slowly, "whatever happens we will work it out okay?"

"I can't pee. I've been trying for two hours." Jess signed sadly, if I can't even pee on a stick how am I supposed to be a good mom, she thought to herself, running her hand through her hair.

"I'll go get you some water alright?" Nick said quickly getting up and running into the kitchen. He felt like his heart stopped as soon as he opened the bathroom door. He wanted kids, he has always wanted kids. He just wasn't so sure he was ready for this yet, and seeing Jess on the floor of the bathroom so stressed out and broken. He felt sick thinking that he put her in this situation.

She chugged down the water he brought to her, waiting in silence for the urge to go to the bathroom.

"Jess if you are pregnant, I really think we should consider moving." Jess quirked an eyebrow up in response, and Nick continued, "This place is really not safe for kids. The front door doesn't even lock anymore."

She laughed a little at that, even at their most tensest moments leave it to Nick Miller to always find a way to make her smile. He grabbed her hand and rubbed his thumb in small circles across the top of it. She met his eyes, and he gave her a small smile at the sound of her laugh. It didn't matter how stressed out Jess was, she somehow knew everything was going to be okay with Nick here with her.

"Okay, I'm ready to try again." Jess said, standing up, grabbing one of the tests and walking into the stall.

"I am having a heart attack." Jess said as she walked out of the stall and plopped back down on the floor next to Nick. "The box says to wait three minutes."

Nick moved closer to Jess, and wrapped his arm around her allowing Jess to sink into his comfort. "How long have you been thinking about this Jess?" Nick asked finally, breaking the deafening silence that fell between them.

"Since this morning, I realized I was late," she answered.

"I guess it makes sense with how sick you've been."

The timer Nick had set on his phone went off, indicating that the three minutes were up and Jess felt her heart beat rising up in her throat while she turned the test over to see the results.

"Ha. Maybe it was alcohol poisoning after all," Jess said lifting the tense mood that had surrounded them for the past thirty minutes.

It was negative.

"Oh thank god," Nick let out a long sigh of relief and laid down on the floor.

Jess felt like she could breathe again for the first time all day. She lay down next to Nick, nestling herself in his arms, and trying to rationalize the thoughts that raced through her head.

"I want kids, you know I want kids." Nick began, he felt like he had to explain himself. "I just wanted to have my life a little more together before we started. Ya know, marriage. Moving into an actual home."

"I one hundred percent agree with you babe." Jess said, but she felt like that wasn't enough. She felt like she had to reassure Nick that he had his life together, and honestly maybe Jess needed a little reassurance herself that she was finally getting it together.

She had her dream job, kind of if you ignored all the drama associated with it, and really for the first time in her life she felt like she was in a completely stable and functional relationship. But, she felt like it wasn't enough yet. The last couple of years have been so hard for her, she felt like she was failing at being an adult so hard. She's tried to talk to Cece about this before, and Nick, of course.

Winston and Aly were getting married in just a few days, Cece and Schmidt had an actual baby together. And here is Jess; laying in the arms of her boyfriend, on her bathroom floor, and unbelievably relieved that she's not pregnant.

"So your birthday tomorrow?" Nick began, trying to take the focus off of what just happened. "Do you still want to go out, or?"

Tomorrow was Thursday, she would be thirty four. She also realized she would have to go back to work tomorrow, and she had to run the weekly staff meeting. On Friday they had Winston's rehearsal dinner, and Saturday they had Winston's wedding. Jess thought about it a little bit more, and finally spoke up after a few more minutes of sad silence overwhelmed by the stress in her life. "Can we just have a quiet night in? Maybe get some carry out?"

"It would be rude to ask you to make your own birthday cake right?" Nick asked jokingly, although they both knew there were some serious undertones to it as he would never be able to find a store bought cake as amazing as the ones she makes.

"I'd love to, but I don't think I will have time." Jess said, "but maybe you can get some cupcakes from the same bakery the Cece and Schmidt got their wedding cake from?"

