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"[Chapter 6: Future Plans]"

There was no trace of the "intense" battle that had taken place earlier on the plains.

The Sunlight Scripture was decimated, and Madara Uchiha was the victor.

The light of the setting sun covered up the blood staining the grass, and the stench of blood was blown away by the wind.

"Now what am I going too do?"

He asked himself that question while he stared at Carne Village over the horizon.

"Maybe i should start my own family?"

It had always been his dream to have his own chibi Madara's and a wife or wives around him in moments of needs, but because he always attracted to supernatural woman; beings that could live longer that him — whenever his lovers in his former lives brought up the subject of having children, he immediately turned it down because he didn't want to hurt them when he would be gone.

That is why he was happy that he was freed from the curses of [Eternal Life] and [Perpetual Reincarnation]; the curse that broke him times and times and times again.

I will create a world of only love, a world of only peace, a world of only victors.

Even through he died multiple times, those words had been one of his motivations to keep him going forward and sane at the same time.

In every world, he had failed because of his curse, but since the curse had been finally lifted, maybe this time, he will be able to accomplish that successfully and finally have some peace for his broken soul and mind.

Even in the World of 2138, the destruction of the environment had continued at ever-increasing speed to the point where the surface of the Earth was hopelessly polluted; gorgeous nature existed only in video games.

The sky was always hidden behind black smog, while the sun making only brief appearances every now and then. Thick, toxic fog frequently covered the cities, so almost no one went out without wearing a gas mask beforehand.

With nature almost completely destroyed, people had no other choice but to also rely on artificial lungs solely created for their safety to help breath in the current, poor state of the environment.

Since the plants that would have converted carbon dioxide to oxygen and absorbed nitrogen oxide had all withered due to a death of sun, the atmospheric pollution only worsened.

As the number of plants decreased, the food chain was broken and the populations of birds, insects and animals slowly declined until they went extinct from the face of the planet.

Of course, the pollution extended to the water as well as all the rivers which led to it changing into horrible colors and becoming murky.

The pollution was so bad that water purification systems ceased to function, so even tap water had to be passed through a filter before it could be drunk.

Furthermore, during wet weather, the rain was considered to be acidic and foul-smelling in that era. When Madara's Party of Ainz Ooal Gown challenged the Asura during a dungeon raid in the Great Tomb of Nazarick, it made some party members vividly recalled how very bad the weather was in the World of 2138.

They described such weather phenomena to be in the berserk form of a torrential acid rainstorm which filled every person's vision upon catching sight of it happening before their eyes.

But this world was beautiful — The blue-white light of the moon and stars chased away the darkness of the land. The grasslands, ruffled by a gentle wind, seemed to be glowing. The countless stars and the moon gave off their own radiance as well, shining brilliantly against the light coming from the earth.

"This is beautiful... no, beautiful would not begin to describe this... what would Blue Planet-san say if he were here?"

What would he do if he saw this world whose air, land, and water had not been polluted?

Madara recalled his comrade from the past, the man who had showed up for the guild's offline meetings, whose stony face had broken into a delicate smile when he was praised as a romantic — that gentle man who loved the night sky.

No, he loved nature, which had been polluted and almost completely destroyed. He played YGGDRASIL because he appreciated those scenes which no longer existed in reality. He had built the Sixth Floor with his sweat, blood, and tears. Its night sky was his personal design, and it was a reproduction of the idealized world in his heart.

That man who loved nature was always particularly excited when the topic came up. Some might even call it an obsession.

How excited would he be if he could see this world? How passionately would he declaim its glories in his baritone voice...

"...That's right, if the only thing I need to do is to spread my name in this world so that my comrades that may have arrived in this world will hear it and come to me, then I will build my own nation. A nation of coexistence between all species that this world may have. I will create a nation of only love, a nation of only peace, a nation of only victors; an utopia. A nation where my comrades of Ainz Oaal Gown will not have to stare at a virtual fake sky and green forest, but at a real ones. A nation where we will rule with a system different from that world. And this time around, I will not fail!"

