In the largest building of a technologically advanced city called Optima, A young man watching the news while in a waiting area. This young man had olive skin and curly yet wavy black hair that went past his ears. This young man wore a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a loose black tie, dark blue jeans, and black high top sneakers. This young man's name is Wyatt.

On the news channel, a video of three people running from soldiers was being shown as the anchorwoman said,"Last night, the trio of criminals known as the Malevomen struck again. This time attempting to rob a supply train bound for the northwest district of Vultenxia, which is still under reconstruction after the devastating landslide which happened a mere two weeks ago."

Wyatt sighed then he heard a feminine voice say,"Wyatt, your mother will see you now."

Wyatt nodded then he picked up a backpack and a stack of papers before walking towards a large door. The door opened by itself and Wyatt walked through the door into a very large office that had two fountains in it as well as a statue of a beautiful woman with long hair that was wearing a suit jacket over a vest and t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. This woman also had a watch on her left wrist and a wristband on her right.

Wyatt stopped in front of the desk and said,"Hey Mom. Mom, mom?"

"I'm right here son.",Wyatt heard coming from the right side of the room, causing him to turn his head to the right and see the woman who the statue was based off of. This revealed the woman had olive skin and her hair color was brown and her suit jacket and vest were colored purple, her shirt was yellow, her shorts were light blue, and her shoes were yellow with a purple sole. This woman's name is Lydia.

"I was in a meeting for the longest time. I don't understand how I hired people with several doctorites yet they still need my help with simple things.",Lydia said while walking up to Wyatt and hugging him. Wyatt hugged Lydia back then he said,"It was that bad?"

"Oh it wasn't bad per say, just a bit annoying. Anyway, what did you want to talk to me about son?",Lydia said while going behind the desk and sitting in a chair. Wyatt put the stack of papers onto the desk and took off his backpack before sitting down while saying,"I wanted to talk with you about some designs I've come up with for products we can sell. Like for example, I have come with a mask that can help those who have impaired vision, a blade that can be used with construction, even a plasma based launching system."

"Wow, these are great ideas Wyatt. The last two are a bit violent don't you think?",Lydia said as she looked through the papers Wyatt had placed on her desk. Wyatt rubbed the back of his neck then said,"Well, I had help coming up with those two. The help coming from Farela and Harold."

"Farela and Harold, I still don't feel right with you hanging out with them. Are you sure they aren't under any surveillance from the authorities?",Lydia asked her son with genuine concern. Wyatt rolled his eyes playfully then said,"Mom, they're both cool."

Lydia nodded then said,"If you say so. Anyway, I like these ideas but I only want the mask to be taken to R&D."

Wyatt nodded with excitement then said,"Okay Mom. Thanks."

"You're welcome. Now you need to get going. I have another meeting to attend and you shouldn't be bored as I will be.",Lydia said with a smile. Wyatt nodded then he put the stack of papers, save for one, into his backpack. He then put his backpack on before leaving the office and saying,"Love you mom."

"Love you too.",Lydia said with a happy smile.

Back in the waiting area, Wyatt passed by a woman with dark blonde hair that was tied into a ponytail. This woman wore a red pantsuit with a white blouse and black high heeled shoes. This woman's name is Delilah.

Delilah looked at Wyatt and said,"Wyatt, it's good to see you. Were you talking with your mother?"

"Yeah I was but I'm done now. You can go talk to her.",Wyatt said with a hesitant smile before walking away from Delilah. Delilah nodded then she walked towards Lydia's office.

An hour later at skate park, Wyatt sat on a bench at the park with two people that looked around his age. One of these people was a young Caucasian man with blonde hair that was in a short messy style and had a cybernetic jaw as well as a cybernetic right arm. This man wore a grey shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes. This boy's name was Harold.

The other person was a young African American woman with short black hair that was in a copper layered bob with bangs style and she had an eyepatch over her left eye. This woman wore a charcoal grey fitted crop top under a magenta and teal jacket that she wore on her shoulders, black fitted ripped jeans, and black half calf high boots. This woman's name was Farela.

Harold looked at Wyatt then said,"So did your mom accept any of the ideas we all came up with?" in a deep voice. Wyatt hesitated while trying to say the right words then he said,"She did but she really only decided to accept the mask. Said that the other two were a bit violent and all that jazz."

