Screen Title: #DanielVisitsSamAndCat

At the apartment, Sam, Dice and Jade are playing cards while Cat is on the phone with her ex boyfriend Daniel from "Cat's New Boyfriend"

"Alright Daniel. See you soon. I can't wait for you to meet my roommate Sam." Cat says.

"Me too." Daniel said.

"See you soon. Bye." Cat says.

"Bye." Daniel said.

"Who's Daniel?" Sam asked.

"Yeah who's Daniel?" Dice asked.

"He's Cat's ex boyfriend." Jade says.

"You had a boyfriend before Robbie" Sam asked.

"Yep." Cat says.

"It was in 2010." Jade said.

"Ah." Sam said.

"Is he nice?" Dice asked.

"Yes. He also dated Tori before she attended Hollywood Arts." Cat says.

"I can't wait to meet him." Sam said.

"You'll like him. Everyone likes him. Including Jade." Cat says.

"It's true." Jade said.

Doorbell Rings

"Ding dong. He must be here." Cat says.

Cat opens the door and it's Daniel

"Hi Cat." Daniel said.

"Daniel." Cat says.

"Hey Dan." Jade said.

"Hi Jade. I guess you're Sam and Dice." Daniel says.

"Yep." Sam said.

"We sure are." Dice says.

"I love watching you on iCarly." Daniel said.

"Thanks." Sam responded.

"I hope this isn't weird that you're visiting me." Cat says.

"It's not. There's nothing wrong with being friends with your ex." Daniel said.

"Yeah, Cat." Jade said.

"Daniel are you in college?" Dice asked.

"Yeah. I go to a college in Fresno." Daniel says.

"Fresno is nice." Sam said.

"Are you on break or something?" Jade asked.

"No I graduated." Daniel says.

"But you're only 20." Cat said.

"I had a lot of credits." Daniel said.

"Oh." Cat says.

Cat Valentine TwitFlash Update: My old boyfriend Daniel came by for a visit. He looks different. FEELING: Wonderful

"So Cat did you and your friends graduate?" Daniel asked.

"Yeah." Cat said.

"We now go to college at Hollywood Arts University." Jade says.

"Nice. Sam what about you?" Daniel asked.

"I am in college but I do it online." Sam said.

"I'm in high school. I'm a freshman at Cat's old school." Dice said.

"What talent did you do?" Daniel asked.

"Dancing." Dice says.

"Hollywood Arts was fun. Sikowitz was my favorite teacher ever." Jade said.

"He was everyone's favorite." Cat said.

"Why does he never wear shoes?" Sam asked.

"You think that's weird, he drinks milk from coconuts." Jade said.

"It's true. He does." Cat said.

"I love doing the acting exercises." Dice said.

"Jade remember when we slept over at his house?" Cat asked.

"Yeah we all broke character except for Tori. But Beck didn't break either since it was the next day. I remember burning my hand and broke a car window." Jade says.

"When was that?" Sam asked.

"2011." Cat responded.

"Ah." Sam says.

"Well I'm going to head out." Daniel said.

"It was great catching up with you Daniel." Cat said.

"You too Cat. Bye." Daniel says.

Daniel leaves

"Daniel's changed a lot." Jade said.

"Yeah he has." Cat said.

"He looked very cool." Dice says.

"Yeah." Sam said.

"I'm glad you liked him." Cat said.

"It was great for him to visit." Jade said.

"Yeah, it was great wasn't it." Cat says.