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"[Chapter 2: Fantasy Into Reality]"

The Great Tomb of Nazarick — one of many thousands of dungeons on YGGDRASIL.

By itself, it was only a dungeon.

But behind the Great Tomb of Nazarick, who carved their names into history, it was the base of the most infamous Guild in all off the nine worlds.

Ainz Ooal Gown.

In its prime, the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick had once been attacked by the largest invading force ever assembled in the game's history.

Once, there was a union of 8 Guilds with players and NPCs totaling up to 1500 people. It was the first time in the server that such a large group of people aimed to get to the lowest floor. Then, they were all wiped out. It was a place where such a legend was born.

However, the level of monsters were not particularly high.

According to the rules, at best the monsters were at level 30. The level cap in [Yggdrasil] was 100, and since a third of the 1500 people were at that level, they should not have been much of an enemy. On the contrary, they should have been able to tear through them like paper.

However, the characteristics of the undead that appear there — can heal by negative damage, and get damaged by positive energy. They are also unaffected by instant death attacks and mental attacks as well — It is a strategy that takes advantage of it.

The negative damage spread across the floors — by about 1 point — and reduces the area effects on positive energy while still allowing recovery magic.

In addition, there was a transportation trap system that could divide a party. That wasn't the only trap as there were many other types strung up all over the place. Traps that blinded people and ones that poisoned the air, all for the sake of blocking the path of the adventurers.

Also, coupled with the typical undead of zombies and skeletons, original monsters could be used and is one of the major factors of the crushing defeat.

While having the appearance of a bloated zombie, the Plague Bomber detonated itself and dealt negative damage and healed nearby undead.

The Ghost could pass through walls and had a specialisation in hit and run tactics to touch you with their weakening touch and deal damage.

The Screaming Banshee had the ability to instantly kill anyone who heard it or deal mental damage.

The Deathborn Totem had the appearance of tens of skeletons merged together and could attack multiple times.

There were tens of other undead races that waited elsewhere, all were capable of sending chills down your spine.

Of course all the enemies were comprised solely of undead, but it still was not easy to cope with them.

Elementals, Vampires, Ghouls, Demons, Devils, Hybrids, Devas, Angels, Flügels, Dragons, Spirits, Gods, Valkyries, Demon Kings, Demon Gods and Dragon Gods appeared more frequently than Summons.

Summoned monsters could be specifically chosen to be disadvantageous to the opponent. In a nutshell, you could choose those with fatal special abilities.

Naturally, the deeper you go, more difficult monsters would appear.

It was a wall of monsters so thick that you could not even imagine how much resources were spent for it.

The Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick had once been a six floor dungeon, but it had been dramatically altered after Ainz Ooal Gown took control of it.

Currently, it was a twenty-three floor dungeon, and each floor had its own unique theme.

The First to Third Floors were modelled after a tomb. They consistent of the subterranean burial chambers where several dozen undead wander around in the darkness.

The Fourth Floor was an underground lake located within a cavern. In the past, before Ainz Ooal Gown's conquest of the tomb, the boss of this floor was a giant white bat.

The Fifth Floor was a wide area filled with numerous icebergs. Weather phenomena, including cloud and snow, are present here. There used to be an area penalty that caused slow and inflicted ice-type damage, but it was turned off to save costs on maintenance after the teleportation.

The Sixth Floor was a rainforest about 200 meters in height. Created by Blue Planet, a fake sun, as well as a fake sky, exists on the ceiling, reproducing the day and night cycle that changes according to the time of day. This floor boasts the third widest area in Nazarick. It is four square kilometers wide, and the center has a large lake. Most of the area is not a forest, but a jungle, and plains only take up a twentieth of the area.

The Seventh Floor contained crimson lava flowing like a river, with numerous bubbles in these currents bursting as they reach the surface. This place, which is thoroughly inimical to the living, perfectly fits the description of a "hell world." In the past, before Ainz Ooal Gown's conquest of the tomb, the boss of this floor was a lightning breathing dragon.

The Eighth Floor was a wasteland guarded by the most powerful NPCs. Capture of the 8th Floor means that Ainz Ooal Gown's chances of victory were very low.

The Ninth Floor was only clouds with a single spear composed of uncountable diamond facets that shimmer with a brilliance indescribable beauty standing in the middle of the floor.