They were silent for a few more moments, and then Nick spoke up once again, "Jessica, are you gonna be okay?"

She thought for a moment, wanting to lie to him and tell him she was completely fine now that she knows she's not pregnant. But then she thought through the stressful day that she had, and the panic attacks that got way out of her control. She thought about the fact that she really felt like she had something missing, she just wasn't sure what it was. She didn't know how to explain this to Nick, so instead she responded with, "I don't know yet, but I'll get there."

Nick moved to stand up, and held his hand out to help Jess stand up too. "Just so you know Jess, I'll never stop loving you. No matter what." He said lightly, his hand curling through her hair. She kissed him softly and left for the kitchen to make herself some tea.

***The next morning***

"Schmidt." Nick snapped, walking into his kitchen and seeing his former roommate at the stove cooking something unnecessarily extravagant. "You don't live here man. What are you doing here?"

"Oh Nicholas, you dumb boy. How could you not tell me?" Schmidt snapped right back at him.

"We are partners, you have to tell your partner this type of important information."

"Okay. number one," Nick began. "Do not say we are partners. We are not gay Schmidt, we own a business together. And Two, what the hell are you talking about?"

"Jess man! I overheard her and Cece yesterday." Schmidt began to explain, and realization dawned on Nick. "Of course Cece wouldn't tell me anything, because apparently her secrets with Jess are a lot more important than her relationship with her husband. So I figured I'd come to you for the hot goss."

"Jesus Schmidt. Boundaries," Nick said rolling his eyes.

"Well, are you gonna be a daddy Nicholas?"

"No. She took a test. It was negative." Nick moved to the fridge pulling out a beer for both him and Schmidt. "None of your business. End of story. Now if you are going to be here you are going to help me clean up the loft and decorate for when Jess comes home from work."

"I thought she told Cece she didn't want a party this year."

"Yeah, but it's Jess man. You can't just not give her balloons and streamers on her birthday." Nick explained, motioning to the pile of balloons that had yet to be blown up.

"Look at you Nicholas. I'm so proud of you." Schmidt said excitedly, "doing what you can to make your girl happy. Who would have ever thought? Nicholas Miller. Perfect Boyfriend."

"She's had a tough week," Nick said, as almost after an afterthought, "actually it's been a tough couple of months for her. I think her job is starting to really get to her. She puts up with so much bull from the rich parents at her school. You should really hear the way she talks about some of these people."

Before Schmidt could have the chance to respond to what Nick was saying, Winston walked into the loft. "You too Winston? What the hell? You moved out last week."

"Hey, as long as your door doesn't lock it's a free for all." Winston said in reply, opening up the fridge and pulling out a bowl of Jess's organic grapes. "Look at you, Jess even has you willingly eating organic food."

"Well, once she explained about all the harsh chemicals in the food we eat, I started to get worried about what our government could do to tamper our food and poison us with. Or ya know. Mind control." Nick said nonchalantly.

Winston and Schmidt exchanged a look, knowing that while their friend is growing up, he'll never drop the conspiracy theorist act.

"You're worried that the government is going to control your mind through your food?" Schmidt asked, trying to take the conversation seriously. "Eh, I'm not going to judge at least you are eating healthy. I've been trying to get you to do that for years."

Winston started blowing up the balloon, while Nick and Schmidt began to hang the streamers across the kitchen and the living room. It wasn't much, but Nick did want to give Jess something special today. He had ordered vanilla cupcakes from the bakery that Jess liked so much, and even got party hats for them to wear, for the two person party they were going to have.

"Anyway, Nick." Winston began, "I came over to proof the best man speech you wrote, I don't want a repeat of what happened at Coach's wedding last August."

"Hey, I'm a published author now. I can write a good best man's speech." Nick said in defense of himself.

