Chapter 1: A Man Who Will Become A Hero

A book lies on a small table in a room as a spotlight shines on it. The book slowly opens and shows a picture of a group of heroes. One was a young genie with long purple hair which was tied in a ponytail fashion, a sky-blue dancer outfit, and a face similar to Shantae's. Another was a young angel with a leaf crown on his head, a white angle robe, brown hair that dangled as low as the back of his neck, and a face similar to Pit's only slightly younger looking. Another was a gray Tasmanian tiger wearing bronze colored crocodile shorts, a scar covering his right eye keeping it permanently closed, a giant boomerang as large as his body on his back, a tabaco pipe in his mouth, and a face similar to Ty's. Another was a snow-white hedgehog with emerald green eyes, a cyan blue scarf wrapped around his neck, and a face similar to Sonic's. Another was a young prince who was also a Poke'mon Trainer who was wearing a thin red armor and cape, a rapier sword sheathed on his left hip, a Pikachu placed on his right shoulder, and a face similar to Ash's only he looked more like an adult than a teenager. Another was a female Star Warrior that was a very light shade of pink, a red bow on the right side of her head, three eyelashes extending from each corner of her eyes, a bit of makeup on her face, and a face that looked similar to Kirby's. Another was a swordsman who was wearing the pelt of a gray wolf over his body, was carrying eight daggers with one placed in each webbing of his hands, holding the Master Sword sideways between his teeth, and even though it's hard to see his face with that wolf pelt covering most of it, he has a face similar to Link's. Another was a very large gorilla that had a face similar to Donkey Kong's, but was twice Donkey Kong's size. And the last two were a pair of brothers that strongly resemble the Super Mario Brothers. One was wearing a green shirt, a mustache that looked Luigi's, a face similar to Luigi's, and had his right arm wrapped around his brother. And the last heroes in the picture was a man in a red shirt, a large broadsword sheathed over his left hip, a mustache that looked like Mario's, a face similar to Mario's, and was giving a "V" for victory sign with his right hand at the ones looking at the picture. Were you all expecting this story to be about Mario and his team? I'm afraid not this time. The book's pages flip to an image of the Mushroom Kingdom from 1,000 years ago. Let us go back to a time in the Mushroom Kingdom…a very long time ago…

(Then area in the Mushroom Kingdom from the picture in the book 1,000 years ago)

At first, things were acting normal, until the sound of a ruckus was hitting everyone's ear. Apparently, a mustached man wearing red had stolen a large sack's worth of food from the Koopa's and was making a break for it in the market area in Toad Town. This is Marco Mario, our main protagonist of this story and a name that will eventually be remembered many years later. But for now, he's a simple man living in the Mushroom Kingdom. As he was running away with that sack of food, he was being pursued by a Magikoopa and two Koopa guards that were armed with spears.

Marco- What's the matter, Kaster? Old age finally getting to you?

Kaster- You're gonna pay for stealing food from the Koopa's again, Marco!

Marco- Not like you and your Koopa King were planning on sharing it!

Marco Mario reached a dead-end alleyway and saw that Kaster and the two Koopa guards seemed to have cornered him.

Kaster- Cornered like a rat now, Marco!

Marco- Sorry, Kaster! But I don't think so!

Then Marco rushed to one wall and suddenly jumped off of the wall to jump off of another wall. Performing a wall jump to get to a higher area. Marco landed on the roof of one of the building and waved his hand to them.

Marco- Yoohoo! Kaster!

Marco quickly ducked as Kaster shot a magic attack at him. After Marco dodged the magic attack, he poked his head out again to mock Kaster again.

Marco- Missed me!

Then Marco continued running away as Kaster began grinding his teeth in anger and frustration.

Kaster- Don't just stand there! Catch that ****ing fool! And I mean now!

Both Koopa guards at the same time- Yes, Lord Kaster!

One of the two Koopa guards tried to climb the wall Marco wall jumped off of, but ended up falling on his back.

Koopa guard- Guys…a little help here? I can't get up unless someone times my shell right-side-up!

Kaster- Why did King Slicor assign me with these idiots?

(On the rooftops of another area in Toad Town)

Marco was hopping from rooftop to rooftop as Kaster and the Koopa guards continued to chase after him. Marco looked behind him and saw one of the Koopa guards was closing in on him. So, Marco then jumped off one of the buildings and the Koopa guard jumped after him. However, Marco didn't really jump off the building. The Koopa guard saw Marco pressing both his arms and lefts against the two buildings he was in between to prevent him from falling. All while still holding the sack of food Marco stole. That was the last thing the Koopa guard saw before he went plummeting down to the ground after jumping off the building.

Marco- Oooo! That had to hurt!

Then Marco jumped back on the building he pretended to jump off of earlier and took a seat on the roof. Marco opened the sack of food and pulls out a roll of bread. But just as Marco was about to take a bite, Kaster and the other Koopa guard caught up to him.

