It's that time of year where I feel like giving a little bit more for my readers that actually follow my posts while I work on the next chapter.

As the title and summary says, these are the oneshots talking about what Ichigo does to continue his training after the final arc. He's got a lot to do in preparation to be a major figure in the DxD storyline as a faction leader. The rating will change in the first chapter as Ichigo will be with DxD's Yasaka and some of you can put 2 and 2 together already. Or rather 34 and 35... add it.

To list out the journey, he'll start training in Kyoto with Yasaka(DxD), Dun Scaith with Scathach(Fate series), travel a bit(various Fate and DxD characters), train with King Hassan(Fate Series), before focusing on changing Soul Society for the better and having some children along the way.

And for IchigoxYoruichi fans, she will be joining his harem during this time. Why and how, you'll see...eventually.