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"[Chapter 5: What The Night Foreshadows]"

"There seem to a lot of them too...

Gazef peeked out from the window that was protected by a crimson barrier, and looked at the people surrounding the village.

He could see three people within his field of vision. They were slowly advancing on the village while maintaining an even separation from each other.

They were unarmed and were not wearing heavy armor. However, that did not mean that they were pushovers. Many magic casters disliked such equipment and preferred lighter gear. This suggested that they were magic casters.

However, it was the winged monsters floating beside them which confirmed their vocations.


"Is that an Archangel Flame? It looks similar enough, but... what is a monster from YGGDRASIL doing here... could it have been summoned by magic too? That means...

Gazef turned to look at the man in front of him and with a hopeful look on his face, he asked:

"Uchiha-dono, if it is all right with you, would you be willing to let me hire you?"

There was no answer, but Gazef could feel the tension and bloodlust in those pitch-black eyes that were staring him dead in the eye.

"You may name your price and I will meet it.

Madara sank into thoughts.

Even through he had warned them, they had still come back and wanted to attack the village that he had claimed to protect under his name — Through, he was planning on killing them even if Gazef hadn't wanted to hire him for that very reason.

Coming out of his thoughts, Madara looked at Gazef and answered:

"I accept you offer. The reward will not be money, but information.

Gazef removed his metal gauntlet and shook Madara's hand. Originally, Madar was thinking of removing his own gauntlet to return the courtesy, but in the end, he did not do so. Still, Gazef paid it no heed. He gripped Madara's hand tightly, and said:

"I am truly, truly grateful to you for protecting these innocent villagers from being slaughtered. After we return from our battle—

Madara had suddenly rised his hand, interrupting Gazef.

"No, I shall not allow anyone to accompany me. You all should be tired riding those horses all day, so I suggest you should rest and recover some of your energy. I will handle them by myself.


"I will not take "no" as an answer.

Gazef lowered his head in shame, he knew that he was not asking them to stay because of some stupid reason such as "recover some of your energy", but because they were weak and would get in his way.

"I see. Then... We will do as you instructed and get some rest, but before you will head in your marry way, please come back to the village and let us throw a toast.

Madara nodded, "Drinks on you then," he said in a mocking tone.

Gazef laughed, "Yeah-Yeah, but please don't send me bankrupt, I still got a life waiting for me in the future.

Madara smiled, turning around, slowly leaving the house and heading where the knights of Slane Theocracy were waiting.

Gazef allowed himself to relax. He would have no part to play in what would come next. Gazef sat down on the wooden floor, and the villagers drew closer.

The Six Scriptures. They were an enemy that even Gazef Stronoff, the strongest warrior in the region, could not hope to defeat.

Yet, he could not even begin to imagine that a being like Madara Uchiha would lose.

Well, he might as well take a rest and recover his stamina before he returned.

Nigun of the Slaine Theocracy's special operations unit — the Sunlight Scripture — looked at the new figure who stood in front of them with perturbation in his eyes.

The figure was clad in a complete crimson-plated armor with the exception of of his gauntlets — with one being white and the other being pitch black.

"Who are you? Where is Gazef Stronoff?"

"Gazef Stronoff is no longer of concern to you. As for who I am — well, you might call me the men who will end your life.

It was one sentence, but Madara body seemed to swell massively before their eyes as a smirk found its way to his face. Cowed by him, the men of the Sunlight Scripture reflexively took a step back.


Several hoarse cries came from around Nigun.

They were cries of fear. His presence was filled with an unimaginable power. This was the first time Nigun had been faced with such might. Therefore, he could understand his men's fear.

Nigun was a powerful individual himself, a veteran of many battles who had grazed the edge of death countless times, who had taken many lives. He could feel the might radiating from the mysterious magic caster, an oppressive, potent pressure. It must have been worse for his men.

What kind of being was he?

Not taking the chance of thinking that the man in front of him was bluffing, he ordered two of his Angels to attack.

"Have the angels charge him! Don't let him get close!"

Nigun's voice broke slightly as he shouted his orders. It sounded more like a scream.

It was not to raise his men's spirits. He was simply scared shitless of the man standing in front of him.

Two Archangel Flames flapped their wings in response to Nigun's command, launching an attack.

The angels flew straight up to Madara, and tried to stab him with their flaming swords.

Nigun sighed with relief think that the man was dead, but his eye widen in surprise as he saw two gauntlets coming through the chests of the two Archangel Flames.


A soldier at his right screamed in surprise as the two angels died instantly, reverting to countless dancing motes of light which vanished into the air.

"Are you ready? Because this battle will not be a slaughter or a massacre, it will be simply disposal.

A sudden spike of cold pierced his spine, followed by a surge of nausea. Nigun, the hardened killer who had presided over many slaughters, was now feeling something that he had never felt before.

