As soon as they got to Uncle Billy's, Robby called Mike Lam and told them what they found out while Stan and Irene filled Uncle Billy in. Harry hovered near the phone in case Robby needed him to verify his account.

Mike Lam let out a soft whistle when Robby finished telling him about the pirate, as Harry's suggestion was sticking. "You only saw him yesterday and now the MacAllisters saw him right around when your hose got harpooned? This guy just got bumped up in our suspects list. I think you and your friends have done enough right now. I'd rather you lay low until we catch this guy. I think that harpoon to your hose was a warning, and I'd suggest you heed it."

"I plan to," said Robby, "I would like to go to Sanford this year. College seems like a breeze compared to this."

Mike chuckled. "That sounds like a good idea. Thanks for all you've done. Now, go enjoy Nai'a Bay for real."

"Thanks Chief, I will."

"Good, I'll let your grandpa know of any developments, if you're interested in knowing how things are going."

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind."

"Alright, you take care."

"You too, good luck with the investigation."

"Thanks, we might need it. Stay safe, kid."

"I will. Bye!"

"So, we can be real tourists now?" asked Harry when Robby hung up the phone.

Robby chuckled. "At least where it concerns this investigation. Mom and Dad might have things for us to do around the lab."

Harry shrugged. "That's better than getting harpooned by an unknown enemy that you have no idea what you did to put yourself on his radar."

Robby sighed. "I think I know, I must not have been as inconspicuous as I thought."

Harry huffed. "Guess so, you saw him and he saw you. But the fact that he went out of his way to warn you like that . . . yeah, he's up to something and didn't want you to see." His eyes widened. "Do you think he knows the MacAllisters saw him?"

"I don't know, but I think they can handle themselves pretty well."

"But, still . . ."

"Well, I'm sure they'll be careful. I'm sure they realized they were in trouble from the fact that I saw this guy just last night, and this morning he's shooting a harpoon at me. Definitely not someone to mess around with. I just hope the police can deal with him."

"Well, if worse comes to worse, we can always call in Mr. Lilliberulo," said harry.

Robby grinned. "Who knows, we might have to." He pursed his lips. "But I know Mom and Dad wouldn't want the station to be left unattended for too long."

"Then he's our last resort," said Harry with a shrug. "Besides, when he comes in, everything's over in a matter of minutes."

Robby chuckled. "That is true." His face turned serious. "But I do think we should tell him about it. Maybe he might know or can find the information the police need."

"But didn't Chief Lam say for us to get off the investigation?"

"Grandpa can give him the information, and Dad can be the one to check it out," said Robby with a shrug. "I just want to make sure we have all our bases covered. And Mr. Lilliberulo might be able to help the police find the information they need."

"Well, let's get going on that," said Harry with a sigh. "I do want to get to the waves eventually."

Robby patted his back. "Don't worry, you will, we've got all summer. But we should hurry either way." The two rejoined Irene, Stan, and Billy.

"So what did Mike say?" asked Billy.

"Basically they'll take it from here and that we should lie low," said Robby. "But Harry and I were just talking, my dad's friend Mr. Lilliberulo is a member of the International Police, he might be able to help look up information. I was thinking we could head back and have my dad ask him about it. We'll give him all the information he needs to look up this, well, this pirate and if he does find anything, to send it on through to my grandpa or the chief."

Billy nodded. "That sounds like a good idea, and after what Irene and Stan just told me, laying low is good too." He stood up. "As a matter of fact, next time you kids head out, let me know, and I'll keep tabs on you."

Robby smiled. "Thanks Uncle Billy, that will be fantastic. But I think I've had enough adventure today."

Billy scoffed. "Sounds like it. Here, since you guys haven't eaten yet, why don't you stay here to eat and then head out? It should give your racing hearts a chance to slow down."

"Great," said Harry, "because I'm starving."

Stan chuckled. "Sounds like a plan." Billy brought in the chest and the four ate and drank their fill in silence. A few other customers came in and ordered food, but for the most part, the restaurant remained empty. When the four finished, they told Billy goodbye and left. Once they were on the road, all the speculations came out.

"So, let's say our mysterious guy is a pirate, why would he be here? What else besides the Hawaiian Heist would he be looking for?" asked Stan.

Irene's face became taut. "I don't know, but this is just too weird."

"So, let's say he and Jack were both looking for the same thing," said Stan, not even paying attention to her, "and this guy notices him the other night and makes him disappear."

"The question is, what were they looking for?" asked Harry. "What could be so important to this guy that he doesn't want anyone else to find it?"

"I don't know if it's the treasure he's looking for," said Robby slowly, "nothing's happened to Uncle Billy."

"But Uncle Billy only goes out on Saturdays," muttered Irene, her eyes widening. "If he was after the treasure and Jack only just disappeared yesterday . . ."

"Something could happen to Uncle Billy this Saturday!" blurted Robby.

