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[Jutsus, Techniques, and Spells, Weapon Names, City Names, Country Names, Monster Names, Titles]

"[Chapter 4: A God Among Man]"

There was a sloping area covered in green grass. The sun was still high in the sky, so it was still early afternoon. The wind blew through the grass, giving it the appearance of green water; a wave of grass flowed in Madara's direction as he sat atop a large rock on the edge of a gigantic mountain. The smell of moist soil and the grass mixed with the wind, and the fragrance drifted into his nostrils. The wind carried to the forest behind him, rustling the leaves on the trees.

He stood up unintentionally from the rock which he had sat on, and fixed his eyes on the overwhelming expanse of the horizon. He slowly moved the sword sheath to his waist and whipped out the blade. A thin, blue, double-edged blade surrounded by light was drawn. The beautiful blade shined beautifully like the sunlight.

The length of the sword's blade exceeded well over a meter, giving the weapon a seemingly heavy look. He took a stance with the blade parallel to his eyes, and he lightly swung the unrealistic sword to confirm the weight. Then he swung the sword with one hand.

"[Futon: Kaze no Yaiba! — Wind Style: Wind Blade!]"

"[Maximize Magic: Wind Blade]"

While waving the sword around, he called out the name of the Jutsu and Spell. At the same time two beams of light emitted from the sword and were sent flying into the mountain in front of him—

—Suddenly, the mountain that was in front of him was split in half horizontally, and a handful of trees slowly fell within the forest of the mountain. The leaves of other trees rustle, and the birds of neighboring trees all flew into the sky. A slightly dull sound echoed throughout the area as the trees hit the ground.

"Even through it has been some times since I have gone all out, I'm glad I haven't lost my edge yet...

He spoke in a bored tone as if he didn't care about what had happened while he looked at the sword on his hand; the [Excalibur]; one of the twenty-six [World Items] that the Guild of Ainz Ooal Gown was in possession off.

Three years after the beginning of YGGDRASIL, there was once a [World Champion] of Muspelheim who managed to turned himself into one of the Lords of the Seven Deadly Sins, a [World Enemy] by using a [World Item]; the [Excalibur].

The Lords of the Seven Deadly Sins were one of the groups of [World Enemies] in the game. Even if thirty level 100 players, were fully prepared and forewarned of the battle ahead, did battle with one of these [World Enemies]; the outcome of the battle would still be in doubt. As [World Enemies] they boasted level breaking stats, and immunity to [World Items].

It was at the peek of their fame that all seven of them were defeated when they were challenged by the [World Champion] of Asgard; the leader of The Guild of Ainz Ooal Gown and the player who stood at top of YGGDRASIL; Madara Uchiha.

It was said that if someone defeated the Lords of the Seven Deadly Sins a [World Item] drop will appear, and that [World Item] was the sword on his hand.

Even through to him that was the most enjoyable [PvP] he ever had on YGGDRASIL, he had to admit that he would have lost if it wasn't for the twenty-five [World Items] that he had as equipment.

"Now for the last thing...

He raised his shirt and looked under it and saw that the thing that he hated most in his life had disappeared and—


—A laugher erupted from him. Through one could tell that this laughter was pure of joy and not his usual creepy and scary laughter.

It had disappeared. The curse that made him suffer eternally had finally disappeared. The curse of [Etenal Life] and [Perpetual Reincarnation] that the Sage of The Six Paths had engraved into his body had finally disappeared.

It had over more than 10.600 years since the Sage placed that curse onto him to atone for his sins for what he did in the Fourth Great Shinobi War.

Every time he would reincarnate into a different world he would live a lifespan of one-hundred years and if he died within that one-hundred lifespan; he would be revied and once he reached his 100-th birthday he would inevitably and unavoidably die and then reincarnated into another world. This cycle of pain and suffering has been repeated 106 times with this being his 107-th time — well 108-th; if included this world that he was currently in.

After his 100-th reincarnation Madara had started to grow desperate trying to return to all of his former worlds and reunite with his loved ones. Striped off his power to travel dimensions; he conducted all kind of different experiments to oped a hole in Time and Space to return to his former worlds, but he had failed every time he tried.

Every time he reincarnated he would always promise that he wouldn't ever again get attached to people, but somehow he always broke that promise that he made to himself.

In his 107-th reincarnation Madara had finally and ultimately given up hope of ever seeing them again.

It was only when he was had learned of YGGDRASIL and its player freedom that allowed you to customize your own NPCs that a spark had reawakened in his eyes.

Yes, the NPCS that he had created weren't the just for the sake of being there; their looks, their design, their personality, their backstory; were all based on the persons that he loved deeply his past lives. When he looked at them — even through they were just NPCs — they would always remind him of his loved ones. The fact that he could see them everyday was enough for Madara's heart to flatter.

Grabbing his head, Madara shrieks in rejection of every audible sound. Before he knows it, he's squatted to the ground.

Forgetting the world around him completely as he retreats into his shell, Madara curls up as he cries tears off joy.

Poison. This fucking curse had been poison for his feelings and his heart.

Madara's cold heart, supposedly having pledged to stay strong and cold forever and ever, fractures in that moment of weakness. Inside the cracks there slips a reliving feeling, that that poison had finally found an antidote and had been cured.

With his tears finally coming to end; Madara slowly got up from the ground and whipped his tears away.