The Tenth Floor was a forest with a Shrine in the middle of it called [The Inari Shrine].

The Eleventh Floor was plain grass field that had a mountain in the middle of it — called [Mount Olympus].

The Twelfth Floor had the shape of a pyramid; 800 meters in height with four smaller floors; each being 200 meters in height, and making it the second largest floor in the Great Tomb Of Nazarick.

The Thirteenth Floor was just a jungle.

The Fourteenth Floor was just a temple.

The Fifteenth Floor was a flat, asteroid-like mass that had a top surface and a black mist surrounding it.

The Sixteenth Floor was an empty space that had six floating islands, and each island had its own unique theme; the Main Island, Lush Island, Lava Island, Ivory Island, Desert Island, Skull Island; making it the largest floor in the Great Tomb of Nazarick and the largest floor in all of the Guilds off Yggdrasil.

The Seventeenth to Twenty-Oneth Floor were a modelled after the hells of different religions; Limbo, Tartaros, Purgatory, Hell, Naraka.

And the Twenty-Two and Twenty-Three Floors were the realm of the Gods — in other words, the home base of Ainz Ooal Gown, which had ranked among the top ten of YGGDRASIL's thousands of guilds.

In a game where anyone could be anything, there were a variety of ways to play; some players were explorers, reaching the deepest and darkest unknowns; some were merchants, selling in-game material for money; some were roleplayers, immersing in a fantasy persona.

But those were all things of the past now...

Now, only a lone figure remains.

Madara Uchiha, an humanoid of the highest order — Immortal Human — sat in his throne; a chair devoid of life, befitting his position as the highest in the Guild - the Guildmaster. He held onto a golden staff, intertwining seven snakeheads looking outwards, each gnawing on a gem equal in value — the Guild Weapon.

Despite his luxurious God Level; [Crimson Plated Armour] Item and all of his other extravagant items, his eyes held a sorrowful look in them.

Lost in his thoughts, Madara lifted his gaze and stared at the two NPCs closest to him.

In his right side there was a girl, who had a geometrical pattern of light resembling a halo on her head.

She wore a long skirt with her mid-drift completely exposed — and adoring her head were two fluffy winged-shaped ears. A golden iris surrounded her cross shaped pupils.

From her waist appeared wings that radiated a faint glow, and that by an aerodynamic point of view, were too small to allow the body to float.

To call her — "Beauty Reincarnate" — would be a complete insult to her.

In his left there was a beautiful woman who wore a pure white dress, and the faint smile on her face was that of a goddess. In stark contrast to her dress, her hair was a flowing, lustrous jet-black that reached down to her waist.

Although her golden irises and vertically-slitted pupils were somewhat odd, apart from those she could easily be considered a world-class beauty. However, a pair of curled horns sprouted from the sides of her head. In addition, a pair of black-feathered wings emerged from her waist.

Perhaps it was because of the horns, but her divine smile seemed like a mask that concealed her true feelings.

She wore a golden necklace that patterned after a spiderweb. It extended from her shoulders down to the tops of her breasts.

Her slender wrists were covered in a pair of lustrous silk gloves, and in her hand she held a strange weapon that looked like a wand of some sort. It was roughly forty five centimeters long, and a black orb hovered at its end, floating lightly in the air but holding its position at the end of the wand.

Madara had not forgotten neither of their names.

These two were the Overseers of the Floor Guardians of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, Albedo and Jibril.

Albedo was in charge of the seven NPC Floor Guardians; from One to Eighth Floor.

And Jibril; his creation, was in charge of the thirteen NPC Floor Guardians; from Ninth to Twenty-One Floor.

In other words, these two were the highest-ranked characters in the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick.

Because of that, they were permitted to await orders within the Throne Room, in the deepest reaches of the Tomb.

However, Madara turned a sharp look on Albedo:

"I knew there was a World Class Item here, but how is it that there are two of them here now?"

In YGGDRASIL, there were two hundred and sixteen ultimate items in the game, known as World Class Items.

World Class Items possessed unique abilities, and some of them were so balance-breaking that they could even request changes to the game's rules by the developers. Of course, not every World Class Item possessed such insane power.

Even so, a player who possessed even a single World Class Item would be catapulted to the highest echelons of fame in YGGDRASIL.

