Harry Potter x Tiger Cruise

A Hero-Part One

Being stuck on a ship during a possible world war attack can't make things easier.

Harry, had to get sent onto the ship as a prank.

Dudley was going to pay for this when he got back. It's 2001 for crying out loud. He's 20 years old for crying out loud.

"What are you doing here?" Harry turned and saw a little girl talking to him.

"Your Maddie right?" He asked. "I'm Harry. And I got tricked on here. My...cousin." He said.

"Sounds like he's a bully."

"Well, he shouldn't be. We both are adults and he still treats me like I'm the annoying kid who was left on his doorstep." Harry said.

"Do you have any family besides your cousin on the mainland?" She asked. "And how did you know my name?"

"Your dad, he's the captain right? I know many things. And I sort of...have no other family. My parents died when I was a baby, my god father died as well. And so, the only family of sorts I have is...My best friends. My best friend has a younger sister and she's my girlfriend. I'm sure she's worried." Harry explained.

"Oh." Maddie said. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I've gotten over it in the last 20 years. It's been a good life. I have been planning to propose to my girlfriend in a few years." Harry said.

"Really? Good. You don't work in the army right?"

"No. I am, possibly going to work in...government." Harry said.

"Wow! Nice. Good luck. I'm sure your state will be glad to have you."

Harry laughed. "Maddie. I'm from London. You know. The UK? British accent here?"

Maddie blushed hard. "Oh my! I am so sorry! How did you get all the way here?!"

"My cousin. He moved across seas after his father died. My aunt is in a home down in Florida. I visit every few months. Normally, I don't run into him."

"I see." Maddie said.

"Your dad is a hero. You should be proud of him. I know...what my father did in his past, wasn't the best, but I'm still proud to be his son. And I'm proud of my teachers too. I plan on naming one of my sons after the two most unbelievable people that I count as hero's. And if I have a daughter, I'm naming her after my mother." Harry said.

"Yeah. I am proud of him. I guess. But...it's scary. To think that, he may never come home. And he might not when or if we do get to the mainland." She said.

"I get it. But...the thing about it, he's helping others. He's saving others. I didn't even finish school because I was helping people. Trust me. It's human to worry, but it's also human, to want to help others. Your dad is a real hero. As many of the people who work on these ships." Harry explained to her.

"Ok. I understand." And she left.

"Bye." Harry said.