Two – Stirring the Pot

When they arrived in the holding cells with the unconscious prisoners, the three witches and five wizards were separated into different rooms and appropriate male and female aurors immediately followed so they could remove the prisoner's clothes in order to look for any and all markings.

If the men and women had been awake for this search, they would likely have been embarrassed but since they were strongly suspected to be a part of Kodama's organization, the investigators were not too concerned about their feelings or their modesty. At least women aurors were examining the women and men aurors, along with Harry, were examining the men.

Sayuri had an idea of where the tattoo she was familiar with would be located but she didn't know for sure if that was the only tattoo or marking Kodama's followers would likely have. Hence, the need to search them all over for any and all markings. Harry wanted to know if a marking or tattoo was magical so it was thought best to check for all of them.

The main tattoo that all the prisoners had was located on the back left shoulder blade and was of a stylized dragon. This was the one Sayuri was familiar with. Harry could not detect any magic in the tattoo on any of the male prisoners and after Sayuri had the female prisoners placed on their stomachs and their lower backsides covered, she brought Harry in to check their tattoos but they were not magical either.

He was just about to determine that magic was not in use in that manner when he noticed that every prisoner had the same earring in their right ear. There was no matching earring on the other ear and both the men and the women had it. Harry reached over with his hand and felt for any magic. It was very faint but it was there.

Harry had the aurors remove all the prisoner's jewelry with particular interest in those earrings. Once he determined that only those earrings held any magic, Harry and Sayuri returned to her office with all eight of the earrings. Sayuri sent an auror to check the three dead ones to see if they had the same earring and if so they were to be brought to her.

Sayuri allowed Harry to use the auror lab to examine the earrings closely. No one spoke during the examination. After spending about twenty minutes on one, Harry placed all eight in a pouch he conjured and stood back up from the worktable.

"Well, I didn't expect that."

"What is it Harry?" asked Sayuri.

"Does your department buy those communication devices from the company I created and my best friends now run full time?"

"You mean these?" she held up one of the devices that ministries all over the world bought from Magical Electronics (Hermione, Ron, & Harry's company).

"Yes. As it so happens, I invented those. These earrings are exactly the same thing. The earrings just house the same electronics as the device you have only they maintained the shielding within the earrings to protect the electronics just like your device does. Somehow they reverse engineered my work and are using these earrings for the same purpose – communication."

"That's why you put them in the secure pouch. Just in case they were still active and picking up what we were discussing?"

"Correct. I think we already discovered that Kodama knows too much that goes on around here."

"Yes. Thanks for opening our eyes Harry."

"Glad to be of service" Harry responded with a smile.

"Are you ready for me to take you to your hotel so you can get settled in?"

"Yes, I believe I am. I have much work to do tomorrow and so do you."


As soon as Harry was alone in his hotel room, he used his cell phone to send a message to Ron and Hermione about the earrings. He was sure they would want to know what he discovered. There's an eight-hour difference between Tokyo and London so Harry thought a message would work better at that hour. That way they could respond when they wanted.

Harry setup his trunk using a blank wall in his room. He then turned the door to it invisible to everyone but himself. Going in and through to his potions lab, he checked on his potions and made sure they were all good. He then changed into some exercise gear, went over to his workout area, and ran through a couple of katas to relax his mind and warm up his muscles a little bit.

After that, he asked the room for five dummies at his same level and started the fight. It took a little more than 15 minutes before Harry had them all defeated using karate only. It was tiring but a good workout. He had to heal himself of a few bruises and sore ribs when it was over though. He then took a quick shower.

Feeling better after some intense training, Harry sat down in his hotel room, pulled out all the information Sayuri gave him on Kodama and his followers and began to study it closely. After a while, he was beginning to see just how brilliant this man could be. The way he pulled off the attacks by his troops was well thought out.

Even the bomb he used to kill so many in one place was well planned and executed, killing many non-magical people along with several magical ones at the same time. Makes you wonder who he was really after and if the others were just collateral damage. Did he have such low respect for human life to kill so many to get to just one or two? Or, did he just want to spread terror and human life was meaningless to him?

Either way, it didn't speak highly of him. Of course, someone like that could care less about what others think of him. Voldemort didn't care either. He would kill thousands just to make people afraid of him. He thrived on power and intimidation. Looks like there was now another who needed to be shown the error of his ways. If he ends up being anything like Voldemort then unfortunately death will be his only remedy.

