Catarina left the room quickly, leaving Magnus and Alec alone once more. Alec hoped that she would hurry, her face had told him so much about Magnus' state, leaving the Shadowhunter with much more worry than before.

By the Angels. Alec couldn't imagine his life without Magnus. Not now that they were finally able to be together.

"Alexander...I'm sorry," Magnus whispered hoarsely, after a moment of silence between them. Alec realized then that Magnus had been listening all along, while he'd thought, Magnus was asleep. Bringing his eyes onto the Warlock's face, softly looking at him,

Alec found the Warlock looking at him in despair. Magnus' golden, cat-like eyes were bloodshot. He had a hard time keeping them open as he held Alec's gaze.

"Don't. You've done nothing to be sorry for, okay?" Alec asked silently, lifting his hand to cup Magnus' cheek. The skin felt damp and cold under Alec's palm. "The Silent Brother's will help you, that's all that matters."

"My father..." Magnus started weakly, fighting hard to keep his eyes locked with Alec's. His expression was painful and exhausted, his breathing still shallow. And yet, there was a hint of shame on his face. "He won't let me go that easy," Magnus mumbled, making a pause after every word, gasping for air.

"Don't think about it now, Magnus. Just focus on getting better, okay? We'll figure everything out. I promise. I'm here for you, no matter what, okay? I'm here. We're in this together, and I will fight for and with you."

Magnus opened his mouth to argue, but a violent cough ripped through his already too weak body, once more leaving him gasping for air. Some more blood was dripping from his mouth as he fought to catch his breath.

Alec gently wiped it away with his thumb, swallowing the tremendous fear that came with every cough, every gasp. He had to be strong for his soulmate, couldn't let fear overwhelm him. But it was fucking hard. Alec had never felt so anxious before.

Only, when Magnus' breathing had calmed down, Alec silently added. "Rest now, okay? Please, Magnus. Save your energy. I need you." The last two words were nothing more but a whisper, but yet, Magnus' tense face softened at these words before he nodded weakly.

"You're right..." He whispered in a hoarse voice. "It's don't know anything about me."
Alec sadly smiled at that.

Magnus was right. They didn't know much about each other. Well, Alec didn't know anything about his soulmate.

Magus knew a lot about him on the other side. The Warlock had been watching over him all his life. But Alec wouldn't let them have that conversation now. He just wanted to believe that Magnus would be okay. Alec banned any other thought from his mind.

Magnus would recover, and then he could tell Alec everything about his history, he wanted to share.

"Well, you can tell me everything when you feel better. And I can't wait to listen to your stories. All of them," Alec answered with a tender smile.

Magnus looked at him for a long moment before he finally nodded in agreement.
"Just...don't think too bad about me," Magnus murmured before he closed his eyes again.

Alec was startled. Even in the state, he was in, Magnus feared for Alec to think bad of him? He might was young, but even Alec knew that everyone, especially immortals, had their past. He would never judge Magnus for what he might've done.

Many Warlock kids had to fight alone the moment their Warlock signs showed. Making some wrong decisions, they would regret later surely was inevitable. Alec could never judge something like that.

"I won't. Never," Alec only whispered, kissing Magnus' forehead once more, before he brought his arm back around Magnus' body to hold him.

They didn't say anything after that, until, after about ten minutes, the Silent Brother's arrived.

Magnus Bane. We're going to bring you to the City of Bones to examine you.

The voice of the Silent Brother's appeared in Alec's head. Knowing, Magnus would hear them as well, Alec loosened the grip on the Warlock and greeted the Silent Brother's with a nod of his head.

Alexander Lightwood. We were told that you are the soulmate of the High Warlock of Brooklyn. Is that right?

"Yes. And I'm coming with you." Alec answered firmly, not giving room for anyone to argue. He wouldn't leave Magnus' side until he was doing better.
Although he desperately was craving to find out who did that to Magnus, Alec knew that he was needed at his soulmate's side.

We were hoping for you to do that. You will be needed during the examination. Your presence will make it easier for Magnus. Get yourselves ready. Brother Zachariah will soon transport you to our infirmary.

Alec nodded gratefully. He couldn't wait for Magnus to get the help he desperately needed.

Alec could feel the Warlock getting weaker with every passing minute.

"Thank you. Honestly, thank you so much."

It was the best option for Magnus. The Silent Brother's were powerful, they surely could help him. Alec didn't allow himself to think otherwise.