"I wonder what Hashirama and Touch Me would say if they saw me in this moment? I bet they would be laughing their ass off with this scene — no, I don't care, I wish they were here with me.

With a smile on his face Madara looked towards the beautiful blue sky.

"Who ever you are, that brought me here, and got rid of my curse; I'm eternally grateful to you.

Through all of that said and done, Madara had more Jutsus that he wanted to try and see if all of his former powers had returned to him—

—When suddenly he remembered something—

—"Tch, I should have cleaned my browser history last night.

After saying that Madara set his eyes on an intended location and activated one of the powers of left eye that he had absorbed from that brat; Sasuke Uchiha 10.600 years ago.

The scenery changed in an instant. When he looked back, he observed that the place he had just been was a great distance away.

"It seems I have all of my powers that I had in my previous worlds back.

With that said; he continually used his left eye ability to navigate the landscape. As the day faded away, it seemed that he moved in the southwest direction. After leaving the sloping area a little while ago, he saw a large river ahead. He appeared at the riverbank and looked around.

The river was about two hundred meters across. It seemed to hold quite a lot of water. When he looked at the river, the water seems to be transparent, and he could see many fish swimming along with the current.

"First, let me reconsider the idea of looking for a city. Perhaps I will find some people living at the end of the river.

With such thoughts, he putted his sword away in his [Gap] which was a [Dimensional Pocket] were he could store his weapons and resumed using his left eye ability.

The density of the surrounding trees grows to the point were sunlight was blocked out, making it difficult to see. Unlike the forests in the Land of Fire the thickness of each tree wasn't much, but there was only a narrow amount of space between them.

He has been seeing small animals minding their own busses for a while now, but they would always disappear into the thicket.

With the tree so tightly packed, it would be difficult to use his left eye ability here. He aimlessly wandered around the forest for an hour before he heard something—

—"Please help me.

A frail voice in need was calling out to him—

—He shook his head not caring at all.


Yet again it was calling — no this time it was pleading — he could hear and sense it all due to his Sage Mode — he could feel what was happening, but he had information too gather and find out where in the hell he was.

—"...Someone save my little sister...

—"Saving someone who is in trouble is common sense!"

"Tch, damn you Touch Me...

A knight in full plate armor stood before a girl and her little sister, his sword raised high.

His blade gleamed in the sun, and he poised himself, ready to end their lives in a single merciful stroke.

The girl squeezed her eyes tightly shut and bit her lower lip. She had never asked for this. She had been forced into her present circumstances. If only she had some strength, she might have resisted the enemy in front of her and fled.

However — the girl did not have that strength.

Thus, there could only be one outcome to this situation.

That would be the girl's death, at this very place.

The longsword fell—

—and yet there was no pain.

The girl gingerly opened the eyes which had been squeezed shut.

The first thing she saw was the suddenly motionless longsword.

Then, she saw the sword's owner.

The knight in front of her was frozen in place, his eyes looking somewhere off to the girl's side. His completely defenseless posture clearly displayed the fear that filled him.

As though drawn by the knight's gaze, the girl could not help but turn and look in the same direction as him.

And so — the girl gazed upon despair.

What she saw was darkness.

It was an infinitesimally thin, yet unfathomably deep blackness. It was a half-oval of obsidian that seemed to protrude from the earth. It was a mysterious sight that filled the ones watching it with a powerful sense of unease.

Was it a door?

The girl could not help but think so after she saw what lay before her.

"[Chidori Senbon! — One Thousand Birds Senbon!]"

A voice was heard coming from the "door" as hundreds of lightning needles came out of it and pierced through the knights; making them drop to the ground dead with soft grunts; just like puppets who had their stings cut. The body beneath the armor was charred black and gave off a vile stench.

Amazingly enough the lightning needles never touched the girls, who were shivering at the very site of the brilliant blue flames.

Frightened and disgusted from the sight, she looked away making her eyes land on the "door" where the lighting that saved her life came from and saw a black claw-like-hand that seemed to be cloaked in electricity coming out of that shadowy passage.

And in the moment that it resolved itself in her eyes—


—a deafening shriek came from the girl.

It was an opponent which humanity could not overcome.

Twin points of purplish light burned brightly as the figure revealed itself from shadowy passage. Those two points of purplish light coldly scanned the girls and the others present, like a predator sizing up its prey. Within its white claw-like-hand it grasped a scythe with golden lines and beautiful gemstones decorating; which seemed divine in nature, yet inspired dread in equal measure. It was like a crystallization of all the beauty in the world.

The figure wore an crimson plated armor with a smirk plastered on his face, and it resembled nothing so much as an incarnation of death, born from the darkness of another world.

In an instant, the air seemed to freeze.

It was as though time itself had stood still in the wake of a Supreme Being's advent.

The girl forgot to breathe, as if the sight had stolen her soul away.

Then, in this silent realm, the girl began choking, and gasped for air.

This Grim Reaper must have manifested itself in order to guide her to the land of the dead. It was only natural to think so.

That death drew close to the girl, who watched it with terrified eyes.

The darkness in her field of vision grew ever larger.

"It's going to swallow me up.

As the girl thought this, she clutched her sister tightly to herself.

The notion of escape no longer existed within the girl's head.

If her opponent were human, she might be able to cling to some faint hope and struggle desperately for her life. But the being before her shattered that hope like spun glass.

