Before we begin, I would first like to thank therealjordan23 and riverajacobed1 for inspiring me to write this fanfic with their own brilliant fics, One Thing Leads To Another and Don't Back Down Again respectively. Please, if you haven't already, check out those awesome authors and read their brilliant stories. Secondly, this fic will have elements of a crossover despite the setting and story being my own original creation and that the actual fic itself won't show up as a crossover. The reason for this is that later on in the story, I will introduce a certain element that was originally taken from Jay Allen's Crimson Worlds series (which is not an option to choose for a crossover tag), but will be altered in almost every degree to suit the setting, so much so that I hope that only the name of this element will be the only thing that is the same from the book series. Thirdly, I will be writing this fic in Australian English, so a lot of the words may have a different spelling to what many of you may be used to (expect a lot of 'u's to show up). Fourthly, Donald and Della will be the main focus of this story and are constantly plagued with bad luck. So if any of you feel like too many bad or unlucky things are happening to them, that will be the reason. Though feel free to comment if you think I've made them have too much bad luck.

Now that we've gotten through all that, let's begin, shall we?


Donald took a deep breath as he gripped tightly onto the seat belt installed on his seat, his knuckles bone white. He always disliked flying, it was nothing like sailing on the waters of the ocean, so his face had the expression of someone eating something horrible. That is, until he looked towards the cockpit of the Sunchaser, where his twin sister, Della, sat at the controls.

He smiled as he watched her pilot this thing. If there was any person that Donald trusted to fly him anywhere, it was her. But he would never admit it off course, just like she would not admit that she trusted his sailing.

As if she could sense him looking, Della called out to him. "How're you holding back there, Donnie?"

"Just fine, Della" he shouted over the engines.

"That's the spirit! Uncle Scrooge shouted as he walked over to Donald. "With your sister's flying, we'll be sure to reach Jor Kustas in no time at all!" He noticed Donald's change of expression as he looked away from Della and at the floor of the plane. "Just hang in there, lass. It will not be long till we get there. And I promise you that you'll get your chance to show off your sailing skills."

Donald gave a small smile at his Uncle's comment. "Thanks Uncle Scrooge. But you know me, always worrying about everything." He could not help but take a small glance at Della's seat, which Scrooge spotted.

"Ay, lass," Scrooge agreed, sitting down next to Donald, "Just remember, the two of you can take care of yourselves quite easily, despite your… tendency to get angry, the both of you. As long as you have each other, nothing in the world can stop you both." Scrooge put his hand on Donald's shoulder, lightly squeezing it. "You don't need to watch out for her all the time."

"Only when she does something reckless, which is more than half the time," Donald managed to say with a straight face before the two of them burst into laughter.

"I can't argue with that," Scrooge admitted, after the laughter had died down. "Just remember, lass, that she can look after herself, but never hesitate to support her if she needs it."

With those words, Scrooge stood up and walked towards Della, who did not hear their conversation.

"How long 'till we arrive?" Scrooge asked Della as he sat in the co-pilot seat.

"In about five minutes, Uncle Scrooge" Della cheerfully replied as she started the descent. "I can't wait to see what adventures we'll find at Jor Kustas. Or even a way to get another woodchuck badge."

"We'll see when we get there," Scrooge said, expecting to see something out of the windscreen, and was quickly satisfied when the plane burst through the clouds.

Jor Kustas was a newly discovered temple on the coast of an island in the pacific, previously hidden from the rest of the world due to a series of violent storms covering the island. Yet, just a month ago, the storms mysteriously disappeared after centuries of being present. A mystery that Scrooge intended to solve.

He was snapped out by the lurching in his stomach as Della began descending faster than he expected, almost like she was heading for the ground in a collision course. Donald's yelp of surprise from behind served to remind Scrooge about how Della could be a bit too fancy and fast with her flying.

"Della!" he shouted, quickly facing Della, who looked forward with intense concentration and glee, as she piloted the plane downwards towards what seemed to be a makeshift runway at a high speed.

"I got this," she said with a smile, just as she slowed down at the last few seconds and the Sunchaser connected with the runway, speeding down it before finally stopping at the very end in a stylish manner.

Della gave Scrooge a smirk while Donald groaned from behind, unstrapping himself.

"Did you do that just to give me a heart attack?!" he angrily shouted.

Della stayed quiet, but the grin on her face said it all. Donald's face remained angry for a moment before he took a series of deep breaths and calmed himself down.