"You were a published author last August Nick." Schmidt chimes in, "we love you man, but you say some really weird things sometimes." Schmidt said referencing the entirety of Nicks's best man at his own wedding, with the theme of the speech being solely based on Nick's idea that marriage was about sex and property.

Nick rolled his eyes, but decided maybe it was best, it was Winston's wedding after all. "It's on my desk in my office," Nick said. A month after he and Jess had gotten back together officially, Nick moved into her room full time and converted his bedroom into an office to have a more 'appropriate,' writing space.

"Nick, make sure you keep Schmidt away from my mom tomorrow and saturday okay?" Winston said, after handing Nick's best man speech back to him, telling him it was 'surprisingly very endearing' and Nick slapped him for using the word 'endearing.'

"Schmidt is married now. That's his wife's job."

"Yeah and it's not like I'm going to try and hook up with your sister." Schmidt said, attempting to defend himself.

"You get really weird around black people Schmidty." Nick said, remembering that Winston is in fact black and so is the entirety of his family.

With that Schmidt picked up a handful of peanuts that were sitting on the kitchen table and chucked them across the room at Nick and Winston. And Winston retaliated by throwing an apple at Schmidt.

"Hey guys enough. Jess is going to be home soon. She doesn't need to come home to a mess." Nick said. "Now if you're gonna stay here, help me finish getting ready."

"No can do. Winnie's gotta go pick up his mom from the airport." Winston's said, grabbing his keys and walking out the door. "See ya guys tomorrow."

"I'll go pick up those cupcakes you ordered. Cece said she wants to bring Ruth by later." Schmidt said, placing a hand on Nick's shoulder. "I'm sure that will help Jess cheer up a little bit." He gave Nick a reassuring squeeze and walked out the door, leaving Nick to finish decorating for Jess's small party by himself.

***Later in the Day***

Jess slammed the door to her loft shut, failing to take notice of any of the decorations that Nick had worked so hard to put up. She stormed straight into the multi-purpose room, pulled out her old boxing bag from the closet and went to town on it. Screaming as hard as she could.

"Jessica?" Nick asked tentatively, knocking on the door. "You okay babe?"

Jess did not respond, instead she continued to pound on the boxing bag, and scream until her lungs hurt. A few minutes later she re-emerged from the room, and walked into the kitchen pouring herself a glass of wine.

"You wanna talk about it?" Nick asked her, getting up from the stool at the kitchen counter, to place a kiss on her forehead.

"No, I don't want to think about it anymore." Jess said, surveying the loft and smiling in delight at the work that Nick did for her. There was a banner reading "Happy Birthday Jess," draped across the large windows, and a fancy assortment of balloons and streamers hanging from the ceiling. She beamed, and she felt herself melt into something very warm and comforting as tears welled up behind her eyes and threatened to spill over. "You did all of this for me?"

"Of course I did." Nick smiled back, "I know you wanted it low key. But I figured that this is as low key as Jess Day was willing to go."

"Thank you so much." She said, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him full on the mouth. She was reminded of last year, on Valentine's Day when Nick became 'Big Boy Cupid,' for Reagan, up until then she thought he didn't have a romantic bone in his body. And then she convinced herself, maybe it was just her that Nick didn't want to put into the romantic effort for. The past ten months have greatly changed that brief outlook that she had, as Nick had every single inkling of a romantic bone in his body and he tried his best to prove it to her as often as he could.

"You are very welcome." He said, pulling himself away from her a little bit. "I was going to order take out too. But I figured I'd let you choose that. And Schmidt, Cece and Ruth will be here in a little bit with some cupcakes. The rest of the night is entirely up to you honey."

"Well when Cece gets here, I have a few more adjustments to make on our 'groomswomen' dresses. But then after that, totally relaxing night okay?"

"Relaxing? That I can do," Nick said. His mind quickly wandered into his dresser drawer, he questioned whether or not now was the time to propose to her. But he wanted to make it so much more special than she could ever imagine. Now was not the time.