Kaster- Enjoying your little snack there, Marco?

Marco- Yeah, Kaster…why don't you HAVE SOME!

Marco quickly threw the roll he was about to eat at Kaster and it hit him in the face and made his nose turn red. While Kaster was holding his face in pain, Marco tried to flee again. However, the Koopa guard he was with managed to trip him with the handle end of the spear he was holding. Then Kaster grabbed Marco by the collar of his shirt and glared at him. All while his nose was still glowing red. And Marco gave Kaster a nervous smile. Then Marco was thrown off the roof and landed into a nearby pig stein and found himself covered in mud when he got back up.

(At a small house outside of Toad Town)

Marco managed to limp back to his house while still completely covered in mud and the sack of food he stole all gone. He opened the door to find a man wearing green waiting for him. This is Marco's twin brother, Loewy Mario. Can't have the Mario Brothers without the other brother.

Marco- Oh…hey there, Loewy!

Loewy- Oh Marco, don't tell me you stole food from the Koopa's again?!

Marco sighs a bit while pulling out two rolls of bread he managed to hide under his shirt before losing that sack of food he stole. He hands one of them to Loewy before taking a seat on a rickety looking chair.

Marco- Yeah, I did, Loewy. And all I managed to make it home with was two dirty rolls of bead.

Loewy took a bite out of the roll before turning to look at Marco in concern.

Loewy- Why do you keep doing this, Marco? I know we're broke and we're desperate for food, but constantly trying to steal from the Koopa's like that…

Marco- It's not just that, Loewy! The Koopa's keep picking on the Mushroom Kingdom like we're ants to them. And there's even a humor that their king, Slicor Koopa, has his sights set on invading the Mushroom Kingdom and overthrowing Princess Amethyst. I'm just trying to stand up to them. (Sigh)…if only everyone else would as well. What the Mushroom Kingdom really needs…is a hero…

Loewy- Well…where are we gonna find one? I'm sure you remember what happened the Mushroom Kingdom's last hero, our father.

Then Marco and Loewy turned their attention to a rusted old sword that looked like it was in very bad condition leaning against the wall.

Marco- Well…I know I will make a difference one day! Who knows, maybe you will too, Loewy.

Loewy- Keep telling yourself that, Marco, and you'll be joining our father at this rate. And I don't want to be left alone again like we were when father died.

Then Loewy went outside while finishing the roll Marco had given him. Marco took a bite out of the roll and turned to look at the rusted sword again.

Marco- Father…

Marco stood from the chair, walked over to the rusted sword, and kneeled in front of it.

Marco- Father…you always told me and Loewy that hope is the greatest weapon we can use. I just wish I could give people hope the same way you and Princess Amethyst did when Loewy and I were still kids. When you were still here defending the Mushroom Kingdom, even the Koopa's were afraid to mess with you. You even stopped King Slicor from invading the Mushroom Kingdom with the hope you gave to the Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Amethyst is doing her best to stand up to the Koopa's, but ever since we lost you…things have been rough for the Mushroom Kingdom. I just…wish there was a way I could inspire people to not lose hope…the same way you did…

Marco eventually stood back up and turned around to sit on that rickety looking chair again to finish the roll of bread he had. Suddenly, Marco felt a light breeze blow passed him. And he heard a faint whisper in that faint wind.

Mysterious whispering- One man alone cannot change the world…All you need is help from friends…

Marco quickly turned around, but all he saw was the rusty old sword. Marco scratched his head, wondering if he really heard a voice speaking to him.

(Later that day at a graveyard)

Marco entered the graveyard and approached a tombstone that read "Mariano Mario" written on it.

Marco- Hi father. Sorry I haven't visited you since your death ten years ago. I could've sworn I heard you speaking to me back at the house, but…that couldn't be, right…

Marco just stared at the grave for a minute or two as he listened to dead silence.

Marco- Figures. I'm talking to a grave. Shit…I just wish…I could've been more like you, father.

After standing there for a little bit gathering his thoughts, Marco heard a voice speaking to him from behind.

Mysterious voice- Excuse me, but are you here to pay your respects to someone?

Marco quickly turned around and saw a beautiful woman standing behind him. She had long blond hair, a long purple dress that covered most of her body, two pearl earrings on each ear, a crown on her head, and a face similar to Princess Peach's.

Marco- Wait! You're…Princess Amethyst!

Princess Amethyst- There's no reason to make a big deal out of it. I'm just the same as any other resident in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Marco pulled himself together and tried to talk to her like a normal man.

Marco- Uh…of course! Forgive my rudeness, your majesty. But why is the princess in a cemetery of all places?

Princess Amethyst- I came to pay my respects to Sir Mario, the knight who once protected the Mushroom Kingdom.