"I'll get you back, just you wait" Donald glared at Della, who just poked her tongue out at him. As Donald turned to walk away, Della proceeded to shut down the Sunchaser and Scrooge just shook his head, more than familiar with the antics between the twins.

After a few minutes, the three of them walked out of the Sunchaser into the bright sun, the runway filled with scattered groups of people, all of whom were looking at the Sunchaser, wondering how someone could fly a plane like that. They soon gave way when they spotted the ever-famous Scrooge McDuck.

As the McDuck family walked out of sight of the runway, they spotted the temple of Jor Kustas, it's aged appearance somehow still elegant, yet as they got closer, they noticed that not all aspects of the temple's exterior were so nice after all. Many markings and patterns seemed to suggest danger and death. Donald shuddered as he could easily tell which marking depicted death, from years of experiences and almost getting killed himself time after time again.

Whether Della or Scrooge thought the same thing as him, he could not tell. They simply walked ahead like it was a normal, everyday occurrence that they walked into a temple with possibly lots of booby traps and… wait, it is a normal thing for them. Donald sighed, half of him enjoying spending time with his family adventuring, the other half wishing for a normal life.

As they entered, the first thing they noticed was how different it looked inside compared to the outside. While the outside had the aura of being old, worn out, yet majestic, the interior was sleeker, smoother yet seemed wet and unnerving. The longer Donald and Della seemed to be inside, it was like their skin began to crawl, as if they did not belong and should not be there.

"Ok, that is a little bit creepy…" Della muttered as she tried to hide her shiver. The large open room seemed to be both open and closed in. Della was not claustrophobic, but she felt like she was in this room. It was an enigma, but somehow Della wanted to run forward through the open gate at the other side to find out why. Her face became shaped in a crazy grin, which Donald noticed.

"Don't say it… Don't you dare say it…" Donald said to her, in a futile attempt to stop her from unleashing her adventure seeking nature, but it was too late.

"Nothing can stop Della Duck!" Della screamed out as she could not resist any longer and ran through the gate, crying out with joy.

Donald groaned as he saw her run, soon running after her. As soon as they entered, he knew that she would do this, run off to danger while being happy. Typical Della being Dumbella. Always running forward with no thought to the consequences. And always managing to drag him along, even if it is only him running after her to keep her in check, like he is doing now.

Scrooge could not help but chuckle as the two ran off through the gate. While he loved Della's enthusiasm, he could not help but be glad that Donald would be there to hold her back if she went too far, though that was easier said than done. His smile faded as he realised that he was probably going to hear another shouting match between the two quick to anger ducks when they finished exploring the temple and running into the inevitable danger the two always seemed to run into. Meanwhile he had his own danger to look out for, namely something F.O.W.L.

He had told the twins about how Jor Kustas was newly discovered, but what he hadn't told them was that S.H.U.S.H had contacted him about F.O.W.L. having infiltrated the archaeology team, and believed that there was an ancient power source inside the temple, which tests have proven goes deep underground. He was not only here to find new adventure and treasure, but also stop the F.O.W.L. agent in his/her tracks before they could find this power source if it even existed.

Confident that his niece and nephew could take care of themselves, he decided to talk with the team leader, an English duck, who was to the side.

"Sir Hert, pleasure to meet you" Scrooge said, shaking Sir Hert's hand.

"The pleasure is all mine, Mr McDuck. It is an honour to have you here with us."

"So, what have you discovered about Jor Kustas?" Scrooge asked as the two walked through the gate themselves.

Sir Hert seemed to get a bit downcast. "Honestly less than I expected at this stage of the expedition. Jor Kustas is ancient, though we have no idea which ancient civilisation built it or why. The markings on the wall suggest that there are death traps everywhere, yet we have only found three, only one of which actually still works."

Scrooge frowned. "Sabotage?"

"No, age. Most of the mechanisms had become eroded with time. And thankfully so, otherwise I would have lost ten of my best men here. I know too well the feeling of losing a friend to an ancient trap set to catch thieves, so it is a blessing that that didn't happen here."

"Aye. That is good news, though what of that working trap?"

"The classic arrows shoot from the wall segment. We spotted it from miles away. That is a very overused style of trap, but I find it evidence of temples being of earthly origins, so it is a bit of a blessing, seeing as the whole world, despite being isolated, could come up with the same idea. However, that was the first trap we encountered, and totally fooled us into believing what standard the traps would be in this place."

"So, the other traps would have been worse if they still worked?"

"Far worse. By Jolly, the second trap was an ancient laser that would have incinerated my team if the lens hadn't broken."

