Screen Title: #RyderAndEvan'sRevenge

Cat is getting ready for school

"Bye Sam I'm off to school." Cat says.

"Have fun" Sam said.

"Thanks." Cat said.

"Tell Jade and Tori I said hi." Sam says.

"Kay Kay. Bye." Cat said.

"Bye." Sam said.

Cat walks out and Tori is waiting for her

"Hi Cat." Tori said.

"Oh hi Tori." Cat said.

"You ready for school?" Tori asked.

"You know it, Tori." Cat said.

"Okay let's go." Tori says.

"Kay Kay. Oh Sam said hi." Cat said.

"Aw tell her I said hi back." Tori said.

"I will." Cat says.

They start walking but they get stopped by Ryder Daniels (from Beggin' on Your Knees) and Evan Smith (from The Blonde Squad)

"Hello Tori." Ryder says.

"Sup Cat." Evan said.

"Ryder?" Tori asks.

"Evan?" Cat says.

"Did you miss me?" Ryder asked.

"As if. You used me to get a good grade." Tori said.

"What are you even doing here?" Cat asked.

"Revenge." Evan said.

"I didn't even do anything to you." Cat says.

"You lied to me about being a blonde." Evan said.

"You're coming with us." Ryder said.

"As if. I'm calling my dad and when he gets here, he's going to..." Tori says but Evan squeezes her and Cat's elbows which causes them to faint.

"Put them in the car." Evan says.

"Okay." Ryder said.

They put Tori and Cat in the trunk and they drive off as they pass Hollywood Arts

Back with Sam, she is watching TV when someone knocks on the door

"It's open." Sam said.

Jade and Robbie walk in

"Hey Sam." Jade says.

"Hi Sam." Robbie said.

"Oh hey guys. How was school?" Sam asked.

"Weird." Robbie said.

"How?" Sam asked.

"Cat and Tori never showed up. today" Jade said.

"What?" Sam asked.

"Yeah. We thought they got sick but we asked Trina and said she hasn't seen Tori since this morning." Robbie said.

"Well that's weird. Cat wasn't sick at all. I saw her leaving with Tori." Sam said worried.

"Yeah. You haven't seen them have you?" Jade asked.

"Not since they left for school." Sam said.

"What could have happened to them?" Robbie asked.

"I don't know." Sam said.

"I hope nothing bad happened to them." Jade said.

Ryder and Evan leave a note on the ground, they knock and run away

"Who's that?" Sam asked.

They open the door and sees the note

"What's in the envelope?" Jade asked.

Sam picks it up

"We have Cat and Tori. If you don't believe us, hairs a piece of them. Signed Ryder Daniels and Evan Smith." Sam says.

"Oh god." Robbie says.

"Who are they?" Sam asked.

"Some people from their past. Ryder is a guy that Tori dated but soon found out he uses people just to get good grades." Jade said.

"And Evan?" Sam asked.

"Is a guy Cat dated. He thought she was a blonde since she wore a wig for a movie Beck made but soon found out she wasn't a blonde and rudely dumped her." Robbie says.

"Oh my lord." Sam said.

"They must have kidnapped her for revenge." Jade said.

"We got to save them." Robbie says.

"We don't know where they live." Jade said.

"Relax. I put a tracking device on Cat." Sam said.

"Why?" Robbie asked.

"Because in case she gets in danger, I can use it to track her down." Sam said.

"That's smart." Jade says.

Sam uses it and it says Cat is 10 miles away

"They're 10 miles away. Let's go." Sam said.

"I hope they're okay." Robbie says.

Tori and Cat are trapped in a room similar to the one the iCarly gang were trapped in iPsycho

"Where are we?" Cat asked.

"I have no idea." Tori says.

Ryder and Evan walk downstairs

"Well look who woke up." Ryder said.

"Let us out of here you two." Tori says.

"No." Evan said.

"You're going to pay for what you two did." Ryder said.

"You know if you didn't use girls just to get good grades, I wouldn't have done that song." Tori says.

"Zip it grunch." Evan said.

"You two are going to be in that room for awhile." Ryder said.

"Whether you like it or not." Evan says.

"So have fun being trapped." Ryder says.

They walk back upstairs

"You guys are insane." Cat said.

"Thanks for pointing that out, Red." Ryder said.

They leave

"I should have had my dad arrest them." Tori says.

"I hope Sam comes to save us." Cat said.

"Me too." Tori said.

Sam, Cat, and Robbie are in Jade's car

"Tell me when we get there Sam." Jade says.

