Chapter 40: The Grand Finale

Perfect Tabuu- Now…bear witness to what I can really do at 100% of my power!

King Kong- King Kong heard enough talk!

King Kong rushed for Perfect Tabuu and swung his Monkey Punch at Perfect Tabuu's face. However, not only was Perfect Tabuu not even phased in the slightest, King Kong's fist hurt like crazy. It was almost as if the bones in King Kong's knuckles cracked completely when he tried to punch him.

King Kong- (Moan in pain)…How…King Kong Monkey Punch…

Perfect Tabuu- Is that really the best you can do, King Kong? Because I didn't feel a thing. I haven't even done anything yet and you've already hurt yourself trying to attack me. And you're supposed to be the one with the most brawn in the group.

Then Perfect Tabuu punched King Kong in the face with his lower right arm and knocked him nearly all the way across the summit.

Ultra Loewy- Ok…I'm so terrified right now that I think I need a new pair of pants!

Ultra Marco- Tabuu's more powerful than any foe I've ever seen, but still know we can win this!

Perfect Tabuu- Optimistic until the end, Marco. You've managed to put up more of a fight than I thought you would, but all of you combined is still nothing compared to me!

Ultra Marco swung his sword at Perfect Tabuu, but Perfect Tabuu grabbed Ultra Marco's wrist with his upper left arm. However, the tip of the sword actually made a cut in Perfect Tabuu's face and Ultra Marco and the rest of the team noticed. Perfect Tabuu punched Ultra Marco in the face with his upper right arm and knocked him away from himself.

Wolf (slightly muffled with the Master Sword in his mouth)- Marco's sword…

Simba- I know, mate! It actually hurt Tabuu while he was at full power!

Super Chaos- It's because Lord Arkness created that sword.

Perfect Tabuu- Shit! I forgot…because my father crafted that sword, it's just as powerful as my father! Guess even with me at 100%, I still can't afford to let my guard down…

Perfect Tabuu caught a glimpse in his peripheral vision of a sword beam from Wolf's Master Sword, a beam of energy from Simba's Sacred Bunyip Energy, a light arrow from Icarus' Arrow of Light Bow, and a beam of Azra's magic was fired at him. However, when the smoke cleared, Perfect Tabuu had created a magic barrier to block the attacks.

Perfect Tabuu- …not even with you chumps…

(At Star Haven)

Princess Amethyst was kneeling in front of what was left of Kyrin's body while the seven Star Spirits were trying to revive him with the Star Rod.

Skolar- I know her wishes are giving us a little extra strength, but can this princess prayers really make a difference in saving this god?

Eldstar- We need all the help we can get at this point. Kyrin has taken a wound that would be fatal to just about anyone. And things are looing grim to keep him alive at this point.

Princess Amethyst- It's not just Kyrin I'm praying for…Please…Marco…come back from this…

Then there was a faint glow from the Star Rod. However, only Eldstar seemed to have noticed it.

Eldstar (thinks)- Did the Star Rod just…wait…did Princess Amethyst's wishes do that?! Is she really…

(Back at the Comet Observatory)

Rosalina, Clair, Misteria, and Rainbow were still fighting off the swarm of Primids that were attacking the observatory while trying to protect the evacuated on board. Rainbow swung her hammer and knocked a Primid against the roof of the observatory.

Rainbow- Looks like I just scored a homerun!

However, a Primid was hiding behind one of the trees and aiming a super scope at her. Luckily, Clair grabbed hold of Rainbow's arm and used Farore's Wind to warp herself and Rainbow out of the way before the shot could hit them.

Rainbow- Thanks, Clair!

Clair- Don't thank me yet. We still have a bunch more Primids to take down before this is over.

The Primid tried to aim the super scope again, but then Braviary grabbed the scope with its claws and crushed the super scope in its grip.

Misteria- Nice work, Braviary! Now use sky drop!

Braviary then grabbed the Primid by the neck, flew up to a certain distance, and then dropped the Primid to the ground.

Misteria- Ok, now Lucario, use bone rush!

Then Lucario used that Poke'mon move to knock away a large batch of Primids that were trying to break into the buildings in the Comet Observatory.

Misteria- Whew…I know that this isn't a fun Poke'mon competition, but who knew battling side by side with Poke'mon in battle could be so much fun? Maybe when this is all over, I should ask Calmly if he can help me catch a Poke'mon of my own and I can do Poke'mon battles too.

Clair- Guess that's something to look forward to when we get back home.

Meanwhile, Rosalina and the black Luma were fighting a bunch of Primids at the front of the Comet Observatory. Rosalina launched the black Luma like a rocket and knocked most of the Primids over the edge of the Comet Observatory. However, Rosalina and the black Luma were getting rather tired.

Black Luma- Mama…how much more of these do we have to fight…?

Rosalina- As many as it takes to protect everyone on board the Comet Observatory…

But then a large Primid that looked like it had taken a mega-shroom, appared behind Rosalina.

Black Luma- Mama, look out!

The black Luma jumped in the way as the giant Primid swung its fist in an attempt to punch Rosalina. The black Luma took the blow instead and popped like a party balloon after it shielded Rosalina.

Rosalina- …no…

Rosalina was horrified at what she just saw. Her own Luma just sacrificed itself to protect her. Rosalina quickly wiped the tears in her eyes and put on a more serious face.

Rosalina- You bastard! I swear…you will not get away with what you've just done!

Then Rosalina uses her want do make a Grand Power Star appear and it began to pummel the giant Primid with star blasts. The giant Primid took a lot of damage, but it managed to endure the damage it had taken and grab hold of Rosalina. Rosalina struggled to get loose, but the giant Primid threw her to the ground. Rosalina tried to get up, but the giant Primid stepped on her legs and pinned her to the ground.

Misteria- Braviary, brave bird!

Braviary- (Squawk)

Braviary struck the giant Primid in the back, but it then swatted Braviary and Braviary crashed into Clair, Misteria, and Rainbow, knocking all three to the ground before they could try and help Rosalina.

Rosalina- I guess this is how it ends…I'm so sorry everyone…I couldn't protect everyone…not even my own Lumas…

But just as Rosalina had just about given up, she heard a quiet, yet familiar, laugh coming from somewhere close by. The laugh she remembered belonged to a certain jester she encountered earlier in this fanfiction.

Rosalina- Huh…?