"Laser?!" Scrooge repeated, utterly surprised. "An ancient temple, with a laser?"

"I had the same reaction. We tried finding the power supply, only to have the entire contraption fall through the floor and down into one of the many shafts leading I do not know how far down. That is another thing about Jor Kustas: the floor can be unstable in certain areas, mainly above the entrance to the shafts, but the chances of it breaking when someone is standing on them is immeasurable."

Scrooge grimaced at this. He knew of two ducks whose bad luck would no doubt lead to something bad happening like that.

Della skidded down the slope, the ancient stone shifting with her weight on it, causing parts of it to crack, just where Donald was about to step. He managed to groan in frustration as his foot caught on the tip of a stone brick, before tripping and stumbling down the slope, screaming as he passed Della, who also ran into misfortune by accidently hitting a loose root that had broken through the ceiling and fell backwards, before sliding down.

Donald landed on the cracked floor first, on his back. Thankfully, years of bad luck had made his body more resilient, so he did not break any bones. He groaned and was about to get up when Della landed on top of him, pinning him to the floor.

"Watch it!" he shouted, or at least what could be considered a shout if your head is in a position that can barely move his beak.

"Oh, I'm sorry", Della snarked back, her anger responding to his, "If only I had control over where I landed! Oh, wait, I did not! So, don't you shout at me!"

They were about to get up when the floor suddenly fell a bit and started shaking. The twins managed to look at each other in fear.

"Aw, phooey!" was the last thing they said in unison before the floor gave way and sent the two of them falling down a large shaft.

They screamed as they fell, while trying to find something to grab onto and stop their fall, but there was nothing they could reach in time before they plummeted down past it. They closed their eyes, expecting to die, until they landed into a stream of water, remarkably without breaking anything, though their bodies began to hurt all over considerably.

Quickly rising to the surface, they emerged from under the water, taking a breath of air before Della screamed in horror. Donald turned around, a worried expression on his face, until he saw that she was trying to swim against the current of the stream, away from several small, harmless fish. He could not help but laugh at her reaction. She glared at him, but that only made him laugh even harder.

"It's not funny, Donald!" she pouted at him.

"Oh, yes, it is! It always makes my day, seeing you with fish," Donald continued to laugh, unaware of how the current was taking them downwards. "Let me enjoy this for once. You always laugh at my expense."

Della tried to keep an angry expression on, but she too fell into a fit of laughter. She had to admit, the situation would be funny if it were Donald, so she had to give him that. Also, thinking about the funny side kept her from noticing how many fish were around her, or the fact that the stream was leading into a large, open space… wait a minute.

Della's eyes widened as she realised what was happening, around the same time Donald finally stopped being oblivious as well. They tried to swim against the current, but now it was too strong and was pushing them towards the entrance to the open space.

They finally gave up and let the water carry them into the room, Donald expecting them to be totally trapped now, while Della was excited about a new adventure or mystery to unfold. As the current slowed down enough, the two siblings had an opportunity to have a look around the large, cavernous room.

The first thing they noticed was the purple glow to the room, originating from an unseen spot. The best guess, Della concluded, was at the top of the huge platform in the middle of the room, with steps leading to the top on all sides of it, yet the room was dark enough to not make out much else on the platform or steps. The walls were decorated with eroded paintings and descriptions, as if this was a holy site. All of the walls were cracked in large quantities, with dust and water constantly falling down from them, while the ceiling looked like a half completed jigsaw puzzle in some areas, part of it obviously having fallen down ages ago, revealing the natural rock behind feeling from when they first entered Jor Kustas was even stronger now here than before, as if they were closer to something.

Della found herself being taken by the water to the edge of the steps, which seemed to begin at the water. She became more and more excited about finding the location of whatever was making that purple light. So, in typical Della fashion, she decided to swim to the steps without much thought and leap up onto them when *crack*!

She stopped with that sound, not even moving as she tried to ignore what made that sound. Donald, however, had a perfect view and since his mind was not focused on adventure, he could easily make out the now shattered shape of the skull that Della had just stepped on. He gulped as he soon realised that skulls and bones littered the steps.

Donald carefully lifted himself out of the water, avoiding the bones as he stood up, took his sailor cap, and squeezed the water out of it before popping it back on. From his time in the navy, he was used to swimming in water in his sailor's uniform, so it did not bother him as much as it could. The same could not be said for Della, who was starting to shiver as her body struggled to adapt being out of the freezing water.

