Currently, Rika was exiting her home when she saw Mason leaning against a street sign and he smiled and waved at her. Rika currently wore her usual oversized black hoodie over a blue tube top, dark grey sweatpants and her usual grey sneakers. Mason currently wore a dark red tank top, black straight legged jeans, and red high top Nike's.

Rika smiled then she walked over to Mason and hugged him tightly, with him reciprocating the hug. Rika giggled with joy then she moved back and said,"Hey Mason, what are you doing here? Also how do you know where my house is?"

"I had the penguin tell me last night for the purpose of me walking you to our destination. I would drive us but, I want to make up for the years we weren't in the same vicinity and I couldn't touch you.",Mason said while leaning down slightly. Rika moved up on tips of her feet in order to catch Mason's lips in a kiss, which resulted in him putting his hand on her waist and kissing her back. The young adults pulled away from one another then Mason said in a soft and caring voice,"Let's get going."

Rika then grabbed Mason's hand and the two began walking, interlocking their fingers as they did so.

At a hospital, Prometheus and Harold walked through the hospital, waving at the many people who either swooned or applauded them, then they came up to a highly secure portion of the building. A doctor came up to the two and said,"Hello Mr Quinn, mind me asking why you are here?"

"I do mind actually but since you're the doctor, I'll answer you. I'm here looking for two kids that go by Milo and Vicky, heard they performed some extraordinary feats recently.",Prometheus said without missing a beat. The doctor nodded then said,"Oh, they're in this room sir but I should warn you that. Well, what's happening to them is truly a medical phenomenon."

"That's great. I'm going to need any information on them, birthdate, blood type, all that jazz. I'm also here to take them to a Helimax clinic where we can treat them.",Prometheus said, interrupting the doctor entirely and leaving no room for interpretation.

"Uh Mr Quinn, while I'd be happy to do that, I should warn you that these two don't have insurance and anytime anyone tries to touch them they.",The doctor said with apprehension. Prometheus turned his head to the doctor then said,"Doctor, lack of insurance is not a problem for me. I'm going to take care of these two, no charge and I will give them the best treatments that Helimax can create. Anything else doctor?"

The doctor shook their head then Prometheus put his hand on their shoulder and said,"Thank you. Now, please get me the information on Vicky and Milo that I asked for while I go talk to the patients. My associate and best friend, Harold, will accompany you."

The doctor nodded then walked with Harold to get what Prometheus wanted. Prometheus entered the secured wing and he saw Vicky and Milo sitting on the same hospital bed, with Vicky holding Milo as his head was on her shoulder. She noticed Prometheus and said,"Mr Quinn, sorry for not showing up for those jobs. It's just."

"It's okay Vicky. I'm actually here to get you two and take you somewhere for treatment. Please, get your clothes or if needed I can get you some.",Prometheus said in a caring tone that had an underlining deviousness to it. Vicky and Milo looked at one another then they nodded as Vicky said,"Yes sir."

Prometheus nodded then he turned around as Milo and Vicky began to get dressed.

At the Malevoman base, Rika and Mason were sitting next to one another while J3T41N, Flynn, and Alistair stood over them, Alistair being on the table, with their arms crossed. Rika looked at her three friends then said,"Sooo, why are you guys?"

"Get to explaining.",Alistair said.

"Explaining what?",Rika questioned.

"Explaining how you and the lanky lad here know each other.",Flynn said while keeping a glare on Mason. Rika raised an eyebrow then said,"Guys, I said it last night. Mason is my boyfriend."

"We heard you, we simply want to know how that came to be considering in the time we've known you, Rika, you've never even talked about this man.",J3T41N said while glaring at Mason. Mason tried to shrink in his chair as he said,"I feel a bit targeted right now."

"Good!",Flynn, Alistair, and J3T41N exclaimed with J3T41N holding up a fist. Mason shut his mouth while Rika said,"Guys, I'll tell you the story but stop intimidating Mason."

"Not gonna happen. We need to make sure the lad isn't gonna pull a fast one on ya.",Flynn said to Rika with care, never taking his eyes off of Mason. Rika nodded, trying not to show her happiness at how protective her friends were of her, then she said,"Well it's simple, I met Mason three years ago when I was put in rehab. He was my very annoying roommate."

Three years ago

At a rehabilitation center, A fifteen year old Rika entered the facility with a backpack on her back. Rika didn't appear too differently from her older self except she had a more disheveled and rather sickly appearance to her face, her hair was also rather messy in it's appearance while only being on top of her head with a bang that went over the left side of her face. She currently wore a gray sweatshirt over a black shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes.