"Should we head back and warn him?" asked Harry.

Irene shook her head. "No, the police could still get this all solved before then. We'll ask him to be cautious if they don't, but if your Mr. Lillibulero should have the information they need, or at least can get it soon, it will be over pretty quickly."

"This is true," said Robby. "Well, let's see if he does."

"But then that raises the question, why is this guy just now coming to look for the treasure?" asked Harry. "And then he could be searching for something else and Jack just so happened to come across him and, well, he's disappeared."

"But what else could he be looking for besides the treasure?" asked Stan. "There's nothing else really worth anything at Nai'a Bay, besides, well, maybe siding with either the fishermen or ICS. Which might explain his interest in Dr. Von Hoffer's discussion with Mr. Iona."

Harry let out a breath. "There's a lot of questions."

"And no answers," said Irene. "So I think before we try to break our brains coming up with every possibility, we should step back and let the police handle it."

Stan chuckled. "Alright, this is above my pay grade anyways."

"Wait, how much are you getting paid?" asked Harry.

"Not enough," said Stan with a cheeky grin.

Irene scoffed. "Well I'm not getting paid at all!"

"That's what a volunteer gets, though!" said Stan.

"OK, OK, enough you two," said Robby with a soft chuckle, "we get the picture, you would like more money. But we've got a few other things that one might consider a little more important."

"True enough," said Stan. But the good humor continued until they reached ICS. They all got out and went off in search of Robby's family. They found them and gave them all the details of the morning's run. Miriam seconded Mike's order to lay low.

She wrapped her arms around Robby. "I'm glad you're alright though."

"So am I," said Robby as he returned the hug.

"So it's this red-headed . . . pirate, as you've come to call him, who seems to be behind all this," said Jacob, pacing around the room. The young adults nodded.

"Dad, I was wondering if you could contact Mr. Lilliberulo and see if he could look into this guy. Since he's a member of the International police he might have access to information that Chief Lam doesn't."

James nodded slowly. "This is a good point, especially if you've had four people tell you already that this guy definitely isn't from around here." He turned to Jacob. "May I use your office to call?"

Jacob nodded. "Go right ahead."

"Thanks." James walked into the office and closed the door.

Jacob turned to the four. "Well, now that Mike's officially taken you off of both investigations, I guess it's only fair to let you fully enjoy your vacation." He shrugged. "Think you could help Irene and Stan with some of their duties?"

Harry and Robby gasped. "Grandpa!" exclaimed Robby. "That's not how a vacation works!"

"I've still gotta catch those waves!" exclaimed Harry.

Jacob chuckled. "I know, and you two are going to work for it."

Harry crossed his arms. "Oh yeah, we gotta work for the waves? The waves are free. If I'm doing this, I expect some money man."

Jacob laughed. "Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that, but I can give you boys passes to the museum for your entire stay here and you can come by whenever you want to swim with the dolphins. Heck, if you want, you can bring your surfboards and you can head over to Devil's Hat to surf, if you want."

Harry winced. "Well, maybe not yet, not so soon after this little, ah um, incident."

"No kidding," mumbled Robby.

"I don't blame you," said Jacob. "But I do owe you for getting us a meeting with the MacAllisters." He glanced at James pacing in his office. "I hope they don't mind it if your dad joins us, he's especially good at keeping the peace."

Robby smiled. "I don't think they will."

Jacob smiled. "Good."

James poked his head around the corner. "Robby, can you come here? Well, everyone can come in if you want. Lillibulero wants to hear it all from you."

Robby huffed. "Alright." They crowded into the room and James closed the door behind them.

"Alright Lillibulero, they're all in here."

"Thank you, James. Robertson, can you describe the man you saw and everything that happened?"

Stan blinked and looked at Robby. "Robertson?"

"Sure Mr. Lillibulero," said Robby.

Harry leaned towards Stan and whispered. "We'll explain later. Just, whatever he says, we'll explain it later."

Everyone else became quiet as Robby told the whole story, starting with seeing the red-headed man at Kailoa's , what happened there, followed by the morning's incident, and as before, ending with Mike's order to lay low. Lillibularo then asked about the Hawaiian Heist. Irene and Stan gave him the details on that.

"And you're sure this man has never been seen there before now?"

"Yes," chorused Stan and Irene.

"What's funny about this guy is it sounds like he sticks out, but is trying to blend in as well," said Stan.

There was a moment of silence on the line. "Mr. Lillibulero?" asked Robby.

"I will look into any information that the International Bureau of Police might have that matches this man you've described to me. And while I agree with Mike's order to lay low, knowing your luck, kid, you're going to get in even more danger. Harriman?"

"Yes sir?"

"Harriman?" whispered Stan hoarsely. Irene nudged him and shot him a glare to keep him quiet.

"Your family knows how to handle the station, right?"

"Yes sir, they do."