Jess decided she wanted to order from the new vegan Indian restaurant down the street. They walked hand in hand out of the loft, and across their neighborhood to pick up the food. They stopped at the craft store on the way home so Jess could pick up her free birthday yarn that she got for being a rewards member. They stopped so Jess could squeal over every dog they saw, and Nick made a mental note to make sure they seriously start looking into adopting a dog soon. Now that they lived alone (and that damn cat wasn't with them anymore) they could finally start to adopt the three dogs that Jess and Nick had always agreed they wanted to get.

A few hours later, Cece and Schmidt had come over and Jess had been able to blow out her birthday candles. Once they left, and Jess had her fill of Auntie time with Ruth, Nick and Jess were lying on the couch watching a rerun of The Walking Dead, in each other's arms, and both very buzzed.

"Thank you so much for today." Jess sighed out eventually, "you made it so much better than I could have ever imagined."

"Mm. Yeah." Nick shrugged, "I love you so much. I'd do anything to make you happy."

"I'm sorry I've been so shitty the last few days." She began, "actually the last few weeks. It's just. I love my job so much, you know that. But the school board voted for a new president and she's been an absolute nightmare." She let out a long sigh, and Nick knew this was stuff she had been wanting to get off her chest for weeks. "It's just. These rich parents just really think they can do whatever they want. I'm the one who has the masters degree in education. I'm the one who knows how to teach a child, not someone who watches some damn Jenny McCarthy interview once and now thinks they know more about how to teach a child than those who actually got a degree for it." She stopped herself, there was a lot more she wanted to tell him. Starting with the fact that she was secretly devastated the pregnancy test came out negative the previous night.

"I thought you liked Jenny Mcarthy."

"Yeah until she started the whole 'anti-vaccine' movement, and made my life as an administrator a living hell."

That earned a laugh from Nick and he kissed her on the side of her temple. "Well Jess, if you want to stop doing this. You can. I make enough money now to support us."

"Who would have thought, Nick Miller, provider. It's kinda sexy." Jess whispered, deciding she was done talking about work, she began to kiss alongside his neck while he wrapped his arms around her. She moved her hands to pull at his hair and just as he was about to begin unbuttoning his own pants his phone rang.

Jess groaned internally as Nick moved off of her to see who was calling this late at night. "It's my mom." Nick said sitting up and answering the phone.

"Nicky," Jess could hear his mom yelling through the phone. "I'm at the airport come pick me up." Nick's eyes grew wide as he realized what his mom was talking about.

"Ma, are you in LA?"

"Of course, I wouldn't miss Winston's wedding."

Nick opened his mouth wide, mimicking screaming while his mom continued to talk. "Okay okay okay, we are on the way to LAX right now." Nick stood up, scamming the room for his keys and wallet. "I'm so so sorry Jess."

"It's okay. Go. I'll make up the bed in Winston's old room." Jess said, finishing off her glass of wine. "Did you know she was planning on coming to the wedding?"

"I had no idea. Where do you think I get my impulsiveness from?"

"It'll be fine. We knew this weekend was going to be a mess, it's Winston's wedding after all."

"I love ya." Nick said pecking her on the lips quickly before dashing out of the loft.


On Saturday night, Jessica day was trashed. She hasn't had alone time with her boyfriend in two days, and she was exhausted from two full days of explaining to strangers what being a groomswoman meant. She was currently sitting in the back of Schmidt's Escalade, baby Ruth fast asleep in her car seat between her and Nick, and Schmidt in the front seat wasted out of his mind. Thankfully Cece was breastfeeding and she became the designated driver for the night.

At least someone managed to stay sober Nick thought to himself, he knew he was in for a long night with Jess when she began to chase shots of gin with shots of Rumchata. Sadly, she was not the drunkest at Winston and Ally's wedding. Whoever thought to have an open bar at a wedding that was attended mostly by police and the entirety of Chicago's South Side, needed to be hit.