Rosalina looked up and saw that just as the giant Primid was about to finish her off, a dimensional rift opened up underneath the giant Primid and a mysterious being jumped out of it, also knocking the giant Primid to the ground. Once the Primid was no longer standing on Rosalina's legs, she saw the Black Luma appear in front of her.

Black Luma- Mama!

Rosalina- You…you're alright?!

Rosalina gave the black Luma a big hug before she saw the mysterious being floating in front of her. He was very small, but he was wearing a jester's hat and had what looked like rainbow-colored wings.

Rosalina- You?!

Black Luma- No worries, Mama! He helped me before helping you!

Mysterious figure- Guess this atones for the horrible sin I've committed against you and the Lumas so long ago.

The giant Primid got back up and tried to attack this mysterious figure. However, the mysterious figure's body actually split in half to avoid the punch. After he put himself back together, the mysterious figure unleashed a barrage of arrows from his rainbow-colored wings and knocked the giant Primid over the edge of the Comet Observatory. Then the mysterious figure turned to look at Rosalina.

Mysterious figure- Please, give my regards to Kimberly and…tell her I'm sorry for all the things Tabuu forced me to do.

Rosalina- Sure…I will let her know for you.

Mysterious figure- Thank you.

Then they mysterious figure flew away before Clair, Misteria, and Rainbow arrived. Rainbow helped Rosalina to her feet.

Clair- Who was that?

Rosalina- He was…a friend…

Rosalina (thinks)- I guess Kimberly really has changed you and for the better.

(Back at the top of Shooting Star Summit)

Ultra Marco and the rest of the team were still fighting Perfect Tabuu, but it wasn't looking too good for them. The eight daggers Wolf usually holds in the webbings of his hands were all twisted off their handles and Wolf was having trouble standing due to Perfect Tabuu nearly breaking his right leg with a punch to the right leg. Prince Calmly's red armor was mostly shredded, his rapier sword was broken off halfway up the blade of the sword, and him and his Poke'mon were looking just as badly injured as Ho-Oh was. Azra's hair was now hanging down due to the destroyed hair piece that usually holds her hair in a ponytail, her tiara was cracked a bit, and most of her sky-blue dancer outfit had turned a bit red from her bloodstains. Icarus has one of his wings broken and there were cracks showing on the three Sacred Treasures. Super Chaos was bleeding form one side of his forehead that blood was completely covering his left eye and he was holding his chest to cover up a nasty open wound on his chest. Ultra Sword Kimberly has lost her little red bow she usually wears on her head, her giant sword looked like it was breaking apart, and she has several wounds all over her body. King Kong's fingers were almost looking like the bones in them were broken, a tooth looked like it had been knocked out, and King Kong had one arm covering an open wound on his left shoulder. Simba had several wounds around his body and it looked like he was trying to use his boomerang as support just to stand up. Ultra Loewy had a black eye, several bruises on his face, and a few fractured ribs. As for Ultra Marco, most of his shirt was ripped, a slash mark of his right cheek, and several open wounds around his body. His sword and Wolf's Master Sword were just about the only things that didn't looked like they were about to break at any moment. To make things worse, Perfect Tabuu didn't look damaged at all. In fact, he wasn't. Tabuu had been wiping the floor with Ultra Marco and the others since he activated 100% of his power.

Perfect Tabuu- This is starting to get boring. It is impressive you've lasted this long even after all the beatings I've given all of you. But you must by now realize how futile this struggle is. Give up now and maybe I'll make your end painless…

Ultra Marco spat at Perfect Tabuu's face. Perfect Tabuu didn't show any emotion that he was angry, but he understood Ultra Marco's answer. The wiped the spit off of his face while keeping a calm look on his face.

Perfect Tabuu- Have it your way, Marco. Can't argue with a man with a death wish.

Then with amazing speed that could rival Super Chaos' speed, Perfect Tabuu rushed over to Ultra Marco and punched him in the stomach with both of his left fists. Ultra Marco spat out some blood before Perfect Tabuu blasted him in the face with an energy blast fired from his top right palm and knocking Ultra Marco to the ground. Wolf tried to swing the Master Sword, now being held in his hands instead of his mouth, but Perfect Tabuu created a sword out of his own dark power in his bottom left hand and blocked Wolf's Triforce Cut. Then Perfect Tabuu knocked Wolf to the ground by swinging that sword. King Kong tried to swing his Monkey Punch, but Perfect Tabuu caught it. Super Chaos tried to use his spin dash from behind Perfect Tabuu, but Perfect Tabuu tilted his head to the left and Super Chaos accidently crashed into King Kong instead, knocking them both to the ground. Gigantamax Pikachu tried to step on Perfect Tabuu like an ant, but Perfect Tabuu held Gigantamax Pikachu's foot from stepping on him with just one hand.

Perfect Tabuu- Even the increased size from using Dynamaxing will do you no good, Calmly!

Perfect Tabuu tossed Gigantamax Pikachu into the air and Gigantamax Pikachu crashed into the ground. When the smoke cleared, the Dynamax wore off and Pikachu returned to normal sized, but was looking like he got run over by a truck. Ultra Loewy and Azra tried shoot a white fireball and a steam of fire at Perfect Tabuu, but Perfect Tabuu created a stream of water that not only blocked the fire attack, but also knocked Ultra Loewy and Azra to the ground.

Simba- God damn it! We've tried nearly everything! And nothing seems to be able to slow him down, mate!

Icarus- There has to be a way to bring him down! There has to be!

Perfect Tabuu- I'm tired of this little game.

Then a pair of rainbow-colored wings appeared on Perfect Tabuu's body.

Perfect Tabuu- As you've pointed out, the Off Wave has a flaw to its incredible power. But let's see if you can still exploit that weakness after using the Off Wave while I'm at my full power! Goodbye Super Mario Brothers' Team! Goodbye to you all and this pathetic Mushroom Kingdom!

Then Perfect Tabuu launched the Off Wave attack at Ultra Marco and the others. This time, it was obviously too powerful to try and hold back like last time to keep Tabuu from moving. And Ultra Marco knew that. So…he did the unthinkable…

Ultra Marco- NOOOOOOOOO!

Ultra Marco immediately jumped in front of the Off Wave and took the attack before it could reach his friends.

Ultra Loewy- MARCO!