Magnus would be alright.


In no time, Brother Zachariah arrived, and he and Magnus were brought to the Silent City.

Alec had managed to let his sister know where he'd be while waiting for Brother Zachariah. She'd promised to let Jace and their mother know. That was all, Alec could've asked for, for now at least. He had to find out who'd done that to Magnus.

But for now, the health of his soulmate was more important.

And Alec knew for sure that Izzy and Jace would take care of that problem. They would find out who'd decided to hurt Magnus.

Magnus was laid down on a bed, and soon, six Silent Brother's were surrounding the Warlock, giving Alec no room to stay near. To hold his hand.

But Alec didn't argue, no matter how hard it was for him to stay away from Magnus.

He knew the examination was absolutely necessary.

Alec could be at Magnus' side right after.

Catching a look at Magnus' face, Alec realized that the Warlock must've passed out during the transport.
He'd already been so weak, only skin and bones from what Alec had felt through the clothes. But Alec hadn't had much time to properly look at him. Now, that he was able to, Alec's stomach clenched painfully.
He exhaled a shuddering breath, Alec didn't know he was holding. Also, his vision became blurry as tears threatened to spill out of his eyes.

"Magnus..." Alec almost choked out.

Somehow, he could feel that Magnus was losing this battle against the power that was apparently trying to kill him. Alec could barely see him breathing anymore. By the Angels, he was so pale.
Alec felt like someone was gripping his heart, squeezing it painfully.

We need to connect you to your soulmate, Alexander Lightwood. There are a few more tests that need to be done. He won't make it until we're done without your help. We...

"Do it. I'll do whatever you need me to do to keep Magnus alive until you're ready to heal him," Alec stated. He didn't want to hear much more, really not. Didn't need to.

Alec knew that he shouldn't interrupt a Silent Brother. Ever.

But honestly, Alec could feel that there wasn't much time left for his soulmate. And he just wanted Magnus to be alright.

Alec would literally do anything to help. And he needed the other's to hurry the fuck up and help Magnus.

He hated not being able to do much.

To be useless.

Being connected to Magnus, to keep him alive would get that feeling off of him. Plus, it would give Magnus some more time.

Alright. Take your place at your soulmate's side, Alexander Lightwood, and take his hand.

And Alec did just that. He moved past the Silent Brother's and sat down on Magnus' bed, sliding his hand into Magnus' cold, limb one. Letting his thumb glide over the Warlock's knuckles, Alec smiled at his unconscious soulmate, despite his worries.
Waiting for the Silent Brother's to connect them, Alec's eyes didn't leave Magnus' face.

When Robert went back to the cell to check on the High Warlock of Brooklyn, he wasn't expecting his daughter to be right there, waiting or him to arrive.
Robert stopped dead in his tracks when he realized his daughter's stern expression. She'd crossed her arms in front of her chest. By the Angels, Isabelle reminded him so much of Maryse in her age. The fierce look on her sent a shiver of presentiment down his spine.

"Isabelle." Robert greeted her, forcing a smile on his face, even though the Warlock wasn't in his cell anymore.

She must know something, Robert thought to himself but tried to remain calm. Where the hell was Magnus Bane? Too many thoughts occupied his thinking. Robert almost didn't recognize that Isabelle, indeed, was talking to him.

"So. You're trying to act like nothing happened? Well, I'm not having any of that, dad!" Isabelle almost spied at him, disgust written all over her face. "I know that you're behind the things that happened to Magnus. Don't even try to argue."

"I didn't intend on lying to you, Isabelle."

Robert had to do something, he needed to get rid of his daughter, without hurting her. After all, Isabelle was his favorite.
"So...what did you do to him?"

Robert smiled, trying to keep his face gently as he moved closer to his daughter, who remained, arms still crossed, in front of the cell, Magnus had been lying in.

Where was he? Who'd brought him away? Robert had to find out...quickly. He was sure to get a lot of trouble if Magnus would make it.

But that wasn't an option. After all, Robert did that to help his son, right? Robert hadn't done any harm, it was Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn, who'd enchanted his son. Who made Alec believe that he was in love with a Downworlder. His soulmate. And, by the Angels, that wasn't right.

"What do you think, my smart daughter?"

"We don't have time for that nonsense, dad! He's about to die, and I'm not going to let that happen!"