Only time would tell.


Waking up a few hours later, Harry discovered that he had fallen asleep on the couch and now had a pain in his neck. Looking at the clock, he saw that it was 2:21 in the morning. His body clock was still off due to the time difference but he needed to get that turned around as soon as possible.

Grabbing all the papers and folders from the case information that were laying around him, Harry took them to his trunk space and placed them on his desk in his office where the wards would protect them from being taken. He then climbed the stairs to his nice bedroom in the trunk, slipped out of his clothes and went back to sleep with the intention to wake at 5:00 am for his morning workout.

At 5:00 am Harry woke and did a quick 5 mile run around his track in his trunk space then followed that up with weighted exercises, although most were his own body weight. He then grabbed a shower and made his own breakfast in his kitchen. After he was well fed he checked his phone and saw that Hermione had responded to his message saying that they would look at ways to better safeguard their technology from people like that and thanked him for the heads up.

Harry wanted to get started right away so he could close this case quickly. He knew he needed a little more help from Sayuri so headed back to the Ministry. He went through the checkpoint they had setup and made his way to Sayuri's office.

"Good morning, Harry."

"Good morning, Sayuri."

"Would you like anything to drink?"

"No, I'm fine. I would rather get started. Are you ready for some field work?"

"Yes, I'm ready. Where would you like to go?"

"Well, you've shown me all the evidence and info you have on Kodama. Now, I need you to take me to the areas he and his people will likely be, where they hang out, that sort of thing. Can you be my tour guide today?"

"Yes, but you should know that we're going to a very dangerous place."

"Of course. It wouldn't be any fun if it wasn't," he said with a smile.

"Alright, follow me, Harry," she said shaking her head.

The two of them walked down to the Ministry apparition point where Harry placed his hand on Sayuri's arm so she could guide them to where they needed to go. When they arrived, it became obvious to Harry that they were in a downtown warehouse area.

They walked for a while with Sayuri pointing out different points of interest to Harry. Suddenly, she stopped walking. Harry stopped with her.

"Why are we stopping?"

"It's best not to go any further. It's too dangerous just past that point." She pointed to a block up ahead of them. "Kodama usually has several people out patrolling or just watching from a secluded spot during the day. We've sent a large group in there before to flesh them out but it was practically a slaughter. Very few of our guys made it back out. He has many followers, plus powerful automatic weapons since he's working with the Yakusa."

"Interesting. What else can you tell me?"

"They also use night vision goggles and heat vision, mostly at night. That sees right through any Disillusionment Charm."

"So, he's definitely embracing his non-magical side. I assume all the tech comes from the Yakusa?"

"Most likely. Just up ahead is the main warehouse where I suspect he carries on most of his business and trains new recruits. He's very good at attracting followers."

"We'll have to put a stop to that."

"Agreed. Let's walk around the area, Harry, so I can point out more of what I know."

"Lead the way," Harry gestured with his hand.

They ended up walking all the way around the target area with Sayuri explaining everything she knew about it as they went. When they were done, Harry knew exactly what he needed to do but thought it best to do this on his own. They grabbed some lunch at a nearby restaurant and headed back to the Ministry.

Harry asked a few more questions to familiarize himself more with the area before finding a cubicle to look at the copy of city schematics Sayuri gave him of the target area. She also supplied some aerial photographs that were even more helpful. He studied those carefully.

When he finished that, Harry grabbed a bag full of portkeys that sent prisoners straight to the holding cells, told Sayuri goodnight, and that he would see her tomorrow. He didn't share his plans for the evening.


After it was dark enough and Harry was dressed appropriately for his outing with masking spells in place for sound and scent, he got a head start on things and made his way back to the area Sayuri took him that morning. If this was the place Kodama was headquartered, he wanted to get to know the area well, not just see what it looks like from a distance. Perhaps he could even start the ball rolling.

Harry had turned himself invisible before apparating back to the area. He didn't want anyone to know he was there …not yet anyway. Once he'd arrived, he stopped and took a good look around. He wanted to memorize the area and find good places to come and go without bumping into anyone. The one Sayuri used that morning was too far away from the target. After finding a good spot between two large dumpsters in an alley that was just inside the target area, Harry headed further in.

He had to be very careful if Kodama's forces were using heat vision goggles. That may negate his invisibility. It definitely would see through a Disillusionment Charm but the Invisibility Spell was different and may be able to keep him hidden. He wasn't positive though since he hadn't tested that. Something to add to his To Do List.