Ainz Ooal Gown possessed twenty-six items of them, the most of any guild. Even that was far in excess of any other guild. The guild in second place only possessed three such items.

—Madara stared openly at Albedo, who stood by his left side. Though he had entered this room before, he did not recall her eyes tracking him in his memories.

"What kind of backstory was she designed with?"

All Madara knew about her character was that she was one of the two Overseers of the Guardians, as well as one of the two highest-ranked NPC in Nazarick.

Driven by curiosity, Madara opened up a console and began scrolling through the details of Albedo's flavor text. A flood of densely-packed characters filled his vision. It was like reading an ancient epic poem. If he took his time to read it in detail, he would probably still be reading until the game ended.

Madara felt like he had stepped on a landmine. He wanted to punch himself for having forgotten that Albedo's creator was obsessed with this sort of thing. However, since he had already opened it, he had no choice but to abandon his resistance and continue scrolling.

He didn't even skim the text for the important points; he simply scrolled to the bottom as fast as he could while looking at the title. After skipping past vast expanses of text, Madara's mind settled on the last line, and froze.

"She is a bitch?"

He could not help but stare.

"What does this mean?"

A quiet cry of disbelief escaped Madara lips. He looked the words over several more times, eyes filled with suspicion, but in the end, he could not find any other meaning to them. After several rounds of thought, he could only come to the conclusion he had started with.

"A bitch... It must be an insult of some sort.

Each of the forty one guild members had designed their own NPCs, so he could not understand why anyone would want to treat the NPCs they had designed themselves in this manner. Perhaps he would understand why after reading that long essay of flavor text.

However, there were guild members who would come up with these unconventional designs.

Albedo's designer, Tabula Smaragdina, was one of those people.

"Ah, is this what they call gap moe? Tabula-san... even so... Isn't a backstory like this far too much?"

Madara could not help but think that. All the NPCs made by everyone were an inheritance of the guild. Designing one of the two highest-ranked NPCs; Albedo in this manner made him think that Tabula Smaragdina was beyond saving.


Would it be fine to change an NPC's backstory based on a personal decision? After thinking about it for some time, Madara came to a conclusion.

"Should I change it?"

Currently, with the guild weapon in his possession, Madara could be said to be the master of the guild. It should be all right to exercise the guildmaster's authority he had never used before. Madara's doubts vanished like mist, as he steeled himself to right the wrongs of his guildmate.

He extended the staff of Ainz Ooal Gown that he was holding. Normally, one would need developer tools to change a character's backstory, but through his power as guildmaster, he could directly access her settings and edit them. After some action on his console, the "bitch" line vanished.

"Well, it should be like that.

Madara thought a bit more, and looked at the gap in Albedo's flavor text.

"I should probably fill that up... Or maybe not...

Madara closed the menu and sat on the throne, scanning his surroundings with eyes and he gazed into the NPCs before him.

Forty-Eight NPC maids lined up in two rows; twenty-four on one row and twenty-four in the other. But they weren't normal maids. They were designed for combat with metallic braces lining their uniforms; colored in silver, gold, and black. There were traces of white accents, and they all wore frilly headpieces, the type only given to those of a high class.

But other than that, each of their attires altered from the next.

They had differing hairstyles, and held onto weapons that fit their classes and strengths: A single-striker in a french roll, a war cleric with twin braids, a battle mage in a ponytail, an assassin with rolled curls, a shooter with a straight cut, and an exorcist with a chignon and many others, but if it would be one thing that differs them from each other except from their hair color, face, height, beauty, then that would be the symbols that they had on their foreheads, armbands, and in their back.

The twenty-four Battle Maids on his right had the Sun symbol — while the twenty-four ones in his left had the Moon symbol.

Sebas Tian — An aged man, with white facial hair and dressed in a black suit with white trims, was positioned in front of both [Sun Battle Maids] and [Moon Battle Maids]. His sharp face held eyes searching for justice.

With the lore to fill the role of a land steward, he was full of dignity. He was the direct superior to the [Pleiades Battle Maids] and the leader of both [Sun Battle Maids] and [Moon Battle Maids] as well as all other manservants and butlers in the Tomb — he was the Head Butler of The Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Together, the forty-nine of them were designed as the last line of defense. Anything beyond the twenty-second Floor they were stationed, was left to the Guild members to defend. Unfortunately, even with the legendary raid, those forty-nine NPCs remained unused, never to sate their desire of carrying out their duties to eliminate invaders. Yet no one doubted their combat prowess.