Azra- (GASP)

Prince Calmly- Oh no!

King Kong- No!

Wolf- What the?!

Ultra Sword Kimberly- M-M-Marco…

Super Chaos- Marco…you fool…

Icarus- This…did that just happen?!

When the smoke cleared, Ultra Loewy and the rest of the team were shocked at what they saw.

Ultra Marco had changed back to regular Marco but his body was bleeding all over. Marco's sword was lying beside him on the ground, but it was now broken in two and both halves were soaking in a puddle of Marco's blood. But the thing that really got them all worried…Marco was showing no signs of movement…not even breathing.

Ultra Loewy- MARCO!

Ultra Loewy rushed over to Marco and tried to check for any sign of life.

Ultra Loewy- Come one, Marco! You've got to pull through! You've always managed to get through every situation so far! Please, get through this one too!

Ultra Loewy checked everything, but got nothing. No heart pulse, not signs of breathing…nothing…

Ultra Loewy- No……

Ultra Loewy began crying over Marco's body while the rest of the team slowly approached Marco as well.

Wolf- No…

Azra- This can't be happening!

Super Chaos- Marco…why…

Kimberly just berried her face into King Kong's chest and began to cry. King Kong patted Ultra Sword Kimberly on the head.

King Kong- King Kong…(sniff)…sad too…

Prince Calmly- This…this shouldn't have happened!

Simba dropped to his knees and began pounding his fist into the ground over and over.

Simba- Damn it! Damn it all!

Icarus- I…I just don't know how to react to this…Marco…

(At the Star Haven Sanctuary)

Princess Amethyst was still praying to try and help the Star Spirits try to save Kyrin. But Princess Amethyst felt a disturbance for a brief moment and she felt a bitter chill in the air.

Princess Amethyst- (Gasp)…Marco…

(Back in Toad Town)

The smoke from Perfect Tabuu's Off Wave could be seen everywhere in the Mushroom Kingdom. All the friend of Marco and the rest of the team stopped fighting Tabuu's monsters for a second to look Shooting Star Summit and wonder…what just happened…

(Back at Shooting Star Summit)

Ultra Loewy- Marco…why…why did you have to do this…

Ultra Loewy was covering Marco's body with more tears than blood it would seem. Pretty much everyone was weeping over what had just happened to Marco.

Perfect Tabuu- Wow…I was not expecting that…

As soon as Ultra Loewy heard Perfect Tabuu's voice, he turned his head and glared at him.

Perfect Tabuu- Sacrificing himself like that just to save the lives of his team. Noble sacrifice, but all in vain for…

Ultra Loewy- You…****ing bastard!

Then Ultra Loewy shot a fully charged white fireball at Perfect Tabuu. And to everyone's surprise, it actually launched Perfect Tabuu into the air and crashing to the ground.

Ultra Loewy- That was for Marco, you sick ****ing murderer!

Perfect Tabuu struggled to get up a bit as there was a nasty burn mark on his chest.

Perfect Tabuu- How is this…he managed to hurt me?!

Before Perfect Tabuu could get up, King Kong punched him under his chin with an uppercut. Then King Kong punched Perfect Tabuu in the side of his face with his other fist and Perfect Tabuu could've sworn he felt his jaw breaking. Then King Kong swung his Monkey Punch and knocked Perfect Tabuu back a few feet. While Perfect Tabuu was trying to pull himself together, Wolf and Ultra Sword Kimberly swung their swords at him. Perfect Tabuu tried to block Wolf's Triforce Cut and Ultra Sword Kimberly's sword swing with his four arms, but instead they broke through and left a nasty X-shaped gash on Perfect Tabuu's chest.

Prince Calmly- Pikachu, Electric type Z-Move! 10,000,000-Volt Thunderbolt! Charizard, blast burn! Ho-Oh, sacred fire!

Pikachu- Pika…CHUUUUUUUUU!

Mega Charizard- (ROAR)

Ho-Oh- To avenge Marco…so be it…Sacred fire!

The three Poke'mon attacks launched Perfect Tabuu into the air and Super Chaos saw his perfect opportunity to attack. Super Chaos charged his spin dash until it was at full charge.

Super Chaos- Ready…GOOOOOOOO!

Then Perfect Tabuu got smacked over and over from Super Chaos' light speed attack until Perfect Tabuu was knocked to the ground. While Perfect Tabuu was struggling to get back up, a beam of Simba's Sacred Bunyip Energy, an arrow from Icarus' Arrow of Light Bow, and a beam of Azra's genie magic were launched at Tabuu and knocked him further back.

Perfect Tabuu- How is this…they're now somehow strong enough to hurt me…even when I'm at full power…and this sudden during a fight…

Then Perfect Tabuu saw Ultra Loewy standing in front of him and tried to punch him. Ultra Loewy dodged and punched Perfect Tabuu in the face and blood ran down the corner of Perfect Tabuu's mouth.

Ultra Loewy- We might've lost Marco…but his sacrifice will not be in vain! We will avenge him even if I end up joining him as the end of this battle! That you can be sure of, Tabuu!

Perfect Tabuu- This…this is impossible! Somehow, witnessing the death of their leader has pushed their strengths high enough to cause me pain?! This is ridicules and just keeps delaying the destruction of this world! Fine, you all want to join Marco, I'll be more than happy to grant that wish!

As Ultra Loewy, King Kong, Wolf, Ultra Sword Kimberly, Prince Calmly and his Poke'mon, Super Chaos, Simba, Icarus, and Azra continued fight Perfect Tabuu, Marco's body and the two broken halves of his sword just lied that on the ground. However, for a split second, Marco's right hand made a slight twitch.

(Back at the Star Haven Sanctuary)

Princess Amethyst was still shaken up about what she just felt.

Princess Amethyst- Marco…what has happened to you…?

Then Princess Amethyst looked at Kyrin's body. He appeared to still be out cold, but his mouth was moving like he was trying to tell Princess Amethyst something. Princess Amethyst read Kyrin's lips and figured out what he was trying to say.

Princess Amethyst- You…wish to speak to Marco…very well…I will see what I can do…

Then Princess Amethyst made another prayer, but this time, the Star Rod began to shine as bright as the sun and a huge amount of wish power was flowing through the Star Spirits.

Klever- What the?! I'm feeling stronger than ever!

Mamar- I feel it too, but…was it from Princess Amethyst's wish?