The place looked like any other downtown back alley area that you see in most big cities. There were a few warehouses nearby with some smaller shops and offices littered about. Deciding to get an overall view of the entire area and see it all faster, Harry turned into his phoenix form. It was the last form he had accomplished, and was done in honor of his grandmother. He was still working on the thestral animagus in honor of his grandfather. The phoenix transformation seemed to come easier for him over the thestral for some reason.

Later on, when he had time and if he can manage it, he wanted to see if he could accomplish the stag and the grim to honor his father and godfather. He wasn't sure if that was possible but so far, multiple animagus transformations were apparently his specialty.

His phoenix form was red like Fawkes, but instead of red and gold, Harry's phoenix was red and black.

He had named his phoenix Ash even though he had never achieved a burning day. According to his grandmother's portrait, he wasn't likely to either. Just because you can become a magical animagus, she explained, that doesn't necessarily mean you get all their abilities. Only a pure phoenix, one that is phoenix only, can be reborn from its ashes to live again. A phoenix animagus carries with it the human witch or wizard's life force, not the phoenix's. Therefore the life longevity afforded the true phoenix does not transfer to the animagus.

However, this does not mean the phoenix animagus is short changed. All the other abilities of the phoenix are freely available. Harry was still able to fly, carry amazingly heavy loads, heal with his tears, and flash pretty much anywhere he wished to go. He was still figuring everything out about the flash by fire part, and what the limitations were, but he was getting close to having it all worked out.

Remaining invisible, Ash flew all around the area looking at everything he could take in. After he covered the area, he decided to take a look inside the warehouses to see if anyone was around. He approached a high window and hovered outside of it since there was nothing to land on. Looking through the window, he saw that the view was blocked by crates but there were several feet of space between the window and the top crate.

Looking around and making sure no one could see him, Ash used his flash ability and flashed to the other side of the locked window. Even though he was invisible, Harry had not figured out how to flash as Ash and maintain his invisibility at the same time. He was still working on it. After he was on the inside of the warehouse, he quickly recast the invisibility spell on himself and flew to the top of the crate.

Walking to the other side on top of the crate, he looked down to see the floor. Only he found more crates covering the floor. Taking flight, he flew all around the warehouse but it was pretty packed other than some lanes for accessing the crates. There was a small area close to the front doors that was empty but contained forklifts and other tools, along with some small offices.

All empty except for a lone security guard patrolling the inside.

Apparently, this was not the right warehouse. Ash flashed back to the outside and flew over to another warehouse where he was able to get in the same way as last time. Only this warehouse had far less in it. It actually had more rooms than the last one and there were people occupying this one.

The armed patrol guards were a dead giveaway as to who was here. Looks like he had found them. Some people were in the different rooms while there was a good many, around thirty, gathered together in an open area practicing karate. There was a sensei up front leading and instructing them. Ash perched on a steel support in the ceiling and watched as the class continued.

It became obvious quickly that this was a beginner's class. The students did not look young and innocent though. Far from it. Apparently, they were just adding another skill to their repertoire. Moving on, Harry decided to see what else was going on in this warehouse.

Eventually he came across a locked storeroom with no windows. Changing back into himself, he let himself in quickly before re-locking the door behind him. He wasn't surprised to find a large stash of weapons, tech, and ammo organized on several racks. Harry put all the tech in a small pouch that had the Undetectable Extension Charm applied. He would check it out some other time. A few vanishing spells later and the shelves in the room were completely empty.

Before Harry could leave, however, someone was unlocking the door to get in. Since Harry was still invisible, he just waited. Only one man entered and he came through the door in an obvious panic, noticing the empty shelves. Before he could yell or alert anyone, a red spell came out of thin air and hit him square in the chest. He fell to the floor stunned. Harry summoned his handgun and a short sword then vanished them before they reached him.

Satisfied the man was relieved of all his weapons, Harry placed one of the portkeys on him and activated it. He knew the man would be out for most of the night but he was sure to be found in the morning by the aurors. Once this group in the warehouse discovered the man and their weapons missing, they would all be on high alert making it more difficult for him to move around. Harry thought it best to pick up the pace a little, just in case.