In Yggdrasil, gear was determined by the amount of data stored within. Though special rarities existed, such as the Guild Weapon; there were only eight general rarities of items a player could create: Low, Middle, High, Superior, Legacy, Relic, Legendary, and Divine. As long as they collected materials with enough data capacity, it was possible to create any effect.

Naturally, beginners started with Low-tier items, but even if one played forever, it was impossible to guarantee the drop rates of materials for a full set of Divine gear. It wasn't released to the forums, but the members of Ainz Ooal Gown discovered that the fewer people set for a party — six being the max — increased the drop rates of monsters. In other words, they found a way to farm Divine Class Materials.

In all twenty-three floors of the Tomb, there were multiple level 100 NPCs, particularly the Floor Guardians — NPCs designed to maximize their ability in the floor's environment.

Every NPC that leveled 100, had been equipped with a full set of Divine Class Items, specifically made for their build.

The only exception to this was the [Pleiades Battle Maids] as well as the [Sun Battle Maids] and [Moon Battle Maids] and some other NPCs in each floor. Although they weren't level 100 NPCs, they all had a full set of Divine Class Items.

As sisters, they were created to perform better if they fought together, specializing in classes that covered the others' weaknesses. Even without Sebas, they alone could fend off multiple level 100 players.

Madara reminisced of the many adventurers they went on to bring this Tomb to what it is now. Solo raiding a dungeon. Attacking another base for an item they found. Even nearly being wiped out by the game's highest monster type: World Enemies.

Amiss his thoughts, Madara raised his left hand to check the time.


He was just in time.

In all likelihood, the GMs were probably flooding the public channels and setting off fireworks. Madara, who had put his heart and soul into this place and cut off all contact with the outside world, was unaware of that.

Madara leaned against the back of the throne, and slowly raised his head to look at the ceiling. He believed that even on the last day of the game, some invaders might come to Nazarick. He would wait for them. He would accept any challenges in his position as guildmaster.

He had sent emails to all the guild members, but only a few had come. He would wait for them. He would welcome his comrades back in his position as guildmaster.

"A relic of the past, huh—"

Madara sank into thought.

Although the guild now was just an empty shell, he had enjoyed his time with it.

He turned his eyes to look at the huge flags hanging from the ceiling. There were forty one of them in total, the same number as there were guild members. Each of them displayed the personal symbol of each guild member.

Madara extended a finger and pointed to a nearby flag. That flag represented the strongest player in Ainz Ooal Gown — no, in all of YGGDRASIL. A flag with the symbol of the Uchiha Clan on it.


He then pointed his finger to the flag closest to him.

"Touch Me.

He was the one who had started the guild, and the one who had gathered the "Original Nine."

His finger moved faster than before as he shifted to the flag which belonged to one of the three female members of Ainz Ooal Gown.





"Blue Planet...

"Ulbert Alain Odle...



"Variable Talisman...






"Punitto Moe...

"Tabula Smaragdina...

"Beast King Mekongawa...

"Tigris Euphrates...



"Ankoro Mocchi Mochi...

"Shijuuten Suzaku...


"Coup De Grâce...

It did not take long for him to name all forty of his former comrades.

Their names were still branded deeply in Madara's brain.

He sprawled tiredly on the throne.

"Yeah, it really was fun...

He hated to admit it — but it had been really fun — he hadn't had this much fun since the time when he and Hashirama were still children talking about their silly dream. He enjoyed every moment that he spend with his guild mates.

The time on his watch read [23:57:50]. The server would shut down at [00:00:00].

There was little time left. The virtual world would end, and he would have to go back to reality the next day.

That was only natural. Nobody could live in a virtual world, which was why everyone had left, one by one.

He finally understood why people didn't want the Infinite Tsukuyomi to be activated and went on a war against him.

Madara sighed.

"When the time hits 00:00:00 — I will die and be reincarnated again into another World. What time does this make? 108 times if I remember correctly. I wonder what kind of parents I will have this time? Will I have siblings this time around? I don't care where I will end up to, but since these fifteen last reincarnations I have been reincarnated into normal worlds — I really hope this time around I will reincarnate into a world where someone can give me a challenge.