Eldstar- So she is the one…the one with the pure heart and no selfish wishes within her heart. The one who's wishes can creates even miracles. Everyone, now's our chance to save this god! Let's put this new found strength to work!

(In Marco's dream)

Marco was lying in an unknown area that looked like outer space every way he looked. Marco got up and looked around.

Marco- What's this…am I…dead…?

Kyrin's voice- Not yet, Marco.

Marco- Kyrin?!

Then a bunch of lights swarmed together and eventually formed a more glowing form of Kyrin.

Marco- What the…Kyrin…what's going on?

Kyrin- No time to explain, Marco. There is one hope you have left to defeat Tabuu and save this world.

Marco- What is it?

Kyrin- You still have that final gift I left for you? Do not let it go to waste, my friend…

Then Kyrin burst into many lights that scattered all around the area.

Kyrin's voice- Good luck, Marco…

(Back at Shooting Star Summit)

Marco opened his eyes and his body was still in the same nasty shape as when we last left it.

Marco- Kyrin's final gift…

Then Marco remembered the white star Eldstar said Kyrin created and pulled it out of his pocket.

Marco- Alright, Kyrin…let's see if your final gift can defeat Tabuu…

Meanwhile, the rest of Marco's team were still fighting Perfect Tabuu. Super Chaos and King Kong were knocked to the ground after getting hit with a laser Perfect Tabuu fired from his eyes. Icarus had his Arrow of Light Bow into its two daggers form and cut into the wrist of Perfect Tabuu's bottom left arm. Perfect Tabuu punched Icarus with his top right arm and knocked him to the ground. Simba swung his giant boomerang like a club, but while powering it with the Sacred Bunyip Energy. Perfect Tabuu dodged, but Simba kicked Tabuu in the face and made blood leak from Perfect Tabuu's nose. Perfect Tabuu punched Simba in the fact with his bottom left hand and knocked him to the ground. But then Ultra Loewy punched Perfect Tabuu in the face.

Ultra Loewy- You feel that? That's probably just a fraction of the pain you caused Marco!

Ultra Loewy punched Perfect Tabuu in the face over and over again, but then Perfect Tabuu caught Ultra Loewy's right fist with his top left hand. Ultra Loewy tried swinging his left fist, but Perfect Tabuu caught it with his top right hand. Then Perfect Tabuu kept punching Ultra Loewy in the face over and over with his bottom arms.

Perfect Tabuu- Give up already! You can't hope to defeat me!

Ultra Loewy- Never…

Then Ultra Loewy rammed his head into Perfect Tabuu's face and made Perfect Tabuu let go of Ultra Loewy's hands. Then Ultra Loewy kicked Perfect Tabuu in a certain lower area.

Perfect Tabuu- You little…

Then Perfect Tabuu punched Ultra Loewy in the chest and broke some of his ribs.

Perfect Tabuu- **** this! I've messed around with all of you for far too long! You've lasted longer than I thought you would, but this ends now…

Then Perfect Tabuu made those rainbow-colored wings appear on his body again.

Perfect Tabuu- Prepare to join your leader in oblivion!

Perfect Tabuu began building up energy to perform the Off Wave, but suddenly, a white bright light erupted from where Marco's body was. Not only was there a bright light, but the ground began to shake too. When the light faded, there stood Marco, except all of his wounds were now completely gone and his clothes changed from red to white.

God Marco- Whoa…that was one incredible rush!

(Note, this is a powerup the author made up for this story)

Ultra Loewy- Marco…

Ultra Loewy began to cry as the sight of God Marco.

Ultra Loewy- MARCO!

Ultra Loewy rushed to God Marco and gave him a great big hug.

Ultra Loewy- Marco, I just knew you'd pull through!

King Kong- Marco alive!

Wolf- You gave us all a scare there, Marco!

Ultra Sword Kimberly- But how is it that you survived?

God Marco- I'm not sure. I saw Kyrin in a dream telling me to not let his final gift go to waste and the next thing I knew, I was back on my feet good as new. Actually, I feel better than new.

Icarus- The white power star Kyrin created! This has to be a new powerup for you!

Azra- Uh…guys…

Azra pointed at God Marco's right palm and they saw a mark that looked like rainbow-colored wings on God Marco's right palm.

Prince Calmly- Tabuu's family crest!

Super Chaos- Yes…but it's on the right palm instead of the left. Marco's drawing power from Kyrin's energy, not Tabuu's.

Simba- Marco's drawing power from a god?

God Marco- God…I think that's a perfect name for this powerup form! I am God Marco!

Perfect Tabuu- This…this is impossible! ****ing impossible! You're supposed to be dead! You got hit by the Off Wave while I was using my full power!

God Marco- Well, you failed to notice that Kyrin left behind one final surprise!

Perfect Tabuu noticed the mark on God Marco's right palm.

Perfect Tabuu- Our family crest! Kyrin's power!

Then Perfect Tabuu made those rainbow-colored wings appear around his body.

Perfect Tabuu- You cannot surpass me! Even with Kyrin's power flowing through your body now!

Then Perfect Tabuu launched the Off Wave at God Marco, but God Marco blocked with his sword that somehow got put back together as well. But while God Marco was holding back Perfect Tabuu's Off Wave, Ultra Loewy and Super Chaos got in close and punched Perfect Tabuu in the face. This stopped the Off Wave and knocked Perfect Tabuu to the ground.

Super Chaos- I think you forgot that the Off Wave has a weakness that prevents you from moving!

Perfect Tabuu created a sword out of his own dark energy and tried to impale Ultra Loewy and Super Chaos. But God Marco not only blocked with his sword, God Marco shattered Perfect Tabuu's sword with just one swing. It also left a large gash on Perfect Tabuu's chest and blood rushed out of it.

God Marco- Wow! I can't believe how much strong I've become!

Perfect Tabuu- You'll need more than just Kyrin's power to defeat me! Now…shiver at the power of a real god!

Then Perfect Tabuu jumped off the edge of Shooting Star Summit. But then a giant version of Perfect Tabuu's have grabbed the edge of the summit. Apparently, Perfect Tabuu have grown at least fifty times larger since he was not taller than Shooting Star Summit.

