After the Silent Brothers had cut the bond connecting him and Magnus, Alec quickly started to feel better. He didn't need much sleep anymore after a long and peaceful rest. With Magnus in his arms - of course.

Alec started to feel like himself again, even though he somewhat missed the created bond between him and Magnus. He couldn't feel Magnus in him anymore, had to rely on his instincts. And the more days passed by, the more Alec could relax.

And yet, he didn't leave his soulmates' side. But if he had to, for necessary reasons, Catarina or Brother Zachariah replaced him at Magnus' side.

The Warlock hadn't woken up since the medicine was given to him. Though it was evident that Magnus was getting better. His skin didn't shine in that unhealthy grey-yellow anymore. He was still pale, yes, his cheeks hollow, but hey, patience, right?

Alec had to remind himself three times a day, at a minimum. He had to recall the things that proved that Magnus' condition was getting better.

His breathing was even, his whole facial expression seemed relaxed. After a few days, Magnus started to react to his touch, sometimes with a small smile, or with some murmured words, Alec didn't understand. And the way Magnus leaned into Alec's touch, when he touched him, melted his heart. That Magnus did that was good, great to be honest.

And somehow, Alec knew that it wouldn't take Magnus long to wake up for the first time.

The Silent Brother's checked regularly on Magnus' condition, verifying Alec's assumption.

He is doing better. I'm sure he will wake up soon.

Alec had gotten used to Brother Zachariah's voice, talking to him in his head. Alec had always found it weird when a Silent Brother came to a visit, talking to them through their minds. But having so many conversations lately made it kind of normal. Brother Zachariah was a great company if Alec was honest.

He enjoyed their chats quite a lot.

Alec found it easy to talk to him. He'd never been quite the talkative person. But with brother Zachariah, Alec found himself able to talk about everything.

Especially about the things that had happened lately.

It was a lot.

But Brother Zachariah, indeed, was a great listener. He helped Alec coping with these things, with what his fucking father had done to him.

And mostly to Magnus. By the Angels, he'd almost got Alec's soulmate killed just because he disagreed with Alec's decisions. It was terrible, and Alec was sure that he would never fully get over his father's betrayal. Alec didn't know yet, how badly Magnus had suffered; he'd only seen his facial expressions. The pain that had been visible there. And in the way, his whole body had convulsed during those coughing attacks and in between.

And that was enough for Alec to know how much Magnus had suffered in all those hours. Too much, if you'd ask Alec.

But he wanted to know how Magnus had felt throughout his sickness. If his soulmate wanted to share this experience with him, of course. Alec would never force Magnus into talking, but he would be at his side. No matter how Magnus would cope with this experience.

Talking helped him personally, and as soon as Alec realized it, he took every opportunity given to him. Brother Zachariah seemed to enjoy it as well, and so it came that they spent a lot of time with each other while they watched over Magnus.

Alec got up early this morning. Somehow he was restless as if he was waiting for something.

He went to the bathroom after checking on Magnus, who was still unconscious. Getting his breakfast, Alec made his way back to the room, he and Magnus were accommodated. He'd greeted Magnus, telling him he was back and what he'd taken for breakfast. At first, it had been weird for him to talk with a person that didn't answer. But Alec had grown into it, feeling the need to speak to his soulmate. Even if there was a little to no response.

Maybe, and Brother Zachariah thought the same, Magnus would hear him and find his way back faster. And so Alec kept telling Magnus everything he did. Alec started to read to him, as well. It made him feel better since he could do something, even if it was unsure if it helped.

He sat down and placed the tray on the small table. Humming a little while he ate his breakfast, Alec didn't recognize that Magnus, indeed, had woken up.


Hearing his name croaked out in the raspiest voice, Alec almost jumped from his chair. Even if it wasn't more than a whisper, he would catch Magnus' voice everywhere.

"Magnus? Magnus!"

He was sitting on Magnus' bedside within a millisecond, grabbing his Warlock's hand, squeezing it tenderly. "There you are," he whispered with a tender smile. "Hey."