Madara set his watch to count out the seconds.





Madara closed his eyes.



The countdown finished. He waited for the curtains to fall on his fantasy world—

He waited to gain awareness inside his soon to-be-mother belly—





"...What is this?"

Madara opened his eyes.

"What's going on?"

The time was right. He should have been forcibly logged out by the server shutdown.


It was definitely past midnight. The clock could not have gone wrong because of a system error.

Confused, Madara looked around him, searching for any clues in the vicinity.

"Could it be they delayed the server shutdown—?"

Or had they extended play time as a form of compensation?

Although numerous reasons appeared in his mind, they were all far from the truth. However, the most likely reason was that an irresistible force had cropped up, and extended the server shutdown time. If that was the case, the GMs would have made an announcement. Madara hurriedly worked to reopen the message panel he had closed — and then he stopped halfway.

There was no command console.

"What... on earth happened?"

Madara was filled with suspicion on the inside but showed no such signs on the outside. So he decided to call on other means. Forced connections that did not require a console, the chat function, a GM call, a forced logout—

None of them responded. It was as though they had been deleted from the system.

"...What is going on?"

Today was the last day of YGGDRASIL, yet all these things were happening on a day that should have marked an end to the game. Was this some kind of prank they were pulling on the players?

Madara was quite unhappy that he could not meet the end of the game in style, and the words he muttered clearly illustrated the anger inside him. There should not have been any reply to his hostile suspicion.

If this was some kind of prank on the players by the game developers, he will make them pay with their lives.


"What's wrong, Madara-sama?"

It was the first time he had heard that beautiful woman's voice.

Madara was surprised, but he still kept searching for the source of the voice. When he found the one who had spoken the words just now, he was speechless.

The person who had spoken to him was the NPC raising her head — Albedo.

"Is something wrong, Madara-sama?"

The person who spoke now was the NPC on his right — Jibril.

He really thought that he was going crazy...

—However, that wasn't the case. This was very much real — Madara could understand that much. He could feel his Chakra flowing through his body along with other kind of familiar powers pushing their way back into his current body.

"Is something the matter?"

Albedo was so close he could feel her gentle breaths. Her lovely face dimpled in an adorable way as she asked her question. Although he knew that she was just an NPC, he could not help but be moved by her realistic expressions and movements.

"The [GM Call] function does not seem to be working.

"...Please forgive my inability to answer the Supreme One's questions about this "[GM Call]." I apologize for not meeting your expectations. Nothing would please me more than a chance to make up for my prior mistake. Please, command me as you see fit.

...The two of them were conversing. There was no doubt about that.

Learning this fact shocked Madara Uchiha so greatly that he could not speak.

Impossible. This should have been impossible.

The closest thing NPCs could come to conversations was with macroed responses to being addressed in a certain way. There was audio data for roars and cheering for players to download, but actually allowing an NPC to engage in conversation was an impossible task. Even Sebas from just now could only accept simple orders.

Why had such an impossible event occurred? Was this phenomenon limited to Jibril and Albedo?

Madara dismissed Albedo with a wave of his hand, and disappointment flashed across her face as she retreated. Madara turned his eyes from her body to the butler and the forty-eight maids, whose heads were still lowered.

"Sebas! Maids!"


Their voices chorused out as one, and then the butler and maids raised their heads.

"Sebas, exit the Tomb and investigate the surrounding region. If you encounter intelligent creatures, interact peacefully with them and invite them to the Tomb. Attempt to accommodate the other party as much as possible during negotiations. Do not stray more than one kilometer from the tomb and avoid unnecessary combat.

"Understood, Madara-sama. I will do that immediately.

In YGGDRASIL, NPCs made to protect a guild base could not leave it under any circumstances. However, it would seem this ironclad restriction had been overturned.

No, he could only be certain of that once Sebas returned.

"...Select one of the Pleiades, and use [Message] to order the [Assassins] on the Sixteenth Floor and fifty [Flügels] to accompany you. If battle begins, order the [Flügels] to get on formation and use [Heaven's Strike]. That should give you enough time to get back inside the Tomb.

That was simply the first step.

Madara let go of the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown.