Perfect Tabuu- (ROAR)

Perfect Tabuu was also holding a giant sword in his top left hand and he swung it at God Marco. God Marco blocked with his sword despite the size difference. However, God Marco was struggling to hold back Perfect Tabuu's sword while Perfect Tabuu was that size. But then God Marco felt a hand on his back.

King Kong- King Kong help!

God Marco- I appreciate it, King Kong!

Then King Kong helped God Marco push away Perfect Tabuu's sword and knock it away. Before Perfect Tabuu could react, God Marco blasted Perfect Tabuu in the face with a fully charged rainbow-colored fireball. Perfect Tabuu put all four of his hand over his face and screamed in pain.

Perfect Tabuu- Let's see how well you can handle this one!

Then Perfect Tabuu made four swords appear, one in each hand.

Perfect Tabuu- (ROAR)

Then Perfect Tabuu threw those four giant swords into the body of Shooting Star Summit.

Ultra Sword Kimberly- What's he doing?!

Icarus- He's going to blow the whole summit to smithereens and us along with it!

God Marco- Chaos, Azra, create a magic barrier!

Azra- Marco, I don't think Chaos and I are powerful enough to…

God Marco- Just trust me on this one! I have a plan!

Super Chaos- Let's hope your plan works…

Then all four to those giant swords exploded and filled the whole sky with fire. But when the smoke clear, God Marco, his team, and Shooting Star Summit were still standing. Then Super Chaos and Azra noticed Kyrin's mark was seen on their right palms.

God Marco- That's one of the abilities I have as God Marco. I can share this power with my friends. And it appears Kyrin's power made your barrier's strong enough.

Then Perfect Tabuu returned to normal size and landed back at the top of Shooting Star Summit.

Perfect Tabuu- **** you, Marco Mario! Why can't you just die?! That's it! I'm through messing around!

Then the rainbow-colored wings appeared on Perfect Tabuu's body as be began building up energy for the Off Wave.

Perfect Tabuu- You think that white star powerup turning you into that so-called "God Marco" will be enough to stop me? I'll admit, you and your team have given me more of a challenge than I was originally expecting, but this game ends now! And bear witness to my ultimate attack!

God Marco- You're half right, Tabuu! This ends now, but not in the way you think it will! I'll make sure Kyrin's final gift to me, this white star powerup doesn't go to waste!

Then God Marco raised his sword into the air and began to say something. And surprisingly, everyone was able to hear God Marco.

God Marco- Everyone, I need your help to defeat Tabuu once and for all. I beg of you, lend me a sample of your power! All of you!

And God Marco's wish was granted. Everyone from all over the Mushroom Kingdom, Kongo Jungle, Hyrule, Popstar, Kanto, Mobius, Buramudgee, Skyworld, and Sequin Land were sending Marco some of their own energy. Even everyone on the Comet Observatory. All that energy went into God Marco's sword as the blade was engulfed in a bright light. That bright light actually extended all the way up in the sky that it looked like it could reach the heavens.

God Marco- Remember Tabuu…you asked for this! THIS IS FROM ALL OF US!

Perfect Tabuu launched the Off Wave while God Marco swung his powered-up sword. The two attacks collided, but neither one was giving in an inch.

(At the bottom of Shooting Star Summit)

Ihsoy, Slicor Koopa, and Kaster were at the bottom of the summit, yet they got a perfect view of Perfect Tabuu.

Slicor Koopa- GWHAHAHAHA! Marco better enjoy this, because this is the last time I'll ever save his ass! You two ready?

Ihsoy- Ihsoy ready help friends!

Kaster- I was born ready, Slicor Koopa!

Then Slicor Koopa fired a large fireball from his mouth, Ihsoy threw a large egg bomb, and Kaster launched a magic attack and all aimed at Perfect Tabuu.

(Back at the top of Shooting Star Summit)

God Marco and Perfect Tabuu's attacks were still trying to break through when Perfect Tabuu was suddenly hit from behind by King Slicor's fireball, Ihsoy's egg bomb, and Kaster's magic attack. This suddenly stunned Perfect Tabuu, giving God Marco the opportunity he needed. God Marco's sword cut right through the Off Wave and was about to strike down Perfect Tabuu.

God Marco- King Kong's brute strength, Wolf's ferocity, Kimberly's kind heart, Prince Calmly's bravery, Chaos' speed, Simba's wits, Icarus' determination, Azra's magic, the brotherly bond between me and Loewy, and…the hope I give to everyone which inspires them to keep going no matter the odds…creates the perfect combination to defeat any foe that threatens us! Even a god as powerful as you, Tabuu! This is for Kyrin!

Then the entire Shooting Star Summit was engulfed in a bright light and a barely noticeable energy wave was launched from Shooting Star Summit that passed down through the Mushroom Kingdom.

(Back in Toad Town)

The energy wave that was launched from Shooting Star Summit rushed past the whole area. All of Marco's friends were unharmed, but all of Tabuu's monsters were instantly destroyed.

(At the Comet Observatory)

The energy past there too and all the monsters were destroyed as well.

Clair- What just happened?

Rainbow- Chaos and the others must've done it!

Then everyone on the Comet Observatory began cheering. Then we see a little girl from Popstar holding on to an unusual paintbrush hiding in the back looking at the people cheering. She felt happy at first, but then she heard a laugh of a jester. When she turned around, she saw a shadowy figure with rainbow wings flying away. Then Rosalina approached the little girl.

Rosalina- Don't worry. He's a friend.

(Back at Shooting Star Summit)

When the smoke cleared, God Marco changed back to regular Marco and he almost collapsed to the ground. Luckily, Loewy caught him before Marco could hit the ground.

Marco- Loewy…(Gasp)…did we…did we do it…is it finally over…

Loewy- Yes, Marco! It is! You defeated Tabuu!

Marco- No Loewy…we defeated Tabuu. Every single one of us.

Tabuu struggled to get up, but was only able to raise his head. That's when he saw Marco, Loewy, King Kong, Wolf, Kimberly, Prince Calmly, Chaos, Simba, Icarus, and Azra standing right above him.

Tabuu- How…how could a bunch of weak…puny…pathetic mortals…possibly defeat a god as strong as me…

Marco- It's called hope. And as long as we hold on to it, you will never triumph over us.


Tabuu was still looking beaten up, but he also had these energy cuffs around his wrists. But also with him at the top of Shooting Star Summit was his father, the Lord of the Universe.