As Donald, with his naval training, decided to start a fire using some bones and dust, Della climbed a few steps up, trying to see if there was anything she could use to make a flame, before noticing that there was a small hole at the top of the round ceiling, leading upwards. She frowned as she looked upwards, trying to spot a way for the two of them to climb up to that hole, or if it was big enough for them to fit through.

Donald gave a cry of victory as he started a fire, a cry that quickly became one of dismay as the fire seemed to die out instantly. He kicked the burnt bones in anger, but was burnt by a barely lit ember, causing him to jump up and down while holding his foot, until he became unbalanced and fell back into the water.

Della turned around to see what the cause of the commotion was when she saw Donald fall backwards. She was not all that surprised. The two of them were infamously haunted by bad luck to the extreme. Donald just seemed to have it the worse, though they were in fact equal. Like right now, as she accidently stood on a rib bone. It was like Deja vú as Della seemed to copy Donald's exact movements and soon found herself tumbling down a few steps, though landing at the lowest step.

Donald emerged from the water once more, this time his body language was more depressed. He sat down and sighed, looking down at the water. As Della got back up onto her feet, trying her hardest not to get angry, she spotted Donald just sitting there. Her anger disappeared, replaced with concern as she watched his head lower.

'Time to be an older sister' she thought to herself as she took a deep breath before walking over and sitting next to Donald.

"Donnie?" she asked, putting her hand on his shoulder. He did not look at her, but his hand went up and grasped her own.

"I'm good," he finally said. "Just, sick of all of this bad luck." He sighed. "For once, why everything can't just go right for the both of us?"

'I don't know, Donald." Della replied, empathising with him, as she sometimes feels the same way. "But we're stuck with it, so we shouldn't let it bring us down." She got up and looked to the top of the steps, where the unknown lay. "Come on. Let's find a way out of here and get back to Uncle Scrooge!"

Donald could not help but smile at Della's optimism and enthusiasm. He accepted her offered hand and was pulled up to his feet. Together, they started walking up the steps, carefully avoiding stepping on the bones.

As they progressed, Donald noticed that the bones were becoming more frequent, and that the closer to the origin of the purple glow, the easier it was to see that all of the bones had vein like marks all across them, as if they were burned onto the bones. It did not make him feel any better, but he knew that it was the only way to go.

Della, on her part, grew even more excited, anxious to see what was in store for them. A part of her was still worrying about Donald. She just hoped his pessimistic attitude will not hold his demeanour down. If she had a problem of being too optimistic, then Donald was the complete opposite.

She pushed her thoughts aside when they finally climbed up to the top, and they both gasped, covering their eyes as a blinding, pulsing purple light flared up. They slowly approached the middle of the platform as their eyes slowly adjusted. What they found stunned them.

The centre of the platform was raised slightly, with a bowl carved into the surface of the rock. Behind the raised platform was a chair, one that seemed to be made not of wood or stone, but of metal. There was a skeleton sitting in the chair, but they could not make it out due to the light from the most eye boggling sight of all.

Hovering over the bowl was a purple sphere that was the source of the light. While the light it produced caused much of what was visible to be blurred away, there was undoubtedly arcs of what seemed like purple lightning arcing out from the sphere occasionally, while it was surrounded by an aura, an aura that seemed to be the source of the now total feeling of claustrophobia that the twins had been feeling since they entered the temple. One thing was clear however, this was not natural to Earth.

Donald stopped in his tracks, as his mind registered how there was also a pile of bones surrounding the platform. He quickly connected the dots as the arcs of electricity would explain how the bones were burnt in specific ways. His pessimistic attitude kicked in, as he realised that whatever that sphere was, it was deadly.

Della, however, continued walking towards the sphere, her mind in a state of logical breakdown as she tried to comprehend what the sphere could be. As she approached, the light seemed to dim, becoming less intense, allowing her to see more of the sphere. She gasped as she saw that the sphere was semi-transparent, the surface of it looking like purple glass that was also semi-fluid, with ripples washing all over it. Inside, Della could not make out much, the very centre was filled with what seemed like a miniscule sun and flashes of green and blue ripped throughout the interior.

Della felt an urge to grab the sphere when *crack*. She silently cursed herself as she realised, she had done the same thing as before, stepping on some bones. Then her eyes widened as she realised that there were more bones here before crying out and jumping back, as Donald rushed up to her.

"Stupid bones" Della said, kicking some away, in an effort to distract herself from her growing fear.