"Too violent? C'mon, we made em for construction and stuff.",Harold said in a slightly annoyed voice.

"That's what I told her but she didn't take 'em. Ah well, can't get mad at her. I mean she is the head of a large company and can't have that stuff tarnishing her image.",Wyatt rationalized. Harold sighed then he and Wyatt looked at Farela as she said,"I think she still could've used them in her security force. I mean those Malevomen characters are still running around causing trouble and all. If her security force had those designs, they'd be gone by now."

"Yeah, what Farela said.",Harold chimed in.

"I agree with you guys. Those bastard Malevomen are doing their best to ruin my mom and it's pissing me off but I can't do anything.",Wyatt said in a frustrated tone. The trio sighed then Farela said,"Why don't we build them then?"

"What?",Wyatt and Harold questioned.

"Why don't the three of us make the designs ourselves? I mean we're all smart enough to do it and Wyatt here can get us the tech.",Farela explained. Wyatt and Harold looked at each other then at Farela before Wyatt said,"That's a great idea and we're doing it."

"Of course you are.",Farela said with a confident smirk. The trio then got up and made their way to Lydia's company. Unbeknownst to Wyatt and his friends, they were being watched by the Malevomen and one of them said in a Irish accent,"There's Lydia Quinn's son. We get him, we can get into the Helimax building and then to her."

"Yes, but what about his two companions?",The tallest of the Malevomen said in a deep robotic voice.

"I say we get rid of em. Ya know so we have no witnesses.",The shortest of the Malevomen said in a feminine voice.

"No, we're not doing that. They're of no concern and we just gotta knock them out of something. Our only priority is the Quinn boy.",The Irish Malevoman said. The three then left their hiding spot to follow Wyatt and his friends.

(Author's note: The Malevomen will be described in better detail in the chapter following this one. I just wanted to tell you guys so you wouldn't think that they'd only be described by height or accent.)

2 hours later, Wyatt, Harold, and Farela were in a lab inside the Helimax building, making the designs that Wyatt presented to his mother. Harold picked up a large piece of metal while saying,"So where do I put this thing guys?"

"Put that on the table right next to Farela. It's gonna be the chassis for our little plasma pulser here.",Wyatt said with a smile as he tinkered with a gun like machine that had a blueish green crystal in the center of it. Harold nodded then he did as he was told and Farela typed on a computer while saying,"Okay so currently it's able to be used but I don't know if it'd be safe."

"Why do you say that?",Harold asked.

"Well besides the power source we're using is really volatile and the fact that this our first time doing something like, I think this thing could blow up if someone tried to use it.",Farela said, being a rather blunt tone with the last part. Harold nodded and gave a somewhat horrified expression to this revelation while Wyatt simply nodded then said,"Yeah don't want that happening to the people who buy this. Need to test it out somehow. Oh I know, I'll get a guard to shoot it."

"Isn't that a bit cruel?",Farela questioned.

"Not really. I mean my mom signs their paychecks so by proxy, they have to do whatever I say.",Wyatt said in a smug tone. Farela and Harold thought about it then they nodded while saying,"Makes sense."

"'Course it makes sense, now I'll go get a guard.",Wyatt said while getting up. He then turned around and was startled to see the Malevomen standing there with the Irish malevoman saying,"I'm afraid ya won't be getting any guards boyo. Not until ya give us what we want."

"It's you three. You're the guys who're trying to ruin my mom's good name.",Wyatt said with anger. Harold and Farela turned around and stood by Wyatt as the Irish Malevoman said,"Boyo, we're not doing what we do to tarnish a name."

"Then why are you doing it?!",Wyatt angrily snapped.

"It would be best for you to calm down young Quinn.",The tallest Malevoman said, attempting to de-escalate the situation.

"I won't calm down while you three are in this building. Why are you even here?! Trying to kidnap me or something? Like the villains you are.",Wyatt said angrily.

"We're not villains dude, also take a chill pill.",The shortest Malevoman said. Wyatt couldn't contain his anger any longer and he charged at the Irish Malevoman, tackling him to the ground while Harold began to fight the tallest Malevoman and Farela charged at the shortest.