"Please, at least let me die without pain.

That was all the girl could hope for.

Her shuddering sister hugged her tightly. All she could do was apologize for her weakness, for being unable to protect her sister's life. She prayed that her sister would not be lonely as they went on to the afterlife, because they would be travelling there together.

Madara noticed the girl who flinched under his gaze. He relaxed his stance and softened his gaze but it was not enough; the girls in front of him were still completely terrified of him.

The one who looked like the elder sister had a braid of straw-blonde hair that reached down to her breasts. Her skin, healthily tanned from working in the sun, was now deathly pale from fear, and her dark eyes were wet with tears.

The little sister — the younger girl — buried her face in her sister's waist, trembling in fright.

"Be at ease, young woman. I'm here to see what has been happening to you. I felt some life forces vanishing out of nowhere so I came. Mind telling me what happened?"

Enri's widen in shock. The man that she thought was the Grim Reaper itself just had used a voice so sweet that all of her worries and fear washed away instantaneously.

Maybe, just maybe; this man could help her save her village — if it was anything left to say.

"Will you help us?" The girl's voice was shaking.

"Yes. I already told you I would, but you will stay here.

Enri widen her eyes and—

"But why? I just wanted to help!"

—she retorted a bit angry.

"Do I honestly have to tell you why?"

Looking at Nemu that was still shaking in fear Enri understood what he meant. She was weak. She was pathetic. She was just a useless little girl. Never has she cursed her own powerlessness as much as she was right now.

"I understand.

Madara simply smiled.

"Ahh, good for you. I like smart girls, and don't worry, I won't leave you in a middle of a forest defenseless, but first, I got to heal that nasty wound on your back before you lose more of you blood and die on me.

He kneeled on one knee and a green light engulfed his black claw-like-hand. He touched the diagonal shaped wound on her back and the light that was on Madara's hand engulfed Enri's entire body like some sort of blanked.

Enri was worried at first, but the touch of the green hand was not an unpleasant sensation, nor was it unfamiliar. It was akin to that of being lowered down by a mother's arms to be laid to rest for the evening.

"No way...

She touched her back, then wiggled her body in disbelief and patted her back.

"The pain is gone?"

"Y-Yes, it is...

The elder sister nodded stiffly, to indicate that it did not hurt.

Now that he had their trust, Madara continued by asking a question. There was no way around that question, and depending on the answer, it would affect his future movements.

"Do you know of magic?"

"Yes, yes I do. The alchemist who comes by our village... my friend, knows how to use magic.

"...Is that so. Well, that makes things easy to explain. I am a magic caster.

Madara rised from his kneeling position and slowly implanted four black rods in a square formation roughly three meters distance from one-another; with the girls on the middle of it.

"[Shisekiyōjin! — Ninja Art: Four Crimson Ray Formation!]"

A dome of red light, roughly three meters in radius from each side forming a square, surrounded the sisters. He had originally planned to use magic spells as well, but he did not know what sort of magic existed in this world, so he did not do so for the time being. If the enemy had magic casters, then that was just their bad luck.

"I have cast a barrier that keeps living creatures, magic spells and any sort of projectile attacks from harming you. You can come out of it, but one can never come in. As long as you stay here, you will be safe.

After calmly explaining the effects of the magic to the two dumbfounded sisters, Madara withdrew three looking horns, two white and one crimson with two pairs of small wings attached to it; with one pair being red the other being grey. A small window opened in the red barrier and he tossed them to the sisters' side.

"The two white ones are called the Horns of the Goblin General and crimson one is cel led the Horn of the Demon General. If you blow them, Goblins and Demons — in other words, monsters — will appear.

The Horns of the Goblin General would summon two Goblin Archers, one Goblin Mage, a Goblin Cleric, two Goblin Riders and their wolf mounts, as well as one Goblin Leader. And the Horn of the Demon General would summon three Red Demons, one Grey Demon, four Silver Demons, and three Blue Demons.

In YGGDRASIL, electronic data crystals dropped from monsters could be slotted into almost any sort of item — well, apart from certain expendable items, in order to create just about any item a player could think of. In addition there were certain artifacts which could not be created by players and had fixed stats. These horns were examples of them.

Since Madara had a lot off influence on the real world, he had managed to interfere with the game sistem and create items that didn't exist in the game and were only used by him. The Horn of the Demon General was an example of such an item.

To Madara sung and item was trash, but he was surprised on why he had not disposed of it yet.

Another good point about this item was that the summoned Goblins and Demons would linger until they were killed instead of vanishing after a while. That could at least buy the girls some time.

As Madara finished, he turned to leave, as he headed to the village. However, after a few steps, a couple of voices called out to him.

"Ah... th-thank you for saving us!"

"Thank you!"

Those words stopped Madara in his tracks, and when he turned around, he saw the two girls, their eyes brimming with tears as they thanked him.

"...Don't think much of it. I only did it because a comrade of mine would be sad if I let you die.

"Even so, thank you! And, and this may be thick-skinned of us, but, but you are the only one we can count on. Please! Please! I beg of you; please save our parents!"

"That is what I had planned on doing it even if you didn't ask me to do it.

The sisters' eyes went wide as they heard Madara's words. Their faces reflected the disbelief in their hearts, but soon they came to their senses and lowered their heads in thanks.