Rika was escorted through the facility and given a tour until she came to a room and was told that she'd be staying here. She entered the room and grimaced at the room and the twin bed that she had to sleep on. It wasn't until Rika closed the door and sat on her bed that she noticed there was another bed in the room that had a younger Mason laying on it as he was reading a book.

Mason's appearance wasn't all too different from his older self except his hair was short and in a frazzled messy style, he didn't have his tattoos, and he wasn't as muscular as he would become. Mason currently wore a dark blue t-shirt, black jeans, and black boots.

Mason looked at Rika and said with a smile and brief wave,"Hi." before he sat up and turned to Rika. He stretched his hand out to Rika while still smiling. "Name's Mason."

Rika looked at Mason and his hand cautiously then she said,"I'm Rika? Did I get put in the wrong room or something?"

"No, you're in the right place. I'm your roommate and you're my new roommate.",Mason said casually.

"But you're a guy, how come I'm not roomed with another girl or in a room by myself?",Rika questioned.

"Because they're currently remodeling the solo rooms and they had to do some Coed pairings because of it.",Mason said. Rika nodded then she began yawning, which caused Mason to ask,"So what'cha here for?"

Rika looked at Mason with hostility then she calmed down and said,"I'm here because of a little thing I had with taking Hydrocodone. I'm fine though and I shouldn't have been sent here by that court or my parents."

"Uh Huh, I said the exact thing when I came here a few months ago. I was addicted to alcohol, like I had to drink every hour type addiction. Got sent here by a court order after a night of me not remembering what I was doing but ending up face down in a random guys car.",Mason said while looking at his hands. The two sat in silence for mere moments before Mason said,"Anyway, nice to meet you Rika. Hope we become friends and we help each other with our problems."

Rika nodded then she laid down and tried to go to sleep while Mason went back to reading.

"At that time I honestly didn't want to be bothered with Mason or anyone because of my withdrawal but I eventually warmed up to him.",Rika narrated.

"And once she did, we were inseparable. We hung out when we weren't getting treatments or in therapy, we ate together, heck on some occasions we slept in the same because Rika's afraid of thunder.",Mason mentioned casually.

"You're afraid of thunder?",J3T41N asked.

"Yes but shut it! Let me tell the story!",Rika shouted. "Anyway, after a few months of being there, me and Mason began to realize we liked each other a lot but then he had to leave."

At the rehab facilities entrance, Mason was walking towards a black Chevy Camero with a duffle bag over his shoulder and a black hoodie that had a red inner lining in his other hand. He slowly walked until he heard the doors open behind him and Rika saying,"Mason." in a saddened tone. Mason turned to Rika just as she ran up to him and said,"Please don't go." while holding back tears.

"I have to, Blue streak, I'm sober now and I can't stay. They're gonna kick me out if I didn't leave by Thursday anyhow.",Mason said in a somber tone. Rika wiped away some stray tears as she said,"Then I'll come with you. I can go get my stuff and and."

"No no no! You're not leaving when you're still getting healed.",Mason said in a commanding tone. Rika sniffled then said,"But, I can't. I can't get healed if you're not here. Only reason I'm even this far is because you've been there to help me."

"Rika, you've been able to get to where you are because of your determination and will to live. I just, I just was there.",Mason said, looking away from Rika briefly. Rika began crying and Mason wiped away her tears while cupping her face and saying in a comforting tone,"Don't cry Blue Streak."

"I can't help but cry okay! I'm losing you, my best friend.",Rika said through her sobs. Mason scoffed sadly then said,"You'll never lose me alright. Plus I always thought of you as more than a friend." in a caring tone. Rika stopped crying and looked up at Mason, gaining a small smile at what he said. The two teens stayed in a comfortable silence as they looked at one another then Rika said,"Promise me that when we eventually meet each other again, we can, ya know."

"Yeah I know and I promise.",Mason said with a small smirk. Rika smiled and giggled at this then she put Mason's hands at his side and said,"Well then, I guess you should get going."

"Yeah, not yet though. Not until I give you two things.",Mason said before he put the hoodie that was in his hand around Rika's shoulders. Rika looked at the hoodie, seeing how it was a few sizes too big on her, then she looked at Mason and asked,"Why are you giving me your favorite hoodie?"

"Because, I want you to still know that I'm with you no matter how far I am. Plus you can use it as a security blanket when there's a storm.",Mason said while smirking. Rika and Mason chuckled at this then Rika asked,"So what's the second thing?"

Mason stayed silent as he put his hand on Rika's waist and leaned down to plant a loving kiss onto her lips, which Rika reciprocated wholeheartedly. After a minute or so, Mason pulled away and said,"That's the second thing. Been wanting to do that for a while now." softly.

"Me too. Wish we could do that more.",Rika said softly.