Farela threw a few punches at the short Malevoman, who evaded them all before kicking her in the chin before hitting Farela in the chin with both her fist. Farela stumbled towards a nearby table and picked up a wrench and spun around, attempting to hit the shortest Malevoman in the head with it. The shortest Malevoman quickly ducked the wrench before axe kicking Farela in the head, knocking the girl out cold.

Harold tried to overpower the tallest Malevoman but he found that he couldn't and he was quickly tossed back into a shelf, causing said shelf to break and knock Harold out.

The Irish Malevoman and Wyatt struggled on the ground for a few moments until he pushed the boy off of him while saying,"Calm down kid. We don't want to hurt ya."

Wyatt grunted in anger then he looked towards a desk and he pressed a button on the underside of it, that caused an alarm to go off in the area. The Malevomen looked around with the shortest one saying,"That can't be good."

"It very much so isn't, let's get to where we need to before they lock down the buildin'.,"The Irish Malevoman said, with the other two Malevomen nodding in agreement. Wyatt grunted as the three left the room then he stood up and took the gun like machine off the table before following after the Malevomen, with Farela slowly coming to and seeing him leave.

Wyatt made his way through the building, eventually ending up at his mother's office entrance. A guard came up to him and said,"Mr. Daxius, I must escort you out of the building."

"Get your damn hands off me! I'm going to go save my mom from those stupid Malevomen.",Wyatt lashed at the guard. The guard put his hand on Wyatt's shoulder then Wyatt used the grip of the gun like machine in his hand to beat the guard unconscious. He then stopped and went into his mother's office. Upon entering the office, Wyatt heard,"We don't care about your damn intentions! We want you to take responsibility!" before he heard a gunshot go off. He ran further into the office to see the Malevomen standing around Lydia, who was slumped over onto her desk. Wyatt became so enraged that he didn't hear anything the three Malevomen were saying to one another and he yelled in anger as he aimed the gun like machine at the trio and pulled the trigger.

The crystal inside the gun like machine began to glow brightly before the gun itself and the crystal exploded into many pieces while also firing an energy blast into the window behind Lydia's chair, breaking it. The explosion disintegrated Wyatt's right arm up to half his bicep and caused teal flames to engulf the left side and bottom portion of Wyatt's face and head while also sending the young man back towards the door shouting in complete agony. Some shards of the crystal also embedded themselves into the side of Wyatt's face that was currently on fire.

The Malevomen gasped then began to move towards Wyatt but stopped and went out the broken window as guards came into the office and shot at them. Farela and Harold came in with a medical team and saw Wyatt as he continued screaming in agony.

Wyatt's screams then faded out but his right eye began to change color to the same blueish green of the crystal as images of a landslide, crystals, and alien like creatures and technology flashed in his head. Wyatt then passed out, just the medical team put out the fire on his face and stopped his bleeding arm.

After an unknown amount of time, Wyatt awoke in the hospital with bandages wrapped around his entire head save for his right eye and bandages wrapped around the stump of his right arm. He looked around and he tried to speak but found that he couldn't and he became angry, to the point where he wanted to scream but nothing came out when he tried. Farela and Harold walked into the room and went over to Wyatt with Harold saying,"Whoa whoa, Wyatt calm down."

Wyatt's angered breaths persisted then he gave Harold an angered gaze as Harold said,"You've been out for a few days man, had those crystal shards in your face along with most of your face being burnt and your arm getting blown off."

"Yeah, doctors said you're lucky to be alive right now. So just calm down.",Farela chimed in while moving to the other side of Wyatt's bed and holding his hand. Wyatt slowly began to calm down then looked at the small table beside his bed to see a picture of his mother and he pointed at it with a saddened expression. Farela saw this and she gained a saddened expression and tone as she said,"You mom didn't make it Wyatt. She was shot through the heart and died instantly."

"Sorry man. Wish we could've done something.",Harold said sincerely to his friend. Wyatt began to have tears stream down his right eye then his expression changed to one of anger and rage as he could only think of one thing, the Malevomen.