Then Marco noticed the bouquet of flowers Princess Amethyst was holding.

Princess Amethyst- You're his son…am I correct?

Marco- Yes! Marco Mario!

Princess Amethyst- I am very indebted to your father. He was the greatest hero the Mushroom Kingdom ever knew.

Marco- I know. I just…I just wish me or Loewy could've been able to carry his legacy.

Princess Amethyst- Don't be so hard on yourself, Marco. Who knows, maybe you will become to successor to your father someday. You never know. Your father always said hope will always help us find the right path. And I'm sure that it will.

Princess Amethyst placed the flowers on the grave before bowing to Marco real quick.

Princess Amethyst- I hope we meet again soon, Marco.

After Princess Amethyst leaves, Marco slaps himself in the face.

Marco- Idiot! You can't speak to a pretty girl without making a complete fool of yourself? (Groan)…but it was nice to meet her…

(Later that night)

Marco and Loewy were sleeping in their beds. Suddenly, they were woken up by the sound of a loud boom that sounded like it was coming from outside. Marco sat up straight from his bed while Loewy jumped out of the bed and face planted onto the floor.

Marco- Uh…you ok, Loewy?

Loewy lifted his head off the floor and shook his head a bit.

Loewy- What the hell was that?!

Marco- I don't know, but I think we should check.

(Outside Marco and Loewy's house)

Marco and Loewy quickly got dressed and rushed outside. When they looked up in the sky, they saw a swarm of giant meteors falling from the sky and it looked like they were heading towards Toad Town and the princess' castle. But when it looked like a meteor was about to strike the castle, a humanoid figure rushed right in front of the falling meteor at lightning fast speed and shattered the meteor into pieces with one punch. But apparently, Marco and Loewy were the only ones in the Mushroom Kingdom awake to see this.

Loewy- Who is that?

Marco- Not sure, but he'd doing a good job keeping those falling stars from destroying the Mushroom Kingdom.

This mysterious being was doing a good job destroying those meteors before they hit the Mushroom Kingdom. However, there was one that he missed and it hit the mysterious figure in the leg and he fell from the sky.

Marco- Oh no! He must be hurt! Come on, Loewy! We should probably see if he's alright!

Loewy- Wait…we…?

(In the woods near Toad Town)

Marco and Loewy arrived in the forest where they saw the mysterious figure crashed. They eventually found a large crater in the ground. When Marco and Loewy looked in the crater, they saw what appeared to be a man. He looked human, but he was clearly not human. He had long flowing white hair, blue eyes, and was wearing a red and black robe that looked very fancy looking. However, was lying in this crater and appeared that he was badly injured. His right leg was also twitching like it wasn't acting properly, like it had been broken.

Marco- He looks worse than I was expecting. We need to help him now, Loewy!

Loewy- I don't know, Marco. We don't know anything about this guy. He could be dangerous.

Marco- He just stopped a bunch of falling stars from destroying Toad Town and the castle in the middle of the night. We owe him at least some help for saving our home.

Marco jumped into the crater and approached this mysterious being. The mysterious being managed to raise his head to see Marco as he noticed someone was approaching him.

Marco- Hey…are you ok?

Mysterious being- I don't need your help, human…I am a god and can take care of…(grunts in pain)…

Marco- Nonsense. Even a god needs help every now and again. I'm not leaving you while you're in this much pain.

Mysterious being- Why? You hardly know anything about me…

Marco- Because it's the right thing to do. I'm Marco Mario, by the way.

Mysterious being- Ok…Kyrin…

Marco- Kyrin…? Well, it's nice to meet you, Kyrin.

(Later back at Marco and Loewy's house)

Marco and Loewy brought Kyrin to their house. Kyrin was sitting on that rickety looking chair as Marco and Loewy bandaged his broken leg as well as the other injuries on his body.

Marco- I know it's not much and I'm no doctor, but Loewy and I tried our best, Kyrin.

Kyrin- It will do. But why are you doing this for me?

Marco- You saved our home last night. Figured it was the least we can do.

Loewy- Why was a god like you even bothering with protecting the Mushroom Kingdom anyway?

Kyrin- Well…I accidently caused that meteor shower that happened last night.

Marco and Loewy at the same time- WHAT?!

Kyrin- Let me explain. My father told me and my twin brother that our mother died giving birth to the two of us. And my brother and I found out what really happened to our mother just recently. Not only was her fate worse than what we were told, but our father lied to us for thousands of years. I don't know what my younger brother did, but while I was taking my anger out, I accidently caused those meteors to go on a collision with Earth. I was just trying to stop those meteors because my father would've held me responsible for any serious damages. But I suppose you're gonna be asking for a reward later on.

Marco- Not really, Kyrin.

Kyrin- Huh…?! You're not going to ask for something like wealth or power like all the other humans I've seen who've tried doing favors for the gods?

