"It's a good day for jokes, right, Batman?" asked The Joker.

"Nope. I despise jokes, especially the ones you gave me." said Batman.

"Aw, come on, Batman! My jokes aren't that bad today, so please let me think of something funny!" begged The Joker as he kneeled down, with Batman not impressed.

"Okay, Joker. Make it quick. I've got to head back to the Bat Cave." Batman said.

"Why do you fly like a bat?" asked The Joker.

"I'm afraid to ask." said Batman.

"Because you flew all the way to the cave!" laughed The Joker, which made Batman unhappy.

"I hate that joke. I'm heading back to the Bat Cave." said Batman, walking to the Bat Cave.

"Gee, and I thought that joke I told him was bad." said the Joker.