Magnus had a hard time keeping his eyes open. Though he still seemed very exhausted, his expression was relaxed, almost fortunate when he recognized Alec's presence. An affectionate smile crossed the Warlock's face when his golden cat-eyes found Alec's.

"You're still here," Magnus murmured silently, yet in awe, as he slowly let his eyes roam over Alec's face as if he would see him for the first time.

"Wouldn't want to be anywhere else," Alec answered honestly, earning another tender smile from his weak soulmate. And it was true. Being with Magnus was all Alec was craving for, all he needed. And he was sure that this would never change.

"Thank you, Alexander."

Magnus' voice was weak and raspy, nothing more but a whisper, but Alec understood him perfectly. He smiled gently before he reached out for the glass of water that was already waiting for Magnus.

"Here, drink some water. You need it," Alec told Magnus quietly before he helped him to take some sips. It apparently was exhausting for Magnus. He had to close his eyes during the process but managed to empty the glass after a while. "And really, no need to thank me for anything." When Alec wanted to put the glass away, Magnus stopped him with a weak squeeze of his hand.

"Can I have some more? I'm so thirsty." Magnus kept his eyes closed. Drinking alone obviously drained him. But he wanted some more, and of course, Alec would give Magnus anything he was asking for.

"Of course. Here."

Magnus didn't know how happy these words made Alec. The more Magnus would eat and drink, the faster he could recover. And he wanted that for Magnus so badly. Alec had talked to Catarina a few times and knew how much the thought of being weak disgusted Magnus. To be dependant on someone. Magnus had always been there for other people, Catarina had told Alec with a sad smile, but he hadn't been taken care of for the longest time.

"Knowing that you're willing to do that to him makes me so happy," Catarina had told Alec, right before giving him the tightest hug. "Just give him time to get used to it."

And Alec was more than willing to do that.

Magnus emptied three more glasses before he mentioned Alec to stop. Catching his breath, Magnus needed a while to talk again. And Alec waited patiently, while he tenderly caressed the Warlock's hand.

"Thank you," he whispered finally. Opening his golden eyes, Magnus smiled gratefully at Alec, who couldn't help but happily return his smile.

"I'm so glad you're awake," he murmured, before lifting his other hand to cup Magnus' cheek fondly.

Magnus gingerly leaned into his touch, closing his eyes for one more moment. A very fortunate sigh escaped his lips.

"Me too, Alexander."

For a few more moments, they stood like that. After a moment, Alec gently started to stroke his thumb over Magnus' cheekbone that still stood out way too much for Alec's taste, to get his soulmate's attention.

"Are you in pain?" Alec asked carefully after another moment of silence between them.

"No...just so exhausted," Magnus answered slowly. "Other than that, I feel...good," he added. Alec couldn't help but sigh in relief, hearing that.

"I'm so glad to hear that. Is there something else I can do for you?"

Earning another weak, yet unsure smile, Magnus managed to half-open his eyes again, to look at Alec.

"A kiss would be nice. Only if you're okay with that, of course," he answered silently, taking a break every here and there. It became harder and harder for Magnus to stay awake.

"Of course, Magnus, why wouldn't I?"

Alec bent forward and placed a tender kiss on Magnus dry lips, followed by a few more gentle pecks. Magnus smiled into the kiss, apparently enjoying the meeting of their lips to the fullest.

"Well, I'm sure I'm not quite a sight at the moment." Magnus silently gave in, closing his tired eyes once more. Alec was sure he was ashamed about his physical condition, his look in general. But nothing, honestly nothing, would stop Alec from kissing Magnus. Now that they finally could be together.

"To me, you are still the most beautiful human being," Alec only answered, earning a silent chuckle from the Warlock.


"It's true." Alec shrugged. "In my opinion, you are, and I don't care about other people's opinions. So..."

"Okay, okay. I believe you, Alexander."

Magnus, once more, smiled at his direction, though he kept his eyes closed. Alec could see him fighting against the sleep that tried to overcome him.

"Hey, don't fight there anything I could do to help you rest?" Alec asked, sensing Magnus' unease immediately.