"What are you doing?!" Donald shouted, absolutely horrified that Della had been walking towards what he believed to be an obvious floating sphere of death. "Are you trying to get yourself killed?!"

"Donald, it's just a floating sphere," Della argued. "We've dealt with much more dangerous forms of magic in the past"

"Who says it's magic!" Donald argued back, pointing at the sphere. "We don't know what it is. But it's definitely dangerous!"

"In what way?" Della countered, her hands on her hips.

"Well, for one thing, that electricity that it's shooting out is most likely the cause of all of these bones. If you actually payed attention to detail instead of rushing off, you will notice that all the bones have precise scorch marks on them like they were burned by electricity. Even a dummy like you can see the connection!"

Donald stomped past Della and pointed at the chair. "Two, there's a skeleton just sitting on the chair. That is always a sign of danger, even if the skeleton is…"

Donald stopped as his mind backpedalled. He slowly turned around and stared past the sphere, at the skeletal occupant of the seat. The seat itself was more like a throne, yet it's now obvious brilliance failed to match the skeleton's.

The shape of the skeleton body was similar to that of one of those thin, yet really tall aliens that appear in science fiction films, yet the head was more like a mix between a turtle and a wolf, with two eye sockets. The rib cage was shaped in a more web like manner, and the arms were thin in the upper arm, yet slightly thicker in the forearm. The bones for the feet were too eroded for Donald to make out their features. The pose of the skeleton was majestic and almost regal, as if he/she were looking down at Donald. Overall, the skeleton looked clean, except for a small point in the rib cage, where a hole seemed to have been burned through.

"Wow" Della said as she too noticed the alien skeleton. "Okay, now that just made this a bit too creepy."

"Now do you think we should leave the sphere alone?" Donald asked in a subdued voice as he began to comprehend what he was witnessing. Here, in a hidden cavern under Jor Kustas, was clear evidence of an alien race having visited Earth in the far past. And it was him and Della who discovered it.

"It's not liked the other skeletons." Della stated.

Donald blinked, before turning to face his sister, a 'oh, really' expression plastered all over his face. "I hadn't noticed. Of course, it is different, it's an alien skeleton!"

"Not that, dumbie!" Della shouted, before pointing at the alien. "It doesn't have the burn marks as the others. Also, it is mostly intact, and all the bones seem to be in position, which is impossible considering gravity exists."

Donald did a double take, then nodded in agreement. "Then why is it still sitting normally?"

Della walked over to the seat and the skeleton. Up close, without the light of the sphere obscuring the details of the seat, Della could see that the chair was a deep platinum colour, with hidden lights flaring up as she approached it.

'So, despite how old this place is, this seat has the power to display lights', Della thought to herself. 'I wonder what other things this seat has power for?'

She did the only thing someone like her would do in this situation: She poked the skeleton. Just before her finger could touch the bone, she was met with a collision with an invisible force before the skeleton was surrounded by a bluish-whitish barrier. She took a step back as she noticed that the barrier was like a skin-tight layer around the skeleton before it faded, all evidence of its existence gone. She grabbed a bone from the ground and threw it at the skeleton. Once again, the barrier revealed itself, the bone bouncing off, though the barrier seemed to flare up slightly.

As it once more faded, she could not help but remark, "so that's how the bones have remained in place." She then turned to face Donald, who had gone red with anger.


"YES, I DID, AND NOTHING BAD CAME OUT OF IT!" Della shouted back, her anger on a rise.


"BAH, I COULD HAVE TAKEN CARE OF IT!" Della folded her arms in frustration. "I've survived my fair share of rodeos. This isn't the first time I've disturbed an ancient burial ground."

"Maybe so, but it's the first time for the both of us dealing with something alien!" Donald countered. "We don't know anything about what that thing is, what that throne is, why it's here with the sphere and what killed it."

"What makes you say that it was killed?" Della asked, her anger subsiding a bit.

Donald took a deep breath, forcefully calming himself down before answering. "See that hole in the ribcage? It may not be where the heart would be for us, but I bet that it's where the heart would be for them."

Della squinted at the hole and came to the same conclusion. "Ok, you have a point. But from how old this entire place looks, and the skeleton as well, I don't think the killer would be here."

"Unless he's one of these skeletons," Donald said, looking down at the bones near his feet.

Della did not respond to that, as she was starting to think that maybe Donald was right. She still walked up to the floating sphere, with Donald walking up to stand beside her. She sighed as she looked at Donald.