"Th-Thank you! Thank you very much! And, and, may we know...

The girl's voice trailed off, and then she asked in a mumble:

"May we know your name...?"

Madara almost responded by reflex, but in the end he did not state his name, instead turning his gaze to the horizon, where the infinite expanse of the earth and sky met.

"...This is an unknown world. But am I the only one who made it here? Did the other members of the guild come here too?"

Although one could not play multiple characters in YGGDRASIL, his comrades who left might have made new characters on the last day of the game. Also, given that he had been online so close to the forced logoff time, Herohero-san might have come here too.

The fact was, Madara's presence here was an anomaly. The unknown circumstances that had brought him here might have brought his comrades who no longer played the game here with him.

He could not contact them with a [Message, but there might be many reasons for that. They might be on a different continent, or something had changed in the spell's effect, and so on.

"...I see... then as long as the whole world knows the name of Madara Uchiha...

If his comrades were here, then his would reach their ears. Once they found out, they would come over. Madara was that confident in the strength of the time they had spent together this last ten years.

—Ah, that's it.

"...Remember my name well. I am Madara Uchiha.

Leaving them safely inside the [Four Crimson Ray Formation] Madara walked away and after a while he arrived at the entrance of the village spotting four knights wearing the same armor as the knights he had previously killed.

All of them had a vulgar smile on their face. Their hair was unwashed, they had stubble on their faces, and each carried a bow in hand. The knights approached Madara with eyes filled with greed and slowly appraised him head-to-toe.

"Oh, where are you going? Hehehe.

"Tell you what, you can keep you life, if you're willing to give up everything your have? A cheap price, isn't it? Hahaha.

"To spot a lone young man in the middle of a soon-dead village with such fine gear, our luck must be really good! Hahaha!"

So they mocked. They seem to have become careless due to their advantage of numbers.

"Even if you think you hold the number advantage, it is still too early to become careless. But, I guess humans never do change, their greed for seeking ever more money never subsidies.

He used his left Rinne-Sharingan ability to instantly transport behind the closet knight switching place with a small pebble. Gathering [Chakra] into his fist, and in an instant his punch pulverized the head of the knight. A "paan" sound is heard as bits and pieces of the head flew everywhere, and the knights' body collapsed.

"It seems I put too much power behind it.

The faces of the knights twisted in astonishment. Madara took the opportunity to hammer his fist into the chins of the two closest by. The jaws of the two were sent flying. Blood spouted from the eyes, ears, and the remains of their mouths, as they sunk onto the ground.

"Mon-Monsterrrrr! Th-That's not humannn!"

"Oya, oya, calling me a monster, are we? Why would you atack this monster then? To satisfy your worthless greed for money?"

The knight that was a little far away showed his back to Madara. From his position, he rised his hand and point it towards the fleeing knight, as a [Truth Seeking Orb] the size of a fist went straight through the fleeing thief's back. There was a large hole in the leather armor the thief was wearing.

"That was the fourth one.

Saying that, the shackles of gravity no longer bounded Madara as he levitated and disappeared in a flash of yellow light heading towards the center of the village where he felt the largest concentration of life force.

Captain Belius; the man who had been tasked by Captain Nigun to subjugate Carne Village in order to draw out Gazef Stronoff; the Warrior Captain of Re-Estize Kingdom and the personal bodyguard of the King of the Re-Estize Kingdom; Ramposa lll was standing in a middle of a square with a frown plastered in his face.

This square was at the center of the village, where Londes; his subordinate and his men had gathered the remaining twenty-five or so villagers. They looked fearfully at Belius and his men, while a group of children were hiding behind a wooden watchtower.

Some of the children held sticks, but none of them was in a fighting stance. It was all they could do not to drop their sticks.

During Belius' attack on the village, they had chased the villagers to the central square. They searched the houses, and then, in order to root out anyone who was hiding in the cellars, they poured in alchemical oils and set them on fire.

There were four knights standing guard at the entrance of the village with bows, and their job was to shoot down anyone who tried to escape the village or enter the village. They had done this several times now, and it could be said that they were old hands at this sort of thing.

The massacre had taken a fair bit of time, but it had been successful, and they had gathered the surviving villagers into one place.

But his frown was directed to something else entirely—

—Earlier on, he had was overcome by his lewd desires, he had tried to rape a village girl and then sought help from others after he got into a fight with her father. After he was pulled off the other man, he vented his anger by stabbing the father with his sword, but the girls still had managed to escape in to the forest.

It had been more then twenty-five minutes since he had ordered two Knights to follow after, but they still had yet to return. Catching a little girl shouldn't have been that hard considering that the ones he sent after them were highly trained knights, so what was taking them so long?

Irritated, he went closer to the villagers and he grabbed a blonde women by her hair and began to grope her, eliciting muffled screams from the terrified women and her fellow villagers.

"I was to planning to rape that girls little sister in front of her in order to punish her for escaping from me, but you will suffice enough to satisfy my cock until they come back.

He grabbed the same girl and forcibly dragged her to the center where he began to ripping her clothes off despite her squirming and muffled pleas of protest. As he was doing this Belius grin never faltered, not even once.

"Oh Six Great Gods, i ask that you guide this poor lost lamb back on the path of righteousness and to accept her in your loving embrace as we absolve her and her companions of their sins.

Belius prayed in a fake dramatic voice tone.