"I'm a little cold...would you know? Hold me? Only for a while. If that's okay." By the Angels, the tentativeness, radiating from Magnus, broke Alec's heart. But he wouldn't show that to his soulmate.

"Cuddling?" He only asked, deciding to show Magnus how much he wanted the Warlock close to him.

Alec's face lit up happily the moment, Magnus nodded unsurely. He hadn't been sure how close Magnus would want him, but he shouldn't have worried too much. Magnus wanted him as close as possible. Just like Alec did.

"As if I would mind," he said then, immediately crawling into the bed. He then brought Magnus into his arms, lovingly cradling him to his chest. Magnus exhaled a relaxed breath the moment his head came in contact with Alec's chest. Alec covered them with Magnus' blanket and made himself comfortable.

"That's good," Magnus suddenly whispered, a shudder running through his body. And though Alec couldn't see Magnus' face, he could hear the smile in his voice. His heart melted, glad that he was able to comfort Magnus like that.

"Ask me whenever you need something, okay? I'll get it for you."

And he would. Absolutely. "I mean it. Don't hesitate. Ever."

"Thank you, Alexander..."

Alec felt his soulmate already drifting off to sleep again, though he fought hard against his body's will.

"Rest. I'm not going anywhere."

Alec started to move his hand up and down Magnus' too-thin arm in a soothing motion. Magnus needed the rest, and now that he'd been awake and drank some water, Alec was optimistic that he would wake up again anytime soon.

And he did.

Every now and then, Magnus would wake up and ask for water, only to fall back to sleep moments later. Alec took care of Magnus' needs every time, his beloved soulmate was conscious. Magnus didn't stop to thank him, always a surprised but grateful look on his face. Alec, of course, did anything to help Magnus. And his goal was to make sure that the Warlock understood that this would never change. Magnus still seemed to think that Alec would leave him. Even now, that he finally gave in and agreed to a relationship with Alec. But well, that was a topic for a later time. Alec would show Magnus that their bond was meant to be. And that Alec wanted them to last.

Two days later, Magnus could stay awake for more extended periods and managed to eat some bland food. They spent some time talking nonsense and, of course, cuddling. Alec enjoyed having Magnus close and awake so much and tried to show it as good as possible. Showing affection had never been Alec's strength, but with Magnus, things were so different. Alec craved Magnus' presence, his arms around his body, his lips, his voice. Everything.

By the Angels, Alec Lightwood was so in fucking love.

Magnus became stronger with every passing day, and Alec was glad to be able to watch it. To be at Magnus' side all the way.

Brother Zachariah had told Alec that it would be easier for Magnus to recover with him at his side. And it really seemed to be true. They really craved each other's presence.

At first, Magnus hesitated to ask him for help. Alec had to assure him every time that it was okay, that he really wanted to help Magnus as much as he let him. And the more Alec assured him, the more Magnus relaxed and asked him for help. Alec was more than proud that he managed to get Magnus to trust him so far.

The Warlock resolutely refused to get help from other people. Even his dearest friend Catarina wasn't allowed to do the smallest things apart from getting Magnus a drink. Catarina wasn't happy about that, to say at least. Alec smiled amusedly, watching Magnus and his friend discussing for the hundredth time why he refused to get help from her. He had to hide a chuckle when Cat groaned out frustrated but hugged Magnus lovingly with a tender smile on her face.

"You're incorrigible," she told Magnus fondly before saying goodbye to him and Alec.

Magnus couldn't believe his luck.

Every time he would wake up, Alec was at his side to take care of him and his needs. Knowing that Alexander, his precious Shadowhunter, was at his side, helped Magnus in so many ways, he was sure Alec wouldn't even know. Magnus was convinced that he would never be able to make it up to Alec. Though the Shadowhunter had made sure that he did that because he wanted to.

Because there was no other place where Alec wanted to be.

Saying this statement surprised Magnus was an understatement. That someone so selflessly took care of him hadn't happened before.

Even Catarina used to complain, at least.