Marco- You already saved our home last night. Therefor, I'd say we're even.

Kyrin- I have to say, Marco…you're definitely different from all the other humans I've met before. Not sure if it's a good or a bad thing, but you're definitely not what I would've expected, Macro Mario.

Then Kyrin noticed the rusty sword leaning against the wall.

Kyrin- By the way, why do you keep that rusty pile of junk over there?

Marco- Please don't call it that, Kyrin! That so-called "rusty pile of junk" was our father's sword.

Loewy- Marco's right. It's all we have to remember our father.

Marco- He was a knight who served the royal family and he gave the Mushroom Kingdom so much hope. But then one day…he didn't return home…and his sword is all Loewy and I have to remember him by.

Kyrin- Oh…I'm sorry, Marco and Loewy! I didn't mean to bring up such a…sensitive subject.

Loewy- And yet Marco still tries to act all brave like he did.

Kyrin- Huh?

Marco- It's the Koopa's. There is a kingdom called Dark Land, ruled by the Koopa's. They've been picking on everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom ever since our father fell in battle in just about any way they can. In fact, word is going around that the Koopa King intends to claim the Mushroom Kingdom by conquest. And everyone is just too scared to stand up to them. I've tried to stand against them many times…

Loewy- Only to have yourself thrown into a stinky mud puddle from the roof of a building.

Marco- Hey, if I won't stand up against these bullies, who will?

Kyrin- …Marco…

(The next morning)

Marco and Loewy were sleeping in their beds when a rock was suddenly thrown through their bedroom window. The rock not only broke the window, but also hit Loewy in the eye.

Loewy- OW! My eye!

Marco took a look out the window and gasped in shock.

Marco- I think we got bigger trouble than a rock thrown through our window!

Loewy looked out the window and saw the house was completely surrounded by Koopa's and Goomba's.

Loewy- Oh shit! Marco, what did you do this time?!

Marco- I haven't done anything since Kaster threw me into that pig pen three days ago! Better see what's going on!

Marco and Loewy got dressed and rushed outside only to see Kaster standing in front of their house with at least two dozen Koopa's and Goomba's.

Kaster- Hello again, Marco!

Marco- What do you want, Kaster?

Loewy- Why is he even here?!

Kaster- I'm so glad you two retards asked. We're here to apprehend two fugitives for crimes against the Koopa's. Namely, the two of you!

Marco- Come on, Kaster! I haven't stolen any food from you Koopa's…today that is…

Kaster- You've still committed countless crimes against the Koopa's and against our glorious leader, King Slicor! Not to mention I had to get a nose job after our last encounter! In the name of the Koopa King, I am placing you and your brother under arrest and will face judgement from King Slicor after rotting in his dungeons for a few days!

One of the Koopa guards was about to move in with that spear he was holding, but then a hand grabbed hold of the spear and halted the Koopa guard's advance. The Koopa guard looked to his left and saw Kyin.

Kyrin- For shame. Trying to pick on someone like that when they have no way of fighting back. I see Marco was right that you Koopa's do act like bullies.

The Koopa guard tried to stab Kyrin with his spear, but Kyrin held out his palm to block and the spear shattered to pieces on impact. While that Koopa guard was still dumbfounded, Kyrin punched the Koopa guard in the face and knocked him through a nearby tree.

Kyrin- Why don't you try picking on someone your own size?

Kaster- Fine! If you insist! Guards, take that punk down!

The remaining Koopa guards and Goomba's that were with Kaster tried to attack Kyrin, but they didn't stand any better than the Koopa that got punched through the tree. After Kyrin defeated all the Koopa guards and Goomba's, he then grabbed Kaster by his wizard robe and pulled him to his face.

Kyrin- I'd advise you and your buddies to scram while I'm still giving you the chance. Also, you are going to leave my friends alone from now on! Got that?!

Kaster- Uhhh…Yes! Yes, I will! Just don't hurt me!

Kyrin let go of Kaster and Kaster ran away like crazy.

Marco- Kyrin…?

Kyrin- You're welcome, Marco.

Loewy- I see your leg feeling better.

Kyrin- Yes, it is. Gods can heal faster than mortals can. By the way, I fixed your sword.

Then Kyrin pulled out a sheathed sword and handed it to Marco.

Loewy- Our father's sword?

Then Marco unsheathed the sword and it looked good as new.

Marco- Oh my! Our father's sword looks even better than it's even been! Thanks, Kyrin.

Kyrin- Least I can do for letting me stay while my leg recovered.

Kyrin was about to walk away, but Marco stopped him with his words.

Marco- Wait, where are you going?

Kyrin- Leg's better, so there's no reason for me to stick around anymore.

Loewy- You're leaving us already?! What if the Koopas…

Kyrin quickly turned around to face Loewy and pressed is finger to his nose.