Harry remained as himself but still invisible as he exited the weapons room, locking it behind him. He made his way quickly down the hall until he found a large room that was holding another karate class of their own. Only this group was apparently more advanced, probably an intermediate group. There was around twenty students, plus one instructor.

Harry decided to have some fun.

He opened the door and walked through then closed it behind him. He quickly cast spells to seal and soundproof the room. A few of the students, including the instructor, saw the door open and close but it looked like no one came in.

Harry removed the Invisibility Spell from himself and smiled at the group before him. He had their attention now. He slowly removed his black dragon-hide long coat and let it drop to the floor as he stepped forward away from it.

The instructor sent one of his students out the other door on the opposite side from Harry to alert others but the student couldn't get out. The door was sealed. The instructor then told all the students to take care of the intruder while he grabbed his cell phone. While he was trying to call someone and failing to get any signal at all, he noticed that his students weren't fairing very well with the stranger who came in uninvited.

Not only that, he saw the man bow to the dojo before taking a casual stance with the oncoming karate students. When they reached the intruder, he simply took each one out with a single punch or kick. They went down and stayed down. Not a single student ever landed a hit or kick on him. He seemed to be enjoying himself if his smile was any indication.

Harry was using a stunning spell as he hit and kicked the students. Once all twenty students were out on the floor, the instructor gave up on making his call and prepared himself for probably the fight of his life. He approached the stranger carefully.

"Who are you and why are you here? How did you get in past our security?" he asked in Japanese.

Harry chose not to say anything. He merely signaled the instructor to make his first move. The instructor, who was very fast, obliged with a swift kick to the side of Harry's head, only his head was no longer where the instructor was kicking, causing his foot to travel past where it should have stopped. Harry had dropped and did a sweep on the instructor's other leg sending him up a few feet in the air only to land hard flat on his back. Harry backed up a few steps and waited for the instructor to get on his feet again and get his breath back under control.

The instructor stood back up then pulled on his uniform to straighten it followed by pushing his black belt down a little lower into a better position on his hips. Readying himself again, he got back into fighting position and gestured for the stranger to go first this time. The instructor was good at counter attacks too since he was especially fast so he wanted to turn the tables on the new opponent to see how he liked it.

Harry took off quickly at a sprint and leaped into the air at the instructor in front of him. The instructor was watching Harry carefully so he could perform the proper counter attack at the right moment. He saw the man doing a flying and spinning back kick to his head so he dropped down to punch him hard in his bits, as he would be directly above him. He had him now, he thought.

The only problem is he didn't see what the other leg was doing and completely missed it when the knee caught him right in the side of the head after the first leg passed over him. Harry just kept turning and brought his other leg around, knee first. The instructor flew back about five or six feet from the blow. He was out cold.

Harry relieved them all of any weapons and placed portkeys on them, watching as they all disappeared from the room. He found several weapons on the floor in the room so vanished them before picking up his coat off the floor and putting it back on. After turning himself invisible again, he headed out the other door, making sure to lock it behind him. He only had three more auror portkeys left but he kept the search going of the warehouse and used the last of the portkeys on three of the armed guards who were walking around.

He searched until around midnight but he never found Kodama or anyone that might pass as one of his lieutenants. Deciding to call it a night, he flashed back through the wards to his hotel room. He was counting on his evening activities getting someone's attention soon.


The next morning in the Ministry, there were many people with questions as to how twenty-five new prisoners showed up in their holding cells. They were still questioning everyone and trying to get to the bottom of it when Harry walked in.

"I believe I can answer those questions," Harry said in Japanese loud enough over the noise so all could hear him.

"Harry!" exclaimed Sayuri. "I should have known it was you. You did this didn't you?"

"Guilty as charged, Sayuri. I paid a visit to Kodama's warehouse last night and ran into these while I was checking the place out. There were many others there but only these got in my way. Besides I only took one bag of portkeys with me."

"And you used them all I see," she noted looking back at all the prisoners.

"Waste not, want not."

The other aurors slowly went back to their desks now that they knew where all the new prisoners came from. They had already been introduced to Harry and were all aware of his reputation.

"You did this all by yourself?" asked Sayuri.

"That's the way I work best," Harry said with a shrug. "I also vanished a whole room full of weapons and ammo. I kept the tech, however." Harry took the pouch from his pocket and set it on Sayuri's desk. "I'll let you take care of that. I believe I even saw some explosives in there as well. All gone now."

"They're not going to be happy about that."