So, at least Robert knew that Magnus was still alive. He should've been dead by now, vanished to Edom. But for some reason, the Warlock was still alive. That wasn't good, far from it.

"Where did you bring him? You need to tell me, Isabelle," Robert started, but Isabelle cut him off.

"Don't think I will tell you anything about Magnus' condition, nor his location. Your reaction tells me enough. Father, I'm going to put you into this cell. You'll be put before the Clave when this is over. I will personally take care of that. You're disgusting."
Before Robert was able to answer, two more people appeared behind him, chaining him and giving him no time to react. Bending his head, he recognized Jace and...


"I can't believe that you went so far, Robert," she only answered, her voice ice-cold as she looked him up and down. "You had no right to hurt Magnus."

"I have every right to do so! He put our son under a charm, making him think that a Warlock is his soulmate! Magnus Bane is the one who had no right to do that!"

"Oh Robert, Magnus didn't do any of that. Believe me. You should cooperate and tell us what you did to him."

"I'll tell you shit, Maryse!" Robert growled at his wife. How could she be so fucking blind? Honestly, Robert wanted to yell at her. Get some sense into her mind.

"Don't you dare talk to her like that," Jace shouted from behind Robert, holding him tighter than necessary. It almost seemed like that Warlock had enchanted his whole family.

"You should shut the fuck up, Jace, and be grateful that I took you in!" Robert shouted right back. He couldn't believe that his whole family was on that fucking Warlock's side!

"Well...I still am grateful. That everyone welcomed me to the family. Not just you. But if you're going against my brother, my parabatai. I can't let that happen, Robert. I don't know what makes you think that I support your decision to hurt Alec's soulmate. To make my parabatai suffer."

Jace's voice was firm as he spoke, his grip on Robert's arm became even more robust if that was possible.

"What did you do to Magnus?"

Izzy now jumped in, coming closer to Robert, watching him with so much anger and disappointment in her eyes. It would've hurt him to see his daughter looking at him like that if Robert wouldn't be so focused on his imagination af an enchanted son.

"You can still change your decision, Robert. Tell us what you've done, and we will tell the Clave that you cooperated."

Robert snorted at every statement.

If Magnus would make it, he was fucked anyway. So why doing something he clearly wasn't interested in?

And so he kept his mouth shut, holding his daughter's gaze, who was still standing in front of him.

"Honestly, Robert?"

Maryse sighed exasperatedly as she moved to join her daughter's side. Robert still remained silent.
There was nothing left to say for him.

"Put him into the cell. Make sure that someone stands to watch him around the clock until he's brought to Alicante."

Jace shoved Robert through the door of the cell, the Warlock had been in only a few hours before. He pushed him in the middle of the small room before he closed and locked the door.

"I'll take the first watch," Izzy told them firmly, leaving no room to argue.

The connection helped Magnus from the moment, the Silent Brother's made them. He didn't get his strength back, no. But he remained stable, and that was all that mattered to Alec at that moment.
He felt weaker than before, but Alec didn't mind. At least he knew that he was able to help Magnus. Alec could still sit straight, right beside Magnus' bed. He didn't let go of his soulmate's hand as he lazily caressed the knuckles of Magnus' hand that stuck out too much for Alec's taste.

Alec hadn't heard from anyone since the Silent Brother's had connected them, made sure that Magnus' state was stable, and had left the infirmary.

Alec also hadn't heard from his family, or Catarina until now.

Hours had passed, someone had brought Alec food and water, and he'd managed to eat and drink some of it. He had to stay strong and healthy, right?

Suddenly, Magnus' hand moved in his, squeezing his palm weakly.

"Hey, Magnus. I'm here. It's Alec," Alec whispered the moment he realized the movements, looking at his soulmate who fought to open his eyes.

"'...xander," Magnus murmured hoarsely. Alec was fast to reach for his glass of water at the nightstand.

"Here, drink some water. It'll help you," Alec murmured gently, helping Magnus to take a few sips. He was so weak but fought to stay awake.

Seeing that removed some of the tension in Alec. If Magnus was still willing and able to fight, the chances stood better.

"Alec," Magnus finally managed to stay, deciding for the shorter version of the name. Alec smiled at him, his eyes watering in an instant. It was so good to see the Warlock awake.

"Magnus. Hey."

Magnus smiled, squeezing Alec's hand once more, a little bit stronger this time.

"'s good to see you, darling."

"Likewise. You're worrying me. Can't wait for you to recover."