Kyrin- NO! I might've been willing to help you both out that time, but I refuse to interfere with the matters of you mortals! I'm an S Ranked god and I have my own responsibilities on my plate! I can't stick around to defend some random kingdom from invaders on a mortal planet! That's not my role. If anything, that should be your role, Mario Brothers.

Marco- As much as I hate to admit, but Kyrin is right. It wouldn't be good for us to constantly rely on Kyrin for help every time things go wrong. We'll have to fend for ourselves if we really want to make progress.

Kyrin- Well, I'm glad Marco understand it. I best be off. Still, I wish you the best of luck…Marco and Loewy. Perhaps…we'll meet again.

Then Kyrin walked away and vanished into the woods.

(Later at Castle Koopa)

Kaster was kneeling in fear to this giant Koopa. This giant Koopa seemed very different from the other Koopa's with black scales around his body, a fire red Koopa shell with spikes on the back, horns coming out of the sides of his head, and a face that was similar to Bowser's.

Kaster- My lord…King Slicor Koopa…forgive this poor and pathetic fool of yours!

Slicor Koopa- Can't believe you, Kaster! You can't even deal with one troublemaker!

Kaster- But this troublemaker had…

Slicor Koopa- No excuses, Kaster!

Slicor grabbed Kaster by the neck and pulled him to his face.

Slicor Koopa- Let me tell you something. If one of those pieces of shit will stand up…they all might stand up! That knight, Mariano Mario, he could convince the people of the Mushroom Kingdom to unite and use the power of hope to defeat any threat. I couldn't make any progress in my quest to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom with how he rallied the Mushroom Kingdom like that. Which is why I dealt with him ten years ago, to make the people of the Mushroom Kingdom lose the hope he gave to them. And now, we got someone standing up to us just as he did all those years ago. I can't let those walking fungi have hope again!

Slicor let go of Kaster and walked over to the window where he had a view of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Slicor Koopa- I think it's time to proceed with our plans for invasion ahead of schedule. We take the Mushroom Kingdom tonight! And I'll be leading the assault personally! GWAHAHAHAHA!

(Back at the Mushroom Kingdom later that night)

Most of the Mushroom Kingdom was now set on fire as the Koopa King's minions were destroying everything in sight and attacking any Toad they see trying to escape. There were numerous Toads scattered around the streets of Toad Town fleeing for their lives as the area continues to burn. Not even Marco and Loewy were safe from this mess. They barely managed to escape to the outskirts of Toad Town where they had a view of Toad Town on fire. Marco stood there and gripped their father's sheathed sword tightly in his grasp.

Marco- Man, this ****ing sucks!

Loewy- Chill, Marco! At least we got out with our lives.

Marco- I don't care, Loewy! Those Koopa's have invaded our home, kidnapped the princess, and are threatening to take everything we care about. I'd fight back if I could, but…just not strong enough! Damn it all!

Then Marco punched a nearby tree before him and Loewy noticed someone was standing behind them.

Kyrin- So, you really want to do something about this. Huh, Marco?

Marco and Loewy turned around and saw Kyrin standing behind them.

Loewy- Don't sneak up on me like that! You almost gave me a ****ing heart attack!

Marco- Oh Kyrin! Good to see you again. Are you saying you know of a way for us to fight back against the Koopa invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom?

Kyrin- I might. What if I told you…I could offer you a power that could help you drive King Koopa and his forces from the Mushroom Kingdom?

Marco- What kind of power?

Then Kyrin pulls out a glowing red mushroom and held it to Marco.

Kyrin- If you eat this mushroom, you'll obtain a great power. You'll gain the ability to possess several powers from finding specific powerup items. Like a fire flower will give you the power over fire, or a star will make you invincible for a few seconds, or a super leaf will give you a raccoon tail you can use to fly.

Loewy- What?! Raccoons can't fly!

Kyrin- Oh, there are many more powers your brother will be able to use with this ability I'm offering him.

Marco- Why are you offering me this?

Kyrin- I suppose I owed you this favor after helping me when I was injured. But do you want this power or not, Marco?

Marco- I'll accept…if you offer the same deal to my brother, Loewy Mario.

Loewy- What?!

Marco- Loewy should also be given this chance to fight back just as much as I do, Kyrin. Will you offer it to him too?

Then Kyrin made a glowing green mushroom appear in his other hand.

Kyrin- Very well then. One for each of you Mario Brothers. Actually, I think the Super Mario Brothers is more fitting. Since you're both about to gain power beyond any mortal's imagination.

Marco and Loewy ate the glowing Mushrooms Kyrin gave to them and they felt a serge of power rush through their bodies. The feeling only lasted for a second, but they did notice it.

Loewy- What was that I just felt?!

Marco- Not sure. Kyrin, is that supposed to happen? Did it work?

Kyrin handed Marco and Loewy each a fire flower.

