How It Should Have Ended: Kings Of The Con.

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We find ourselves at the Ace Savvy convention today. Despite the many attempts Lincoln and Clyde had made to 'deal out some justice' and become kings of the convention with all that might entail (namely, a cameo in the upcoming Ace Savvy film), it's become increasingly obvious that Lincoln's plan to get his sisters to join in by getting them to appear as the Full Deck have started to backfire in a big way because all eyes are on them and it looks very much as if they're going to walk away with a cameo that doesn't even really interest them. In the normal course of events, Clyde would probably have to talk Lincoln out of doing something that would make things worse. This is not the normal course of events because when Clyde said "Gee. I kind of feel sorry for you. You've gone all this way and it looks like Lori and the others are going to get to be queens. They aren't going to give up a chance to be in a movie, are they?", Lincoln said something he wouldn't normally say: "What's your point? Did you think it was my plan to have the two of us become Grateful Children A and B in a five-second cameo they'll cut for time when this gets adapted for broadcast?"

Clyde lifted up the eyepatch of his costume and asked "Who are are and what have you done with Lincoln Loud? When the chips are down, you never say 'Die' matter how much that costs you."

Lincoln shrugged and said "There. 'Die'. I said it. And besides, it might not have been my plan to get us in the movie but I did pin my hopes on getting the girls on screen. Not, of course, to be Saint Lincoln, Guardian Spirit Of Being A Gracious Loser but to make sure that they have to actually know something about Ace Savvy when they get interviewed for the DVD release. Why d'you think I gave them all super-cool powers? If they were a bunch of cheerleaders who didn't do anything, they could fake their way through an interview but for (say) Lori to have to explain to the actress they cast as Top Card why she looks like she lives in Arcadia and is on a first name basis with X, Zero and Axl and the other Maverick Hunters would require her to actually know enough about the character to not embarrass herself….knowledge I am willing to provide for a price: mentioning the two of us and why I think of her as being half-way to being a motor vehicle."

Lincoln then went on to explain why he'd assigned the other nine sisters their super-awesome powers: because they might tend to trample him without realizing it, he knows at the end of the day, they'll have his back.

Clyde then asked "Okay, I get it. You want them to throw us a bone after they cool down. I've noticed that happens to you a lot more than it should….but where are you getting this 'your prize is being people Ace and Jack rescue' thing from?"

Lincoln smiled and said "I sat down and read the entry form on the drive up to the convention center. Good thing too. If I'd thought I were about to miss my chance at mega-stardom, I don't know what kind of crazy garbage I'd have pulled and how much that would have cost me. It'd be a repeat of my brain fart about Parent Teacher Night or the mess where I'd blanked out on how everyone has to endure Lynn's dumb sports rituals and ended up in a mascot suit until she found something else to fritz out over or even those dumb stunts I'd pulled with woodworking shop. That's the problem with my calling myself The Man With The Plan: I keep getting distracted and outsmarted. Now let's go over there, cheer them on and be glad we didn't lose to the literally fifty Ace and Jack pairs with professionally made costumes."