The staff did not fall onto the ground, but floated in the air as though someone were still holding it. This was in complete defiance of physics, but it was a common sight in the game. There were quite a few items in YGGDRASIL which would continue floating in the air when left unattended.

The aura of tormented spirits seemed to cling to Madara's hand as he let the staff go, but Madara paid it no heed. He was long since used to that sight... or not. Thinking that the macro command would have already been built in, Madara snapped his fingers and deactivated the aura.

There was one more thing he wanted to confirm, in addition to his own abilities.

He wanted to be certain of his authority. He had to know whether his powers and privileges as the guildmaster of Ainz Ooal Gown still existed.

Until now, all the NPCs he had met were loyal to him. However, in the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, there were several NPCs with levels equal to his own. He had to make sure they were still loyal.


Madara glanced at the kneeling Sebas and the maids — then at Albedo and Jibril besides him.

Albedo was smiling. It was a beautiful smile, but it seemed to be concealing something else behind it. As he wondered what that "something else" might be, unease crept through Madara.

The NPCs were loyal to him, but would they stay that way? If this were in the real world, subordinates would no longer be loyal to superiors who constantly screwed up. Would the NPCs be that way as well? Or was it that once they were programmed to be loyal, they would stay that way forever?

If their loyalty to him wavered, how should he regain it?

Rewards? There was vast wealth in the Treasury. Although it pained him to expend the treasures left behind by his former comrades, they would probably understand if it was for the sake of Ainz Ooal Gown. The question would then be how large of a reward he should give.

In addition, was he superior to others by virtue of being higher-ranked? But what criteria could he use to quantify his superiority? He was not clear about that yet. He had the feeling that as long as he kept this dungeon going, he would eventually come to understand these things.

Or did that mean—


He opened his left hand and gripped the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown that sailed into his grasp.

"Overwhelming power?"

The seven gems set into the staff gleamed brightly, as though imploring their master to use their colossal might.

"...Forget it, I'll take my time to think about that later.

Madara released the staff he held, and the wavering staff fell to the ground as though it were angry at him.

In any case, as long as he acted the part of the leader, they would probably not raise their hands against him right away. Be it among animals or humans, enemies would probably not attack if their intended prey did not reveal any weaknesses.

"Pleiades. Other than the maid selected to accompany Sebas, the rest of you will head to the Twenty-Second Floor and repel any invaders from the Twenty-One-th Floor.

"As you with, Madara-sama.

The maids behind Sebas acknowledged his orders respectfully.

"Now, go.

"Understood, my master!"

Once more the chorus of voices rang out. Sebas and the maids bowed once more to their lord who sat upon the throne, then stood and left simultaneously.

The giant doors opened, and then closed again.

Sebas and the maids vanished beyond the doors.

It was good that they had not replied with a "No," or something similar.

A great weight seemed to lift off Madara's chest, and at the same time he looked at the two persons who had stayed by his side. Those persons were Albedo and Jibril, who had stood by, awaiting orders.

They smiled, and at the same time they asked him, "Then, Madara-sama, what will you have us do next?"

"Ahh, yes. Albedo. Jibril. Tell the Guardians of each Floor you oversee, with the exception of the Fourth and the Eighth Floors, to meet at the Colosseum on the Sixth Floor in an hour's time. I will contact Aura and Mare myself, so there is no need to inform them.

"Understood. Allow me to repeat the order; aside from Aura and Mare of the Sixth Floor, we are to inform all the Floor Guardians to meet one hour later at the Colosseum.

"Yes. Go.

"As you order my master.

As Jibril said that — she, and Albedo slowly departed the Throne Room.

As he watched the retreating Albedo, Madara let himself sigh, in a way that suggested he was thoroughly exhausted. Once they left the Throne Room, Madara signed once again.

Why did this happen? He should have been a fetus dwelling inside a woman's belly — was this some kind of sick joke from the Sage? Was this a completely different world? Through he wasn't bothered by it that much, was he going to be here forever? No, that was the case either on why he was worried. Is not like he wanted to go back to his boring old world — if this is a different world then that means there are going to be opponents maybe stronger than him — well, that intrigued him to no end.

"I will finally savour the pain and excitement of a real fight once again.

A smirk so evil that would give even the Devil a run for his money appeared on his face as he eventually rose from the Throne.

End of Chapter 2.