Nonetheless, Jess was wasted, Nick was wasted and they were about to go home and have to figure out how to have sex so quietly that his mom wouldn't hear them through the walls. Nick watched as Jess sat in the back staring intently at Ruth, playing with her little fingers and humming softly along with the music that played through the radio. He took in her figure in the dim light, the beautiful black dress with the white striped skirt that she made by hand. The way her hair had been haphazardly thrown into some sort of side braid, the smudged black mascara resting just beneath her eyes. She looked up at him, and gave him a goofy smile in her drunken haze. Her lips as plump and red as ever. He got to watch his oldest friend in the world marry his dream girl today, and all he could think about was how much he wanted that to be him and Jess. Giggly and so deeply in love, they were already there of course. Everyone who has ever met them knew how in love they were, Nick Miller, in love with his best friend. He wanted her to be more than that though, more than his best friend and more than his girlfriend. He wanted her to be his wife, he wanted to have babies with her and he wanted to take care of her as long as he could. Maybe tonight he would get the courage to ask her.

Cece pulled up right outside of their loft, and noticed that they were home. "Do you need help getting inside?" She asked, knowing that when Jess was this drunk it was a lot for one person to handle.

"I got this Ceec. Thanks for driving us home." Nick had said, attempting to get out of the car but stumbling a little. He walked around and helped Jess her out, she mumbled a good bye to Cece and Schmidt and began laughing hysterically when she noticed Outside Dave just asleep in the middle of the street.

How he has never been hit by a car is an absolute wonder to Nick. He wrapped his arm around Jess's shoulder and she began giggling again as he attempted to guide her inside.

"I'm so tired, baby." She slurred once they were safely in the elevator.

"I know. Let's go to bed okay?"

"I want you." Jess said, inching closer to him and biting down on her bottom lip. "I want you in me Nick." She whispered in his ear.

"I want you too Jess." Nick whispered back, snaking his arms around her waist and lifting her up slightly, pushing the red button on the elevator keypad, so nobody would attempt to interrupt what was about to happen.

"Nick I want you now Nick." She pushed herself up against him even further and he responded by lifting her off the ground, holding her up with one arm by her butt while she wrapped her legs around his waist. She was so drunk right now. She knew it too, and it suddenly gave her the most confidence she's had in a long time. "We'd make the cutest babies Nick."

"I know babe." Nick said, peppering kisses along her jaw. "I can't wait to put a baby in you."

She stopped kissing him, and instead stared up at him delicately. Trying to decide if he really meant what he was saying. She stared so intently into his eyes, that swam with so much warmth and comfort. She felt herself sobering up slightly, and decided this was the perfect time to tell him the feeling she couldn't figure out how to shake off since Wednesday night.

"I was really sad that the pregnancy test came out negative." She said, laying it all out on the table. She chewed on the side of her lil slightly waiting for Nick's answer.

"Honestly?" Nick said after a moment. "I kinda was too. I gotta say Jess it would really be nice to start a family with you." He kissed her quickly on the lips, and then continued to talk, "It's all I've ever really wanted."

He leaned against the wall, slowly sinking down so that he was sitting and Jess could contently sit on top of him.

Her whole face lit up, and she hasn't felt this happy in a long time. "Do you wanna? I don't know, maybe start trying for a baby?"

"I think this is the dumbest thing we could ever do." Nick laughed out.

"Yes. Very stupid."

"But as long as I'm doing it with you, I don't care. We've grown up, I've grown up. I'm ready for this. I want to give you a family Jessica, it's what you've always wanted."

"We aren't even married, Nick. Do you think it would be crazy to try for a baby if we aren't even married yet?"

"Yes." He answered bluntly.

"Let's do it then." She smiled at him, the happiest smile he had ever seen on her.

"Let's have a baby Jessica Day."