Weeks later, Wyatt was at his mother's funeral at the burial. Harold and Farela stood by him as he watched the casket go into the ground and saw the attendees leave. An older gentleman with graying black hair walked up to Wyatt and said,"Mr Daxius, I'm Zackery Tagerd, I worked with your mother for a few years. I'd just like to tell you that the board and I will be running the company until you're healed and your mother's will is read. We all wish you the best and a speedy recovery."

Wyatt nodded and Farela said thank you to Zackery for him. Wyatt just stared at his mother's casket aimlessly then he looked towards the Helimax building and he scowled at it.

2 weeks later, Farela and Harold walked into the same lab they were in a month before with Harold asking,"Hey, Wyatt we're here. What's going on man?"

"Oh nothing much, I just wanted to talk with you guys.",Farela and Harold heard Wyatt say, taking note that his voice sounded as if it was being filtered/modulated in some way.

"Oh you're speaking again. That's great. Where are you though?",Farela questioned. She and Harold then turned around as they heard footsteps coming towards them. The two then gasped when they saw Wyatt come into the light. Wyatt now had the entire left portion and bottom part of his face covered by a dark pink helmet like mask with had two fierce eyes where his left eye would be, the eyes positioned one below the other, while the right side of his head showed his now spiked up hair and how he had bangs with the majority of the bangs being colored magenta. Wyatt's right arm was now robotic and grafted to his stub. The robot arm itself was mainly dark pink with some magenta on it and a blueish green pentagon in the center of the palm as well as blueish green joints on the fingers and claws at the end of each finger that were dark pink. Wyatt now wore a purple jacket that had torn sleeves with the right one being torn just below the shoulder while the left was torn just above the elbow and had a magenta colored X on the shoulder, over his naked torso revealing his toned build, a black fingerless glove which went to half his forearm, army green cargo pants, and black combat boots which had two magenta colored curved stripes on the front of them.

Farela and Harold's eyes widened then Harold said,"Wyatt, you look,"

"Different. Yeah I know. Once I left the hospital, began working on these things in secret. The arm is something of my own design; was made to help amputees but I repurposed it into my own appendage and even added claws, the blade we all designed and the plasma launcher to it. This mask though, took my old design and reworked it to also allow me to speak and had to have it grafted to my face due to ya know, getting that portion burned to high hell.",Wyatt said in a casual tone as he walked over to his friends. Farela and Harold nodded then Farela said,"You seem to be taking it well though. I guess this means that you'll be taking over your mom's company soon right."

"Yes, I'm actually going to today but I can't until I get you two ready.",Wyatt said as he walked over to a table. Farela and Harold gained questioning gazes then Wyatt continued speaking. "What I mean by that is, I want you two to join me in the company. You're the only people I can trust and well, I know that everyone else on the board will hate what I want to do."

"What do you want to do?",Harold asked. Wyatt turned to face his friends then he sat on the table behind him and said,"I want to make this fair city of ours completely crime free. In order to do that, we're gonna need better weapons, armor, a whole damn army, and especially more power. See, when that crystal embedded itself into my head, it showed me things. A whole slew of tech and power that we can easily have by going to the place where the landslide happened. It also told me that that's where that crystal came from btw."

"So you want to get rid of crime, why?",Farela asked.

"Because my mother's death opened my eyes and I now see that I can do that. Plus, I'm sick of all the filth of this city doing whatever they please while our inept police department does nothing. What the citizens of our city need is a hero and I will be that hero.",Wyatt said while standing up. Harold and Farela briefly thought about it then in unison said,"We're with you."

"Excellent. I took the liberty of making you these.",Wyatt said as he snapped the fingers of his mechanical hand. This caused two display cases to come out of the wall, both having suits and weapons in them. One of the display cases held a fiery orange suit that had charcoal grey colored armor on the chest, arms, thighs, knees, shins, and boots that had an obsidian/rock like appearance to them. This suit also had a turret mounted above the right shoulder that was mainly charcoal grey with orange highlights. Next to the suit was a IWI Tavor TS12 shotgun, that was colored a fiery orange and charcoal grey, and a charcoal grey helmet which had an orange visor.

