Harry Potter x Tiger Cruise

A Hero-Part Two

Soon they were docking in secret to get everyone to safety.

Harry couldn't believe this had to happen of all things. He had to get home before Ginny got worried.


"Ah. Maddie."

"Thank you. For what you said before. I understand my father is a hero. He has an important job and no one can do it better then he can. I told him to stay. I can live with being a brat." She said.

"I don't like that term. There needs to be a new one." Harry said.

"I agree. Maybe we can come up with one." She said looking to her friends.

"How about, "The Mini Tigers." That sounds good to me." Harry shrugged.

Maddie laughed. "Sounds good. I'll let them know. You might like my little sister. That is something she'd say." Maddie smiled.

"Good to know. Maybe we will see each other again. Goodbye Maddie."

"Bye Harry." And she headed over to her friends.

Harry watched her for a few minutes before he'd head back to his family.

Maddie and her friends exchanged numbers and said their goodbyes.

Then she handed her father something. A picture maybe?

Either way, they were in a hurry to get back out there.

She told her father bye and they all left. Harry then made his way to sneak out of this mess.

"Harry!" Well, if it wasn't his cousin, who knows who this could be.


"Harry. It's us." Ron, Ginny, George, and Hermione came running behind him.

"I'm so sorry!" Dudley said.

"It's fine." Harry said. Ginny and Ron hugged him at the same time squeezing him hard. "Okay. I can't breath." Harry said.

They let go of him. He looked back and Maddie was trying to call her mom.

He guessed anyway.

"Harry?" Hermione called.

"I'm fine." Harry smiled. They then headed home before they were seen.

"I'm very sorry about that I didn't think-"

"It's fine Dudley. Forgiven. But remember, we are 20 now. Can't keep pulling these tricks on me." Harry said.

"Yes. And if you do this AGAIN, I will find you and hurt you worse!" Ginny threatened.

"Calm down sis."

"She's one you don't mess with." Hermione said. "Should have seen what she did when she learned what happened and she knew you were down here." Hermione whispered to Harry.

Oh. He could imagine. She took extra training from her mother after Bellatrix tried to kill her after killing Fred. And it was also revenge for Harry too, since she killed Sirius. His godfather.

"I don't doubt it." Harry said.

They headed back to Florida and then Harry stayed one more night before they headed home.

He still remembers that day like it was yesterday. What really happened? And that's what he has been looking into every year it's come around. Maybe he'd see Maddie again, and he wanted to explain what happened to her. She had secret magic in her, and he wanted to help her.

It's not just her father who's a hero. It's her too.

The End