"Probably not, but I'm going to have to come up with a different way to capture the prisoners. You don't have enough holding cells here for all the people that were in that warehouse."

"What will you do?"

"No worries. I'll be sure and come up with something."

"The Minister would like a meeting this morning. He has an update for you and it looks like you have one for him too, based on your activities."

"Should we go see him now?"


Harry and Sayuri made their way to the Minister's office. He was happy to hear Harry was already making progress. He informed them that he went to work immediately on Kodama's finances and he made some headway right away on the magical side, locking down his access to millions of galleons. They were still working on the non-magical side but it was more difficult since it was tied in with the Yakusa, who had very deep pockets.

They both agreed to keep plugging away at it. Harry tasked Sayuri with questioning the prisoners using Veritaserum while he planned to pay the warehouse another visit during the day this time just to see how they were handling the latest changes. He also wanted to see if anyone important had shown up.

Before he left the Ministry, he had Sayuri help him test to see if the heat vision goggles could see him when he used the Invisibility Spell. The Ministry had some of the devices so she helped him test it. Surprisingly, it could not see any heat signature at all. The complicated spell came through for him again. There was a reason why so many could not even manage to cast it.

Harry pointed out the karate instructor, the man with the key to the weapons room, and the three guards to Sayuri. The rest, he mentioned, as being the karate students. Once that was done, he left Sayuri to the questioning while he made his way out of the Ministry, where he apparated back to his hotel room, grabbed what he needed, transformed into Ash, then flashed to the warehouse. He remembered a good spot he could flash to right inside without being seen.

When Ash arrived, he heard lots of commotion and raised voices. He quickly turned himself invisible and flew up so he could get a birds-eye view of everything.

There was definitely some confusion as to where several people went and questions as to what happened to the locked room full of weapons. The woman yelling and asking questions was not very nice either. Many were punched or kicked when the answer didn't suit her. She likely knew how to fight and was pretty good with her hands and feet. The ones she was questioning were definitely afraid of her.

After watching the woman threaten, beat up, and pretty much torture the men for a while, she finally quit.

"The boss is not going to be happy about this!" she yelled at them in Japanese before stalking off.

Ash quickly put up a Silencing Charm around himself just before he started chuckling at all the colorful names the men were calling the woman after she was out of earshot. He renewed his Translation spell on himself just to make sure he didn't miss anything.

"She's mean, but I prefer her over the boss man," one of them said.

"Me too. I'll take her over him any day," another replied.

"What do you think happened?" asked another to their left.

"That's just it. No one saw anything and an entire karate class has gone missing. The sensei in that class was not to be messed with either."

"Whoever did this was really good," another joined in.

"Not to mention how they got through the wards," said the first man. "They're still up so how did they get in and out without disturbing them or alerting us?"

"She was right."

"About what?"

"The boss man is definitely not going to like this and I don't envy her having to tell him what happened."

"Me either."

"Did you see what she did to the manager?"

"We all did. That was the plan. She wanted us to see it."

"But she ripped his throat out with her bare hand."

"Yeah, then calmly wiped off her hand on his shirt."

"It was done to keep us in line."

"Right now is not a good time to be the man responsible for this place. I can't imagine anyone wanting that job now."

"The next one will just be picked. No choice in the matter."

"Right. I'm glad it won't be me. Too low on the list."

"I doubt you're even on the list."

"Yeah, well, you won't hear me complain about that."

"We better get back to work in case she comes back."

They all agreed and disbursed.

Thinking it might be a good idea to follow the woman who had the ear of Kodama; Ash left his perch high above the floor and flew in the direction the woman went. While searching for her he came up with an idea of how to capture everyone here without having to use portkeys. He decided to try it on his next victim.

Still looking for her, he finally saw her when she came out of an office looking furious. He followed her until she went into the women's bathroom. When she opened the door and went inside, she shoved it hard so it opened all the way up, slamming into the wall when it came to a stop. Ash flew in quickly behind her before the door closed. He had plenty of time.

He watched as she entered a cubicle to take care of her need. Ash checked to make sure no one else was in the loo before he changed back into Harry and sealed the room. Then he soundproofed it. He heard her finish then flush. He was glad she only had to urinate. He calmly waited for her to come out.

When she did come out, she kicked the door of the cubicle off its hinges and it smashed against the wall across the way. She then stepped out slowly, keeping an eye on Harry.