Madara placed sword in his hand inside his inventory as he activated the power of the [Deva Path] and floated into the sky, heading towards Carne Village.

The wind lashed at his body, because he had never flown this fast before in YGGDRASIL and forgotten the feeling of flying without restrictions. The cape plastered to his body felt a little uncomfortable, but that passed swiftly.

He soon reached the sky above the village, and Madara looked down on the landscape beneath him as he slowly descended to the ground.

He snapped his fingers and the [Four Crimson Ray Formation] barrier protecting the village chiefs house disappeared slowly.

As soon as the crimson barrier disappeared completely, the villagers came out to meet him.

They lavished praise and thanks onto him, and Madara saw Gazef among the villagers.

"Thank you for saving this village from them, Uchiha-dono... speaking of which, where did those fellows go?"

Since Gazef had changed his tone somewhat, Madara decided to nonchalantly inspect him.

Gazef had taken off his armor and carried no weapons with him.

Madara turned away, as though he had seen something brilliant. His eyes reflexively went to the ring Gazef wore on his left ring finger.

So he was married. It's probably good that his wife won't need to shed tears for him. As he thought about that, Madara decided to carefully put on an act:

"Oh, I chased them off. I couldn't take care of all of them, as I thought.

That was a lie, of course. They had all been resurrected by his clone after he had killed them, and were being used as test subjects to gather more information about this world.

Gazef narrowed his eyes a little, but neither of them spoke. The air between them grew tense.

In the end, Gazef broke the silence:

"Truly amazing. I do not know how I can repay you for your help, Madara-dono. Please, look for me when you come to the Royal Capital. I will welcome you with open arms.

"Is that so... then, I will have to impose on you when the time comes. Then farewell Gazef Stronoff.

"Farewell to you as well, Uchiha-dono. May we meet again and have a drink.


It had no limits on distance and a 0% chance of teleport mishaps.

The spell Madara used was the most accurate and potent of such spells in YGGDRASIL.

The scene before him changed in an instant and Madara was greeted by a beautiful sight. The surface area of the Great Tomb of Nazarick was two hundred meters square, protected by six meter thick walls, with an entrance and an exit at the front and back.

The Great Tomb of Nazarick had originally been located in the icy world of Helheim, which was perpetually shrouded in darkness. The atmosphere was grim and dark, and the sky was constantly overcast. Yet, what he saw now was vastly different from that.

The Tomb's grass was trimmed short and felt refreshing. On the other hand, the Tomb's trees had leafy branches that shrouded much of the grounds in shade, and the extensive shadows gave the place a gloomy air. There were also alabaster tombstones scattered about.

The juxtaposition of the neat grass and the messy tombstones was quite incongruous. In addition, there were exquisite carvings of angels and goddesses all over the place, each of which was easily a work of art, but the chaotic tomb design was frustrating, to say the least.

Apart from the large central mausoleum, there were four smaller mausoleums in the north, south, east, and west, each defended by statues of armored warriors, each six meters tall.

The central mausoleum was the gateway to enter the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Madara walked slowly approaching the stairs that led to the first floor and then he entered inside.

What greeted him was a large hall. There were rows of narrow mortuary slabs on both sides of him, but there were no corpses on them now. The floor was polished limestone. In front of Madara was a flight of stairs leading down, and at their end was a set of double doors, through which one could access the Second Floor of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick. The sconces in the walls had no torches; the only light came from the bluish-white moonlight streaming in from the outside.

Madara placed his pointy and middle finger close to his ear and used—



"[Is this you, Lord Madara?]"

"[Yes. I have a job for you Jibril.]"

"[What is it, Madara-sama? Your loyal servant and creation will do anything you desire.]"

"[Tell every Floor Guardian and Albedo to gather in the Throne Room in about thirty minutes.]"

"[As you wish, my Lord.]"

