One night, the moonlight was shining outside the window in the dentist's office. The fish tank was glowed inside by the ocean volcano dull of bubbles.
Suddenly, Nemo was inside the red stoop, stirring frighteningly in his sleep. He was having a dream going on.

(Dream Flashback)

Nemo had already touched the bottom of the boat as he disobeyed his father, Marlin. A diver was behind him. His dad, and friends, Sheldon, Tad and Pearl feared at him. Nemo faced the diver, and felt scared, screaming.

"Daddy, help me!" he cried.

"I am coming, Nemo!" Marlin shouted, but then a second diver stopped him.

Nemo's teacher, Mr. Ray, swam away with Sheldon, Tad and Pearl in fear.

"DADDY!" Nemo screamed as he was scooped up in a small net. The second diver took a picture pf Marlin, almost blinding him. Then he swam with the first diver who caught Nemo.

"NEMO! NEMO!" Marlin cried as he swam faster.

"DAD!" Nemo shouted back as he was separated from Marlin...

(End of Dream Flashback)

Nemo woke up in fear. He panted heavily, and slowly swam out of the stoop.

Where is everybody? Nemo thought.

He saw Peach with her whole front body on a glass. She might be asleep. Nemo shrugged and swam to a plastic skull. He saw his moorish idol friend lying on the plastic skull's inside ground. Gill was sleeping soundly in peace. Nemo swam inside the plastic skull as he turned his head to the exit, but he had to stay. Nemo then sighed in relief as he continued on. Suddenly, Gill opened his eyes sleepily as he faced Nemo.

"Hey, Sharkbait, can't get enough sleep?" Gill asked in a small smile.

"No, Gill, I had a nightmare... and it... it's my dad..." Nemo shuddered with worry.

Gill's heart broke as he heard what Nemo said. He then pulled Nemo with his left fin and hugged him, as if to let hid friend nuzzle his snout.

"Oh, kid, I am sorry to hear that. It is just a dream." Gill responded sadly. Nemo nodded in relief.

"But don't worry, when we wake up the next morning, we will help you get back to your dad. Sound like a great plan?" Gill said as he smiled back.

Nemo sighed in relief as he flashes a grin in his face and said, "Yes, Gill! Thanks for the amazing idea."

Gill nodded his head in agreement and yawned softly as he laid his head on the floor.

"And right when we see my dad, I am gonna thank you for your special plan, right Gill?" Nemo asked as he faced the window of the plastic skull, but there was no response.

"Gill?" Nemo asked as he faced his friend.

Gill was asleep, moaning softly between his snoozes, with his eyes closed. His mouth watered to the ground. Nemo sighed grumpily, but then went back to smiling. As Gill was still in his deep sleep, Nemo went under his left fin as he made his final look at Gill's sleeping face.

"Well, goodnight, Gill," he said, smiling. And then Nemo was asleep. Nemo and Gill now began to feel happy after now. They slept and slept... inside a plastic skull, knowing that they will make a plan for Nemo to get back to his dad, for tomorrow.

The End