The girl's eyes were wide with panic as she screamed in futile attempt for help. Belius unbuckled his pants and places his dick on the entrance of her vagina.

The girl closed her eyes waiting for the pain of having her virginity taken away kick in when suddenly just as Belius was about to push in, a bright yellow flash came down from the sky and filled the entire area in a blinding light, forcing all of the knights in attendance to shield their eyes.

Finally, the light died down to show a new figure that had waist-length hair with shoulder-length bangs framing the sides of his face, covering most of his right eye. He wore crimson armour with numerous metal plates, forming protective guards along his chest, waist, shoulders and thighs.

Belius who was sent away from the naked girl because of the shockwave of the land was startled by his sudden appearance.

"Who the FUCK are you?"

The young man looked to the girl on the ground who stared at him with a pleading expression, then his gaze travelled over the knights that glared at him with hate and to the villagers who gazed at him with pleading looks on their faces.

"Who am I? A human far beyond the power of those pathetic beings you call gods.

"How dare you refer to the Six Great Gods as such? In their righteous names you will...!"

Belius rambling was silenced as the unknown figure suddenly appeared behind him and grabbed his neck with one hand. With a quick twist a loud snap echoed through the village as Belius fell to the ground in a heap with a shocked expression permanently etched on his face.

"You talk too much.

He turned to face a crowd of knights as they cried out in outrage for their leader's demise and chparged at him welding holy magic of every kind imaginable.

Several took out their bows and began firing a barrage of arrows towards Madara, yet he did nothing as the rained down on him kicking up a giant cloud of debris, temporarily blinding their view of him.

"Over there!"

A random knight pointing towards where the villagers were located and the two guards jumped back in surprise as the mysterious figure appeared from nowhere with the woman who had been almost raped. He gently set her down and returned his attention towards the knights.

The two guards quickly got over their shock of him appearing in front of them and went to attack him with their spears. He watched as the knights foolishly charged forward before he back flipped over one knight and then kicked him in the back sending him flying into the spear of his comrade.

Taking advantage of the guard's surprise over stabbing his own ally, he grabbed the fallen arrow and speared it through the limp body and pierced the shocked knight right through his heart.

He turned towards the silent mob of knights as his whole body began to glow and radiate large amounts of power.

"Time to end this little game.

His body was enveloped in a bright light forcing the knights to shield their eyes. When the light finally died down they were greeted to a surprising sight.

The intruder's arms had gone through a radical transformation. His arms up until the elbows were now covered in strange black and white gauntlets.

The fingers of the gauntlet were very sharp and looked draconian in appearance, the hands of the gauntlets were black and on the back of each hand was a white insignia with the design of a splintered heart with a cross growing out from the lower half. At the center of each insignia was a nine pointed star-shaped jewel that fluxed from a dark color to a white one.

From his fingers to his wrists his gauntlets were black, decorated with a flame motif where it broke off into a pure white armor plating extending up to his elbows where they broke off into diamond-shaped elbow guards.

Many of the knights had mixed reactions of both fear, arrogance and rage.

Madara began advancing towards the group of knights. At first it was a small walk but soon turned into a run and the knights began their assault.

Many brought their blades down on him, but they passed through as if he were a ghost. After he phased through every attack, he stabbed his enemies with lightning fast precision with his gauntlets in many vital areas.

Upon emerging from the crowd, dozens of knights began to convulse in pain and coughed up blood before falling limply to the floor.

"[Banbutsu Sōzō! — Creation of all Things]"

Madara jumped and landed in the center of the crowd and opened his hands and two large black double-edged swords materialized from thin air.

He gripped them tightly as he began to slash at the group of knights. They tried to counter with their own weapons, however their blades were no match for his as they cut through their swords and slowly reducing them along with their dead bodies to ashes.

The knights fear grew when they saw every member that was struck down froze in mid-air before turning grey and crumbled to ash. The knights soon found themselves overwhelmed by the unknown figure and some even thought of using the villagers as hostages.

However Madara took notice of this and before they could even lay a hand on the villagers, he suddenly reappeared in between them and he spun around the knights, cutting them down and turning their bodies to ash. He looked up to see several knights chanting as they aimed their bows and other projectile based weapons at him.

Large amounts of fire, water, lighting and holy spells gathered at the magic circles in their hands until they fired as one and fused together into a giant beam of light heading straight towards him. He released his blades and they transformed into two spheres of black and white energy.

He brought his hands together fusing the spheres into a much bigger orb — aiming his hands at the beam of light and fired his own beam towards that of the knights.

The beam of dark light tore through the beam of holy, lighting, fire and water spell with ease and the knights watched as several of their best fighters were caught up in the beam, disintegrating them to nothing. Several knight began to panic, many of them did the sensible thing and started running filled with fear for their own lives.

Those who had no sense, however, remained to fight him.

"You should follow your friends' example and leave.

Madara added emphasis by grinding his armored fingers together generating white sparks. The knights that didn't run raised their weapons and jumped at him.

"That's fine... I wasn't going to let you leave any way.

Madara jumped forward and punched the nearest knight in the face. A satisfying crunch was heard as the knight was sent flying into a wall of a burning house leaving a noticeably deep human shaped indent.

A second knight brought his sword down on him, making him to block the blow with his gauntlet. He pushed forward sending his opponent tumbling backwards and then delivered a devastating uppercut sending his opponent into a wall, where he remained with his body hanging limply.