Lord of the Universe- Tabuu…I just can't believe you caused all of this! What do you think your mother would say if she were still here today?!

Tabuu- If it weren't for the people of the Mushroom Kingdom…mother would still be alive today!

Lord of the Universe- That's not the point, Tabuu! You killed your brother…attacked a defenseless civilization…killed countless lives…and all so you can feel better about something that happened thousands of years ago. I'll admit, the same thoughts that went through your head went through my head back then too, but I learned to forgive them for what happened!

Tabuu- And yet, you still were fully unaware of what I was doing this whole time.

The Lord of the Universe- Tabuu…you shame me…you shame your mother…and worst of all, you shame your brother with everything you've done! All the lives you've taken! The damage you've done!

Tabuu- What will you do, father? Kill me like I did to Kyrin?

Then the Lord of the Universe grabbed Tabuu by the neck and it looked like he began choking Tabuu.

Lord of the Universe- You! You are no son of mine!

The Lord of the Universe opened a portal with his free hand and pulled Tabuu's face to it.

Lord of the Universe- Tabuu, as punishment for the death of your brother and all the destruction you caused on Earth, I sentence you to rot in Subspace until the end of time!

Then the Lord of the Universe punches Tabuu in the face, breaking Tabuu's nose and knocking in into the portal to Subspace at the same time. After Tabuu was locked in Subspace, the Lord of the Universe turned around to see Marco and Loewy standing behind him.

Lord of the Universe- Well…it's done…Tabuu won't bother anyone from your world ever again…

Marco noticed the unpleasant look on the Lord of the Universe's face.

Marco- Um…are you feeling…

Lord of the Universe- I'm fine!

Loewy- But…

Lord of the Universe- I said I'm fine! I'm sorry, but…I just want to be left alone right now! I've got a lot on my mind right now…

Then the Lord of the enters this carriage where Ralph was waiting for him.

Lord of the Universe- Back to the Crystal Monastery, Ralph.

Ralph- Dahh…Yes sir, Mr. Lord of the Universe, sir!

Then Ralph noticed the Lord of the Universe looking upset.

Ralph- Uh…Lord Arkness feeling good?

Lord of the Universe- I'm just fine, Ralph! All I want is to return home so I can clear my head! Just take me home!

Ralph- …Uh…o…k…

Then the carriage took off back for the Crystal Monastery.

Loewy- What's wrong with the Lord of the Universe?

Marco- Think about it…he just lost both of his sons. That must be hard for him. Especially after losing his wife many years ago. Just imagine the pain he's feeling…

Then Loewy noticed something glowing behind Marco's back.

Loewy- Marco…what is that…?

Marco- Something that we can't let fall into Tabuu's hands again…

(At Princess Amethyst's castle)

Marco and Loewy managed to limp into the foyer of the castle, still sore from that fight with Tabuu. Princess Amethyst rushed up to them to greet them.

Princess Amethyst- Marco, Loewy! Welcome back!

Marco- Thanks, princess.

Princess Amethyst- Marco…the Star Spirits…they did it!

Marco- You're saying Kyrin is…

Princess Amethyst- Barely, but yes. He's still alive.

Marco- Is it ok if I speak to him? There's…something I need to discuss with him about…

(In a guest room in the castle)

Kyrin was lying in a bed with only his head sticking from under the blanket. He had several bandages wrapped around his face and still looked hurt. Eventually, Kyrin heard the door open and turned his head to see who entered. Kyrin saw Marco limp into the room and looking almost as injured as him.

Marco- Kyrin…you awake…?

Kyrin- …Marco…hehehe…you look like shit, man…

Marco- Very funny…you should see the other guy…

Kyrin- Marco…are you saying…

Marco- We did…just barely…but we did…we defeated Tabuu.

Kyrin- Marco…! I honestly can't believe it!

Then Marco frowned a bit and Kyrin noticed.

Kyrin- Marco…is something wrong?

Marco- Yes…there is. After we defeated Tabuu, your father, the Lord of the Universe showed up and through him into an alternate dimension called Subspace. But this is just a hollow victory. You know just as well as I do that once Tabuu regains his strength, he will come back for revenge.

Kyrin- You're right…he will…

Marco- I also know that neither me, nor Loewy, nor King Kong, nor Wolf, nor Kimberly, nor Prince Calmly and his Poke'mon, nor Chaos, nor Simba, nor Icarus, nor Azra will be around when that time comes. But you Kyrin…you will!

Kyrin- Marco, what are you saying?!

Marco- When the time comes…when Tabuu does return to attack our world…you must find a worthy successor. Someone who can take my place. Fine this replacement whoever it might be, put together a new team, teach them to use their abilities, and help them in any way you can in the fight against Tabuu.

Kyrin- I don't know, Marco. That's a tall order, even for me. I don't know if I even can.

Marco- Don't make me beg, Kyrin! You are the only one I know I can trust with this task! If there isn't another team of heroes to stand up to Tabuu when that time comes, we'll be dooming a future generation to suffer the wrath of Tabuu. And I refuse to let that happen. So please, Kyrin…as a favor for your best friend…promise find someone lead the fight against Tabuu after I'm gone!

Kyrin- …(Sigh)…very well, Marco Mario…I promise…

Marco- Thank you, Kyrin. I guess we can also tell your father that…

Kyrin- Actually Marco, if I'm going to find this worthy successor of yours without any hassle, I need Tabuu to still think I'm dead. I know it will break my dad's heart, but I need this if I'm to put together a new team to defend the world against Tabuu. Please try and understand.

Marco- Very well, Kyrin. I guess I better see how the others are doing.

(Just outside of Princess Amethyst's castle)

Ho-Oh was lying on the ground of what was left of Princess Amethyst's front garden. Azra way trying to cast a healing spell on Ho-Oh and Prince Calmly was standing next to her.

Prince Calmly- Azra, please tell me you can fix Ho-Oh?!

Azra- I might be able to get him back on his feet at best, but I'm pretty drained myself. Using healing magic on everyone that was involved in that fight against Tabuu…

Ho-Oh- Don't worry…Master…Calmly…

Prince Calmly- Ho-Oh…

Then Prince Calmly kneeled by Ho-Oh's side and placed his hand over one of Ho-Oh's wings.

Prince Calmly- You shouldn't speak. You need to rest.