"About time," Magnus agreed, chuckling weakly before he closed his eyes for a moment. It was clear that he was exhausted from this little conversation.

"I'm sure the Silent Brothers will be able to help you soon. They're working on it."

Magnus nodded silently, letting Alec know that he'd heard him. It took the Warlock another while before he spoke up once more.

"My father," he started weakly. Alec tried to prevent him from talking, but Magnus stopped him from doing so by squeezing his hand gently. "Asmodeus. Tell them. Your father...and mine. Together."

Alec didn't really understand what Magnus meant, but he nodded anyway. Finding out that Asmodeus was Magnus' father didn't bother him, Alec knew that it had to be a Demon.

"I will tell them. I promise."

"Good...that's good."

Magnus smiled once more, opening his bloodshot eyes to meet Alec's worried ones.

"Alexander...can I have a kiss?"

"You don't have to ask for that." Alec's voice was gentle as he bent forward to tenderly press his lips on Magnus' colder ones. "You can have as many kisses as you want. Whenever you want," he murmured in between a few loving pecks on his soulmate's lips. "I'd stop anything to kiss you. Anytime," he added, earning a weak chuckle from Magnus followed by a silent sob. It was just then that Alec realized the tears that streamed down Magnus' face.

"Magnus," Alec started, but his soulmate only shook his head.

"Just...No one's ever said that to me. I'm sorry."

It hurt Alec to hear that. And he was sure that Magnus would've never said something like that if he wouldn't fear to die. But anyways, Alec was glad to have so much honesty from his Warlock.

"Don't be sorry. I mean every word I said, Magnus. I'd do anything to make you happy. I will do so in the future."

"Thank you, Alexander. For everything."

Magnus' words were silent, nothing more but a whisper, but Alec was close enough to hear every word. He brought their foreheads together and waited until Magnus had calmed down enough.

"Don't ever thank me for that, okay? Never."

Alec kept his voice as silent as Magnus did. He smiled gently, bringing his hand up to gently wipe the tears on Magnus' cheeks away.

"Aku Cinta Kamu," Magnus whispered hoarsely after another moment of silence, already getting weaker again. Alec could feel it even more since the Silent Brother's connected them. He opened his mouth to ask Magnus what his words meant, but decided against it. There was time to ask that question later. And Alec was sure that Magnus wasn't able to answer his question, for he was already drifting back into unconsciousness.

Alec caressed Magnus' cheek for another moment before he sat back down onto his chair. It was just then that Brother Zachariah came into the room.

"Magnus was awake," Alec started as soon as Brother Zachariah approached him at Magnus' bedside. "He said something about our father's. Your father and my father. Together. That's what he said," Alec told the Silent Brother who watched him.

We need to talk to your father then. Thank you. It seems like Magnus has been poisoned. We're close to finding a potion. Talking to your father might be helpful.

"How much time do we have?" Alec asked carefully.

He needed to know.

Even if they were connected, Alec could feel his soulmate getting weaker. It had slowed down, thanks to the Angels, but still. Magnus didn't have much more time, Alec could feel it.

If I were to guess, I'd say not much more than 24 hours. But don't worry, Alexander. We will be able to heal him. I'm sure about that.

Alec nodded, feeling his heart clenching painfully.

"Please hurry," he only answered. His voice cracked at the end. Alec's eyes went back to Magnus. He couldn't allow himself to show weakness and cry. But by the Angels, he really was afraid.

We will. I promise.

For a brief moment, Alec felt Brother Zacharia's hand on his shoulder. And then he was gone again.

Robert was sitting in his cell when he felt it.


"My son isn't in Edom yet."

Robert looked up to find the image of the Prince of Hell right in front of him. Within a second, the whole cell turned into darkness. Robert couldn't see his daughter, who was still on guard in front of his cell. It was only he and Asmodeus now.

"Let's say, something came in my way," Robert answered sarcastically, lifting his chained hands to wave around the room.

"That only means that you're incapable."

Robert's and Asmodeus' eyes met for a brief moment before Robert rose to his feet.

"I'm not. You will get your son, I told you so. It just takes...longer." Robert lifted his chin. He wouldn't show weakness in front of Asmodeus. Even if he knew that there was only a little chance for him to get his job done.

"You should hurry up, Robert. I'm not patient enough for this."

Robert only nodded. Before he was able to answer, the image of Asmodeus was gone again.