The entire gang was in a bar. Mia and Letty were talking in a corner, Vince, Leon and Jesse were at the door with three girls and Dom and Brian were at the bar. They were having a faster drinker competition which Dominic won.

"I almost have you." Brian says and starts grinning.

"'Almost' is the key word." Dom says.

"Psst, pretty boy." A guy, in his thirties, tells him from behind. Dominic recognized the guy as Mike, a guy who works at the gas station.

"What do you want?" Brian asks looking calm but with the tension present in his body.


"No thanks." Brian says. Dom is waiting to see how Brian handles it.

"Hmm. Does this convince you?" He says passing two hundred dollar bills next to Brian on the table.

"Mmm, no." Brian says uncomfortable.

"Oh, so you're a hard whor..."

That was when Dominic had enough and hit Mike.

"Come on Torreto, learn to share." Mike says while holding his bleeding nose.

"Look, Mike, you have two options or you go away and you don't come back to any of us again or you stay and I break your face."

"Fine, but we'll see each other again." He says and leaves.

"Thank you." Brian says looking at the ground.

"Come on let's go by air." Dominic says leaving and letting Brian follow him. "You're good?" Dominic asks when they are outside.

"Yes." Brian says.


"I could do it alone. I don't need you to defend me." Brian says angrily.

"I know. But when I saw that he thought I could buy you, I got out of control." Dominic apologizes, "Come on let's go home." He says walking to his car.

At home Brian sits on the sofa and Dominic sits next to him.

"Don't tell anyone, okay?" Brian says with his knees to his chest and his face to his knees.

"But they must ..."

"No! Please" Brian says the last in a broken voice.


"If they in themselves hate me, imagine if they think that I am anyone you can buy." Brian says and Dominic puts his arm around the minor's shoulders.

"They don't hate you." Says Sun Brian gives him a sarcastic look. "Jesse and Mia don't hate you."

"Why do I have to be a useless pretty boy?"

"That's not true, who told you that?"

"Everyone. Vince, Leon, Letty, etc."

"Mmm. Pretty boy, yes. Useless, never." Brian gives him a look of false annoyance.

"Did you ever rescue a puppy?" Dominic denies. "You like the first nights, it's a new experience. When you stop being pretty they abandon you. I don't want to be a pretty boy."

"Bri, I will never abandon you. This is your family now."

"How much?" Brian asks.

"Forever, buster."

The next day Dominic hands Brian some keys

"Wich material are they made?" Brian asks.

"They may be from the orange Honda NSX outside." Says Dom.

"Did you buy me a car?" Brian asks incredulously.

"Just come out, pretty boy." Dominic says smiling in the last part.

"Do not call me that way." Brian says sounding amused.

Dominic make a promise with himself to change the meaning of the word for Brian.

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