Ho-Oh- I'm fine…Master…(grunts)…

Prince Calmly- You shouldn't have done that, Ho-Oh! Shielding me from Tabuu's attack by jumping in the way like that!

Ho-Oh- Master…Calmly…I'm sure…(wheeze)…any of…your other Poke'mon…would've done the same…

Then Ho-Oh passed out, probably due to the strain he was feeling. Prince Calmly began crying while continuing to hold Ho-Oh's wing. Pikachu and Charizard (who were also looking in rough shape) appeared behind their master with a worried expression on their faces.

Pikachu- …Pika Pi…

Charizard- …(Roar)…

Meanwhile, Chaos could be heard screaming in pain for a moment while he was sitting on what was left of Princess Amethyst's castle.

Rainbow- Chaos! I told you not to move! Former god or not, you and your friends are not indestructible! I need you to stay still if I'm gonna patch those injuries you got from Tabuu.

Chaos rubbed his finger under his nose and gave Rainbow a faint weak half smile.

Chaos- Sorry Rainbow…it's just very hard for someone like me to remain still and not move…(grunts)…

Rainbow- If you're worried about the damage done during Tabuu's invasion, Kyuubi and Stone Fist already volunteered to help rebuild.

Chaos- Kyuubi is good at building things, but are you sure Stone Fist won't slack off just to flex his muscles again? That echidna loves to stop whatever he's supposed to be doing just to strike a pose and show off those oversized muscles of his.

Rainbow- It's not worth worrying about right now. You and the rest of the team were lucky that you not only defeated Tabuu, but to have survived too.

Over by what was left of the castle wall, Wolf was sitting down and leading his back against the wall for support while Timber and Aldopha were frantically trying to lick his injures clean.

Wolf- Mom…dad…I'm fine…there's no need for you both to worry like this…

Adolpha- Wolf, you and your friends just fought a god, he almost destroyed everything here, nearly broke your left leg when he punched you in the kneecap, and almost killed all of you! How can you tell us not to worry?!

Wolf- I'm a fast healer…I think my leg is feeling…

Then Timber gently placed his paw over Wolf's left leg and Wolf screamed in pain.

Timber- That does not sound like it's close to healing.

Adolpha- Your father is right. Now please just let us finish cleaning your wounds. You want to look nice for Clair too.

Near the wall where the doors once stood before they were blown down, King Kong was looking at the destroyed Mushroom Kingdom while also standing on the doors that were once used for the castle wall.

King Kong- King Kong sad…

Then Simba walks up to the gorilla and puts his paw on King Kong's back.

Simba- I know, mate! The sight of the Mushroom Kingdom demolished like that and witnessing a horrible battle that will leave most scarred for life…that's a lot to stomach in…

Then Kimberly approached King Kong and Simba.

Kimberly- Not to mention all the lives that were lost during Tabuu's assault. I can't believe the list of casualties goes into the triple digits.

Then Icarus joined in and began looking at the pile of rubble that was once the Mushroom Kingdom.

Icarus- The real question is will everything return to the way it was before Tabuu tried to destroy everything. Homes destroyed, lives ruined, and a world in disrepair.

Suddenly, Icarus felt a hand placed on his shoulder. When he turned around, Icarus saw Palutena was standing behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

Palutena- But the people of this world still have hope to believe in. That's what's most important. Marco proved that in that fight you were all just in. And it was hope that gave you all the strength you needed to defeat Tabuu and save this very world itself. Homes, treasures, and kingdoms can be rebuilt and replaced, but lives can't. Sure, it might take some time for everyone to mentally recover from what just happened here today, but I'm sure we can all work together to rebuild this world and make everything, even the Mushroom Kingdom, become better than how it was before Tabuu's invasion.

Icarus- Thanks, Lady Palutena. You always know just what to say to make things better.

Suddenly, Marco and Loewy came out of the castle.

Icarus- Marco, is Kyrin awake?

Marco- Yes, Icarus. However, he won't be moving from that bed any time soon. But we have more important matters to discuss. We might've won this battle and banished Tabuu into Subspace, but this victory will not last.

Prince Calmly- What do you mean, Marco? His father, the Lord of the Universe, locked him in Subspace and threw away the key.

Marco- True that it will be next to impossible for him to escape his prison in Subspace, but that doesn't mean he won't return one day once he recovers his strength. Tabuu still has many methods of getting what he needs done. Like how he got your brother, Lokk, to do his dirty work after promising to dethrone you. Or how Tabuu brought Simba's older brother, Bruce back to life and tried to have him kill us.

Simba- Marco…please don't remind me of what Tabuu did to Bruce! I'd rather forget that one, mate!

Marco- Point is, one way or another, Tabuu will return to get his revenge. However, I doubt any of us will be around when it happens.

Chaos- I see you've figured it out then, Marco.

Icarus- You knew Tabuu was eventually gonna return?!

Chaos- I'm a former god and I still have my superior knowledge over most mortals. I figured Palutena would've informed you about it too since you're her servant and all. According to my calculations, it would take around a 1,000 years for Tabuu to fully recover from his injuries and regain his strength.

Marco- Which is why I asked Kyrin for one last favor. To find a new team to defend this world from Tabuu when the time comes. And we need to make preparations to help the new team, whoever they might be, deal with Tabuu.

Loewy- Marco, don't you think this is a bit much? I mean, Tabuu's not going to be our problem anymore and…

Marco- Loewy, take a look at what Tabuu had done to the Mushroom Kingdom, our world, and our homes! I know we won't be alive when he returns, but do you want this to happen all over again?! Sorry Loewy, but I refuse to rest easy knowing that Tabuu could be destroying a future generation unless someone stands up to him all because I couldn't finish him off!

Palutena- You're a good man, Marco Mario.

Marco- Thank you. That means a lot coming from you, Palutena. Oh, but there is one other thing…

Then Marco pulled out a glowing orb of energy.

Chaos- Wait a minute?! Is that…

Marco- It is. A fraction of Tabuu's power.

Chaos- A fraction?! Marco, that's at least 20% of Tabuu's full power!

Azra- What are you doing with that anyway?!

Marco- I managed to snatch some of Tabuu's energy before the Lord of the Universe put Tabuu in Subspace. But as to why I'm carrying it is we need to keep it away from Tabuu. As long as Tabuu's soul is not complete, he'll never be able to regain his powers to 100%. Giving whoever Kyrin selects to be part of the new team to stand a better chance. However, it's also too dangerous to be left in our hands. We need a way to hide this away from Tabuu.