With the fear of death slowly clinging to him, he started barking out orders:

"All angels, attack! Hurry!"

Every one of the Archangel Flames shot toward Madara like bullets.

"What a lively lot...

A black substance gushed out of his body.

The black substance spread around creating a dark area. It looked as if a black hole had appeared from the middle of nowhere. The angels headed straight toward the black substance and were sucked by it.

Clad in their shining white armor, the Angels raised their swords and challenged the legendary Uchiha. The soldiers bore witness to a battle between light and darkness.


Nigun shouted in outrage. Half of his angles had been killed by a single man.

As they attacked the angels fell, one after another, under the might of the lone man. The way he attacked was as if he was merely killing some annoying pests.

It couldn't even be called a fight.

No fighting spirit could be sensed from the man in front of their eyes. He probably didn't even regard the Angles as enemies.

The man in question shook his head at the Sunlight Scripture, exasperated.

"Didn't I tell you before, that you were going to die by me and there will not be anything in this entire world to save you?"

His voice was so low that anyone would miss it if they didn't strain their ears to listen.


As he said so, Madara raised his hand.

A scythe appeared out of thin air and he grabbed it tightly. Carved on the black body of that scythe were blood-red lines, the pattern resembling blood vessels. Those lines pulsed crimson, giving the scythe an ominous feeling.

It took only one swing of that fearsome black scythe for the Angels to be hit by a shockwave, rendering them completely immobile.

"Such power...

The Sunlight Scripture muttered in shock.

Until a while ago, the lone man hadn't even used a weapon. After pulling one out, the difference in power was so great that they realized he hadn't been fighting seriously before.

They couldn't hide their shock at that discovery.


The newly summoned angels spread their wings and resumed attacking the lone man. Their wings shone brightly against the night sky, just like stars.

Even more powerful black substance gushed out of Madara's body, rushing to repel the angels. The black substance spread through the area, making it look like darkness was painting over the entire field.

The Angels approached the darkness and, as soon as they got close enough, the darkness swallowed them, shining wings and all—

—only to violently spit them back out and making them disappear immediately.


"What, what the hell!?"

"It's a monster!"

Once they realized their angels were useless, they wailed and fell back upon the spells that they knew and trusted.

"[Charm Person]"

"[Iron Hammer of Righteousness]"


"[Fire Rain]"

"[Emerald Sarcophagus]"

"[Holy Ray]"



"[Charge of Stalagmite]"

"[Open Wounds]"



"[Word of Curse]"


All kinds of spells rained down on Madara.

Yet, even as the storm of magic lashed against him, he was unmoved.

"Well, all of these are familiar spells... who taught them to you? The Slaine Theocracy? Someone else? There are more and more things I want to ask you now. You will make the perfect test subjects.

Not only could he slaughter all their summoned angels in one move, their spells were also incapable of harming him.

Nigun felt like he was trapped in a bad dream that he really needed to wake up from it.

"[Principality of Observation!] — Get him!"

In response to Nigun's orders, the angel that had been standing by up till now suddenly spread its wings and flapped, propelling itself forward.

The Principality of Observation was an angel in full body armor. It held a mace in one hand and a round shield in the other. A garment that looked like a long skirt covered its legs.

The Principality of Observation was stronger than the Archangel Flames, but it had not been deployed into battle until now because of its special skill. In accordance with its name, the Principality of Observation had the ability to raise the defense of all its allies. However, this ability lost its effect once the angel moved, so the wise decision would be to order the Principality of Observation to hold its ground.

The fact that Nigun had ordered it to attack was a sign that he was grasping at straws. He had to clutch at anything which might turn out to be a lifeline, even if it ended up being chaff.


That was one word that came out of the lone man and the angel was engulfed by black flames, making him vanish from the from the face of earth.

"How, how could this be...

"In just one FUCKING hit...



"You monster!"


Nigun did not even know he was shouting. He was simply converting his thoughts into words. It did not feel like shouting to him.

The Principality of Observation was a high tier angel whose offensive and defensive strength were in a 3:7 ratio. It boasted the strongest defense of all other angels in its tier.

In addition, Nigun's natural-born talent, [Enhance Summoned Monster] could improve the stats of any monster Nigun summoned. As a result, there were very few people who could defeat a Principality of Observation summoned by Nigun.

Nigun had never seen anyone defeat it with just one spell. Even the Black Scripture, whose members' power pressed against the limits of humanity, could not do it. In other words, this man power exceeded that of mankind.

"It can't be! It's impossible! Nobody can defeat a high tier angel with just one spell! What kind of man are you!? It's impossible that nobody's heard of you before! What is your name!?"

Nigun couldn't believe it, who was this human — no, this monster? To be able to kill so many Angels with so little effort was unimaginable, and he did so with a face that clearly showed to them that killing them was like a day workout.