"Guess maybe I am over my head with this," she admitted. "I just really hate the idea of leaving this wonderous thing here. I can only imagine how much we could learn from this entire place."

"We will, Della," Donald assured, putting a hand on her shoulder. "I agree with you that this place is a goldmine of science, but we're not the right choice to decipher it. We need to get back up above and find Uncle Scrooge. He'll know what to do."

He lowered his hand as he looked around the room. "Besides, the sphere won't be going anywhere."

Just as he finished speaking, the sphere stopped glowing and fell to the ground. Both Donald and Della instinctively leaped forward and grabbed the sphere before it collided with the ground. As soon as they touched it, everything seemed to become silent, even though it was already before.

Donald's eyes widened as he realised that his hands were on the sphere, along with Della's. He noticed her glare and gave a nervous chuckle.

"Okay, this one's on me," he said before muttering, "I really should know better than to tempt fate."

Della became smug, though she hid it behind a face of annoyance. Nothing had happened so far, so now they could take the sphere to Scrooge. It would be a challenge trying to get out of here, but she did not mind. She loved adventure and always wanted the grandest of adventures. She was about to speak but stopped when she heard a slight hum emanating from the sphere. The hum started to grow in intensity as the sphere began to shoot out small electric arks out of it, none of them hitting the twins. The arcs increased in intensity, quantity and size as a bright purple circle encompassed the small area around the twins.

Energy radiated from the sphere, which was now emitting a blinding light once more, forcing Donald and Della to look away, trying to move their hands off the sphere, yet they could not. Their hands were stuck on it, pulling them up as the two of them were lifted off the ground, surrounded by swirling purple winds.

"Aw, Phooey!" was all they could say in unison before a large crack was heard and their vision was filled with purple before they fell unconscious.

Donald groaned as he struggled to open his eyes. Everything was too fuzzy for him to function properly and he somehow had a massive headache. He rolled onto his side, trying to ignore the fact that he was getting poked by someone. Most likely Della…

Immediately, he remembered everything and shot up, his eyes wide with fear that something bad had happened to Della. He was about to scream out her name, when he saw what was in front of him.

It was a crowd, but not of anything he had ever seen before. If he thought that he had seen enough extra-terrestrial phenomena before, now he could see no end to it. If Duckburg was a place where there were multiple varieties of ducks, birds, dogs, and other animals, then the crowd in front of him was full of different things that Donald was sure he was hallucinating. He rubbed his eyes, and pinched himself, but what he was seeing was real.

Dozens of figures looked at him, yet they were not like anything on Earth. There were a variety of creatures, some humanoid, some slug like, some insect like, all of them moving slightly as if whispering to one other. Every single one of them were aliens. He then felt some more pokes and found another type of alien, this one very small and looked like a pixie, except without fur and had oily skin and two green eyes that glowed. It noticed him looking at it and waved at him.

Donald's mouth dropped as far as it possibly could, remaining like that for at least a minute before he heard someone stirring next to him. He looked to his side and found Della lying next to him. He had been so caught up with the alien crowd in front of him that he had failed to notice his own twin sister unconscious. He quickly shook her and gave a sigh of relief as her eyes opened.

"D... Donald?" She asked in a groggy voice. "Wha...What happened? Where are we?"

Donald looked around for a second before his eyes settled on something that caused him to freeze, answering in a subdued voice. "I don't think we're in Jor Kustas anymore, Della."

Della got up, her mind still spinning, as she clutched her face. "Ugh, I hate headaches… Wait, what?" Her head snapped to face Donald as his statement finally finished being processed in her head and she too remembered what had happened.

"Where's the sphere?!" she shrieked out, looking around them before her eyes settled on the pixie alien, who just stood there, eyes blinking at her. "Ugh, Donald… Why is there a strange creature next to you… Holy Cow!" Her scream announced that she finally noticed the crowd of aliens around her.

"Oh...My...GODS!" Della shouted, jumping to her feet before throwing up her arms in joy. "Real life Aliens! This is amazing! Aliens on Earth…"

"We're not on Earth either…" Donald muttered, causing Della to spin around with a "WHAT?!"

"How can you tell?" Della asked, before noticing the buildings and dome around them. "Oh, you mean these structures. Well, you of all people should know that civilizations hidden from the rest of the world can be more advanced than…"

Donald interrupted by tugging at her sleeves and pointed upwards. Della looked up and felt herself feel like she just shrunk to the size of a bug.

"Oh…" was all she said as she looked up at the multiple planets up in the orange sky.


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