No Day But Today

By Visage

Rating: G… Maybe a PG for one or two slightly off color words. :)

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Author's Note: As relatively new but avid lurker, this is my first foray into Supernatural fics. There was something in 'Fan Fiction,' when Dean quoted Rent, that just wouldn't let go until it was put down on paper. That being said, there are no spoilers for that episode, or really any episodes… But there are very minor and vague references to the shows Our Town and Oklahoma! I hope you enjoy!


Dean Winchester waited in the lobby, holding up the wall opposite the main entrance to the auditorium. The small space was completely filled with people, half of them stopped in small, chatting groups, the others jostling and inching their way to the outside door. He casually browsed the folded paper program, despite having almost memorized it in the thirty minutes prior to the performance and the 15 minutes between acts. He had promised Sammy a congratulatory milkshake after the performance, but the rumble in his stomach was quickly convincing him to add an order of fries and possibly a cheeseburger to their order. If only his super slow little brother would finish whatever it was he was doing and get out here already.

"Dean!" His head snapped up toward the voice, his face immediately breaking into a grin. Sam waved his hand above the crowd to get his older brother's attention as he slipped between bodies. Still on the shorter side of puberty, he wasn't quite towering over the rest of the audience and cast members yet, but Dean could see in Sam's too-long-for-his-body arms and legs that his days as the 'bigger' brother were numbered.

"Finally!" Dean said, pushing himself away from the wall. "You done good, Sammy! Those lights were absolutely perfect. I wouldn't have been able to see anything without them!"

Sam rolled his eyes. "Oh, thanks. You know you didn't have to come, I was only stage crew."

"Hey, I worked hard making sure you had rides back and forth to all these rehearsals! Of course I had to come. Someone had to make sure you didn't miss one of your cues."

Sam dropped his eyes to the ground, his sneaker scuffing at the tile floor.

"He would have come too, you know. If you would have told him, he would have tried to come home. He's not a mind reader."

Sam actually snorted with derision. "Yeah, right."

Dean breathed in a deep lungful of air, not wanting to touch that subject with a ten foot pole. Not when he had a milkshake on the line. As if reading his mind, a tall man rushed by, accidentally bumping into Dean's shoulder as he passed. "Can we get out of here? This is giving me flashbacks of Mufasa and the stampede, if you get my drift."

"Not quite yet, I haven't seen Danielle yet." Sam said, pressing close to Dean in an attempt to let another family by. "And I have to get my stuff from backstage."

"What do you mean, 'you have to get your stuff?' What have you been doing this whole time!" Dean folded his arms across his chest with an annoyed huff of air.

"I was cleaning up our equipment with Devin! We had to get the mics back from the actors and get everything put away. We do have another show tomorrow, you know. If we leave everything a mess tonight it will just take that much longer to reset when we get here. You of all people should know that."

It took everything in him to resist rolling his eyes at Sam. "Well, can you get a move on, Spielberg? There's an extra thick chocolate shake with my name on it at the Tastee-Freeze."

"Sam!" A small girl with mousy brown hair piled under a Western Era sunbonnet called. Her face, delicate and pretty, was caked with makeup that was just a tad the wrong shade for her light complexion. Her petticoat swished as she pushed her way next to him.

"Danielle! Congratulations, you were great!" Sam grinned as he turned.

"We couldn't have done it without you, Sam. You backstage guys are the backbone of the theater. I'm so glad you stayed in Drama Club to help with Tech. We usually lose a lot of guys to basketball and wrestling for the spring musical." Danielle smiled, her hands clasping in front of her as she stood a little too close to Sam, even taking into account the still crowded lobby. Sam's cheeks flushed as he wiped his palms on the legs of his black pants, his lips quirking in a nervous half smile.

"I- uhm, well. I'm just glad to help. I really enjoyed working with you guys."

Dean cleared his throat, quite forcefully. He raised an eyebrow as Sam startled.

"Oh! Danielle, this- uh. This, uhm, is m-my brother-"

"Dean." He reached out his hand, his most charming smile on his face. "I'm Dean. It's nice to meet you. You were Ado Annie, right? Everyone was great, but I couldn't keep my eyes off you when you were on stage. It was awesome."

Danielle shook his hand back. "Aww, thank you! That's so kind! Oklahoma! is one of my favorites, the music is just so catchy!"

"I mean, I don't know how I feel about singing Cowboys," Dean said with a laugh. "Okay, Little Joe Cartwright might, but John Wayne would never sing about his feelings."

"Ah, but that's the beauty of this," Danielle's eyes lit up. "Real characters expressing themselves through song. It really gives you a chance to understand what they're going through and experiencing."

"I guess so," Dean said. "The story was nice. A little odd though, I wasn't expecting death in a musical. They're always so… happy."

"It's the truth of the story that counts in this one, Dean." Sam finally found his voice, "It was one of the first musicals to really draw on the songs to help tell the story, not just thrown in for comedic effect."

"Whatever. It made a hell of a lot more sense than that play you were actually in a few months ago. The one with hardly any set and no props? You guys practically mimed the whole thing. What was it, The Town?"