"Then I'm going to have to ask them to keep an eye on things here. I'm heading out there once I've searched the criminal records. Is there a fax number to the lab and to the police station?"

"Yes, there is, give me a second and I can give those to you," said Jacob. He went to his desk and rummaged through some papers in his drawers. He pulled out a piece of paper. "Alright, here's the number for the police station's fax." He read out the numbers on the paper, then gave Lillibulero the fax number to the lab.

"If I find anything, I'll send the information to both places. Then I'll book a flight out there. If I find nothing, well, looks like we're going to find out when I get out there. Try to stay out of trouble until then."

Robby grinned sheepishly. "I will do my very best, Mr. Lillibulero."

"Which means you're going to have to be extra cautious, Harriman, and be extra observant."

"Yes sir," said Harry.

"Thank you. I will also look into this Hawaiian Heist as well. It seems like the most likely reason for someone to be out there. There's bound to be treasure seekers searching for that. But . . . I think I should look into finding out if there could possibly be any other reasons for someone to go to Devil's Hat."

"O-oh," said Irene haltingly. "I don't think there's any need for that, Mr. Lillibulero. The only other thing besides the treasure is the surfing and the fishing, oh and of course the scientific studies, but that's it. Nai'a Bay isn't famous for anything else."

"Thank you for that information, but I want to be thorough. And if I find nothing more than what you've said, well, then it is only the treasure this guy's after."

Irene smiled tightly. "Right." Harry and Robby glanced at each other. What was with this girl?

"Well, I think I've gotten all the information from you that I can. I shall see what I can find on my end. And I would like to talk to the police chief."

"Oh yes, I have his number as well," said Jacob. He gave Lillibulero the number. "And if you'll permit me, I would like to call him first to tell him you're calling."

"Please do. Well, I think that's all there is to do. I'll get looking as fast as I can on this guy. I hope to have something in two days."

"Thanks Lilliberulo," said James, "you're the best."

"Hey, if you come across some strange looking fellow that's sending off alarms in your head, you'd better give me a call. You never know if the IBP is looking for him."

James chuckled. "No kidding. But still, thank you."

"And thank you. You be safe, you hear?"

"We will!" chorused Robby and Harry.

"Bye!" said everyone at the same time.

James hung up the phone. He huffed. "Well, now all we have to do is wait."

"I think I'd better let Helen and Maizie know about this so they can keep an eye out for it. And I'll call Mike and tell him to expect his call."

"But what should we do?" asked Robby.

Harry glanced around the room. "Hey, wait, where's Irene?" Everyone looked around, she had disappeared.

"Oh, there she is." Jacob pointed out the window of his office. She and her sister were rushing out of Dr. Cho's office. They were out the front door before anyone in Jacob's office could move. When they finally did, they all went towards Dr. Cho's office. Jacob quickly introduced everyone to Maizie Baldwin, Dr. Cho's secretary, before entering Dr. Cho's office. "Helen, we just saw Irene and Ilithyia leave the lab. Is something wrong?"

"Oh, they said that they had a family emergency and had to leave," said Dr. Cho.

"I hope everything's alright," said Miriam.

"I hope so too," said Dr. Cho. "They didn't give me any details. But I think it has to do with the second daughter, Ianthe. She was badly injured in a boating accident and has been in a wheelchair ever since."

Miriam gasped. "How sad!"

Dr. Cho nodded with a sad sigh. "It is. But, whatever their reasons were, I let them go for the day. Stan, I'm going to need you to take care of their duties."

Jacob nodded at Robby and Harry. "They can help too."

Robby and Harry groaned. "Alright," they mumbled before following Stan out of the office to take care of the duties. The rest of the afternoon went by pretty quickly and without any other incidents. But they did plan on going surfing the next day when they had to take the dolphins out for some swimming. That, at least, was something they could look forward to.

(Author's Note: Speaking of help, I need some too, lol. Already getting started on the next part in this series, which is told from Tom's, Mike's and Linda's perspectives, which isn't going to be posted until mid-September. Ah well, lol, I might have it completely done by then and not have to worry about it, but I at least have a title for that and Arden Blake's mystery, Mystery of the Monoplane's Mission will take place at the beginning of the school year and will follow Tom Corbett, Linda Carlton, and Mike "Mars" Samson as they begin their studies at Sanford Institute while Secret of the Sprite Society will follow Arden Blake, Sim Westover, and Terry Landry begin their year at Cedar Ridge University. Arden's mystery still has a few bugs to work out, but I'm at least getting somewhere with that too. But with four fanfics getting to their 3/4 mark and this one going to be halfway soon, I think I'm doing well. And then comes the originals . . . man, this is going to be cutting it close once I get a job again. I asked for more time, God gave it to me . . . and is now kinda taking it away due to the move, but I still have time to work on this. Just gotta work. Thanks for reading this long note, hope you're having a wonderful day, and God bless!)