The other display case had a light blue suit in it that had spiked white armor on the chest, shoulders, forearms, knees, shins, and boots. The gloves of the suit had white armor over them giving the appearance of wrappings a boxer would use. The suit also had two enlarged portions on the top of the forearms that retractable blades in them. Beside this suit were a pair of Spartan swords which had black hilts with metallic light blue blades, a white half face mask that looked like a skull's lower jaw gritting it's fang like teeth, and a mark XIX Desert Eagle .44 mag that was mainly light blue with a white grip.

"The orange one is for Harold, blue is for Farela.",Wyatt said nonchalantly. Farela and Harold smiled then they went up to their respective display cases.

In a meeting room, the board of directors, including Zackery, were having a meeting when Wyatt walked into the room along with Farela and Harold; both of which were now wearing the suits Wyatt made for them with their weapons holstered, save for Harold who held his shotgun.

Zackery stared at Wyatt then said,"Mr Daxius, is that you?"

"Yes it is Zack, but my name isn't Daxius, it's Quinn. Like my mom's.",Wyatt said as he neared Zackery. Zackery nodded then he said,"Well then, I will get out of your chair and we can catch you up to speed on what's been happening."

"Yeah, I don't really care what's been going on. I just want to take my place as head of the company but you see, I can't do that just yet.",Wyatt said as he stopped beside Zackery.

"Why not? It clearly stated in your mother's will that you would take over as CEO of Helimax among other things.",Zackery said in a confused tone.

"Oh it said that but, ya see. There's this thing I don't like about being CEO. That thing being that there's a whole cavalcade of bigwigs over me even when I own the place they work at. Plus it's those same bigwigs who contributed to the death of my mother by objecting to many of her ideas.",Wyatt said in a tone that did little to hide his anger yet still sounded friendly in a way. Zackery became frightened as he saw Harold walk over one corner of the room and he saw Farela mess with one of the board members. Zackery then looked up at Wyatt with fear and fearfully asked,"What are going to do then Mr Quinn."

"Oh well that's simple, see as of today you're all here by terminated from this company. Don't worry about all of your being shareholders and stuff, I hacked into each of your accounts and transferred all your stock over to me while also leaving some money for your families.",Wyatt said in a charismatic and friendly manner. The entire board looked at one another while Zackery said,"Oh okay. Well then we will all leave you then Mr Quinn." and he attempted to stand. Wyatt pushed Zackery back into his seat then said,"Oh I didn't say you could leave. When I said you were terminated I meant it in more than one way."

Wyatt then slammed Zackery's head into the table before proceeding to punch it many times with his mechanical hand, until he broke the table and killed Zackery. Zackery then stood up straight and began chuckling when he saw the horrified board members faces. He began laughing then he said in an amused tone,"Oh you should see your faces. They're just priceless."

Wyatt then slowly stopped laughing then he said,"Okay then. Harold, Farela; mind helping me with these pests?"

Farela quickly unsheathed one of her swords and stabbed a board member through the back while Harold shot two board members with his shotgun, killing them instantly. Wyatt watched his friends kill the board members then once they were done, the trio exited the room while setting it on fire.

Wyatt walked to his mother's office and looked around it, seeing how the window was now repaired, before he went behind the desk and sat in the chair. He let out a gratified sigh then he pressed a button, causing a holographic projection of him to appear in every department of the building.

"Hello there employees of Helimax, I am the son of the late Lydia Quinn and I am now the CEO and Director of the company. I'd like to start by saying each of you are highly valued and amazing at what you do for this company and I thank you for sticking with us even through these tumultuous times. Rest assured though, with me as the head honcho we're gonna go far and into more markets. We're also gonna begin trying to make this city better by eliminating crime so I need the heads of all departments in my office with some new ideas by 12:30 so we can hit the ground running. Also I need the excavation heads here as well, got some stuff to dig up. So anyway, have a wonderful day people.",Wyatt said in a charismatic, friendly, and manipulative manner. Wyatt was about to turn off the hologram but he stopped before saying,"Oh and one more thing. For those who know me and those who don't, My name's not Wyatt Daxius. It's Prometheus Quinn."

The hologram turned off and the employees looked at one another before getting back to work.

Back in Wyatt's office, Wyatt, now known as Prometheus, sat back and sighed in triumph then he said,"Well my friends, it's time we get to work."

Prometheus then put his legs up in his desk and sat back in his chair while beginning to cackle evilly.