"Okay." Sam said.

"I never trusted that Evan guy." Robbie said.

"At least he didn't use girls just to get good grades." Jade said.

"Make a left at the light." Sam says.

"Got it." Jade said.

She makes a left

"So what happened at school?" Sam asked.

"Well we were in Sikowitz's and Tori and Cat didn't arrive and they didn't answer their phones." Robbie said.

"They must have taken them." Jade said.

"Well we're going to get them back." Sam says.

"I hope so." Robbie said.

"How much longer until we arrive?" Jade asked.

"5 more miles." Sam said.

Back with Cat and Tori

"So are your turds having fun down there?" Evan asked.

"You won't get away with this." Tori said.

"You wanna bet cheekbones?!" Ryder said.

"You guys have been down there for 10 hours." Evan says.

"Let us out of here!" Cat yelled.

"Never." Ryder says.

"We're going to keep you trapped as long as we want to." Evan said.

"And there's nothing you can do about it." Ryder says.

"So get comfy." Evan says.

They walk away

"You can't keep us trapped forever! You hear me you crazy..." Tori says but gets cut off so she doesn't curse.

Back with Sam, Jade, and Robbie

"God I hate being stuck in traffic." Jade says.

"Me too." Sam said.

"This better move fast. Our friends are in danger." Robbie says.

"Screw it. I don't care if I get a ticket or not. I'm driving though this." Jade said.

Jade drives through the traffic and surprisingly, she didn't get pulled over

"Whoa mama." Sam said.

"How much longer until we arrive?" Robbie asked.

"2 more miles." Sam said.

"Can't you go any faster, Jade?" Robbie asked.

"I'm going as fast as I can, Robbie." Jade said.

A cop appears out of nowhere

"Ah damn it." Jade said.

Jade pulls over and the cop approaches her

"Do you know how fast you were going. (Sees Jade) Oh Jade!" The cop said.

"What?!" Jade asked.

"Nothing. You take it easy." The cop says as he runs to his car and drives off.

"Wow that cop was scared of you." Sam says.

"I may have gotten in trouble with them before." Jade said.

"It's true." Robbie said.

The phone beeps

"We're here." Sam said.

"Sweet." Robbie says.

"Time to bust some ass." Jade said.

Back in the basement

"Well it's been over 12 hours so I don't think anyone is coming for you two." Ryder said.

"Think again!" Jade yelled.

"Jade? Robbie?" Ryder asked.

"And Sam." Sam says.

"Hey blondie." Evan said.

"Shut it you bastard and let my friends go." Sam said.

"We shall do no such thing." Ryder said.

"How about we fight instead?" Evan asked.

"What?" Robbie asked.

"I'll fight ya." Jade said.

"If you guys win, Tori and Cat can go free." Ryder says.

"Alright let's dance." Sam said.

"But if we win, in the room you go." Evan said.

"Alright let's go!" Jade says.

"I hope they win." Cat said.

"Ready set begin." Ryder said.

They start fighting. Ryder tries punching Jade but she dodges

"Ha you missed." Jade said.

Jade beats up Ryder until he falls down

"You really want to fight blondie?" Evan asked.

"Don't you ever call me blondie!" Sam yelled.

Sam pulls out her butter sock and beats the crap out of Evan

"Ow what's in that sock?" Evan asked.

"PAYBACK!" Sam yelled.

Sam beats him up until he goes down

"I found the keys." Robbie said.

"Great." Tori said.

"Now let us out." Cat says.

Robbie lets them out

"Are you two okay?" Jade asked.

"Yeah." Tori said.

"How did you find us?" Cat asked.

"Tracking device." Sam said.

The cops come to arrest Evan and Ryder

"So what's going to happen to them?" Cat asked.

"They're getting send to prison for 10 years. They won't bother you guys again." The cop said.

"Oh yes we will." Ryder said.

"We will return and bother you again." Evan said.

"Put an electric fence in their cell so they can never escape." Sam says.

"You got it. Also I loved watching you on iCarly." The cop said.

"Thanks." Sam said.

"I loved it when you dressed up as the cowboy." The cop exclaims.

"Yeah it was a lot of fun." Sam said.

The cops takes Ryder and Evan to jail

"I'm glad you're okay." Robbie said.

"Me too." Jade says.

"Thank you guys." Tori said.

"It means a lot." Cat said.

"Alright let's get out of here." Robbie said.

"It's good to have you back Cat." Sam says.

"Thanks Sam." Cat said.

They all hug each other as the story ends