Madara dispelled [Message] and used the [Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown] to teleport right on the corridors of the Twenty-Second Floor.

The sound of his footsteps and the tapping of his staff rang through this holy sanctuary. After turning several corners in these vast hallways, he saw a woman in the distance, heading in his direction.

She was a sensual beauty, whose lush, golden hair grazed her shoulders. She was dressed in a long, elegant maid's outfit, with a large apron. She was roughly one hundred seventy centimeters tall, with a slender build. Her ample bosom looked like it would burst out of her bodice at any time. Her overall appearance was attractive and gave the impression of being graceful and kind.

In the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick there were about one-thousands [Homunculus] maids and one-thousands [Homunculus] butlers, each with their own unique design.

One of their creator was a mangaka who had broken into the industry with his maid illustrations, and who was currently serialized in a monthly magazine.

Madara studied the maid carefully. Apart from her looks, he also scrutinized her uniform.

The intricacy of the design, especially the fine embroidery that speckled her apron, was enough to make people gasp in awe.

Their design had been exceptionally detailed because of the declaration, "Maid uniforms are their secret weapons!" Madara couldn't help but feel nostalgic as he remembered the complaints from the other guild members who had helped with the design.

"Ah… that's right. I think it was from then that he started saying that "Maid uniforms are justice!" Come to think of it, I think the manga he's drawing now has a maid as a main character. Do his assistants cry when he goes overboard on the designs? Ah, Whitebrim.

In the game, the maids' AI routines had been programmed by him, Herohero-san and five others.

In other words, this maid was the personification of his past comrades' and his hard work. He could not simply ignore her without feeling bad about it. After all, this maid was also a part of the glorious history of Ainz Ooal Gown.

In fact, the original project was only fourty-one maids, but after the other guild members that started leaving the guild, Madara started going treasure hunting alone to a dangerous degree in order to gather enough data too create some people he knew in his past lives into NPCs — which were now very much real.

As the two slowly approached each other, the maid darted to the side of the hallways and bowed deeply to him.

"Thank you for gracing us with your presence, Madara-Sama.

In return, he raised his hand in acknowledgement.

"It seems you are working hard, but please don't push yourself to far. Okay?"

The maid bowed once more and answered him in a serious tone:

"Forgive me for saying this Madara-Sama, but serving the last Supreme Being who remained with us is a pleasure.

To say that he was pleased with her answer would have been a complete understatement. Loyalty like that was very rare, and it pleased him that they respected him that much.

"I see. Then, work hard and keep this place clean.

Madara declared.

"As the Supreme Being wishes!" The Homunculus maid said in delight as her eyes shined with stars.

Madara walked past the maid and continued forward, leaving the maid behind.

After a while, a gigantic staircase appeared before Madara's eyes. It was wide enough that over ten people could walk down it side by side, arms outstretched, with no problems. A luxurious red carpet lay on the steps. He slowly descended the stairs, until he reached the lowest floor — the Twenty Third Floor of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick.

Madara continued walking as he eventually laid eyes on the giant doors before him.

The majestic set of double doors were over five meters in height, and covered in intricate carvings. The left side was shaped into a beautiful goddess, while the right was made to resemble a cruel demon. So realistic was their design that even from across the room, he thought that they would attack him.

Still, while the carvings looked like they could move, Madara knew that they had never moved before.

Madara's gaze landed on the twenty girls that were divided into two rows and were guarding the door.

Nineteen of them were on the side of the Godness and Twenty were on the side of the Demon.

The ones on the Godness side were Human, Spirit and Angel hybrids while the ones on the Demons side were Human, Spirit and Demon hybrids.

Madara reached for the doors and as he touched them, they opened by themselves — although they did so slowly, in deference to their massive weight.

The air changed.

Although the atmosphere from earlier was filled with quiet solemnity, the scene before his eyes now exceeded that by far. The air became a pressure that weighed heavily on the entire body.

It was an exquisite piece of work.