"Just, just, just, just, just, just, just, just what are you?!"

Nigun asked, his eyes filled with pure despair.

"Me? Since you're so eager to know, I will tell you. My name is Madara Uchiha, your executioner.

At the sprout of the moment, Nigun grabbed a blue shining crystal inside his pocked and hoped that this worked.

"Based on the way it glows, that's a sealing crystal that seals every type of magic except [Super Tier Spells]. So they have YGGDRASIL items too? That being the case, what kind of angel can they summon... Seraph class? While I don't think they can bring out a Seraph Aesphere, if they manage to summon a Seraph Empyrean, I will have to fight at least a bit seriously. Or rather... could it be a monster unique to this world?"

As Madara's blood boiled from excitement just from the thought of fighting a Seraph class Angel, Nigun ritually broke the crystal in his hand, and a brilliant radiance spilled forth.

A hidden sun seemed to have risen upon the land, dying the grass a blinding white. A dull fragrance filtered into everyone's noses.

The legendary angel descended upon the earth, and Nigun called out its name in a voice filled with pride:

"Behold! The glorious visage of the highest angel! — [Dominion Authority!]"

It was a mass of many shining wings, and among them were a pair of arms that held a scepter, symbolizing royal authority, but neither its head nor legs were visible. Though it looked quite disturbing, anyone could tell this was a sacred being. In the moment it appeared, the surrounding air turned bright and clear.

The advent of this supreme incarnation of goodness drew wild cheers from everyone who saw it. The blood of Nigun's men boiled with excitement.

Now, they could kill Madara Uchiha. This time, he would be the one to be afraid. He would learn his foolishness before the power of the Six Great Gods.

In the face of their jubilance, Madara simply chuckled.

Soon after, his calm face that was present since the start of the fight had been replaced by a disgusted expression.

"You lower life-forms! You dare make me exited thinking that you were summoning a Seraph Empyrean and instead what I get is a [Dominon Athority] trash!"

"T-Trash?! No way! You have to be joking me! It has to be a bluff, yes, that's it, a bluff. Dominon Athority use [Holy Smite!]"

This was magic of the seventh tier and above, a realm humanity could not reach. Even the large-scale rituals in the Slaine Theocracy could not cast it, but this most exalted of angels, Dominion Authority, could do it by itself. That was why it was ranked among the highest order of all angels.

"[Holy Smite!]"

The spell was cast, and a pillar of light broke through the sky.

With a loud whoosh, a seemingly endless cascade of holy blue-white radiance flooded down from the heavens, submerging Madara.

The seventh tier of magic — a height humanity could not hope to attain.

This sacred power would annihilate all evil beings, and even good entities would meet the same fate. The difference was only if they were reduced to sightless atoms, or if there would actually be remains left behind. This was the awesome power of magic that exceeded the realm of humanity.

No, it would be strange if that were not the case.

Yet — he was still there.

Madara Uchiha the monster, the demon, was not blasted into glowing ash, sprawled on the ground, or pulverized into meat jelly, but he was still standing nonchalantly, as a noise that normally isn't associated with pain began to escape Madara's mouth.

It started out soft and quiet and quickly raised in volume, Madara was laughing. No, it wasn't the laughter that one would give after hearing a funny joke, no this was a creepy almost evil laugh erupting from Madara.

"This feeling... This pain... This is my body alright.

Madara tightened his fist.


Madara laugh made Nigun take a step back and made a chill went down his spine.

But then.

"...Shall we end this then...

Madara said in a cold bored tone, as he lifted his pitch black scythe and pointed it high towards the moon.

"—[Senpō: Ranton: Tengoku Bunkatsu! — Sage Art: Storm Release: Heaven Splitter!]"

In an instant; Nigun view was covered in darkness.

—a sound that sounded like the sky splitting echoed nearby.

Next off, everything touching the extension of the scythe Madara was swinging, caused one line.

It had reached, the body of the Dominon Athority, the ground shown below, the trees lined up unfolding down there and the mountain visible at the furthest back in view.

And, the Chakra wave passed through that line and obliterated every existence in the line.

It was neither a joke nor a metaphor. Everything touching that torrent of black Chakra were compressed, pulverized, turned into particles and disappeared into the wind, along with the remaining Sunlight Scripture soldiers.


The ground, Dominon Athority body, the forest behind them and the mountains formed a straight line of nothingness.

"I was expecting something more from them, but it seems my expectations were layed a bit to high,

Madara turned his gaze towards the infinite black sky and appreciated the beauty of it.

The night foreshadowed what was coming, but it depends on the decisions he makes, the destiny of this world will be influenced, the changes are permanent and with it new eras of chaos or peace will come.

End of Chapter 5.