Kyrin- There's only one way to find out.

(Back in Toad Town)

A large cluster of Toads were being cornered by a bunch of Koopa's and Koopa's working for King Slicor Koopa. Just as one Koopa guard was about to impale one small child Toad with a spear, a red fireball torched the spear and burnt it to dust.

Koopa guard- What the…?

Goomba- Where did that fireball come from?

Then a green fireball was fired from above and knocked out the Goomba that just said that. Then the Koopa's and Goomba's turned around and saw Marco and Loewy standing on the roof of one building. However, there clothes were looking different. Instead of wearing red and green, their clothes were now white. Similar to how Mario and Luigi's clothes turn white after eating a fire flower. Also, Fire Marco had their father's sword unsheathed in his right hand.

Fire Marco- Hey punks, why don't you pick on someone your own size!

Koopa guard- Aren't those the Mario Brothers Kaster's been telling us about?

Goomba- Why are their clothes different?

Another Koopa guard- Who cares?! They stand against King Slicor and they must pay the price!

The Goomba's and Koopa's charged for Fire Marco and Fire Loewy, but they were quickly knocked to the ground when they Mario Brothers began shooting fireballs at them.

Fire Loewy- WOW! Kyrin wasn't kidding about how strong this power is!

Fire Marco- Just also remember what Kyrin warned us. We could lose our power if we get hit too much. So, don't get to cocky, Loewy.

Fire Marco and Fire Loewy jumped off the roof of the building and continued shooting fireballs at Slicor's troops. The lead Koopa guard tried to strike Fire Marco with his spear, but Fire Marco quickly swung his sword. After both weapons were swung, the Koopa guard dropped to the ground as Fire Marco sheathed his father's sword. It didn't take long before Fire Marco and Fire Loewy defeated all the Koopa's and Goomba's.

Fire Loewy- I can't believe it! We did it, Marco! We beat the Koopa's!

Fire Marco- Too early to celebrate, Loewy. We only beat a small handful of Slicor's minions. Slicor's troops are still raiding the kingdom and he still has Princess Amethyst imprisoned in her own castle. But right now…

Fire Marco walked over to the group of Toads they just rescued.

Fire Marco- You all ok?

All the Toads nodded their heads.

Fire Marco- Good. We'll clear you a path out of here, so be ready to…

Random Toad- Wait! Let me fight with you!

Another Toad- Yeah! You can't expect us to just sit here!

Fire Marco and Fire Loewy looked at each other for a moment.

Fire Loewy- Could come in handy.

Fire Marco- Okay…volunteers front and center!

All the Toads gathered in front of Fire Marco as he drew his father's sword and raised it into the sky.

Fire Marco- The Koopa's think us Mushroom Kingdom as weak! But today, we show them what we can do when we unite together! Now…FOR THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM!

All the Toads rallied and cheered after hearing that speech.

(Later at Princess Amethyst's castle)

Fire Marco and Fire Loewy, as well as the small army of Toads they inspired to fight with them, were fighting back against King Slicor Koopa's minions in the castle gate of Princess Amethyst's castle. And despite being outnumbered, Fire Marco and the others were doing a great job fighting back. Fire Marco was blasting away a stack of Goomba's like bowling pins with his fireballs when he noticed a magic attack was being shot at him from above. Fire Marco managed to dodge it and saw Kaster riding his broom just above Fire Marco.

Kaster- I should've disposed of you years ago, Marco! Just look at all you've ****ing done!

Fire Marco- I've done nothing, but inspire the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom to stand up.

Kaster- Well, you're not so tough without that god to protect you.

Fire Marco- You want to bet on that, Kaster?

Kaster- Don't flatter yourself, Marco! Even with that new fire power, you can never match my Koopa magic!

Then Fire Marco held a fireball in his left hand while pointed his sword at Kaster with his right hand.

Fire Marco- You think so? Well then…let's find our if you're right about that, Kaster!

Fire Marco shot a fireball at Kaster and Kaster countered with a magic attack. The two collided and seemed evenly matched and created a smoke cloud. Fire Marco then tried to use the cover of the smoke to try and strike at Kaster with his sword from under the smoke. However, Kaster spotted Fire Marco in the smoke and had his broom fly higher.

Kaster- NAHAHAHAHA! Nice try, Marco! Wait a minute…that sword in his hand…

While Kaster was distracted, Fire Loewy appeared out of nowhere and was jumping really high in the air as he performed a jump attack on Kaster from behind, knocking him off his broom and hitting the ground.

Fire Marco- Wow! How did you managed to jump so high, Loewy?

Fire Loewy- Not sure. I saw Kaster and just had to jump high enough to reach him.

Fire Marco- So you're a skilled jumper…good to know.