Harry stayed calm as she sized him up. She started to move toward him but he held up his hand so she stopped.

"Don't let me hold you up from washing your hands. I can wait," he said in Japanese.

"What if I want to kill you first?" she asked.

"I'd really prefer you wash your hands before we get started. Otherwise, that's just gross."

She smiled and walked over to the nearest sink, turned on the water, pumped some soap in her hand, washed them, then grabbed a paper towel from the dispenser before drying them off. When she was done, she threw the wet paper towel at Harry and attacked him.

She was fast but Harry was ready. He sidestepped her kick and spun with a spinning back fist that she narrowly avoided by pushing him away from her. He ended up closer to the cubicles when he stopped. She came at him again with some punches but he blocked each one before trying to hit her with a roundhouse kick to the mid-section. She narrowly avoided him again and his foot hit the cubicle instead.

The cubicle wall was broken in two and the pieces went flying into the next one breaking it as well and warping the third. The noise was quite loud.

She stopped and looked at the cubicles, then at Harry.

"Good thing I silenced the room," he said to her with a smile.

She growled and renewed her effort.

She led with a front kick to the mid-section but Harry once again sidestepped her. He punched her thigh hard as it was extended in the kick and she yelled in pain. She backed off as quickly as she could with a noticeable limp, holding her leg.

"I don't wish to hurt you further but you are coming with me," Harry said.

"I don't think so."

Since her hands were already on her thigh, she didn't have to reach far to the top of her right boot which came up to just under her knee. She pulled her wand and started to raise it when she was hit with a wandless stunner. She crumpled to the floor out cold.

Harry permanently conjured two small bags and cast the Undetectable Extension Charm on both of them. He summoned the woman's wand and placed it in one bag then checked her for any weapons. He found a knife, which he vanished.

Next, he concentrated and cast a transfiguration spell on the woman and she turned into a small pebble. Picking her up, Harry placed her in the second bag. Not wanting people to get too suspicious yet, Harry cast Reparo on the bathroom to fix everything before removing his spells from the room and turning himself invisible again.

Just before he left the women's restroom though, he stopped and pulled the pebble back out of the bag. He then cast the Color Changing Charm on it to turn it a hot pink color. He wanted to be able to know which pebble she was since she obviously knew Kodama and where he might be. Some Veritaserum was in her future.

When Harry walked out the door, he practically ran into one of the guards on patrol. Before the man could bring his gun up, however, Harry already had him stunned. His gun was quickly vanished and he was relieved of any additional weapons. A quick transfiguration later and he was another pebble in the bag.

Harry continued down the corridor. He wished he had some glasses that were enchanted with the same abilities Mad-Eye's magical eye had. That way he could see into the offices, know how many, and where they were located before going in. As it is, he would have to improvise. At least inside the offices it should be all close quarters, giving him an advantage. Perhaps he could purchase some glasses in the near future for such purposes, he thought to himself.

He walked up to the office the woman had come out of, opened the door, and stepped right in. There were four men in the office. Two were sitting. One was behind the desk while the other two men were standing around. All of them looked up to the door when it opened but then they had a puzzled look on their face when they saw no one come in.

Unfortunately for them, Harry was already in the room. The men saw the door close on its own and lock itself. Now all four men were standing and very alert, looking around the room and at each other. They saw the man who was the closest to the door slump over as if asleep but he didn't fall down. Then two red lights came from each side of the man and two of the men were stunned and fell to the floor, leaving the one man behind the desk.

He drew his sword from his waist and pointed it out in front of him.

"Who's there?" he asked in Japanese.

The man who was slumped but still standing suddenly fell down. A shape shimmered into view behind where the man was standing. It was a man completely dressed in black with a long leather looking floor length coat, all black of course.

"Let me introduce myself," said Harry raising his hand up as if to shake the man's hand.

However, as soon as his fingers were outstretched another stunner flew out and dropped the man like a rock. Luckily, he didn't fall on his sword. Harry collected those four as well in his bag, checked for any wands, and vanished the weapons.

Leaving the office, Harry continued on his mission of dwindling Kodama's forces. He wanted them worried and afraid. He wanted them to worry about who would be attacking them and taking them out. Right now they should have no idea who would do this. When he was done, Harry had a collection of over sixty pebbles.

It was a successful few hours, but tiresome. He flashed back to his hotel room to eat and get some rest. Tomorrow, he would question the woman with Veritaserum.