Palutena- I think I have a solution, Marco.

Then the energy sphere split into ten smaller spheres and moved in the hands of Marco and the other members of the team.

Palutena- I divided that fraction of Tabuu's soul even further and gave each one to you. Just think of a hiding place and it will go there automatically.

Simba- Hmm…the swamp where I buried Black Jack and my old tobaco box is the best place I can think of.

Icarus- Typical, you'd think of your tobacco.

Simba- Hey! For your information, I gave up smoking some time ago, mate!

Icarus- Alright, Simba! You don't have to shout at me. Let's see…the depths of Tartarus where Lady Palutena and I imprisoned Kronos and the other Greek Titians!

Chaos- Balrock's tomb seems like a good place since it's already next to impossible to locate on its own.

Azra- My dark sister's lamp she's imprisoned in.

King Kong- Uh…Best place King Kong think of is volcano where King Tyrannosaurus locked up.

Kimberly- Shiver Star's moon where I left Paintia in that crystal.

Wolf- The pieces of the Negative Triforce Hylia scattered across the Dark World of Hyrule.

Prince Calmly- The Dragon Force, since the only way to make it appear again is to reactivate that damned machine, but that's never gonna happen again.

Loewy- Best place I can think of is where we hid the pieces of King Koopa's Ultimate Star Cannon. What about you, Marco? Where do you choose to hide your piece of Tabuu's soul?

Marco- Where…hmm… Actually…I'm thinking more of a who…

Loewy- What do you mean?

Marco- Kyrin…if there's anyone I trust to keep this piece of Tabuu's power away from Tabuu…it's Kyrin…

Then the ten pieces of Tabuu's soul instantly vanished to the locations that were chosen to be their hiding place.

Marco- Alright everyone, let's rebuild our homes.

(Castle Koopa)

Slicor Koopa was sitting on his throne while wrapping bandages around his claws. Eventually, Kaster walked in with a small scroll.

Kaster- Your injuredness!

Slicor Koopa- Don't bother me, Kaster! We've all been through a lot recently.

Kaster- I know, but I discovered this scroll that Tabuu dropped after we made that surprise attack that allowed Marco to defeat him. I think you might be interested in what it says.

King Slicor took the scroll and took a look at what was written on it.

King Slicor- Now this is an odyssey…the Immortal Wedding Ritual…interesting…

Kaster- Shale I make preparations for this ritual, my lord?

Slicor- Maybe later. I know it's not like me, but I need a vacation. But once we're all good and recovered from everything that happened with that Tabuu guy…then we can go back to taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. Kaster, make plans to go to Isle Delfino. That sounds like a good place to relax.

(Across the Universe on an unknown planet)

A dark titian was sitting on his thrown while a wizard named Hyness was showing this titian a hologram of the Super Mario Brothers' Team.

Hyness- Word seems to be spreading them all across the galaxy. They somehow managed to defeat Tabuu, son of the Lord of the Universe.

This dark titian was not paying attention to Hyness at all. Instead, he was looking at the hologram of one of the heroes.

Dark titian- Hyness…who is that one…the pink one with the red bow…

Hyness- I believe her name is Kimberly, a Star Warrior.

Dark titian- Kimberly…Kimberly…

Then the dark titian rose from his throne and kneeled down to Kimberly's hologram.

Dark titian- At long last…I've found you! I knew you were still alive! I just knew it!

Hyness- My lord…are you saying this Star Warrior is…

Dark titian- There's no doubt in my mind, Hyness! It's her! My little baby girl…only she's now grown up! Hyness, find out what planet she inhabits and do not rest until you do! That is an order!

Hyness- Uh…yes, my lord…right away…

Then Hyness leaves the room while this dark titian continues to look at Kimberly's hologram.

Dark titian- My little girl…how long it has been since you were taken from me. But don't you worry, because daddy is coming for you soon…

(Mushroom Kingdom 1,000 years later)

The stork had just delivered two babies to a house after a Yoshi rescued both of those babies from the clutches of the Koopa's. As the two parents were celebrating the safe arrival of their twin sons, someone was watching them. Kyrin, who was now wearing a black cloak over most of his body, was peeking through the window of this house.

Kyrin- Interesting…those two…they look like…Marco and Loewy…but without the mustaches. I wonder…are they the ones…?

(Brooklyn several years later)

Mario and Luigi were fully grown and were working on unclogging a bathtub after being called over by an old lady. While they were working on the bathtub, the old lady who called them over walked out of the room and removed the disguise, revealing that was actually Kyrin disguised as an old lady.

Kyrin- Ok you two…time to see if you really are the ones to fill the roll of Super Mario Brothers…

Kyrin snapped his fingers and a warp zone opened up in the tub.

Luigi- Hey, what's going on?!

Mario- I don't know…

Then Luigi's leg got pulled in and Luigi was being pulled into the warp zone.

Luigi- Mario, something's got me!

Mario tried to pull Luigi out of the tub, but they both ended up being sucked down the drain which leads to the Mushroom Kingdom.

(Later at Princess Peach's castle)

All the Toads were celebrating Mario and Luigi defeating King Bowser Koopa and rescuing Princess Peach as well. Little did anyone know, Kyrin was standing on the roof of the castle while wearing that black cloak of his.

Kyrin- Mario and Luigi…well done! Marco…I did it. I found your successor. But even they won't stand a chance against Tabuu by themselves. I've found the new Super Mario Brothers…now I just need to find a team for them to lead against my brother.

Kyrin pulls out a laptop and typed something on it. Eventually, images of Donkey Kong, Link, Kirby, Ash, Sonic, Ty, Pit, and Shantae appeared on the screen.

Kyrin- Well…I suppose they'll do. Now…I just need to get Mario the meet these other heroes somehow…I just hope this new Super Mario Brothers' Team will be able to deal with Tabuu. Just like you did…Marco Mario.

The End


In a small forest somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom, there appears to be a gravestone with no name on it. An "M" looked like it was carved on it. But there was also a sword sticking out of the ground on the grave. The sword was a very familiar looking broad sword. The sun shined on it at just the right angle to show how well the sword was crafted. The sword just stood there sticking out from the grave, possibly waiting for a new master to find it and use it against Tabuu. We may never know.