And in this wide, high room—

Even packing several hundred people inside would not make the room feel crowded. The high ceiling and the surrounding walls were a predominantly white color, with golden decorations as highlights.

The numerous chandeliers which hung from the ceiling were made of precious stones of all colors of the rainbow, and they emitted a fantastic, dreamlike radiance.

Numerous flags emblazoned with different symbols hung from flagpoles sunk into the walls. A total of forty one of these flags swayed gently in the wind, from the ceiling to the floor.

"We have been waiting, Madara-Sama.

Spoke the butler that was bowing at the entrance of the door.

"I see. Then, follow me, Sebas.

Sebas trailed behind Madara as he entered the room, fashionably late since he was busy reminiscing about the past.

There were many people kneeling here, to show their loyalty.

Nobody in this place moved a muscle, and it was so quiet that even the sound of their breathing could be heard. Apart from that, there was only the sound of Madara and Sebas's footsteps, as well as the tapping of the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown on the ground.

Madara made his way past the Floor Guardians and sat on the throne. Sebas remained at the foot of the throne, kneeling behind Albedo.

Madara silently surveyed the throne room from where he was seated.

Almost all of the guild's NPCs were gathered below him. They looked quite majestic when he watched them from on high, like a Night Parade of monsters.

Madara could not help but silently praise his guild members for their creativity in making so many different and interesting characters. As he looked again, there were several NPCs who were not present.

However, that could not be helped. After all, they could not easily move the ultra-large golem Gargantua and Victim — who oversaw the eighth Floor — from their positions.

That said — the Throne Room did not feel crowded at all, given its massive size.

"Ah, forget it, not like it's important anyway." After deciding to discuss those matters later, Madara slowly addressed his subordinates.

"Firstly, I would like to apologize for taking independent action.

Madara was feeling singularly unapologetic as he said those words. It was mere pleasantry, yet the apology was extremely important. Since gathering them all was his idea, then he needed to let his subordinates know that he trusted them implicitly.

"Secondly, I would like to inform you of the direction we will be going. I have chosen to build a nation — where we; the Guild of Ainz Ooal Gown will rule it as its kings. Those who have any objections stand forward and state them.

Nobody spoke out in opposition. Albedo was all smiles as she replied:

"We have all heard of your wish. All hail Madara Uchiha! The Supreme One and the Ruler of Life and Death, Madara-sama!"

Shortly after, Jibril spoke up:

"Every member of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick pledges their undying loyalty to you and will work at their outmost limits to accomplish what our Ruler and Creator desires!"

"All glory to Madara Uchiha! Supreme Overlord and rightful owner of this world and leader of us all, Madara Uchiha-sama! We shall give ourselves completely to you!"

"Long live Madara Uchiha! Oh King of fearsome power, Madara Uchiha-sama! All shall know of your greatness!"

The shouts and praise of the NPCs and servants thundered through his Room.


Madara looked out at everyone.

The looks in everyone's eyes turned razor-sharp. It represented their iron will and determination.

"—Next, I shall announce our new direction. This is an absolute order.

Madara paused here, and looked around. The subordinates before him had serious, stern looks on their faces.

"Make Madara Uchiha an eternal legend.

He gripped the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown tightly, and rapped it on the ground. Then, as if responding to Madara, the crystals socketed on the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown radiated light in all the colors of the rainbow, and the air around him trembled.

He would spread this name throughout the world. The former members of Ainz Ooal Gown may have left YGGDRASIL, but there was a chance they might be in this world, like Madara.

Therefore, he had to make himself a legend, so everyone would know of it.

Be it in the air, land, or sea, he would spread this name to all intelligent beings in this world.

He hoped that his name would reach to the ears of his comrades who might be in this world.

Madara's fearsome presence was startling, and his thunderous voice could be heard anywhere in his Room.

Their voices united as one, everyone in the his room lowered their heads. The sound they made might have been taken for a prayer.

"Yes lord!"

End of Chapter 6.