Kaster struggled to get back up, but when he looked up, he saw Fire Marco and Fire Loewy pointing their fingers at him before pelting him with fireballs and knocking him out. After Kaster was knocked out, Fire Marco and Fire Loewy saw the Toads managed to get the front door to the castle open.

Toad- Mario Brothers, we got the entrance to the castle open. You can go and rescue the princess now!

As Fire Marco and Fire Luigi were about to enter, more of King Slicor's minions tried to charge for them from behind. Luckily, the group of Toads they were with managed to hold them back.

Toad- Marco, Loewy, hurry and defeat King Koopa!

Fire Marco- But what about all of you?

Another Toad- Don't worry about us! We'll hold them off while you rescue Princess Amethyst! Now go!

Fire Loewy rushed inside, but Fire Marco wanted to say something before rushing to the princess' rescue.

Fire Marco- We will. Just stay safe. The princess needs you as much as she needs us.

(Princess Amethyst's throne room)

Fire Marco and Fire Loewy made it to the princess' throne room after fighting their way through many of King Slicor's minions along the way. However, the only thing that was there to greet them was King Slicor Koopa.

Slicor Koopa- So…you must be the troublemakers Kaster has been telling me about. Been awhile since someone had the guts to stand up me!

Fire Marco- King Koopa, where's Princess Amethyst?!

Slicor Koopa- The princess? She's up there.

Slicor points towards the ceiling and when Fire Marco and Fire Loewy looked up, they saw a cage being hung from the ceiling. Inside of it was Princess Amethyst.

Slicor Koopa- But if you want to get to her, you'll have to get passed me first. GWHAHAHAHA!

Fire Loewy- I'm beginning to feel a little nervous about this, Marco! I know we've defeated Kaster, but can we beat the Koopa King?

Fire Mario- Don't doubt yourself, Loewy! Hope is the best weapon we have to beat this bastard!

Fire Marco drew his sword, but Slicor Koopa seemed to have recognized it as soon as Fire Marco drew it.

Slicor Koopa- Been a while since I saw that sword.

Fire Loewy- You've seen our father's sword?

Fire Marco- You've met our father?

Slicor Koopa- Of course I did. I'm the one who killed him! He stood in my way like you are now. Only fitting you both share the same fate!

Slicor swung both his claws at Fire Marco and Fire Loewy, but they manage to dodge. Fire Loewy fired a few green fireballs, but Slicor blew them away with his flame breath.

Fire Luigi- What the hell?!

Slicor Koopa- You retarded Mario Brothers thought you were the only ones with fire power? Think again, dumbass! And it appears my fire is stronger than yours! (ROAR)

Slicor Koopa spat out another flame at Fire Loewy, but Fire Loewy jumped out of the way. Fire Loewy tried to perform a jump attack on Slicor, but Slicor caught Fire Loewy's leg and threw Fire Loewy into the wall.

Slicor Koopa- As you can see, there is a reason why I'm the Koopa King. I'm leagues apart from anyone else in my troops. Even Kaster. You'll have to bring something much more powerful to even put a dent in me!

Slicor was about to attack Fire Loewy again, but he felt something grab hold of his tail. It was Fire Marco who grabbed Slicor's tail before spinning him around Super Mario 64 style and throwing Slicor into a wall. King Slicor got back up and dusted himself off.

Slicor Koopa- That was a dirty trick you pulled there, runt! Don't think I'll let you do that again!

Slicor spat out another stream of fire at Fire Marco, but Fire Marco managed to dodge by jumping over it. Fire Marco shoots a few fireballs at Slicor, but Slicor blocks by placing his claw over his face. After the fireballs hit, Slicor charged for Fire Marco and swung his claw at him. Fire Marco blocked with his sword and it stopped King Slicor's claw, but then Slicor punched Fire Marco in the gut with his other claw. While Fire Marco was still dazed, Slicor Koopa grabbed Fire Marco and pinned him to the floor.

Slicor Koopa- I'm gonna roast you alive!

As Slicor was building up his flame breath, Fire Marco managed to stab Slicor in the wrist with his sword. Slicor cringed in pain before punching Fire Marco into the wall. Slicor pulled the sword out of his wrist, but there was still blood dripping out of that wound and King Slicor was in more pain than he was letting on.

Slicor Koopa- Still as sharp as I remember…not that your father's sword will do you much good…

Slicor Koopa threw the sword at Fire Marco and it barely missed him as it stabbed the wall like a dart. At least it wasn't hard for Fire Marco to pull it free from the wall. Slicor was about to charge for Fire Marco again, but Fire Loewy shot a few fireballs at him from behind. The fireballs hit him, but all it did was irritate Slicor. Slicor Koopa spat out more flames at Fire Loewy dodged, but Slicor quickly grabbed Fire Loewy before throwing him and Fire Marco and knocking them both into the wall. But after Slicor Koopa threw Fire Loewy, his claw cringe in pain again.