Three knight closed in on him cutting off any means from escape and they jumped down towards him.

Madara simply smirked, allowing them stab him with their weapons, only for them to go right through him. He then jumped, delivering a powerful spin kick with enough force to break all three of their necks.

In the blink of an eye, the hunters had become the hunted.

Londes Di Gelanpo had probably cursed his gods more times in the past ten seconds than he had in the rest of his life. If the gods really did exist, then they should defeat that evil being right now. Londes was a faithful man — why had the gods abandoned him?

The gods did not exist.

In the past, he had looked down on those people who did not believe in the gods as fools. After all, if the gods did not exist, how could the priests work their magic? And now, he realised that he was the foolish one.

The monster before him — who had just yet again changed his weapon of choice to a scythe — drew closer and slashed three of comrades in cold blood; with so much strength that the shockwave of the slash split a home behind them in half.

Londes took two steps back in response, trying to get away from death itself.

A shrill creaking noise came from his armor, and the sword he clutched in both hands was trembling uncontrollably. He was not the only one; the other eighteen knights surrounding the unknown figure were all acting the same way.

Although they were filled with fear, none of them ran. This was not courage — the grinding of their teeth could attest to that. If they could, they would run as fast and as far as they could.

But they knew that they would die.

Their panicked squeals echoed through the air. One of the men huddled together with his comrades could not bear the oppressive terror and fled with a scream.

Under these extreme circumstances, it was only natural that — when stretched to the breaking point — people would snap. However, among all of the fleeing man's comrades, not one of them joined him. The reason was that would soon be evident.

The fleeing man only managed to take three steps.

Just as he was about to take his fourth step, an arc of silver brilliance cleaved his body in two. The bisected left and right halves of his body collapsed in opposite directions. A sour stench filled the air as his pink internal organs spilled out.


The man laughed as it swung down his scythe slashing in half another one of his closest friends.

The laugh was a laugh of joy.

The look of delight was unmistakeable. As an overwhelmingly superior slaughterer, it savored the despair and terror of the pitiful humans who could not even survive a single one of its blows.

Although there was no way to see their faces below the full helms they wore, everyone present was keenly aware of their fate. The wails of grown men reduced to children echoed throughout the village. These men who had always oppressed the weak had not thought that one day, they would be on the receiving end of that treatment.

"Oh god, please save me...

"Oh god...

After hearing these cries for salvation, the strength left Londes's legs and he almost fell to his knees. He loudly cursed the gods — or was it a prayer to them?

Closing his eyes and awaiting his death a voice in the middle of that massacre suddenly spoke:

"This should be enough. Greetings, gentlemen. I am Madara Uchiha.

Nobody dared to speak anything due to their fear of dying at a moment notice.

"If you throw down your swords and bow down to me, I can guarantee your lives. Of course, if you would rather fight—

One sword was cast to the ground. It was shortly followed by the other swords being thrown down until there were four blades on the ground and soon after the knights immediately prostrated themselves before him without a single sound.

Nobody spoke during this time.

They did not look like vassals before their lord so much as convicts awaiting execution.

"...I will permit you to leave with your lives. In exchange, tell your maste— no, your owner — this: As of today this village is under the protection of Madara Uchiha. If you ever dare to cause this village trouble again, I will erase you and you entire country of the face off this world.

The trembling knights nodded as hard as they could.

"Get lost. And make sure to relay this to your owner.

He jerked his chin, and the knights fled like rabbits.

Madara turned and walked toward the villagers.

As Madara drew closer to them, he could more clearly see the confusion and unease on the villagers' faces.

It was not that they were not happy at being rescued from the knights, but frightened by the person before them.

Madara finally realised this. He was powerful, much more so than those knights, so he did not consider this situation from a weak person's point of view.

He decided to reflect on this, and pondered it quietly.

If he went too close to them, the outcome would be the opposite of what he was hoping for. Therefore, Madara decided to stop at a distance from them, and spoke in a fake kindly tone like he had previously used with sisters,

"I'm not here to harm any of you people, please be at ease.

"You, you are...

One of the villagers was saying that, but even in the middle of speaking to Madara, he could tell that they were still quite frightened — well, he did give them displeasure of watching quite the carnage.

"I saw someone attacking this village, so I came here to help.


As the noises spilled out, looks of relief dawned on the faces of the villagers. Even so, they could not be completely at ease.

"...That said, this was not for free. I expect a reward commensurate with the number of villagers whom I saved.

The villagers looked at each other. It would seem that they were worried about money. However, their doubtful looks faded away. This crass demand for money in exchange for salvation seemed to have allayed their suspicions somewhat.

"With, with the village in its present state...

Madara raised his hand to silence the other man before continuing.

"Don't worry, I'm not asking for money. You see, I'm and adventurer and it seem that in my way, I got lost. I would be pleased if you would tell me some information about where I am.

"I see, then please, follow me, my house is nearby, so it will not take long.

"Understood. Then please lead the way.

The Chief approached a house near the square and upon entering, one would be greeted by a large living room, with a kitchen off to one side. A rickety old table and several chairs occupied the center of the room.

Madara surveyed the interior from where he was seated on one of the chairs.

The sunlight which shone through the windows illuminated every corner of the room, so he could see clearly inside even without darkvision.

