My best Friends Boyfriend

June 10, 2020

11;47 p.m.

Life Unexpected


How do you tell you best friend that you are falling in love with her boyfriend?"

It was the first day of Junior year and Tasha, Jones and I were walking to our English class when we saw a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes standing next to the door and as soon as we walked in he followed us inside, Tasha turned and looked back and said " he is cute!" since I was dating Jones I didn't say anything.

Mr. Rogers had our names on the board and Tasha and Jones were sitting next to each other and I got to sit next to the new guy, when I sat down next to him he looked at me "Hi my name is Eric Daniels and I'm new here!" I looked at him and smiled " welcome to West Monte my name is Lux Cassidy," I found out that Eric and I had a couple of classes together and he also had lunch with Jones, Tasha and I.

So after classes we started walking to our next class and Tasha started flirting with him and when I looked at Jones and when I looked at Jones he looked at little mad but I just ignored it and we went to our next class.

At lunch we were all sitting down and Jones was telling us that he was signing up for football and then Tasha said that she as trying out for volleyball, so they started talking about sports and I eating my lunch when Jones looked at me " so are you going to be okay with taking the bus home after school?" I nodded my head.

When I was in Chemistry class Eric looked at me and said, "are you okay you have been quiet since lunch?" I nodded my head yea, after school I had a meeting with Mr. Rogers about the tutoring that I would he having this year so of course I missed the bus so when I walked outside I saw Eric sitting on the steps "did you miss the bus?" I started laughing and said yes I did, "he got up and walked up to me "would you like a ride home?" I said yes and we started walking to his truck.

As he was driving me to my house we started talking and he told me that him and his family had moved here from Minnesota and that he had a little brother that was in middle school and I told him that I was in Foster care for most of my life and then last year I was reunited with my birth parents.

When we got to my house I thanked in and went inside I was getting a snack when I realized that I was crushing on him.

Two weeks later Jones and I were in the library studying when Tasha walked up to us and told us that Eric had asked her out, I was a little sad that he was dating my best friend and I hated the fact that I had a crush on him, after she left I looked at Jones and he looked mad again so I looked at him" what is wrong?" he just shook his head " I was thinking about game this weekend. I just nodded my head.

During Jones game Tasha had got to get a snack and Eric and I were talking "so what are you doing tomorrow for the date?" he looked at me "I was thinking of taking her to that new Italian restaurant!" I looked at him "good choice."

After the game we had got to get pizza and I had noticed that Jones and Tasha kept touching at each other and I looked at Eric to see if he noticed and of course he did but he just shook his head, when we were sitting in Jones jeep I looked at him " is there something going on with you and Tasha that you are not telling me about?" he looked at me like I was crazy " no of course not.

The next day Tasha had come over and she was talking about her and Eric and then she looked at me and asked if she could barrow some of my clothes for her date since she didn't have any nice date clothes so I told her yes, after she had left Jones came over and we ordered pizza and watched a movie and we also made out for a while it was nice just spending time with just him.

On Sunday Tasha showed up and she was telling me about the date and then she told me that he had her to be his girlfriend I was happy for her but I will admit that I was a little jealous, she didn't stay long and said that they were going out again tonight.

Since Jones and Tasha both had practice after school Eric, and I would sit on the steps and talk and do homework and then sometimes after practice we would go get a pizza or hang out at my house.

The homecoming dance was in two weeks and before her date with Eric, Tasha and I had gone dress shopping, Tasha had found a black dress shortly after we walked in the store and after going to three different stores I found a pink two piece dress.

When I got home from dress shopping I had called Jones to see if he wanted to hang out tonight but he said that he was going out with the boys and I knew that Tasha and Eric were going on a ate tonight so of course they couldn't hang out so I stayed home and ordered pizza and watched Netflix Iwas half way done with my movie when Eric had called " so how is your girls night going with Tasha?" I was confused "Tasha told me that she was going on a date with you!"

Apparently Tasha had been lying to Eric about what she has been doing the past month and he was getting tired of it and every time he tries to talk to her about it she changes the subject, I felt bad for him this was Tasha's first serious relationship and I think it was freaking her out.

The night of homecoming Tasha was over and we were getting ready when I looked at her "so how are things going with you and Eric?" she just stared at me " it's going okay," after being at the homecoming dance for an hour Jones had disappeared and I figured that he was hanging out with the guy but then Eric walked up to me and asked me if I had seen Tasha I hadn't seen her in a while but the last time I saw her she was talking to Jones.