But this? This was something so special. Magnus would cherish his Shadowhunter for the rest of their life, that was for sure.

"Alexander, thank you," he said for what felt like the hundredth time, knowing by now that he didn't have to. But, hell, he wanted to. Magnus still was weak and tired most of the day. He managed to eat and drink on his own by now. And well, that actually was something. But it took him an eternity. Well, to Magnus, it felt like it.

And the more time passed by, the more frustrating it became for him. Magnus knew that only a few days had passed since he'd woken up for the first time, but he just wanted to be better. Most importantly, Magnus wanted to go home. Where the sickness had come with such a force, the healing took much longer. Longer than Magnus had thought it would. And he fucking missed his cat, his bed, his whole goddamn loft.

Magnus wasn't very patient with himself.

Had never been.

But Alec somehow helped him to stay calm and more or less patient.

"No need to. Thank you for letting me help you," Alec only answered as he put the tray back on the table. For the first time in a week, Magnus had managed to eat his full meal all on his own.

"I'd love if I didn't have to bother you all the time," Magnus only answered, watching Alec as he made his way back to Magnus' bed. Alec sat down on the edge of the mattress and smiled at him.

"You're not bothering me, I really like to help you. And that's a big difference. And you'll be able to do so on your own sooner than you think."

Magnus couldn't help but smile back. He slowly reached out his hand and brought it over Alec's palm.

"You're right, darling. As always. I wish I had that patience of yours. A little bit at least," Magnus answered, earning an amused chuckle from Alec as he squeezed Magnus' hand tenderly.

"If I was in your position, my patience wouldn't last a day, if that helps you a little."

A laugh bubbled up in Magnus' chest at these words, so full of honesty, so very Alexander.

"Well, that, indeed, helps a lot, Alexander. Thank you."

It really helped him, Magnus realized. He once more smiled at his soulmate, observing his features for a little while longer than necessary. Alec held his gaze with the softest smile on his beautiful face. Magnus could get lost in Alec's attractive features, that was for sure.

"You're welcome. Is there something else I can do for you?"

"'re here with me. That's all I need for now."

And that was true. Alec's presence alone made him feel better, healthier. "Come and lay with me?" He asked further, already trying to make some more space for Alec.

"Sure. Here, let me help you."

Alec helped Magnus scoot over before he lay down beside him and pulled him into his arms, giving Magnus no time to get frustrated with his still weak body.

He could eat and drink on his own. Yes, that was progress. And it felt great that he could do this. But Magnus still felt too weak to even sit up on his own. Though he realized that he, indeed, was getting stronger.

Slowly putting his arm around Alec's waist, his head onto his soulmate's chest, Magnus just listened to Alec's steady heartbeat for a moment.

"So...what happened?"

This thought had crossed Magnus' mind more than often the past week. He'd felt his father's energy, draining his body, making him sick, killing him from the inside. He'd felt almost unbearable pain in his whole body, remembered the ache entirely, would maybe never forget it.

And he knew that Alec's father had had a part in that. But Magnus hadn't asked until now, and neither Alec nor one of the Silent Brother's had pushed him. Even if Magnus had assumed that something terrible could happen, he hadn't thought it involved his and Alec's father.

Well. Even the High Warlock of Brooklyn could be wrong.

"What do you want to know?" Alec asked then, before planting a tender kiss on Magnus' forehead. The Warlock closed his eyes for a moment, relishing the love radiating from Alec. The love this precious Shadowhunter had for him.


And so, Alec told him everything that had happened and how. His voice broke from time to time, mostly when it came to what Robert had done. The guilt in Alec's voice broke Magnus' heart. And the shame for what his father had done. Magnus was sure that Alec felt beyond hurt for what Robert Lightwood had done. But Magnus would never blame him for his father's actions.

But Robert got what he deserved, he would rot in hell as Asmodeus' slave. That was more than Magnus could ask for. But well, it was the Clave, and they'd never accepted a soulmate bond between Downworlder and Shadowhunter. And with that came his next question.