"Our Town." Sam said. "That was the point of that one, it's supposed to be minimalist!"

"That's such a fascinating aspect of it, isn't it?" Danielle exclaimed. "Did you know Wilder did that on purpose so that the story wasn't tied to the past. Some think that it's so the audience would remember it was a play and be able to relate to the now-ness of it. I wrote a paper on it for my theater class last semester!"

"Right?" Sam couldn't keep the excitement out of his voice. "And it was so revolutionary at the time."

Dean couldn't hide the smirk as the two Sophomores geeked-out. Part of it was personality, Sam always threw himself into whatever he was interested in whole heartedly. But the way his eyes sparkled when he watched Danielle speak, how his ears were turning a delicate shade of pink, the nervous fidget of his fingers.

His Sammy was absolutely smitten with this girl!

"Danielle!" The lobby was starting to thin out, making it easy to spot the person the new voice belonged to. A few years older, but the same long brown hair, identical bright blue eyes, the same too thick make-up. Only instead of a hoop skirt she had the typical tight jeans and sweater. "Danielle, what in the world are you still doing out here, and in costume!"

"Sorry, Molly, I got distracted." Danielle shrugged her shoulders, a sheepish smile on her face. "Molly! This is my friend, Sam! He's on Tech Crew. Sam, Dean, this is my big sister, Molly. Or should I say 'Laurey'."

"I thought I recognized you!" Molly said. "It's nice to put a face to a name. Thanks for your help, you all did a great job tonight, it was so appreciated."

"It was easy to follow you guys tonight." Sam answered. "Everything came together perfectly."

"Ah, the Magic Wand of Theater strikes again!" Molly laughed. "I was getting worried it wouldn't come together in time, I should have known better."

"Magic Wand?" Dean asked, his curiosity getting the best of him,

"I know it sounds hinky, but I swear it's true." Molly held her hands up as if promising on a bible. "No matter how behind or abysmal tech week is, every show I've ever been a part of has miraculously righted itself on the final dress rehearsal, or the very latest, Opening Night. It's kinda spooky, actually."

"Well, I'm sure you had a big hand in its success, Molly." Dean couldn't help himself, he felt the familiar heat rush up his face. "You were both lovely. You both have such a knack for this stuff." A grumble and a subtle elbow to the ribs interrupted his lost train of thought. "And I could see you perfectly, too! Thank goodness for those lights, right?" Dean purposely ignored the rolling eyes at his shoulder.

"Thank you! Dean, was it?" Molly grinned. "I don't think I've seen you around before."

"Oh, I'm not a student here, I work at the garage down the street. I just came to see Sammy's play tonight." Dean couldn't tear his eyes away from Molly's. There was something so sincere about her beautiful face that made his thoughts tumble around in his head. "You know, Sam and I were about to go celebrate a successful show with a milkshake. Maybe you two would like to join us?" Dean snuck a look at his little brother, barely containing the laugh at the hopeful, bright smile. 'Careful, Sammy.' he thought. 'Don't look too eager or you'll blow it for both of us!.'

Molly exchanged a look with her younger sister, almost seeming to have the same silent conversation. "We can't stay too long, I promised Dad we'd be home by 11:30, and we both have a show tomorrow, too. But if you hurry and hang up your costume, we would be delighted."

"C'mon, Sam! Let's go grab our things!" Daniele called, already tugging on Sam's shirt sleeve to bring him to the backstage area.

"Give us five minutes!" Sam called over his shoulder. "Meet you at the car, Dean!"

"I don't think I've seen that girl move so fast since she chased after the ice cream truck in 4th grade." Molly laughed as she moved away from the wall into the middle of the clearing lobby. Dean couldn't help but move a few steps towards her.

"She's a sweet girl, And you guys are both so talented. Really, you guys were worth the price of admission."

"Danielle's a little more talented than I am, but she likes the literature aspect of the theater best. She wants to be a novelist, really get in the heads of her characters."

"I can see that." Dean said. "We were discussing the finer points of the plot line before you came in. And she was all about the music telling the story."

"She likes the classic shows, but she could take or leave the music. She looks for things to serve the story. But honestly, musicals are where it's at. Music is the universal language, after all."

"I dunno, I could take it for a show or two, but not for the rest of my life. Where are the guitars and drums. That's real music."

"You haven't seen anything more modern, have you?"

"Honestly?" Dean stuffed his hands in his pockets, worried that he was blowing this before it even started. "This is only the second play I've ever seen. I liked it enough, I guess. But it was just so…"


Dean laughed. "That's one way of putting it!"

Molly's eyes lit up, just the way Danielle's did when she started debating storytelling with Sam. "What you need is something with a little more modern in it. Something edgy and controversial. I bet you would love it,"

"I wouldn't even know where to start," Dean shrugged.

"How about we start with that milkshake and go from there?" Molly linked her arm in Dean's and started walking towards the door. Her arm sent a shiver up his spine, hopeful and exciting.. "Have you ever heard of a show called Rent?"