Mason nodded then he stood up straight while saying,"We will, when we meet up again." with a forced smile. Rika and Mason then hugged each other tightly with Mason saying,"See you later Rika." saddened.

"See you, Mason.",Rika said while holding back tears. They pulled away from one another and Mason walked to the Camero as Rika watched him, her hand pulling the hoodie further onto her shoulders.


"Then I went through rehab, got through life, became a Malevomen and now we're here. With my friends not trusting my boyfriend.",Rika said while crossing her arms.

"If your expectin' an apology, you won't get one lass.",Flynn said.

"Yeah you won't.",Alistair said.

"None once so ever.",J3T41N said.

Rika grimaced then said,"Danggit."

Mason looked around then said,"Look guys, I get why you're so protective of blue streak. But don't worry, I won't hurt her at all and I care about her too much to let anything happen to her." with sincerity. Flynn, Alistair, and J3T41N looked at one another then Alistair said,"Okay, we all believe you and even trust you. However we will still keep an eye on the both of you, considering you're both the youngest of us."

Mason sighed in relief while Rika squealed in excitement before she got up and sat on Mason's lap as she hugged him. J3T41N walked over to the two and lifted Rika up and placed her on her feet before saying,"We shall still make sure you both are not doing anything too intimate."

"Aw what?! How is me sitting in Mason's lap too intimate?",Rika questioned.

"It can lead to sexual encounters, lass. And considering how you two seem to be one step away from canoodling every time you're in the vicinity of one another, we're making sure it doesn't happen.",Flynn said. Rika grumbled then Mason stood up and kissed her on her head before saying,"That's cool. As long as I can still be with blue streak here."

"Oh by the way, I'm assuming you call her blue streak because of her hair right?",Flynn questioned.

"Oh no, he calls me that because my favorite movie is Blue Streak.",Rika said with a smile as she put her arms around Mason and put her head on his chest. Mason nodded while saying,"Yeah, she really liked that movie. So much that whenever they played it at rehab, she dragged me to watch it with her. Coincidentally, she began sitting in my lap and having me hold her as we watched it."

"Ha ha and that'll continue to be thing.",Rika said with joy. Flynn, J3T41N, and Alistair looked at the young couple then J3T41N said,"Romance is something I am able to both understand yet be completely baffled by."

"Don't worry lad, I too am baffled by it and I'm human.",Flynn said.

At the Helimax building in a laboratory, Prometheus was behind a glass wall, watching as Milo and Vicky were given examinations by some scientists. He looked at the head scientist and asked,"Have anything yet?" in a commanding tone.

"Yes sir. We've managed to surmise the cause of their powers, or rather the awakening of their powers, and what they are exactly.",The head scientist said while handing Prometheus a tablet. Prometheus took said tablet and began swiping through it as the head scientist spoke. "Their names are Vicky Powell and Milo Vasquez. Apparently they're runaways from a foster home a few cities over. Now as for their powers, the girl has developed cryogenic powers that currently allow her to freeze most things solid while the boy has developed magma based power that caused most things in his vicinity to become overheated to the point of melting."

Prometheus nodded then he looked back up and asked,"So are they Xceeded?"

"Well that's the thing. They had never shown any signs of these abilities up until after they went to one of our pharmaceutical testing sites.",The head scientist said. Prometheus looked at the scientist then asked,"We still have those things? Thought I got rid of them and just used prisoners as test subjects."

"You left a few open to throw off suspicion, clever idea by the way.",The head scientist said. Prometheus nodded then he gave the tablet back to the scientist and said,"Thanks for the information. Continue to examine these two while I go make them some welcoming gifts."

"Yes Mr Quinn.",The head scientist said as he got back to work.

A few minutes later, Prometheus was in his personal lab, looking over blueprints of many designs he had made overtime, when Farela came in saying,"You can't be thinking about using those two amateurs for anything."

"I am, Farela, now leave me alone.",Prometheus said, never turning around to face Farela. Farela stormed over and turned Prometheus around so he can face her then she said,"Look, I get that you're still an eccentric scientist and all but, those two are basically children. And children are completely useless!"

"That's how you think Farela. I think these two will be great additions to the team, especially since you're going to train the girl and Harold will train the boy.",Prometheus said, pushing Farela's hand from his arm. Farela raised an eyebrow then said,"What? You want us to train them?"

"Of course I do. Who else would I trust with training my newest, powered, recruits than my two best friends. You won't let me down will you Far?",Prometheus said while slowly moving his mechanical hand to Farela's throat. Farela gulped then she said,"No, I won't let you down Quinn."

"I know you won't. Now leave me alone, I have to make gifts.",Prometheus said while turning around. Farela exited the lab while thinking,"I can use this to my advantage."