"Please sit, make yourself comfortable Madara Uchiha-sama.

"Madara is fine, no need for honorifics.

"Okay then, Madara-sama it is.

Madara sighted deeply, but he didn't bother to correct the man again as he sat down on the wooden chair.

"Now then, pleasantries aside, let us get down to business.

"As you with, Madara-sama.

The Chief opened a closet that was nearby and cought a piece of paper. Taking a seat on the opposite direction of Madara, he placed down the piece of paper in the wooden table.

"Now then, let's get started...

Madara first asked about the neighboring countries, and the Chief responded with many names that he had never heard before.

At first, Madara had thought that this world would be designed according to the fundamental principles of YGGDRASIL. After all, he could use YGGDRASIL's magic here, and there were many connections with YGGDRASIL to. Yet, none of the names he heard were related to YGGDRASIL.

The nearby countries were the Re-Estize Kingdom, the Baharuth Empire, and the Slaine Theocracy. These names did not appear in the context of YGGDRASIL, which was inspired by Norse mythology.

Firstly, there was the Re-Estize Kingdom and the Baharuth Empire. These countries were on different sides of a mountain range, and to the south of those mountains was a sprawling forest, and at the edge of that forest was this village, under the Re-Estize Kingdom, and the fortress city of E-Rantel.

Relations between the Kingdom and the Empire were bad, and they would fight a battle in the wilderness near E-Rantel almost every year.

To the south was the Slaine Theocracy.

The best way to describe the orientation of these countries was to draw a circle, and then divide it up with an inverted T. It seemed confusing, but it was much easier to describe things that way. To the left was the Re-Estize Kingdom, to the right was the Baharuth Empire, and below them was the Slaine Theocracy. There were other countries, but the Chief only knew of these three.

The Chief was not sure where exactly this village was placed between the three of them.

In other words—

"...How did I not think of this.

The knights from just now were wearing armor emblazoned with the insignia of the Baharuth Empire, so the Chief believed that they were from the Baharuth Empire. But this area also bordered the Slaine Theocracy, so they might have been knights from that country in disguise.

Releasing them all was a mistake. He should have kept one for questioning and use the Human Path to extract information from them, but it was too late for that now.

If this was the work of the Slaine Theocracy, then he should probably do something on the Empire's side. On the Kingdom's side, he should have accumulated enough goodwill with them for rescuing their village, so things should be fine for now.

Madara went deep into thought.

"Am I the only one who has come to this world? Impossible. There is a very high chance other players have come here too. Perhaps Herohero was here as well. I need to think about what would happen if i encounter other players. If other players have come to this world, they would probably gather up, given the nature of Japanese people. When the time comes, I have to do almost anything to blend in. I could give in to anything as long as it did not involve Ainz Ooal Gown.

Ainz Ooal Gown was a guild that had always roleplayed as villains through PKing, and thus they were a much-hated guild. He could be sure that he had shed that negative image. When challenged to a [PvP] match, Madara had one single rule in order for him accept the challenge: All of drop items were to belong to the winner.

For all he knew, the other players might want to take revenge on him out of a sense of justice and righteous anger for taking away all of their precious gears that they had spent days gathering.

Though truth be told, he really didn't care about that — with his powers from his past lives that was slowly returning to him by the passing minute and the strength of all off the NPCs in twenty-one floors of the Guild plus their trump cards — the twenty-six [World Items] in their possession — Madara was sure that even if all of the players in YGGDRASIL joined forces, in the end he would come out at the the top victorious.

As such, combat and battle strategy would become a very important topic in future. He had to gather information about this world, as well as news about other players.

"That should do.

"What happened?"

"No, it's nothing. I simply spaced out. Right, can you tell me about anything else now?"

"Ah, yes, I understand.

The Village Chief started talking about monsters next.

Much like YGGDRASIL, and every world he was previously reincarnated, this world had monsters in it. The nearby forest was filled with monsters, and one of them was known as the "Wise King of the Forest." There were also Dwarves, all sorts of Elves, Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, and the like. Apparently some of the demihumans had even built their own nation.

There were people called adventurers who drove off these monsters, and they counted many magic casters among their number. Apparently, these adventurers had guilds of their own in all the big cities.

Apart from that, he also learned about the nearby fortress city of E-Rantel.

According to the Chief, E-Rantel was the biggest city in the area, although he did not know exactly how large its population was. That seemed to be the best place to gather information.

While the Chief's words were helpful, there were still many unclear details. Therefore, it would be better to send someone over there to find out, rather than ask the Chief questions.

Madara could simply use the Human Path to gather more information that maybe the Chief was hiding form him, but that would kill the poor innocent man that had done nothing wrong to him, so he decided against it.

"You have my thanks, Chief. Since you don't know anything else, I will be leaving.

The Chief bowed his head and his forehead touched the wooden table.

"Think nothing of it. A cheap price to pay for the man who saved our life.

Madara wanted to face palm at the man's in front of him, but the door opened and a villager came in hurrying in as if it running away for his life — he looked at Madara and then he turned his gaze at the Chief, coming closer to him and whispering something in the Chief's ear.

A stern look appeared on his Chief's face, but it did not seem normal. Indeed, he seemed to be quite wound up.

"What's wrong, Chief?"

The Chief's face lit up, as though he had glimpsed a golden shiny wire of hope.