"And the Clave isn't willing to save your father?"

"No, why would they? They think it's the best punishment he could get," Alec answered. Magnus immediately realized that Alec thought so as well. But he needed confirmation, craved to hear what his soulmate thought about everything that had happened.

"What do you think about that?"

"Me?" Magnus waited for a moment, giving Alec the time to think about his response. But when Alec finally answered, Magnus couldn't help but shudder.

"He hurt you on purpose. Did everything to make you suffer. He even cooperated with a Prince of Hell. But not with any Prince of Hell, no, with your father. They made you suffer. I don't know how much, but I saw your face...your the Angels, Magnus, you almost died. He did that even if he knew we are Soulmates. He had no regrets. And I...I hope he'll have at least some of the pain he caused you. Because that's what he deserves. And much more. This father...he's lost all my respect, and I'm glad that he got his punishment. He deserves to rot in hell."

Alec rambled on, holding Magnus in a firm grip as he spoke. Magnus didn't mind at all. The was hurtful to even talk about, but they had to go through it. They could work things out together. Alec started to speak once more, bringing Magnus out of his thoughts.

"I don't know what I've done if his plan had worked...if he'd really killed you. I...I don't think I would've survived this as well."

"Alexander..." Magnus only managed to whisper. Hearing that Alec dreaded what Robert had done to him, hearing the pain in his soulmate's voice, radiating from his whole body. It lifted a weight from Magnus' shoulders he didn't know existed. He'd thought that maybe, Alec blamed him for what had happened. But Alec never ceased to amaze him.

"I'm so sorry for what my father did to you, and I hope you can forgive me at some point," Alec added all so silently. And that was the moment, Magnus bent his head to look at his soulmate.

"Forgive you for what? Alexander, you were nothing but perfect in the past week. There's nothing to forgive. Nothing. I pushed you away most of the time since we officially met. And you took care of me so selflessly. I don't know anyone who would have done that."

Their eyes met, and Magnus smiled at Alec's tearful expression. The emotions caused to overwhelm both of them. But some things needed to be said.

"You're wonderful, Alexander. And though I have to admit that this experience was far from...enjoyable. I would go through it all over again if that means to be together with you. I always thought I had to protect you at any cost. That I had to hide our bond from the world. But I wasn't right. You're more powerful than I could ever imagine. Your strength alone kept me alive, Alexander. Don't think I didn't feel the bond that was made by the Silent Brother's. I wouldn't have made it without it...without you, darling. So, thank you for saving me and staying at my side, making it easier for me to regain my strength. Thank you for being such a stubborn Shadowhunter, for being my Shadowhunter," Magnus finished with a tender smile. Alec blinked a few times, apparently flooded with emotions that dared to break free.

"Magnus," he only answered after a moment, his voice raspy. "By the Angels, Magnus, I love you."

"As I love you, Alexander."

They didn't know each other for long, but one thing was clear. Their love was something else. Something special. And Magnus couldn't help but smile as he put his head back onto Alec's chest, squeezing his Shadowhunter tenderly but yet as strong as possible.

"You said something...back when you were sick...Aku...I don't know the rest," Alec said after a moment, a little hesitant. "Is that your first language?"

Magnus nodded silently. "Yes, it is. I'm born in what is now Indonesia. And the words I said...Aku Cinta Kamu...they mean I love you," he explained, feeling his cheeks blushing a little. "I don't remember saying them, but I mean them nevertheless."

"I can't wait to learn more about soon as you want to, of course," Alec murmured tenderly, yet sheepishly.

"It's a lot, Alexander. I've lived more than 400 centuries," he explained. "It'll take some time, but I will tell you everything," Magnus added. There was no one he'd told everything about his past, but for Alec...Magnus would do anything for him. And more so, Magnus wanted Alec to know all the things about him. He'd waited so many years for his soulmate. Knowing that he could have that now...that he could create a life with his meant everything to Magnus.

"I'm patient."

"Oh, that you are, darling," Magnus hummed and closed his eyes, enjoying Alec's arms holding him tightly. "That you are."