Chapter 1 – Prologue

Gabi was at the nurse's station talking looking at her patient's chart when Troy Bolton, her boyfriend of 2 years came to her. Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton were dating for the last two years, since their first year of residency in Seattle's Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Troy wanted to become an orthopaedic surgeon and Gabi was aiming for paediatric surgery.

"Hey baby" he said as he came and hugged her from behind whispered in her ear "I have a 20 min break, meet me in the on call room".

She laughed," Troy no, we are at work and I need to concentrate. It's a really difficult case and Grey has been riding my ass from morning. If I don't figure out, I'm gonna be in big trouble"

"come on, I'll be really quick. Brie it's been too long and I think I'm gonna burst baby. Do you really want me to burst. Huh?" he was trying to persuade her but he knew was going to fail.

"Really troy" she said in a taunting tone and was trying so hard not to laugh at her boyfriend. "I'm really hungry though, do you want to grab a late lunch" she tried to compromise.

"yeah, alright" he said. As they were getting food " Do you think you will be free by 8 or 9, I thinking maybe we can go out have a dinner date somewhere fancy, it's been really long since we spent time together, you know somewhere nice" troy asked hopefully as they both were always busy

"I don't know baby, if I can figure out my patient, I'll most probably have a surgery if grey lets me assist with her" she said. Gabi really wanted to spend some quality time with him but she has been really busy with her chief resident.

"Yeah, I understand. I don't want you to lose your chance at surgery. Moreover, you have been working way too hard on this case" He said because Gabi have been working with this patient from the day he came in.

"I love you, I know I have been really busy lately but thanks for being such an awesome boyfriend" she pecked him on his cheek and stood up to put both of their trays back.

"Hey Gab", he called, "I love you too and I'll see you in the morning if you'll be busy with Grey" as he was off in next 2 hours after his 12 hour shift and he was exhausted would be an understatement.


The next day Gabi entered her home where she lived with Troy for last one year at 4 in the morning. As she went into her room she saw Troy sleeping on his stomach with a pillow under his arm in substitute of her and lightly snoring, she felt a little better. She had a shitty night as she lost the patient during her surgery because the patient went into cardiac arrest and Troy was not with her during her shift which she hated the most. She took a shower and changed into her pyjama shorts and Troy's t-shirt. She went to her bed and she wanted to wake up Troy to comfort her because she had a really bad day, but changed her mind to do so as it was 4.20 am and he was sleeping so peacefully.

But as she went to cuddle with Troy he woke up slightly.

"Hey, you just came just now?", he asked her groggily trying to open his eyes.

"Yeah, go back to sleep" she said as she hugged him tighter. He knew something was not right, he just felt it.

"Gab, you okay" he said really softly and lovingly and that was all it took for her to breakdown. "No" and she sobbed in his arms. He held her tightly and kissed her temple and forehead repeatedly. He knew she will talk once she will be calm, as she calmed a little he gave her some water to drink. After a minute of silence, she started talking, "I lost Kendra today, I know we can't get personal or attached but she was a good kid."

"I know", He knew Kendra was close to her heart as she was one of her first patients and she has been treating her for a long time.

"Her parents were so devastated, Troy am I doing something wrong, maybe I am not prepared enough or maybe I am missing something, she was the third patient that I lost in last 3 days and….."

"Hey hey, look at me" he stopped her. "You are a good surgeon Brie, I know it because you are the most compassionate, hardworking and selfless person I have ever known. I know you gave your one hundred percent but Kendra's cancer was inoperable now and the others were trauma patients who were critically injured and you did everything you could to save them. You are a great surgeon and I don't ever want you to question yourself ever again. Okay. Do you understand me? " He knew she needed some reassurance and she questioned herself.

"Yeah, Okay" she said somewhat assured.

"Okay, I love you Ella and now you sleep because I know you are exhausted and I have work again in 2 hours so you sleep" he said looking at the clock and kissed her.

"I love you too T, goodnight" and she fell asleep in his arms feeling much better after her exhausting day.