Slicor Koopa- Damn it! You're just as hard to finish off as that other previous owner of that sword…I'll give you that much. It's been a long time since someone has actually caused me pain. But I have had enough of this!

Slicor Koopa began charging his flame breath for one huge mage flame to try and finish Fire Marco and Fire Loewy off. Fire Marco and Fire Loewy tried to fire more fireballs at him, but they weren't doing much to Slicor.

Fire Marco- Shit! These fireballs are able to hurt him, but they don't seem to do as much damage to him as his other minions! If only we had a way to give these fireballs more power!

Then Fire Marco saw two of the smaller fireballs. One was red and one was green, meaning one was shot by Fire Marco and the other by Fire Loewy. But before they collided with King Slicor's body, it almost looked like they were about to merge into one fireball.

Fire Marco- Loewy, I think I have an idea! Hold your hand out as if you were about to shoot another fireball!

Fire Loewy extended his arm out.

Fire Loewy- Like this?

Then Fire Marco extended his arm out too and the two arms were directly next to each other.

Fire Marco- On the count of three…shoot a fireball as strong as you can make it!

Fire Loewy- Marco, what are you planning on…

Fire Marco- No time! One…two…THREE!

Then Fire Marco and Fire Loewy shot a fully charged fireball at the same time. But the two fireballs actually combined into one giant swirling red and green fireball that was now being launched at King Slicor.

Slicor Koopa- What the **** is going on?!

Slicor stopped building fire and tried to punch the swirling red and green fireball coming his way. However, that turned out to be a horrible mistake. The combined fireball exploded and flung King Slicor into the wall. When the smoke cleared, King Slicor Koopa fell from the wall and onto the floor.

Fire Marco- You've been beaten, King Koopa! Surrender now and leave the Mushroom Kingdom!

Slicor Koopa- Fine…I yield. Me and my troops will leave the Mushroom Kingdom…for now. But all I ask if for your name.

Fire Marco- I am Marco Mario, defender of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Slicor Koopa- Marco Mario…I won't forget it. One day, I'll be back. I will defeat you next time and claim the Mushroom Kingdom like how I've claimed hundreds of other kingdoms before.

Then Slicor Koopa mananged to limp away from the castle where Kaster and the rest of his minions were waiting to bring Slicor back to Dark Land.

Fire Marco- Now we just have to get the princess out of that cage hanging from the ceiling.

Fire Loewy- Actually, we don't anymore.

Fire Marco- What do you mean by that, Loewy?

Mysterious voice- He means someone already gotten your princess out of that cage while you were fighting King Koopa.

Fire Marco turned around and saw Kyrin standing next to Princess Amethyst who was now outside that cage.

Kyrin- I see you both made good use out of that power I gave you since you just beat King Koopa out of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Fire Marco- We did. If you want this power back, Kyrin, we don't need it anymore.

Kyrin- You keep it. Like King Koopa said, he plans on coming back for revenge. You might be needing this power still.

Fire Mario- Thank you…my friend.

Kyrin- Friend…yeah…I guess we are…friends.

(A few days later)

Marco and Loewy had finished helping Princess Amethyst and the Toad's rebuild Toad Town and it was looking as good as new.

Marco- Finally, we've finished rebuilding out homes after the Koopa invasion.

Princess Amethyst- And we owe it all thanks to you and Loewy, Marco.

Marco- I don't know about that, princess.

Princess Amethyst- You're the ones who inspired the Mushroom Kingdom to fight back and defeated King Slicor. I'd say you did just as good of a job as your father did. And you even turned into his successors as the new defenders of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Toad- Three cheers for the Super Mario Brothers!

All the Toads began to cheer for Marco and Loewy.

Princess Amethyst- Since you're now the Mushroom Kingdom's new heroes, would you consider working under me as knights of the Mushroom Kingdom like your father was? This will mean you'll have to come whenever I call for you, but I can inform you about any disaster that happens in the Mushroom Kingdom much faster than anyone else can.

Marco- It would be our pleasure, Princess Amethyst.

Loewy- Do you have to drag me into this, Marco?

Marco- Kyrin gave you the power too and you have a responsibility like I do.

Loewy- Very well.

Princess Amethyst- Thank you…Marco and Loewy!

While everyone was cheering for the Mushroom Kingdom's new heroes, Kyrin is standing on the roof of Princess Amethyst's castle, watching Marco and Loewy from above.

Kyrin- Marco Mario…I still have to say, you are not at all what I was expecting. I guess it was fate that brought us to meet. Still, my mother…Lisa…still wish you were here…and I'm sure father and Tabuu feel the same way. But perhaps I should keep an eye on you Mario Brothers for a little bit longer. Hmm…I've got a feeling this could be the start of many unique and crazy adventures. I guess only time will tell. Wouldn't you agree…Marco Mario?