Screen Title: #Cat'sTwin

Sam and Cat are watching an episode of That's a Drag

"I really miss this show so much." Cat said.

"I know Cat but as least I was able to get the whole set into our apartment." Sam says.

"Yeah. I just wish the show could come back for a reboot series. Or a reunion." Cat said.

"Me too but unfortunately it won't." Sam said.

The doorbell rings

"Ding dong." Cat said.

"Who's at the door?" Sam asked.

"I don't know. I'll go see." Cat says.

Cat opens the door and it's Charlotte from 13: The Musical

"Hi Cat." Charlotte said.

"Charlotte?" Cat says in shocked.

"Yep." Charlotte said.

"Oh my gosh it's so good to see you." Cat said.

"You too." Charlotte says.

"Who's that?" Sam asked.

"This is Charlotte. She's my twin sister." Cat said.

"Cat don't prank me. We made a deal after the twinfection incident that we wouldn't prank each others with twins ever again." Sam said.

"Huh?" Charlotte asked.

"I swear she is my twin." Cat said.

"Proof it." Sam says.

Sorry about this sis." Cat said.

Cat smacks Charlotte and she felt the pain

"OW!" Cat and Charlotte said.

"Wow you really are twins." Sam says.

"So what are you doing here, Charlotte?" Cat asked.

"I wanted to see how my favorite twin is doing. Hey you look like Sam from iCarly." Charlotte says.

"Nah she's way hotter than me." Sam said.

"She is Sam. She's my roommate." Cat said.

"No way. I loved that show. You were so funny." Charlotte says.

"Thanks." Sam said.

"So Cat what ever happened to our parents?" Charlotte asked.

"They took our brother to a mental hospital in Idaho. They were supposed to be back last year but it got extended for another 3 years." Cat said.

"3 years?" Charlotte asked.

"Yes." Cat says.

"How messed up is your brother?" Sam asked.

"Very messed up." Cat said.

"So you've been living here since?" Charlotte asked.

"Yeah. I did lived at school for a bit but Jade and Robbie convinced me to live with Nona. However in June 2013, Nona got tired of the kids treating her so she moved to Elderly Acres." Cat said.

"Oh." Charlotte says.

"Yeah." Cat said.

"Charlotte weren't you in that play 13: The Musical?" Sam asked.

"Yes I was. It was a blast." Charlotte said.

"I've been going to Hollywood Arts for a long time and I'm still wondering if I should be an actor or a singer. It's so hard to choose from." Cat said.

"You should be a singer." Sam says.

"Really?" Cat asked.

"Yes. Robbie would be proud to date a singer like you." Sam said.

"Thanks Sam. That means a lot." Cat says.

"Does Robbie still carry around that puppet?" Charlotte asked.

"Not really. He still has him but he leaves him at home." Cat said.

"It feels weird that an 18 year old still has a puppet." Sam says.

"I'm 18 and I still have my toys." Cat said.

"You're special. He's just weird." Sam says.

"Alright I got to get going. Lucy and I are going on tour. Bye Cat it was good catching up with you." Charlotte said.

"You too Charlotte. Bye." Cat says.

"It was nice meeting you Sam." Charlotte said.

"You too." Sam said.

"Bye." Charlotte said.

"See ya." Sam says.

Charlotte leaves

"I haven't seen Charlotte since I was 10." Cat said.

"She seemed very nice." Sam said.

"It was great for her to visit us." Cat said.

"Yeah it actually was great." Sam says.