"Oh, Madara-sama. It would seem there are some mounted people who look to be warriors approaching us...

"I see...

The Chief and the other villager looked at Madara with worried expressions on their faces.

Madara raised his hand as he saw this, which filled their eyes with relief.

"Leave it to me. Gather all of the survivors into the Village Chief's house right now. I will go out and meet these people.

Madara slowly got out of the house as a bell rang, and the villagers gathered inside the Chief's house.

"And please lease be at ease. I will make an exception and handle this for free.

The Chief no longer trembled, and smiled bitterly instead. Perhaps he had prepared himself to take this risk.

As the last of villagers entered the house, Madara closed the door, activating a [Four Crimson Ray Formation] around the house.

After a while, he finally sighted many mounted warriors along the road leading to the village. The horsemen slowly entered the square.

"They aren't uniformly equipped, and each of them is outfitted differently... are they not regular troops?"

The knights from before had breastplates bearing the sigils of the Baharuth Empire, and they were heavily equipped, each in the same way. While these men were wearing armor as well, their gear varied from man to man. Some wore leather armor and some did not have their plate armor on, exposing the chainmail underneath.

Some of them wore helmets, while some went bareheaded. About the only thing they had in common was that they each showed their faces. All of them had swords of similar make, but apart from that, they also carried bows, javelins, maces, and other backup weapons.

One could say that they looked like hardened veterans of the battlefield. A less polite way would be to say that they were a ragtag bunch of sellswords.

The riders finally entered the square. There were around twenty of them, and while they were wary of the man wh stood in front of them, they formed up neatly before Madara. A man stepped forward from the rest of the force.

He seemed to be the leader of the horsemen. He looked like the fiercest and most eye-catching one of his men.

"—I am the Warrior-Captain of the Re-Estize Kingdom, Gazef Stronoff. By order of the King, I have been visiting each of the frontier villages to exterminate knights from enemy countries who have been making trouble around here," His even baritone echoed through the village square, and there was some commotion from the Chief's house behind Madara, "May I ask who the gentleman standing in front of me is?"

Through he spoke in a third person, Madara understood that he was asking him.

"Since he is a captain, he might have more valuable informations then the Chief, I need to play it cool," Madara thought, "My name is Madara Uchiha. I am a traveler who had lost my way and I saw this village being attacked, so I stepped in, and saved them.

Gazef immediately dismounted, his armor clattering loudly as he did. He bowed deeply once he was on the ground.

"Thank you for saving this village. I have no words that can adequately praise your kindness.

One could tell Gazef's character from the way he was ready to dismount and bow to Madara. This man is definitely the Kingdom's Warrior-Captain, Madara concluded and strangely enough, this man reminded him so much of Hashirama and Touch Me.

"Great, another idiot added to the list of the people I met," Madara thought sarcastically, "...Please, do not lower you head. In truth, I did this for payment, so no thanks is needed.

"Oh, a payment. Does this mean that you are an adventurer?"

"That is close enough to the truth.

"Oh... I see. You must be an extraordinary adventurer, then. Although, forgive my ignorance, but I have not heard your mighty name before, Uchiha-dono.

"I was travelling, as I said before, and I just happened to pass by. I am nobody famous.

"...Travelling, you say. Though I regret having to waste the time of such a great adventurer, could you please tell me about the blackguards who attacked this village?"

"Yes, most of the knights who have attacked this village are already dead, so they will not be able to make trouble for the time being. Shall I go on?"

"Already dead, huh? Uchiha-dono, did you kill them?"

After listening to the way Gazef spoke, Madara realised that this world's form of address was Western-style, and not Japanese-style. In other words, it went in the order of name, then surname, and not surname, then name. At last, he had solved the mystery of why the Chief looked so baffled when he had asked the Chief to call him Madara. It was only expected that he would look like that when asked to address someone in such an unfamiliar way.

"I gave them a chance to run with their lives intact, but they refused and attacked me, so I had no other choice but to end their lives. I hope you understand Stronoff-dono.

"Yes, I see the logic in your actions, Uchiha-dono, but that aside; could we sit down and discuss the details. Also, the sky is growing dark, and we would like to rest in this village for the night...

"I understand. Then, let me asks the Chief if he is willing to let you spend the night here in the village—

In the middle of the Madara's reply, one of the horsemen ran into the square. He was panting heavily, and had an urgent report:

"Warrior-Captain! We've sighted a lot of people around the village! They've surrounded the village and they're closing in!"

"Everyone, take heed.

A calm voice spoke into everyone's ears.

"The prey has entered the cage. Offer up your faith to the Six Great Gods.

The speaker was a man.

He had no distinguishing features, and he would not stand out in a crowd. However, there was no emotion in his seemingly man-made black sclerae or the scar on his face.

Everyone began their silent prayers, a shortened version of their usual praise to their gods.

They had to spend time in prayer even when operating in another country. This was not complacency on their part, but a symbol of their faith in their gods.

These men who offered everything to the Slaine Theocracy and the gods they revered were far more devout than the average citizen of the Theocracy. This was why they could perform cruel acts without the slightest bit of hesitation, and why they felt no guilt for doing so.

After their prayers, the eyes of every man present were as hard and cold as glass.


With that one single word, they neatly encircled the village in a way that would appear to onlookers as the product of long, hard training.

End of Chapter 4.